All 50 Jeffrey Archer Books In Order

With over 40 years of writing experience, and a wealth of life experiences to boot, Jeffrey Archers has to be one of the most prolific published authors out there today.

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And with so many books, series, and even genres being covered, it can be hard to keep track of them all.

All 50 Jeffrey Archer Books In Order

Luckily for you, I happen to have them all collected here for your reading and purchasing pleasure, in series order. How about that!

From political drama to thrillers and even children’s books. This writer has written them all!

Make sure you’ve got a pen and paper handy. This list is a doozy!

Kane & Abel Series

Probably his first and best-known series, the Kane and Abel books, are some of the best-selling books in the whole world!

Kane & Abel (1979) (Book 1)

Kane & Abel

It’s a tale as old as time. In fact, it’s close to probably being one of the oldest out there! Two souls intertwined, brought together and apart by the strings of fate.

William Lowell Kane is the son and inheritor of a great banking dynasty, while Abel Rosnovski is the son of poor Polish Immigrants. Both were born on the same day in 1906 and two worlds apart.

However, fate has decided that these two souls will be inseparable when they cross paths. But not necessarily for the better…


  • A phenomenally detailed story about bonds, upbringing, betrayed trust, and so much more!


  • The writing style can feel a little dry at times.

The Prodigal Daughter (1982) (Book 2)

The Prodigal Daughter

Going into the second book in this saga, we find the children of the previous two protagonists, Florentyna Rosnovski and Richard Kane, in a blossoming relationship.

He wants to carve a path away from his father’s legacy, and she wants to be the first Female President.

But will an earth-shattering reveal destroy both of their dreams, when they are so close to achieving them?


  • A great tale showing parent-child relationships, and the nature of rivalries that span generations.


  • Many of the tedious aspects of political procedures are also in this book, and kind of make the core plot drag.

Shall We Tell The President? (1986) (Book 3, Revised)

Shall We Tell the President?

Florentyna Kane has finally done it. After years of sacrifice, she has finally become the first female President of the United States.

However, forces seek to dethrone her, even on her inauguration day.

The FBI discovers a conspiracy that threatens to kill the precedent in less than 7 days, and it’s up to Mark Andrews to figure it out. Before it is too late…


  • A tense conclusion to a gripping series!


  • This book is only somewhat connected to the previous two in the series.

Clifton Chronicle Series

Aside from the Kane and Abel series, Archer is also well-known for his Clifton Chronicles Series, a series of 7 books that bring to life the historical people and events of the early and mid-20th century, through the eyes of one family.

Only Time Will Tell (2011)

Only Time Will Tell (The Clifton Chronicles, 1)

The best-selling starting book to the series, Only Time Will Tell, tells us the story of Harry Clifton as he grows up between World War 1 and 2.

Although a stroke of luck gives Harry a bright career ahead of him, the prospect of war on the horizon makes hopes for a better future, and answers about his father make all that seem all too far away.


  • A thorough exploration of the wrecked world left behind by the 1st World war, as well as one young boy’s attempts to navigate it.


  • The ending might feel a little awkward and out of place for some readers.

The Sins Of The Father (2012)

The Sins of the Father (The Clifton Chronicles, 2)

Harry has fled to America and taken up the name Tom Bradshaw to get away from his problems.

However, Harry finds new ones when he discovers that the person whose identity he has taken was supposed to face jail time for his desertion!


  • The two-sided story of Harry being in prison, and his loved ones trying to find him, is an intriguing setup for the Clifton Chronicle story.


  • The disappearance and reappearance of the two main characters for most of the book might make some readers feel a little cheated.

Best Kept Secret (2013)

Best Kept Secret (The Clifton Chronicles, 3)

It’s 1945, and the decision of who should inherit the Barrington family name and estate has fallen to a tie.

Should it go to the illegitimate, but hardworking son, Harry Clifton? Or should it go to the legal, but obtuse heir, Giles Barrington?

All that and more unfolds in this gripping tale about the next generation of the Clifton Chronicles.


