The Ultimate Guide To All 200+ James Patterson Books In Order

There are some authors who simply have one books series to their name and keep it strictly to that immersive world.

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James Patterson is the author of countless book series’ including the Alex Cross series, the Women’s Murder Club series, and the Michael Bennett series to name just three.

The Ultimate Guide To All 200+ James Patterson Books In Order

To call him prolific would be an understatement as he has amassed over 425 million sales.

Patterson was also the very first author to hit one million in e-book sales.

He can also claim to be one of the richest authors on the planet with a total income over a decade at around $700m.

Little wonder then that he has topped Forbes’ list of highest-paid authors for consecutive years, three up to 2016.

Patterson is also passionate about reading and in 2015, he received the National Book Foundation’s Libertarian Award for his campaigning to make reading a national priority.

He is also a philanthropist who has donated millions in grants towards school libraries, teachers’ colleges, and college students.

All 200+ James Patterson Books In Order

To get through the vast library of books authored by James Patterson means looking at the numerous series of books he has created (Want something similar to James Patterson? Find the best 3 authors similar to James Patterson here).

These tend to delve into crime and mystery, including the Alex Cross series, the Michael Bennett series, and the Women’s Murder Club.

About The Alex Cross Series – 1993

The Alex Cross series is an ideal way into the writing of James Patterson, especially if you enjoy a thriller novel series with crime and mystery thrown in.

The Alex Cross in question is a Dad, forensic psychologist, and detective in Washington D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department.

Since the Nineties, the series has continued to enthrall readers and featured on bestseller lists.

You can expect the books to be written from the first-person perspective of Cross himself though also in the third-person point of view from the featured villain.

  • Along Came a Spider – The book that kicks off the Alex Cross series has been made into a huge Hollywood blockbuster with Morgan Freeman and sees him investigating the kidnapping of two children.
  • Kiss the Girls – Also adapted into a major film featuring Morgan Freeman, the second in the Alex Cross series finds him searching for his niece.
  • Jack & Jill – Two killers are operating in Washington DC and Cross is on the case when a senator is found murdered.
  • Cat and Mouse – After his wife’s death, Cross is beginning to feel more like himself until a man starts firing randomly at Union Station.
  • Pop Goes the Weasel – Cross’ latest villain features in a love story and a suspenseful plot with plenty of thrills.
  • Roses Are Red – Several bank robberies climax in murder and Cross must go up against the mastermind of it all.
  • Violets Are Blue – The Mastermind returns, and he’s made it personal with Alex Cross.
  • Four Blind Mice – Things are looking up for Cross, having got ready to enjoy resigning from the Washington Police Force, until he’s asked for help.
  • The Big Bad Wolf – After joining the FBI, Cross is thrust into the action to stop a kidnapper
  • London Bridges – While on vacation, Cross is called into a small town in Nevada where a Russian known as ‘The Wolf’ is causing havoc
  • Mary, Mary – A murderer is after the A-list of Hollywood talent after one actress is gunned down outside her home.
  • Cross – Cross’ former partner asks for a favor tracking down a serial rapist in Georgetown and finds a connection to his wife’s murder.
  • Double Cross – The Audience Killer treats his murders as huge public spectacles, even broadcasting them live online.
  • Cross Country – In another murder scene in Washington DC, Cross finds an old friend and must face the Tiger in the Niger Delta.
  • Alex Cross’s Trial – A story has been passed down in Cross’ family and features his great-uncle as he searches for justice against hatred.
  • I, Alex Cross – After an attack against his own family, Cross acts with vengeance on his mind.
  • Cross Fire – As a sniper targets those in Washington’s corrupt political elite, Cross is thrust into a media frenzy
  • Kill Alex Cross – Not just the President’s family is under attack, but the whole of the country.
  • Merry Christmas, Alex Cross – On Christmas Eve, Cross is celebrating at his home when he gets a phone call.
  • Alex Cross, Run – Cross has three investigations to juggle with three killers and then has a domestic crisis to deal with.
  • Cross My Heart – Cross finds himself hunted and now his family is being targeted, one by one
  • Hope to Die – Cross’ family is being held hostage and the detective has to fight back in a race against time.
  • Cross Justice – Cross returns home to North Carolina where his cousin is being accused of the unthinkable and the detective must get past everything he has known.
  • Cross the Line – Washington DC is under siege by a killer that only Cross can bring down when he takes command of the force in the midst of a crime wave.
  • Cross Kill, novella – Cross fears that a ghost has come back, even though he has been dead for over a decade.
  • Detective Cross, novella – An anonymous caller puts a multiple bomb threat in and Washington DC descends into a panic.
  • The People vs. Alex Cross – Cross finds himself on the wrong side of the law facing charges of murder and those closest to him will start doubting him.
  • Target: Alex Cross – The President has died unexpectedly, and a prominent senator is assassinated and Cross falls into one of the most important cases he will be involved in.
  • Criss Cross – A copycat murder brings Cross out from Washington DC to a series of murders that all share various similarities.
  • Deadly Cross – There’s a double homicide and Cross knows both victims personally, to solve the case he has to make his way through a deeply complicated investigation.
  • Fear No Evil – In Montana, Cross becomes the prey as he’s targeted by not one but two teams of assassins
  • Triple Cross – A true-crime writer is investigating the same crimes as Cross which only complicates matters.
  • Cross Down – Several military-esque attacks become untraceable, and a link must be found before more carnage ensues.


