Jennifer L. Armentrout Books In Order

Jennifer L. Armentrout is a prolific author of numerous New York Times Best Sellers.

Jennifer L. Armentrout Books In Order

She has written numerous novels such as series, spin-offs, companions, and standalones.

While she is more well-known for her Blood and Ash series, she has multiple other best-sellers. 

About Jennifer L. Armentrout

Despite being known for her new adult fantasy series Blood and Ash, she has also written numerous contemporary romances under her pen name: J. Lynn.

Known for being a hybrid author, she has traditionally published her works and self-published them successfully. 

Jennifer L. Armentrout has written over sixty books, which I have put in order of series, and then included her standalone novels. 

The Covenant Series

Covenant is a five-book young adult fantasy series with the bonus novella: Daimon. 


Daimon: The Prequel to Half-Blood

Daimon is only a short novella with around 62 pages, serving as a prequel to Alex’s story.

Focusing on her escape from Miami, this novella focuses on Alex’s journey to the Covenant after daemons discover her.


  • An exciting teaser for the rest of the series. 


  • It’s only a short novella with only 62 pages to read.


Half-Blood: The First Covenant Novel (Covenant Series Book 1)

Alex struggles with her time in the Covenant. Not only does she struggle with her forbidden crush on the pure-blood Aiden, but she’s also struggling with her training to become a Sentinel.

After all, nothing’s worse than being turned into a daimon and being hunted by your crush.


  • An entertaining introduction to a world of Greek demigods. 


  • It isn’t the most original novel. 


Pure: Covenant, Book 2

Seth is essentially Alex’s other half, and she’s frustrated that he’s everywhere she goes, but there are some benefits.

However, she can’t let go of Aiden, who has sacrificed his relationship with her to keep her safe.

However, the gods and fate won’t make that easy for him, as Alex has a target on her head. 


  • Introduces some exciting action scenes and more tension.


  • It falls too much into the forbidden love/love triangle territory. 


Deity: Covenant, Book 3

History is about to repeat itself, and Alex must survive until she turns eighteen.

But there’s a target on her head, and she can’t allow anyone to find out about her and Aiden.

As the novel goes on, she learns that not everything is as it seems, and she is caught between love and Fate and which one is stronger. 


  • There are plenty of exciting plot twists.


  • Falls into more Chosen One cliché.


Elixir: A Covenant Novella

A short novella about Aiden and a prequel to Apollyon. Following the ending of Deity, Aiden must find a way to save Alex and wage war on the gods. 


  • It allows the reader to finally see Aiden’s perspective.


  • It is incredibly relevant to the plot, which some readers may need to be made aware of. 


Apollyon: Covenant, Book 4

After fearing that she would lose herself in the Awakening, she is now connected to Seth.

At the same time, Aiden is willing to wage war with the gods, who have already killed thousands, to stop Seth and prevent him from taking Alex’s power.

Now, on a quest to find answers in the Underworld, Alex needs to stop Seth from becoming the God Killer or becoming so herself. 


  • It offers even more development of the supporting cast. 


  • Follows the quest to the Underworld cliché.


Sentinel: Covenant, Book 5

War breaks out in the mortal world, and Alex has to overcome her fears to end everything.

With a happily ever after in sight, she’s left to decide whether to sacrifice the people around her or herself. 


  • An ending that will satisfy fans of the series. 


  • This book leans more towards new adult than young adult. 

The Titan Series

Titan is a four-book new adult fantasy series that is a spin-off of Covenant

The Return

The Return: A Titan Novel

Seth pledged his life to the gods a year ago and has to protect Josie.

However, Josie has no idea who Seth is; they only know there’s an unlikely attraction as they run from a nightmare from ancient myths. 


  • Offers dual perspectives, so fans can enjoy Josie’s and Seth’s perspectives.


  • The relationship between Josie and Seth moves too fast.

The Power

The Power: Titan, Book 2

Seth has to train Josie to control her power to defeat the Titans, and Seth is losing control of his powers by being around Josie.

Now, he’s tempted to gain more power again, and Josie might be unable to stop him.


