All Jan Moran Books in Order (Reading Guide)

Jan Moran is known for her intricate storytelling, dramatic plotlines, and sometimes glamorous romance. She has become an incredibly prolific author in the contemporary and historical romance genres, having written dozens of memorable books that have stolen the hearts of millions of readers worldwide!

All Jan Moran Books in Order (Reading Guide)

But with such an extensive catalog, it can be difficult for readers to figure out where to start. That’s where this article comes in handy! Keep reading to find all Jan Moran books in order!

About Jan Morgan

Jan Moran graduated from Harvard Business School and the University of Texas at Austin. She is an entrepreneur, a former CEO, and the founder and creator of Scentsa: a touch-screen software program for retailers and brands.

But currently, Moran’s focus is on her widely beloved book series! From lighthearted, feel-good beach romance to gritty and riveting historical family dramas, she has captured readers’ interests with one hard-hitting novel after another!

Whether it’s high stakes and high intensity, breathtaking romance, or lighthearted fun that you’re looking for, Jan’s got you covered! So, keep reading to take a look at all Jan Moran books in order.

Standalone Novels and Nonfiction Books

Fabulous Fragrances: How to Select Your Perfume Wardrobe, The Woman’s Guide to Prestige Perfumes features over 350 perfumes, insights from famous figures, and essential tips on selecting the perfect scent for every occasion.

The follow-up book, Fabulous Fragrances II: A Guide to Prestige Perfumes for Women and Men, is a comprehensive guide featuring over 700 fragrances, celebrity favorites, shopping tips, and insights into the art of perfumery.

The Perfumer: Scent of Triumph is a gripping tale of love, loss, and resilience, while Vintage Perfumes is another nonfiction collection of perfumes–this time, a collection of the most beloved classic scents!

The Winemakers of Wine and Secrets is a gripping multigenerational family saga that follows a winemaker, Caterina Rosetta, who grapples with a devastating family secret. 

In The Chocolatier, young widow Celina Savoia uncovers her husband’s dark secret while immersing herself in the world of chocolate-making on the enchanting Amalfi coast.

In Hepburn’s Necklace, costume designer Ariana Ricci unravels her great-aunt’s hidden past and embarks on a transformative journey to Lake Como, Italy.

Life is a Cabernet follows Juliana Cardona, a passionate winemaker who finds love again with the mysterious Henri Laurent, but their relationship is threatened by a long-buried secret rooted in WWII.

Crown Island Series

The Crown Island series is a contemporary romance series that takes place in a fictional, tight-knit Island community. On top of romance, the series explores the characters’ search for self-worth, self-growth, and self-discovery.

Beach View Lane (2023)

Beach View Lane (Crown Island Book 1)

In Beach View Lane, April Raines faces the end of her marriage and returns home to Crown Island, where she meets Ryan Kingston, who is determined to revive the historical Majestic Hotel and bring the Victorian beach resort back to life.

You can find Beach View Lane here.

Sunshine Avenue (2023)

Sunshine Avenue (Crown Island Book 2)

In Sunshine Avenue, Junie Raines seeks a fresh start on a sunny island. As she manages the gift shop at the Majestic Hotel, her sister Maileah is driving her bonkers–and now she wants to live with her.

It’s been two years since Junie’s husband died, and she’d like to start a family while she’s still young, but dating has its challenges with Maileah around.

You can find Sunshine Avenue here.

Love, California Series

The Love, California series is a contemporary romance series that includes elements of Women’s Fiction. From exploring familial relationships to going on the search for self-discovery to experiencing second-chance romance–the novels in this series are heartwarming and highly intense!

Flawless (2014)

Flawless (Love, California Book 1)

In Flawless, Skincare guru Verena Valent finds a second chance at love when she meets Beverly Hills chef Lance Martel in Paris. As she works to save her grandmother’s Swiss skincare salon, Verena must muster up the courage to make life-altering decisions. 

Will love and determination prevail in her quest for a brighter future?

You can find Flawless here.

Beauty Mark (2014)

Beauty Mark (Love, California Book 2)

Beauty Mark follows Scarlett Sandoval, a high-profile intellectual property attorney who spends most of her time jetting between Los Angeles and Madrid. 

When her safety is jeopardized by a malicious scheme, childhood friend Johnny Silva–now a charming restaurant owner in Beverly Hills–steps in to protect her.

Soon, sparks begin to fly, and their once platonic relationship is changed forever.

You can find Beauty Mark here.