  • Delves into the life of a detective in his work but also his family life so you can expect drama from the home and in the community.


  • There is one unifying plot which means you may need to read the books from start to finish; that of the murder of Maria, Cross’ first wife.

About The Travis McKinley Series – 1996

Many golfers think they have a shot at the professional game, Travis McKinley really needs it.

Miracle On The 17th Green

Miracle on the 17th Green

Christmas miracles and a golfer playing right in the zone.



  • No real backstory about how McKinley played so well.

Miracle At Augusta

Miracle at Augusta

McKinley has hit the big time and tries to find his way in professional golf.


  • Inspiring.


  • Fails to appeal to adults.

Miracle At St. Andrews

Miracle at St. Andrews: A Novel (Travis McKinley)

McKinley is on the path to greatness which takes him to the birthplace of golf.


  • Great piece of golf fantasy.


  • Sad that the series comes to an end.

About The When The Wind Blows Series – 1998

Some of the world’s most sinister secrets are unveiled in a thrilling pair of books involving an FBI agent and a veterinarian from Colorado.

When The Wind Blows

When the Wind Blows

A husband has been mysteriously murdered and an FBI agent must investigate as they uncover a disturbing plot from modern science.


  • Combines excitement with adventure.


  • Poorly executed.

The Lake House

The Lake House (When the Wind Blows Book 2)

Human existence is threatened by a villain and six kids must overcome great odds to protect mankind.


  • Highly unusual and a great read.


  • A disappointment after When The Wind Blows.

About The Women’s Murder Club Series – 2001

The Women’s Murder Club Series is based in San Francisco and centers on several female lead characters.

Each work together to solve crime, specifically murders, though the books do delve into the characters’ personal issues too.

That includes pregnancy, marriage, and various medical issues.

The books have proved so successful that the majority of them have been number-one New York Times bestseller .

  • 1st to Die – Lindsay Boxer is taxed with the honeymoon murders as the sole female homicide inspector in the city of San Francisco, but she will get some help.
  • 2nd Chance – The Women’s Murder Club returns when a girl is shot outside a church in San Francisco
  • 3rd Degree – Violence has erupted across San Francisco and the Women’s Murder Club is even the target.
  • 4th of July – Boxer finds herself in the middle of a media circus after discharging her weapon in self-defense.
  • The 5th Horseman – A young mother is recuperating and then begins gasping for air in one of the finest hospitals in San Francisco.
  • The 6th Target – On a San Francisco ferry, a lone gunman has embarked on a shooting spree and Boxer is called into action
  • 7th Heaven – Arson attacks have caused havoc in San Francisco and every target is a wealthy, married couple.
  • The 8th Confession – More high-profile targets have been murdered, this time a millionaire heiress, a software tycoon, a fashion designer, and a rock star.
  • The 9th Judgment – The scene is a car park in a shopping center where a child and her young mother are mercilessly gunned down, that’s only one of several murders that night.
  • 10th Anniversary – Boxer’s honeymoon is interrupted when a baby is kidnapped and their mother is horrendously injured
  • 11th Hour – Two heads are found in the garden of a famous actor and Boxer finds more of them before she can catch the killer thought she is going through struggles with her own pregnancy.
  • 12th of Never – Join Boxer as she tries to solve a grisly murder that has not even happened yet.
  • Unlucky 13 – Two bodies are found in what looks to be a car accident on Golden Gate Bridge but nothing is what it seems.
  • 14th Deadly Sin – In a murder spree where the killers look like cops, Boxer faces a race against time unmasking the truth.
  • 15th Affair – A luxury hotel is the scene of a murder and four bodies are found but the suspect remains at large.
  • 16th Seduction – There are doubts over Boxer’s husband, Joe, and a series of strange heart attacks pulls away at her heartstrings.
  • 17th Suspect – The police department are facing doubts and the homeless are being shot in San Francisco as Boxer is thrust into dangerous territory.
  • 18th Abduction – Three teachers have been abducted and Boxer’s chances of solving the case are diminishing so she calls in the Women’s Murder Club.
  • 19th Christmas – A heist is being planned in San Francisco, on Christmas Day, and Boxer’s family plans have to change.
  • 20th Victim – The cites of Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco all encounter murders pretty much simultaneously and the spree starts off a nationwide debate.
  • 21st Birthday – A woman’s daughter and granddaughter have gone missing while the suspect remains the father, this could be domestic violence of a killing network.
  • 22 Seconds – Guns are on Boxer’s minds as a shipment of weapons and drugs is coming across the Mexican border.
  • 23rd Midnight – A serial killer is behind bars, yet a copycat killer has sprung up and disappeared without a trace.