  • The multiple storylines keep things fresh and moving for virtually all characters involved.


  • Those multiple perspectives and stories are a double-edged sword: A plot line that you are invested in might grind to a halt for a chapter.

Be Careful What You Wish For (2014)

Be Careful What You Wish For: A Novel (Clifton Chronicles Book 4)

Threats to the Barrington Shipping Company, and the wedding of Harry and Emma’s adopted daughter turning sour, all conspire to rip the Clifton family apart in this intriguing sequel.


  • A cliffhanger ending that will leave you on the edge of your seat guessing!


  • The main plots, while interesting, do feel like they drag out a little too much.

Mightier Than The Sword (2015)

Mightier Than the Sword: A Novel (Clifton Chronicles Book 5)

With the HMS Buckingham being bombed at the hands of the IRA, Emma Clifton faces calls to resign, as her enemies close in around her to ruin her reputation.

Meanwhile, Harry Clifton is out to save a fellow author who has been imprisoned in the frozen wastes of Siberia. Even at the risk of his safety and life.


  • A two-part drama: One part political/corporate espionage against Emma Clifton, and one part Cold War prison break for Harry Clifton.


  • The fact that one family has stayed within the public eye in British life (outside the Royal family) might make this grounded tale a little difficult to believe!

Cometh The Hour (2016)

Cometh the Hour: Book Six Of the Clifton Chronicles

Political intrigue and underhanded corporate tactics threaten to destroy the Clifton family and their friends, as Harry continues his determined quest to save his friend in Siberia.


  • Forbidden love and threats both within Britain and behind the Iron Curtain keep many elements fresh and fascinating.


  • The book does occasionally feel like a stop-gap between the previous book and the next, final book in the series.

This Was A Man (2016)

This Was a Man: The Final Volume of The Clifton Chronicles

As the Clifton Chronicles draw to a close, Harry reflects on his life as he writes his final noble, and the enemies of his family try one last time to destroy the Cliftons and Barringtons.


  • The contemplative mood of this book sets it apart from the dramatics and over-the-top action and intrigue from the previous books.


  • Some character arcs do not get satisfying endings.

Detective Warwick Series

With a writer whose talents and interests are as eclectic as Archer’s, is it any surprise that his detective genre work would also be exceptional?

Nothing Ventured (2019)

Nothing Ventured (William Warwick Novels Book 1)

William Warwick has always wanted to be a detective.

And one of his first cases on the Metropolitan Police force, discovering what happened to the Rembrandt painting from the Fitzmolean museum, is just the right case to get started with!


  • A great opening story to this recent series by Jeffrey Archer!


  • Some people might struggle to get behind William as a protagonist in this story.

Hidden In Plain Sight (2020)

Hidden in Plain Sight: A Detective William Warwick Novel (William Warwick Novels Book 2)

With quite a few cases under his belt now, William Warwick has been promoted to Detective Sergeant.

However, he and his squad being reassigned to the drug squad means tangling with a few old faces that William would probably prefer staying in the past…


  • All the twists and turns that you could want from a great detective story.


  • Those twists, while great, do come at a pretty slow pace. It might be difficult to stay engaged for some readers.

Turn A Blind Eye (2021)

Turn a Blind Eye: A Detective William Warwick Novel (William Warwick Novels Book 3)

Now a Detective Inspector, William Warwick is tasked with leading investigations of a very different nature: Corruption within the heart of the Met police force!


  • The introspective examination of both the characters and their roles makes for an interesting read.


  • This might not be the most gripping detective book for everyone.

Over My Dead Body (2021)

Over My Dead Body: The new rollercoaster thriller from the author of the Clifton Chronicles and Kane & Abel (William Warwick Novels): A Novel

Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick must contend with three cases that seem impossible to solve and yet are somehow intertwined with both each other and William’s past.


  • Watching the characters plan against their criminal targets is satisfying to see unfold.


  • A lot of time is spent reestablishing characters that long-time readers (the majority of this series’ audience) will already be familiar with.