  • Fans of Covenant will be glad to see familiar faces return.


  • There are several plot inconsistencies.

The Struggle

The Struggle: Titan Series, Book 3

Josie can only offer Seth redemption, but he has become more powerful than anyone could have imagined. Now a war is on the horizon as a new age begins. 


  • Develops Josie’s and Seth’s relationship further.


  • It has a slower pace than the other books in the series.

The Prophecy

The Prophecy: Titan series, Book 4

Now that Seth knows he has a future, the Titans are the only thing standing in his way.

However, everything he does can reshape the world, and he and Josie are no longer only fighting for themselves. 


  • Offers a final conclusion to the series. 

Cons: It relies on shock value to keep the reader hooked.

The Lux Series

Lux is a five-book young adult fantasy series with two novellas: Shadows and Oblivion. It also has one adult spin-off novel: Obsession. 


Shadows (A Lux Novel)

Dawson was a Luxen involved with the human Bethany Williams. But he must keep his identity secret, or he’ll endanger her life.


  • An emotional prequel to the Lux series. 


  • Due to being a novella, the romance is rushed. 


Obsidian (Lux)

Katy moves to West Virginia, where she meets Daemon, who she can’t stand.

But when he saves her, she finds out he’s an alien, and she has to stay close so people can protect her after his powers. 



  • The dynamic between Daemon and Katy can wear thin quickly.


Oblivion (A Lux Novel)

The story of Obsidian but from Daemon’s perspective, as he considers the dangers of his relationship with Katy.


  • Offers a fresh perspective from Daemon.


  • It is just Obsidian from Daemon’s point of view. 


Onyx: Lux, Book 2

The Department of Defense arrives, and Katy must hide her link to Daemon, who is determined to prove their relationship is more than their bizarre connection. 


  • Offers more depth to Daemon and Katy’s relationship. 


  • Attempts to introduce a love triangle for drama. 


Opal: Lux, Book 3

With their relationship stronger than ever, Katy has changed. Now, they need to discover the truth with help coming from an unlikely place. 


  • Fans of Daemon and Katy will enjoy more of their relationship. 


  • Opal focuses too much on the relationship and not enough plot.


Origin: Lux Series, Book 4

Daemon needs to find Katy, and he will risk everything to help her. Katy, however, must find out who the real villains are and which side she and Daemon should be on. 


  • A great progression into a more intense plot.


  • Origin crosses the line from young adult into new adult. 


Opposition (A Lux Novel Book 5)

The Luxen have arrived, and Daemon has welcomed them, willing to betray his loved ones to protect them.

Now, teamed with an unlikely enemy, no one can tell who is friend or foe. 


  • A satisfying conclusion to the Lux series.


  • It can be difficult to tell the difference in perspective.

Obsession (Arum)

Obsession (Arum)

Hunter is a ruthless killer for the Department of Defense who needs to protect the human Serena from his mortal enemy. A new adult spin-off to the Lux series. 


  • It offers a new novel where the Lux are the villains.


  • The romance offers nothing new to readers of Armentrout. 

The Origin Series

The Origin series is a three-book young adult fantasy series, with a fourth book: The Fevered Winter, pending a release date. It is a spin-off of Lux.

The Darkest Star

The Darkest Star (Origin Series Book 1)

Evie is caught up in a raid where humans and surviving Luxen can mingle. Here, she meets Luc, who she assumes is Luxen but is much more powerful.


  • Even readers who have never read Lux can jump in.


  • It’s similar to other young adult novels. 

The Burning Shadow

The Burning Shadow (Origin Series Book 2)

There’s a gap in Evie’s memory, and no one will tell her. As she searches for the truth, she gets closer to Luc as a flu-like virus spreads across the country.


  • Reveals more about Evie’s character, offering more depth. 


  • A bit too predictable for anyone who’s read Armentrout before.

The Brightest Night

The Brightest Night: An Origin Novel (Origin Series Book 3)

Now on the run, Luc protects Evie after she learns devastating truths she was forced to forget.


  • Introduces more of Evie’s powers to readers as they learn about them. 