  • The series goes further than just investigating crimes as you become invested with Boxer’s attempts at starting a family.


  • As you may expect, the murders simply seem to occur within the same area.

About The Honeymoon Series – 2005

James Patterson lends his thrilling hand to sizzling tales of a woman who has a deadly appetite for men.



The FBI is interested in an extraordinary woman who lures them in.


  • Excellent beach read


  • Too many discrepancies.

Second Honeymoon

Second Honeymoon (Honeymoon, 2)

A serial killer must be hunted down before another honeymoon couple meets their death.


  • Short chapters.


  • Too convenient to be satisfying.

About The Maximum Ride Series – 2005

The Maximum Ride series proved to be a switch up from James Patterson which delved into YA science fantasy.

Focused on the adventures of Maximum Ride (also known as Max) and his family, known as the Flock, these were human-avian hybrids.

The flock was created at a laboratory called The School and the series followed their, occasionally dangerous, escapades.

  • Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment – The Flock are one member down when Angel is abducted and must search for her while battling a series of obstacles, including those at The School.
  • Maximum Ride: School’s Out Forever – Searching for answers to their origin, the Flock heads to Washington DC and learns about the Itexicon Corporation, their creators.
  • Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports – Itexicon plan to erase half of the world’s population and the Flock split up to find a solution.
  • Maximum Ride: The Final Warning – The Flock is requested to aid scientists as they study ocean pollution and must defeat a new villain.
  • MAX: A Maximum Ride Novel – The ‘M-Geeks’ are a set of bionic robots who attack the Flock during environmental awareness shows.
  • Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel – In Africa, the Flock meet a human-avian hybrid who joins the crew, even though there are some doubts over his motives.
  • Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel– The Doomsday group must be defeated before they brainwash vast populations of people.
  • Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure – When Fang’s group is attacked, there’s a betrayal where Max’s clone is killed and Fang returns to the Flock.
  • Maximum Ride Forever – Following the decimation of the planet, survival is the main objective though a new enemy emerges.
  • Hawk – In a post-apocalyptic world, the teenage daughter of Max and Fang asks for the Flock’s help in looking for her kidnapped friends.,
  • City of the Dead – The City of the Dead must be saved from a plague and a monster is investigated in the forest which makes matters worse.


  • The series of books provided a compelling read with plenty of action and some likened it to the X-Men.


  • Though the series focuses on pollution and science fantasy, there is some dispute over whether Patterson is out to save the world from big corporations or the peril of global warming.

About The Michael Bennett Series – 2007

Michael Bennett is a New York City detective who has more than just crime on his plate.

He’s an Irish American who balances solving a range of violent crimes with raising all ten of his adopted children.

The books in the series currently number 15 yet with the most recent one dating from 2023 (Obsessed), you can expect Michael Bennett to keep on going.

With good reason too as Burn, Alert, Worst Case, Tick Tock, and even the first book in the series, Step on a Crack all being number-one New York Times bestsellers.

  • Step on a Crack – The first book in the series follows Bennett as he untangles a hostage situation at the funeral of the First Lady.
  • Run for Your Life – ‘The Teacher’ is a serial killer and Bennett must stop his killing spree of those from Manhattan.
  • Worst Case – A kidnapper of wealthy offspring, without a ransom.
  • Tick Tock – Even on vacation, Bennett is thrust into the case of a terrifying serial killer in New York City.
  • I, Michael Bennett – New York City is the setting again, this time Bennett tries to thwart a South American drug lord.
  • Gone – With a drug lord angered, Bennett falls into the witness protection program.
  • Burn – A dining club in high society is thought to be practicing cannibalism with some ritual murder thrown in.
  • Alert – A terrorist plot develops from assassinations into something much worse.
  • Bullseye – An international conference is interrupted by mysterious snipers aiming for the US President.
  • “Chase”, novella –
  • Haunted – Bennett is on another well-deserved vacation which is interrupted when local kids begin to disappear.
  • “Manhunt”, novella –
  • Ambush – A tip-off ends up taking down a NYC cop and Bennett must investigate.
  • Blindside – With Bennett’s son in prison and the Mayor of New York’s daughter missing, a deal is struck.
  • The Russian – This book finds Bennett about to marry his longtime love only for an association to interrupt proceedings.
  • Shattered – When Bennett’s FBI abduction specialist is feared abducted herself, Bennett takes on the case, personally.
  • Obsessed – The latest book in the Michael Bennett series finds him protecting his daughter from a murderer targeting glamorous young women.