Runway (2015)

Runway (Love, California Book 3)

In this glamorous and potent novel, fashion designer Fianna Fitzgerald’s life takes an astounding turn after her debut runway show when she finds herself in a life-threatening situation on a Malibu beach with Irish rock star Niall Finley. 

As Fianna faces sabotage in the world of fashion, she embarks on a journey from Los Angeles to Dublin to uncover the truth. Along the way, she must juggle salvaging her dreams and protecting her heart while falling in love with the enigmatic celebrity.

You can find Runway here.

Essence (2016)

Essence (Love, California Book 4)

In Essence, Indie perfumer Dahlia Dubois takes on the leadership of her grandmother’s perfume house, leading her on a journey in France and Monaco. 

Balancing a search for her missing mother, a corporate takeover, and a romance with Formula 1 driver Alain Delamare, Dahlia must confront family secrets and find the courage to handle the dangerous curves ahead.

You can find Essence here.

Style (2018)

Style (Love, California Book 5)

Renowned international model Penelope Plessen stands to lose everything when a paparazzi encounter turns deadly during New York Fashion Week, and danger follows her to Copenhagen.

She soon reconnects with her former flame when Navy SEAL-turned-bodyguard Stefan Armstrong pops back into her life with a promise to protect her. 

Penelope must risk her heart to save her life when love and survival intertwine.

You can find Style here.

Sparkle (2018)

Sparkle (Love, California Book 6)

When jeweler Elena Eaton is robbed of her family’s rare blue diamonds during an Academy Award night jewel heist in Hollywood, she’s pegged as a suspect by insurance investigator Jake Greyson, who follows her all the way to Sydney, Australia.

But what happens when Jake finds himself falling for the charismatic jeweler at the center of the case?

You can find Sparkle here.

Summer Beach Series

Set in a beach town, the Summer Beach series is filled with summer flings, blossoming friendships, friends-to-lovers romance, and the overall pursuit of happiness! 

Seabreeze Inn (2019)

Seabreeze Inn (Summer Beach Book 1)

In the first book of the series, after her husband’s betrayal, Ivy Marin and her sister are forced to rebuild their lives in Summer Beach. While renovating their historic home, they uncover secrets, and Ivy must face the mayor–her former high school crush. 

Meanwhile, Bennett Dylan, who fought against Ivy’s late husband, struggles to open his heart again, and Ivy’s request for a bed-and-breakfast variance couldn’t come at a worse time for him.

You can find Seabreeze Inn here.

Seabreeze Summer (2019)

Seabreeze Summer (Summer Beach Book 2)

As Ivy and her sister Shelly continue renovating the beach house, unexpected challenges arise when fire displaces Summer Beach residents. Suddenly, Ivy and Shelly have a full house, and even the mayor is forced to move in!

Tensions soon rise among the occupants. Mayor Bennett opposes Ivy’s plans for the house, Shelly is experiencing her own romantic obstacles, there’s a thief in the house–And Mayor Bennett’s best friend is the prime suspect.

You can find Seabreeze Summer here.

Seabreeze Sunset (2020) 

Seabreeze Sunset (Summer Beach Book 3)

As Ivy faces more challenges at the Seabreeze Inn–with her sister, Shelly, leaving and her daughter, Sunny showing up, a looming tax bill, and a neighbor’s lawsuit–her relationship with Mayor Bennett becomes increasingly more complicated. 

Amid the turmoil, Ivy discovers another clue from the old house’s original owner.

You can find Seabreeze Sunset here.

Seabreeze Christmas (2020)

Seabreeze Christmas (Summer Beach Book 4)

Sisters Ivy and Shelly open their historic beach house, the Seabreeze Inn, for Christmas celebrations in Summer Beach. 

From a Gingerbread Bake-off and a Santa Sprint on the beach to a mysterious guest who has an unusual effect on those around him, the Seabreeze Inn is the place to be this holiday season!

However, as love blossoms and secrets emerge, Ivy and Mayor Bennett face relationship challenges.

You can find Seabreeze Christmas here.

Seabreeze Wedding (2021)

Seabreeze Wedding (Summer Beach Book 5)

In Seabreeze Wedding, at the Seabreeze Inn, Ivy and Shelly face challenges while planning their own weddings and hosting another wedding at the inn. However, surprising discoveries from decades past arise that could change even the best of plans.

You can find Seabreeze Wedding here.

Seabreeze Book Club (2022)

Seabreeze Book Club (Summer Beach 6)

Sisters Ivy and Shelly form a book club at the beach, but a devastating secret and a horrific threat put their entire community in jeopardy.