Next In Line (2022)

Next in Line (William Warwick Novels)

Detective Chief Inspector William Warwick has his hands full, making sure that the Royal Protection Command squad is up to the task of defending the newly anointed Princess Diana.


  • This is an exciting book that keeps you reading at a breakneck pace!


  • The number of arcs unfolding in this book (i.e. a lot!) might leave some readers confused.

Traitors Gate (Expected: October 10, 2023)

Traitors Gate: The new heist thriller from the author of the Clifton Chronicles and Kane & Abel

While not yet released, Traitors Gate looks to be yet another exciting addition to the series


  • The continuation of William and his family’s story as they creep closer and closer to the 21st century


  • It’s yet to be released!

Standalone Works

While Archer’s series are all great reads and commitments for long-time fans, some of his most outstanding work comes in the form of his many standalone novels.

Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less (1976)

Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less

Harvey Metcalfe has conned a lot of people in his time as a ’self-made’ guru.

But what happens when those conned by him decide to team up and take back what was theirs?


  • A gripping tale of righteous vengeance, and a globe-trotting adventure from beginning to end!


  • This incredibly easy love-to-hate villain falls into the background once the protagonists of the book enter the story.

First Among Equals (1983)

First Among Equals

4 men, from all walks of life, and all kinds of sacrifices, are pitted against each other as they all race for the same prize: The keys to Number 10 Downing Street.


  • Archer makes you understand the perspectives and motivations of each character, and why they all want to become Prime Minister.


  • The political intricacies that each character must go through might not be to everyone’s tastes.

A Matter Of Honor (1985)

A Matter of Honor

What starts as Alan Scott opening a simple letter from his disgraced colonel father turns into a domino effect of consequences that have implications for not just him, but the entire free world as well!


  • This is a fantastic take on Cold War espionage that will keep the reader guessing at every twist!


  • While some of the twists are fascinating, there are many plot beats that fans of this genre will be able to recognize coming from a mile away.

As The Crow Flies (1990)

As the Crow Flies

Charlie Trumper has a dream: To follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and own a shop that sells everything.

But what lengths will he go to in his life to accomplish all of that?


  • An amazing story of ambition, revenge, and even romance.


  • The book could probably have been a little shorter, while still retaining most of the best elements of this book.

Honor Among Thieves (1993)

Honor Among Thieves

In this 90s-era political thriller, 2 CIA agents must work against the clock to stop Saddam Hussein from stealing and destroying one of the greatest national treasures in American history.


  • The main characters are all written excellently and are all sympathetic in their way.


  • The then-current and modern political talking points and topics might need a little extra context for new readers picking this book up today.

The Fourth Estate (1996)

The Fourth Estate

Richard Armstrong: A Eastern European World War 2 survivor who, through sharp wit and intelligence, created a media empire for himself.

Keith Townsend: Privately educated up-and-coming media owner, with an equally sharp wit, and a sense of entitlement just as big.

What will happen when these two forces of global media duke it out for supremacy in the news world?

A bloody mess, it turns out!


  • A fascinating story based on the real-life Media Barons that came to dominate the UK press and newspaper circuit.


  • While it is cathartic to see these characters go through the wringer, they do both come off as a little too similar to each other.

The Eleventh Commandment (1998)

The Eleventh Commandment: A Novel

CIA agent Connor Fitzgerald is just months from retirement when he finds that Helen Dexter, director of the CIA, is prepared to throw him under the bus if it secures her stranglehold on the agency.

All while a new hard-line Russian President threatens to reopen a conflict that was thought buried in the Cold War


  • A political thriller with tons of intriguing characterization, that hits just as hard today as it did back then.


  • For a writer with such a grasp on the grounded nature of his stories usually, some of the leaps in logic seem pretty far-fetched.

The Accused (2000)

The Accused (Modern Plays)

The courtroom drama, based on the legendary British Old Bailey, has to answer one simple question: Did Dr. Sherwood murder his wife?

This central question, and plenty more, will keep you on the edge of your seat!