  • The book series does feature several crimes, including abduction, terrorism, and even ritual murder.


  • One small gripe is that the books tend to focus on the metropolitan area of New York City rather than branching out.

About The Daniel X Series – 2008

Aliens and murder, that’s what faces Daniel X yet he has special powers. He can create, manipulate, and recreate which he will need to take his vengeance.

  • The Dangerous Days of Daniel X – Daniel X is trying to find out who murdered his parents yet dangerous aliens cross his path.
  • 1.5. Daniel X: Alien Hunter – It’s down to Daniel X to defeat every alien on a certain list.
  • Watch the Skies – Daniel X faces dangerous times, when he’s cast in a TV show by an evil director.
  • Demons and Druids – Every intergalactic criminal needs to be eliminated, and it’s down to Daniel X to ensure that they are.
  • Game Over – Two aliens are trying to control children via video games, it’s down to Daniel X to stop them.
  • Armageddon – Daniel X must go against his fiercest enemy, whose origin looks towards Hell.
  • Lights Out – In his final battle, Daniel X finally faces the conclusion he has craved.


  • Plenty of responsibility for a young character


  • Some books seem more hum-drum than others.

About The Witch & Wizard Series – 2009

The Witch & Wizard series delved into the world of witchcraft which was a big departure from a lot of Patterson’s writing.

Against the backdrop of a dystopian future, the story follows a pair of teenagers who are charged with witchcraft alongside their parents.

Separated from their parents, the teenagers demonstrate magical abilities and meet the leader of a political party known as the New Order.

The pair are sentenced to execution but fight back to free themselves and the rest of the world.

  • Witch & Wizard – The first in the series focused on Wisty and her brother, Whit, in a dystopian future where witchcraft is a crime.
  • The Gift – Imprisoned by the New Order, the brother and sister become leaders of a Resistance.
  • The Fire – The oppressive regime continues, headed by Nick, and a showdown is coming.
  • The Kiss – New challenges face the pair as a new power emerges that poses another new threat to the world.
  • The Lost – Whatever peace the pair had earned is soon shattered by a new threat that means many turn away from magic.


  • Even though the setting is a dystopian future, the sense of wonder has enthralled the readers of the series.


  • While there are several problems that the pair face, not all of them get solved which can get frustrating.

About The Private Series – 2010

The Private series is another bestselling crime series from James Patterson.

Though many of his novels follow a group of detectives or a task force, the Private series followed a detective agency who uses discretion to get the job done.

  • Private – Eighteen schoolgirls have been slayed and then a murder hits close to home.
  • Private London – Women are being abducted from the street’s of the capital city, a case for Private London.
  • Private Games – One member of the Olympic organizing committee is murdered and there are personal links with the team.
  • Private #1 Suspect – One of the team has his ex-lover murdered, and becomes the lead suspect.
  • Private Berlin – A slaughterhouse is full of bodies, and then it explodes.
  • Private Down Under – A boy has his eyes gouged out, and he’s the kidnapped son of one of the country’s richest men.
  • Private L.A. – The city of Los Angeles is being targeted and held to ransom.
  • Private India – A killer is targeting women in Mumbai and the team must stop the ritual before it’s too late.
  • Private Vegas – Even diplomatic immunity shouldn’t stop the team catching a couple of scumbags.
  • Private Sydney – The team must search for the CEO of a research company, a man who has vanished without a trace.
  • Private Paris – What was a relaxing trip turns into a mission as the city’s elite are found dead.
  • Private The Games – A deadly virus has hit, at the World Cup Final.
  • Count to Ten: A Private Novel – A new office is being set up in Delhi and the agency is taking on a big case.
  • Private Princess: A Private Novel – The Princess requires a team member’s expertise, and one of her friends has gone missing.
  • Private Moscow – One bullet at the New York Stock Exchange leads to Moscow.
  • Private Rogue – A covert mission escalates in Afghanistan when a pilot is shot down
  • Private Beijing – The head of the team has gone missing and three agents are dead, leaving the Beijing branch in disarray.
  • “Private Royals”, novella – A kidnapping turns to murder, unless someone can be found in time.
  • “Private Gold”, novella – A straightforward protection job becomes dicey in Johannesburg.