You can find Seabreeze Book Club here.

Seabreeze Shores (2022)

Seabreeze Shores (Summer Beach Book 7)

In Seabreeze Shores, Ivy navigates her new marriage and prepares to welcome spa guests while dealing with more secrets her old beach house reveals—this time, from the Roaring Twenties.

 Meanwhile, Shelly agonizes over the new addition that is soon to join their family. 

You can find Seabreeze Shores here.

Seabreeze Reunion (2022)

Seabreeze Reunion (Summer Beach Book 8)

Ivy and Shelly plan a joyful family reunion at the Seabreeze Inn and are eager to introduce their new husbands to their distant kin, but when a shocking family secret is revealed, things go awry.

You can find Seabreeze Reunion here.

Seabreeze Honeymoon (2023)

Seabreeze Honeymoon (Summer Beach Book 9)

The final novel of the series (for now) is just as exciting and suspenseful as all the rest! Its summary speaks for itself!

“After embarking on their second-chance midlife marriage, Ivy and Bennett are eager to enjoy a relaxing holiday. However, when their flight to sunny shores is rerouted to a glittering city by the sea, they seize the chance to explore potential historical connections to Ivy’s Seabreeze Inn. 

However, they never dreamed their discovery could have far-reaching effects.

Meanwhile, unexpected events at the inn on Summer Beach also threaten to derail travel plans. Ivy’s sister Shelly and their niece Poppy do their best to handle mishaps. Will they be up to the task, or will Ivy and Bennett have to delay their honeymoon once again?”

You can find Seabreeze Honeymoon here.

Summer Beach: Coral Cottage Series

Readers who can’t get enough of the Summer Beach series will love the spinoff series Coral Cottage! It has all the clean romance and small-town charm of the original series but follows the experiences of a different set of characters!

Coral Cottage (2020)

Coral Cottage (Summer Beach: Coral Cottage Book 1)

In the first novel of the spinoff series, Marina Moore seeks solace at her grandmother’s beach house, the Coral Cottage, where she finds support and guidance. Encouraged by her friend Ivy, Marina explores her passion for food and embraces new opportunities. 

Meanwhile, Jack Ventana is on a six-month sabbatical to write his first book, but it takes an unexpected turn, leading to a potential romance.

You can find Coral Cottage here.

Coral Cafe (2021)

Coral Cafe (Summer Beach: Coral Cottage Book 2)

In Coral Cafe, Marina Moore faces new challenges as she expands her business in Summer Beach–while also navigating her family’s needs. With her sister Kai’s career and her sister Brooke’s marital issues, Marina must follow the guidance of their grandmother Ginger to find some solutions.

Meanwhile, writer Jack Ventana stumbles into more old secrets in Summer Beach, and he and Marina’s romance is soon threatened.

You can find Coral Cafe here.

Coral Holiday (2021)

Coral Holiday (Summer Beach: Coral Cottage Book 3)

Marina Moore’s Coral Cafe becomes a beloved spot in Summer Beach, while Kai focuses on creating a holiday production at the theater, which will include locals and celebrities alike. 

And as Jack Ventana struggles to adapt to his new role as a single father, his romantic relationship with Marina suffers.

You can find Coral Holiday here.

Coral Weddings (2022)

Coral Weddings (Summer Beach: Coral Cottage Book 4)

In the latest Coral Cottage novel, Marina is busy with Kai’s mysterious wedding and a secret theater production. 

She’s also planning to expand her cafe, but most of her focus is on worrying about whether or not her grown children will accept her new marriage to her formerly on-again, off-again boyfriend, Jack, and a younger stepbrother.

You can read Coral Weddings here.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer to Jan Moran’s work, I hope this guide can help assist you in figuring out which of her enchanting novels to read next!


Have Jan Moran’s books been translated into Italian?

A lot of Jan Moran’s work has been translated into other languages! Some of her books have been translated into German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Lithuanian, Polish, Bulgarian, and a few other languages.

Is The Winemakers going to be a TV show?

It seems like it! Moran is currently working on adapting The Winemakers into a TV series. If all goes well, the show could be premiering in the near future!

Is Jan Moran a bestselling author?

Yes! She has made numerous bestselling lists on a few different occasions. She’s currently an 8-time USA Today bestselling author and a 2-time Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

Is Jan Moran a CEO?

Jan Moran was formerly a CEO. As of right now, it seems that she has stepped down from that position and focused on writing, as well as other career goals.

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