  • The ending will leave you reeling and trying to process it, in the best way possible!


  • The question of where the fictional characters end, and the author (who was on trial for perverting the course of justice at this time) might raise some uncomfortable questions.

Sons Of Fortune (2002)

Sons of Fortune

What happens when twin boys, born in the mid-1940s in Connecticut, are split and raised, worlds apart from one another?

As Archer shows us in Sons of Fortune, we see two tales that seem on completely different paths to each other, that can’t help but echo each other.


  • The two very different upbringings help demonstrate both the differences and similarities between each of them, as well as the whole nature vs. nurture philosophical argument.


  • The plot does move at a snail’s pace at times.

False Impression (2005)

False Impression

False Impressions has a thousand questions asked, it seems. And all of them have gripping answers that you won’t be able to put down once you start!


  • The intricacies of the art world, and the details Archer covers, are made even more interesting by the political backdrop of 9/11.


  • If you’re familiar with Archer’s work, you’ll be able to spot the plot beats and twists from a mile away.

A Prisoner Of Birth (2008)

A Prisoner of Birth: A Novel

A chance, and seemingly innocent encounter between Danny Cartwright, an East End Cockney, and Spencer Craig, an up-and-coming Barrister, and eventual lawyer, sees Danny put behind bars for 24 years for murder, thanks to an airtight testimony against him from Spencer.

Now, with only time and his thoughts with him, Danny spends his years behind bars plotting revenge.


  • Who doesn’t love a good revenge story?


  • A simple revenge story, drawn out to a full-length novel? It might be a little slow for readers at parts.

Paths Of Glory (2009)

Paths of Glory

George Mallory, the ambitious mountaineer, hopes to add his name to the list of explorer legends and climb Mount Everest.

But with his frozen body being discovered in 1999, did he ever make it?
Read on, and find out for yourself!


  • Based on a gripping true story, and leaves an open-ended last page that allows a reader to come to their conclusions.


  • Archer doesn’t discuss the depth of the topic as well as others have.

Heads You Win (2019)

Heads You Win: A Novel

Many of us have wanted to serve our country. It’s a task that Alexander Karpenko seems destined to do himself for his native Soviet Union.

But when his father is murdered by the state, Alexander has a choice to make:
Board a container freighter bound for the US, or the UK?

Archer answers that question with another question: Why can’t it be both?


  • A fascinating dual narrative plays out for readers to enjoy.


  • The early part of this dual narrative might leave some readers confused, at least for a bit

Short Stories, Novellas & Collections

Alongside his full-length novels, Jeffrey Archer has also written a massive collection of short stories, novellas, and collections of both!

A Quiver Full Of Arrows (1980)

A Quiver Full of Arrows: Stories

From ancient family heirlooms to modern Romance tales, Jeffrey Archer takes you through the whole breadth of human experience in A Quiver Full Of Arrows.


  • A set of globetrotting, history-spanning adventures, and stories, all compiled into a single collection!


  • There are a surprising amount of typos in this officially published work.

Fools, Knaves, And Heroes (1989)

Fools, Knaves and Heroes: Great Political Short Stories

Jeffrey Archer presents to us, in this collection of short stories, a cavalcade of short stories, all taking place in the urban jungle of politics.


  • The sheer variety of authors, from Mark Twain to Jeffrey Archer himself, will keep anyone entertained.


  • The beautiful quality is a little uneven in this collection.

Old Love (1990)

Old Love (Edward Arnold Readers Library)

Archer tells us about an adorable tale of romance and commitment in this short story, now free to read!


  • This is a short story that can be read in a single sitting.
  • It’s also free to read! it’s hard to complain about a free story!


  • There is quite a lot of fluff in the story.

Twelve Red Herrings (1994)

Twelve Red Herrings

In what might seem like a collection of short stories about political intrigue and tense thrillers, Archer expertly spins a story of misdirection and intrigue.

Especially with the red herrings he lays out for the reader!


  • These small, anecdote-sized stories are perfect for easy reading!
  • Full of Archer’s classic misdirection and intrigue!