  • Filled with drama.


  • Some books have been called confusing.

About The Middle School Series – 2011

Michael Patterson may be well-known for his crime writing yet the Middle School series saw him return to the YA genre.

The books follow Rafe Khatchadorian as he goes to summer camp and must face up to bullies.


  • Very engaging


  • Could encourage bad behavior

About The NYPD Red Series – 2012

The NYPD Red Series found Patterson following the special task force as they are charged with looking after some of the most important people in New York City.

That includes investigating crime scenes, conspiracies, murderers, and kidnappers.

  • NYPD Red – On the first mission for NYPD Red, the task force must look after the city’s most powerful citizens on the opening of a Hollywood event.
  • NYPD Red 2 – There’s a brutal crime scene in Central Park which becomes the task force’s biggest case yet.
  • NYPD Red 3 – A cold conspiracy looks to terrify New York’s connected elite and the NYPD Red task force has to protect them at all costs.
  • NYPD Red 4 – There’s a merciless killer who has a seemingly unending bloodlust and he’s targeting the wealthy.
  • NYPD Red 5, or Red Alert – A fundraiser for the city’s rich is a target for a killer that lurks in the shadows, though they do have a vendetta.
  • NYPD Red 6 – Though a huge wedding is being documented, it might not stop a kidnapper.
  • NYPD Red 7 – It proves tricky to find a single assassin, let alone five in a city as big as New York.


  • Though crime was still the subject, the NYPD Red series does provide the viewpoint of a whole team.


  • Like most of Patterson’s writing, the books are engaging yet these tend to be a little on the short side.

About The Zoo Series – 2012

Violent attacks committed by animals have gone too far and two heroes must stop them.



There is a race to make sure world leaders know how dangerous these animals are.


  • A spellbinding read.


  • Lack of suspense.

Zoo 2 Novella

Zoo 2 (BookShots)

The follow up finds the last remaining humans fight against animals who see them as prey.


  • Very different from the TV show.


  • Finishes abruptly.

About The I Funny Series – 2012

In a heartwarming series of bestselling books, a middle-schooler wants to become the world’s funniest comedian.


  • Heartfelt stories.


  • Too many boring references to the mechanizations of fame.

About The Confessions Series – 2012

James Patterson is back with a bestselling series of teen detective novels, the Confessions Series.


  • A thrilling set of books.


  • Too unrealistic.

About The Treasure Hunters Series – 2013

With an original adventure series, James Patterson introduces an action-packed series filled with humor and heart.


  • Plenty of heartfelt thrills.


About The House of Robots Series – 2014

In another largely illustrated series from James Patterson, a robot signs up for elementary school.

House Of Robots

House of Robots (House of Robots Series Book 1)

Elementary school is difficult, and especially with a talking robot in the same class.


  • Fun reading.


  • The story keeps jumping across time.

Robots Go Wild!

House of Robots: Robots Go Wild! (House of Robots, 2)

Bot Brains go up against Bot Brawn in the second book of the series.


  • Great storytelling.


  • Too much focus on Maddie and not Sammy.

Robot Revolution!

House of Robots: Robot Revolution (House of Robots Series Book 3)

The robots are revolting and the chaos must be controlled.


  • Inspiring for kids.


  • Not comparable to the other two books in the series.

About The Invisible Series – 2014

Another thrilling series from James Patterson concerns an FBI researcher and a series of murders that may have a link.



Inexplicable murders may have a link, down to one person.


  • Jaw-droppingly complex.


  • Not for the faint of heart.


Unsolved (Invisible, 2)

Bodies are piling up and it is down to a pair of FBI agents to find out what is going on.


  • Surprise ending.


  • Very confusing.

About The Detective Harriet Blue Series – 2016

A superb investigator has to face up to her brother’s arrest for murder when she’s sent to a desolate location.

  • “Black & Blue”, novella – A violent killer is being chased down by Harriet Blue in a novella that forms a visceral introduction.
  • Never Never – Harriet is exiled to Australia and assigned a brand-new partner.
  • Fifty Fifty – A convicted killer needs their name cleared, but is he innocent?
  • Liar Liar – Harriet Blue is on the run again, both from the law and a killer.
  • Hush – Prison will not stop Harriet Blue from looking out for her brother.


  • The books keep you moving with the suspense.


  • Pale in comparison to the rest of Patterson’s work.

About The David Shelley Series – 2016

The English countryside should be tranquil yet an ex-Special Forces officer has to go undercover with dangerous results.

Hunted, Novella

Hunted (BookShots)


  • Fast read.


  • Over the top violence.



An ex-SAS soldier is primed for civilian life when he must solve the death of a murder.


  • Fast pace and lots of suspense.


  • Overly gruesome.

About The Caleb Rooney Series – 2016

Caleb Rooney works at a food truck in New Orleans though this is only his part-time job, his true vocation is solving murders.

Killer Chef, Novella

Killer Chef (BookShots)

Diners are being poisoned in the finest restaurants in New Orleans and Rooney is on the case.


  • Lightning-face pacing.


  • Disappointing collaboration.

The Chef

The Chef

New Orleans is under threat from would-be terrorists.


  • Easy beach reading.


  • Very unrealistic.

About The Jacky Ha-Ha Series – 2016

As well as illustrated novels, James Patterson has also opted to create graphic novels including the adventures of Jacky Ha-Ha.

Jacky Ha-Ha

Jacky Ha-Ha: A Graphic Novel (A Jacky Ha-Ha Graphic Novel, 1)

Jacky keeps making people laugh which is great to distract her from everything else going on.


  • A real page-turner.


  • Too many clichés.

Jacky Ha-Ha My Life Is A Joke

Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life is a Joke (A Graphic Novel) (A Jacky Ha-Ha Graphic Novel, 2)

Summer is here and Jacky must balance work, friends, and family.


  • Fun to read.


  • Not really a graphic novel with so many words.

Jacky Ha-Ha Gets The Last Laugh

Jacky Ha-Ha Gets the Last Laugh

At theater camp, Jacky learns how to deal with people laughing with her.


  • Hilarious and heart-warming.


  • Can be long to download on a Kindle.

About The Crazy House Series – 2017

Fans of The Hunger Games should really enjoy the Crazy House series for its tale of dystopia.

Crazy House

Crazy House (Crazy House, 1)

When a teenage girl is taken from her hometown, she’s put on Death Row.


  • Great characters.


The Fall Of Crazy House

The Fall of Crazy House (Crazy House, 2)

Two sisters are faced with a regime in a dystopian tale.


  • Hard to put down.


Many did not realize that the book was aimed at young readers.

About The Instinct Series – 2017

An Ivy League expert on criminal behavior teams up with an NYPD detective to help find a criminal.


Instinct (previously published as Murder Games)

A book written by a criminal behavior expert may mean a killer has been taking notes.


  • Fun characters.


  • Pointless humor.

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct

A sinister plot faces New York City while a doctor and detective reunite to stop it.


  • A brand-new buddy cop series.


  • Hard to follow.



A triple cross involving casinos, art galleries, brothels, mansions, thieves, and billionaires.


  • Edge of the seat mystery.


  • Too confusing.

About The Billy Harney Series – 2017

Three bodies turn up in a bedroom in Chicago and the city is only getting more dangerous, a case for the son of the city’s chief of detectives.

The Black Book

The Black Book

A black book has gone missing and Chicago’s elite is on edge.


  • Thought provoking.


  • Predictable.

The Red Book

The Red Book

A drive-by shooting turns political and the population are ready to riot.


  • Great characters.


  • Complex.


Escape (A Billy Harney Thriller)

Harney is after a billionaire crime boss as well as an escape artist from prison.


  • Difficult to put down.


  • A poor ending,

About The Dog Diaries Series – 2018

As a companion to the Middle School series, Rafe must train his dog at obedience school.

  • Dog Diaries – Find out how Rafe’s dog gets up to all kinds of mischief in his own diary.
  • Happy Howlidays! – Junior needs a Christmas miracle after causing a disaster with a turkey.
  • Mission Impawsible – It’s time for a vacation and Junior is along for the trip.
  • Curse of the Mystery Mutt – There is a mystery afoot, another one causing mischief and Junior must solve it.
  • Ruffing It – On another vacation to the wilderness, Junior heads to the woods.
  • Dinosaur Disaster – Dinosaur bones are the subject of a huge heist and the dog author is on the case.
  • Big Top Bonanza – In the circus, Junior finds himself on a wild adventure.


  • Finally, Rafe’s dog has his own series.


  • Can be a little boring.

About The Rory Yates Series – 2018

Rory Yates has to fight for his freedom and his wife but he has a murder to solve, his ex-wife is dead.

Texas Ranger

Texas Ranger (A Texas Ranger Thriller, 1)

Rory Yates must investigate the murder of his ex-wife.


  • A first-rate thriller.


  • Cheap writing.

Texas Outlaw

Texas Outlaw (A Texas Ranger Thriller, 2)

Rory Yates does not want to be a hero but he has to win over the Chief of Police.


  • Fantastic storyline.


  • Not very believable.