  • None of the stories have the room they need to breathe and fully explore their ideas, you know?

The Collected Short Stories (1997)

The Collected Short Stories: Jeffrey Archer's Previously Published Stories, Compiled for the First Time in One Definitive Volume

If you’ve been meaning to catch up on your Jeffrey Archer short story collections, this is The purchase for you!


  • Like with many others of Archer’s collections, these short stories are a brisk read and are easily a good afternoon’s entertainment.


  • It is just a collection of other published works, rather than anything new. If you already own these stories, you don’t have to buy this one.

A Twist In The Tale (2000)

A Twist in the Tale

Come on, it’s a Jeffrey Archer book! When isn’t there a twist?

Still, when a philandering husband thinks he’s gotten away with murder, he’s in for a rude awakening!


  • Watching this murder plot unravel before the culprit’s very eyes is SO cathartic!


  • As we already said, this is a Jeffrey Archer book. if you know what you’re looking for, the Twist is nothing new, but still satisfying.

The Grass Is Always Greener (2000)

The Grass Is Always Greener and Other Stories

In this story that has yet to be republished on its own, Archer shows us a fascinating deep dive into the relationships between seemingly random strangers, all unified by their location, Critchley Bank.


  • Less than 20 pages long, this is an easy read for anyone to get through.
  • All the nuance and complexity that you would expect from Archer’s work.


  • This story is currently out of print. You’re going to struggle to find a new copy of this book.

Cheap At Half The Price (2011)

Cheap at Half the Price (Kindle Single)

Consuela Rosenheim is a cunning and conniving woman, always looking for her next birthday present and her next husband.

Will she get her just desserts this time round?


  • Consuela is an entertaining character to follow, and quite different from Archer’s other main characters.


  • At just 24 pages long, you might feel that the story ends a little too quickly.

Never Stop On The Motorway (2011)

Never Stop on the Motorway (Kindle Single): A Story

British freeway slang aside, Archer gives us a gripping tale of a single mother trying to evade a dangerous van that’s eerily following her on the freeway!


  • The mundane nature of the danger in this book is what makes it so compelling!


  • The story was featured in older collections. If you already have it, there’s no need to buy it again.

In The Eye Of The Beholder (2011)

In the Eye of the Beholder: A Short Story

Considering that Jeffrey Archer considers this story one of his favorites, it’s hard to not want to see what exactly makes this book stand out!


  • The dialogue is witty and funny, classic to Archer’s writing style.


  • This story was featured in a previous collection.

The New Collected Short Stories (2011)

The New Collected Short Stories

If you, like me, sometimes struggle with keeping up with Archer’s short story collections, this is the book for you!


  • a collection of three of Archer’s previously released short story collections: To Cut A Long Story Short, Cat O’ Nine Tales, And Thereby Hangs A Tale.


  • If you’ve already purchased these collections, this book will feel just like a larger and bulkier alternative.

It Can’t Be October Already (2017)

It Can't be October Already (Kindle Single): A Story

Look, we’ve all been there. All of a sudden, the year passes by, and we’re left wondering how he got to this point already!

For our main character, Patrick O’Flynn, it’s a chance to catch up with prison staff and fellow inmates, on his return to the prison system!


  • Archer’s distinct sense of humor is on full display in this short story!


  • The short story leaves you wanting more of these characters. Arguably, That just means it’s done its job!

The Short, The Long And The Tall (2020)

The Short, the Long and the Tall: Short Stories

A detective investigates an Italian Hillside town, a bubbly College student gets more than she bargained for in a hitchhike, And a pretentious schoolboy discovers the dark origins of his father’s wealth in this collection!


  • There is a thriller story here for pretty much every kind of taste!


  • Some of the endings to be short stories are predictable. If you’ve been reading Jeffrey Archer for long enough, you’ll know them when you see them.

Children’s Books

Jeffrey Archer doesn’t just write works for grown-ups. He has written quite a few children’s stories too!

What does this pen master’s style look like when made for kids?