About The Max Einstein Series – 2018

Approved by Einstein’s own archives, Max teams up with a set of geniuses to solve all sorts of problems.

Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment

Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment (Max Einstein, 1)

Embark on a science-loving adventure with Max Einstein.


  • Great for kids who want to become scientists.


  • Some see the books as leftist propaganda.

Max Einstein Rebels With A Cause

Max Einstein: Rebels with a Cause (Max Einstein, 2)

A water crisis needs to be fixed and the kid geniuses are on the case.


  • Compelling for a YA readership.


  • A bit out there for logic.

Max Einstein: Saves The Future

Max Einstein: Saves the Future (Max Einstein Series)

On the run, Max seeks help looking for her parents and saving the world.


  • An intriguing story.


  • Quite a diversion from Patterson’s crime writing.

Max Einstein: World Champions!

Max Einstein: World Champions!

Max finally meets Albert Einstein as she tries to prevent global warming.


  • Entertaining and engaging.


  • Difficult to judge with the rest of the series as it seems more off-kilter.

About The Amy Cornwall Series – 2019

Time is running out for Amy Cornwall, an agent who unveils a hidden plot.

Out Of Sight

Out of Sight (Out of Sight series)

Once Amy Cornwall heads home, she knows that something is wrong, she only has two days to solve it.


  • Difficult to put down.


  • An upsetting read in places.


Countdown: Amy Cornwall Is Patterson's Greatest Character Since Lindsay Boxer

Amy Cornwall has to go dark to find out about herself and her family.


  • A rollicking adventure.


  • Ends too abruptly.

About The Katt Dogg Series – 2019

After the Dog Diaries, James Patterson returns to writing about dogs as well as cats.

Katt Vs. Dogg

Katt vs. Dogg (Katt vs. Dogg, 1)

It’s cats v dogs, or that should be katts v doggs.


  • Inoffensive reading.


  • Can be seen as boring plots.

Katt Loves Dogg

Katt Loves Dogg (Katt vs. Dogg, 2)

A cat and dog are rivals that are teaming up to aid their families.


  • Ideal for those that love families.


  • Strange to have a romance story between cats and dogs.

About The Ali Cross Series – 2020

To appeal to a younger audience, Patterson changed up the Alex Cross series by involving his son, Ali.

Though Ali wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, the books were, understandably, a little more lightweight.

Ali Cross

Ali Cross (Ali Cross, 1)

When Ali’s best friend is reported missing, the kid sleuth must search for clues and keep his family out of trouble.


  • Lightweight crime


  • Some readers found it sub-standard

Ali Cross: Like Father Like Son

Ali Cross: Like Father, Like Son (Ali Cross, 2)

Ali is caught up in another case when a crime is committed close to his school and Ali has to look out for his new friend.


  • Ideal for teenagers


  • Too political

Ali Cross: The Secret Detective

Ali Cross: The Secret Detective (Ali Cross, 3)

Ali is now finding his own cases, by hacking into calls for the police.


  • Fast-paced


  • Too many curse words


  • The Thomas Berryman Number – Patterson’s first novel and an introduction into his thrilling writing, set in the American South.
  • Season of the Machete – An American is being chased by two killers on what should be a gorgeous vacation.
  • See How They Run – With a murdered family, Dr Strauss must find the killers.
  • Cradle and All – While one teenage girl believes she is carrying the son of Satan, another thinks they are carrying Christ’s child. Both claim to be virgins.
  • Black Friday – New York City must be saved from a militia group that operates in the shadows.
  • The Midnight Club – A mobster faces up to a highly determined cop, who comes with a little help.
  • Hide and Seek – One victim, one defendant, and a gripping trial.
  • Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas – Love, hope, loss, and family are explored in this moving tale.
  • The Beach House – A brother has died in suspicious circumstances, especially as there’s no way it could be an accident.
  • The Jester – Back in the First Crusade, an innkeeper returns to a nightmare in his village.
  • Sam’s Letters to Jennifer – One love letter changes everything in this drama-filled novel.
  • Lifeguard – Ned Kelley is in love and just needs some money, but does he want to steal some paintings?
  • Beach Road – A triple murder sparks off possibly the Trial of the Century.
  • Judge and Jury – When the sting does not go as planned, two FBI agents die and nerves are on edge.
  • The Quickie – When revenge goes badly wrong, Lauren Stillwell finds her world falling apart.
  • You’ve Been Warned – Kristin Burns almost has everything she has ever wanted, yet a nightmare comes true.
  • Sail – The trip was supposed to bring The Dunnes together, but it quickly turns bad.
  • Sundays at Tiffany’s – The daughter of a theater icon features in a romantic story.
  • Swimsuit – A supermodel has gone missing and a reporter for the LA Times is there to help with the investigation.
  • Don’t Blink – Deadly secrets unveil themselves after an assassin strikes.
  • The Postcard Killers – An NYPD detective is out to find his daughter’s killer, all the way in Europe.
  • Bloody Valentine – One of Patterson’s quick reads with a twist that few can see coming.
  • Kill Me If You Can – A bag full of diamonds is found yet the man who has found them is now being hunted.
  • Now You See Her – She has a perfect life, yet Nina Bloom has been lying, to everyone.
  • The Christmas Wedding – Gaby has a surprise, a gift for her kids that changes everything.
  • Toys – A couple are Elites, with stunning strength and intelligence to match.
  • Guilty Wives – Four best friends are arrested in Monte Carlo and they have a fight to survive.
  • Mistress – A standalone thriller concerning a man with obsessions.
  • The Murder House – A murder must be investigated, but there’s something even worse in the Hamptons.
  • Truth or Die – Trevor Mann is happy, but his girlfriend finds a scoop that ends with a violent confrontation.
  • Woman of God – A new Pope has been decided on, could it be a woman?
  • Black Dress Affair – Mysterious characters and an adventure following a murderer.
  • Expelled – Four teens did not commit those crimes, and now they must team up to find out who did.
  • The Store – The Store is incredibly secretive yet it may not be as safe as it seems.
  • Juror No. 3 – This may be Ruby Bozarth’s first trial, but it may well be her last.
  • The 13-Minute Murder – Time is running out for a mother, psychiatrist, and one expert hitman.
  • The First Lady – The President has had an affair and a secret could collapse the government.
  • The President Is Missing – Teaming up with Bill Clinton, Patterson writes about a President who has vanished.
  • The Cornwalls Are Gone – Within 48 hours, Amy Cornwall can either commit a hideous crime or face losing her family.
  • The Inn – Vicious criminals are targeting a town by the sea and the locals must save it.
  • The Warning – The town of Mount Hope has been taken off the grid, intentionally.
  • Lost – Miami is dangerous as it is, yet one woman is running as if her life depended on it.
  • The Summer House – A homicide investigation has shaken the sheriff in a small town.
  • 1st Case – Angela Hoot is ready to take her first case, even if it threatens the rest of her class
  • Cajun Justice – Cain Lemaire is from New Orleans and faces the secrets from the dark streets of Tokyo.
  • The Midwife Murders – There are concerns about the welfare of a missing patient from a New York hospital.
  • Three Women Disappear – Three women had a way into the home of a murder victim, and each of them has gone missing.
  • The President’s Daughter – With Clinton again, Patterson looks into the abduction of the daughter of the President.
  • The Shadow – A crusader for justice, The Shadow must deal with secrets.
  • The Noise: A Thriller – A teenager is checking rabbit traps when they feel an odd vibration from the forest.
  • 2 Sisters Detective Agency – A duo of detectives, two sisters, are targeted by a group who fail to abide by the law.
  • Run, Rose, Run – Patterson teams up with Dolly Parton for a thrilling story of a young singer.
  • Death of the Black Widow – A seductive killer has been escaping the clutches of justice and has left a trail of men behind.
  • Blowback – The President is a psychopath and he has his finger on the nuclear button.

Final Thoughts

James Patterson is one of the world’s richest authors, mainly because he can claim to be so prolific.

With over 200 books to his name, he has a committed readership who have propelled many of those books to the top of bestseller lists.

Many of those books are focused on crime, specifically the Alex Cross series, the NYPD Red series, the Michael Bennett series, and the Women’s Murder Club series.

These books follow the adventures of an individual, in the cases of Alex Cross and Michael Bennett or a group who must solve crimes, such as the NYPD Red and the Women’s Murder Club series.

Patterson has developed into a writer who can cover numerous genres as his Middle School and the Witch & Wizard series both demonstrate.

Though he excels at crime writing, both of these book series’ were aimed at young adults. Various books have been adapted, including major Hollywood films such as Kiss the Girls, Along Came a Spider, and Alex Cross.

The films proved to be compelling viewing as both Tyler Perry (Alex Cross) and Morgan Freeman (Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider) have portrayed the titular character in the films.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Of James Patterson’s Books Would Be An Ideal One To Start Reading?

Like with most authors, you should start at the very beginning. For James Patterson, that would be Along Came a Spider which was also the first book in the Alex Cross series.

Is There An Author That Can Be Closely Likened To James Patterson?

There are a lot of crime writers out there that have a similar take on the subject to James Patterson.

For the one closest to Patterson and his style, you should probably try reading the works of Michael Connelly who is another prolific writer, mainly known for the Harry Bosch series.

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