By Royal Appointment (1980)

By royal appointment

The king and queen of Littleland host an amazing grand tournament in their Kingdom in this children’s tale!


  • Kings, Queens, and race cars. What more could a child ask for?


  • King Benefactor seems like a strange name for a beloved children’s character. Children’s satire isn’t our first thought when it comes to books for kids!

Willy And The Killer Kipper (1981)

Willy and the Killer Kipper

The Neptune, the world’s largest submarine, is stuck at the bottom of the ocean!

It’s up to Willy, Randolph the bear, Sybil the seabird, Boris the blue whale, and many other characters to save the trapped sailors!


  • A colorful cast of characters that any young kid can enjoy!


  • The audiobook is fine, but I would argue that this book is best enjoyed in its physical, fully illustrated format.

The First Miracle (1994)

The First Miracle

The short story that first appeared in Jeffrey Archer’s A Quiver Full of Arrows collection of short fiction returns as a fully illustrated children’s book!


  • Craigie Aitchison’s illustrations bring this charming story to life!


  • This is certifiably a kid’s book. This isn’t for adult fans of the original short story.

Willy Visits The Square World (1995)

Willy Visits the Square World

Jeffrey Archer’s kid’s book protagonist Willy returns in this adorable space-bound adventure!


  • Kids will love the bright and colorful illustrations of this book.


  • This might be a tricky book to get a hold of, at least physically.

Prison Memoirs

As we briefly mentioned earlier in this guide, Jeffrey Archer was convicted of perjury for a previous libel case that he had won in 1987.

As a result, Archer was sent to prison for 4 years.

During this time, Archers wrote several memoirs.

A Prison Diary (2002)

A Prison Diary (A Prison Diary, 1)

This first memoir of Archer’s sentence covers his first month in jail, during which he both shared his cell with a drug baron and a murderer, and his mother passed away.


  • A gripping tale of Archer’s early time in prison, and his retrospective thoughts on it.


  • While definitely fascinating and insightful, the hard truth of Archer’s words might be hard to discern from the embellishments and literary flourishes.

Purgatory (2005)

Purgatory: A Prison Diary Volume 2 (A Prison Diary, 2)

With the initial part of a sentence carried out, Archer was then moved into a medium-security facility.

This is an account of those 67 days he spent in HMP Wayland.


  • Archer’s account of this security prison, stretched thin by a broken system, and the accounts of his cellmates and fellow prisoners, are genuinely touching.


  • Given his previous position both as a politician and a celebrity, you are left wondering if Archer ever received preferential treatment during his time.

Heaven (2006)

Heaven: A Prison Diary Volume 3 (A Prison Diary, 3)

From the medium-security prison setting of HMP Wayland, we now follow Jeffrey Archer as he is released on parole in 2003.


  • Plenty of Archer’s wit and humor is on full display even in this most difficult time for him.


  • Once again, we are left questioning whether Archer’s previous fame gave him an accurate view of what prison life was truly like.

Non-Fiction Works

The Gospel According To Judas (2007)

The Gospel According to Judas by Benjamin Iscariot

Judas Iscariot has practically become synonymous with the word ‘betrayal’ in Christian countries.

In his so far only non-fiction work, Jeffrey Archer doesn’t ask the ‘what’ or ‘how’, but the ‘why’ behind Christendom’s most famous backstabber.


  • This 100-page book is easy to read in maybe one or two settings at most.


  • Archer’s work, while drawing on biblical and scholarly knowledge, comes to a believable, but boring conclusion.

Closing Notes

As you can see, Jeffrey Archer’s career has been as full of incredible books as it has been startling controversies.

So, which of these books will you pick up first?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Works Has Jeffrey Archer Written?

While Jeffrey Archer has written 42 separate works officially, if we are counting every work that has been published, collections included, the total comes out at 55 throughout his entire career.

When Did Jeffrey Archer Go To Prison?

Jeffrey Archer was sentenced to 4 years in jail on August 9th, 2001. He was eventually released on license in July 2003

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