  • Evie and Luc’s romance takes over the rest of the plot.

The Dark Elements Series

Dark Elements is a three-book young adult fantasy series with the prequel novella Bitter Sweet Love. 

Bitter Sweet Love

Bitter Sweet Love (The Dark Elements)

Jas is a gargoyle Warden who is mated to Dez, but he disappears one day and doesn’t return for three years. Now, he has to earn her trust back within seven days.


  • A light introduction to The Dark Elements series.


  • Despite being a fantasy, it is primarily romance with fantasy characters.

White Hot Kiss

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements Book 1)

Layla wants to fit in at school and date Zayne, but she is treated firmly like a sister. As a half-demon, she can’t kiss anything with a soul.

But she meets Roth, a demon who knows her secrets, although her relationship with him could ruin everything with Zayne. 


  • An entertaining read that will keep fans on edge. 


  • A little too formulaic for fans looking for something new. 

Stone Cold Touch

Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements Book 2)

Things can’t get worse for Layla, and now the Wardens are keeping secrets from her.

Now, her powers are evolving, and Roth brings news that can change her world forever. 


  • There’s amusing banter between each character.


  • There’s too much focus on the love triangle between Layla, Roth, and Zayne.

Every Last Breath

Every Last Breath (The Dark Elements Book 3)

Light or darkness, that’s what Layla must decide. A Lilin has been unleashed, and Layla must strike a deal to save her friends.

Torn between two boys, she can’t decide which side to pick.


  • Offers a tense conclusion to the series. 


  • Ultimately, the final decision was decided by the readers.

The Harbinger Series

The Harbinger Series Complete Collection

Harbinger is a three-book young adult fantasy series and a spin-off of The Dark Elements. 

Storm And Fury

Storm and Fury: The Harbinger Series, Book 1

Trinity can speak to spirits, and because of this, she is kept in hiding and protected by Wardens.

When there are reports of killings, Trinity must work with Zayne to save her family and the world. 


  • Offers representation for disabled characters in a significant way.


  • The book is too long and slow-paced to keep some readers interested.

Rage And Ruin

Rage and Ruin: The Harbinger Series, Book 2

Trinity and Zayne have been working with demons to stop the apocalypse and prevent the Harbinger from coming.

But they realize they are losing control when they uncover a sinister plot targeting the local high school. 


  • Despite the length, it keeps readers hooked with fun characters.


  • Trinity and Zayne’s relationship needs more development.

Grace And Glory

Grace and Glory: The Harbinger Series, Book 3

Trinity and Zayne form a more dangerous bond, and they bring back Lucifer to help defeat the Harbinger. 


  • Fans would say the ending is better than The Dark Elements.


  • A lot of the dialogue feels repetitive. 

A Wicked Trilogy

Wicked is a new adult fantasy romance trilogy.


Wicked (A Wicked Trilogy Book 1)

College student Ivy is dedicated to the Order, but Ren Owens tempts her resolve.

However, the two of them are keeping secrets, and she’s unsure of what’s more dangerous, her relationship with Ren or the evil threatening their town.


  • A fun and unique interpretation of the fae.


  • It doesn’t have the most original plot. 


Torn (A Wicked Trilogy Book 2)

After being betrayed by the Prince of the Fae, she must keep her secret, or the Order will kill her.

But Ren is dedicated to the Order too, and she no longer knows who to trust.


  • An entertaining read that will keep readers interested. 


Ivy is a little too similar to Armentrout’s other protagonists.


Brave (A Wicked Trilogy Book 3)

Captured by the Fae Prince, Ivy feels something dark spreading through her, and it comes between her and Ren.

Ren must make a life-altering choice that may tear their lives apart.


  • A darker conclusion to the Wicked trilogy.


  • It has a predictable ending that readers may not enjoy.

1001 Dark Nights: The Summer King Bundle

The Summer King Bundle: 3 Stories by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Three novellas are set within the Wicked universe: The Prince, The King, and The Queen. 


  • Offers a follow-on to the Wicked trilogy.


Focuses primarily on romance instead of plot. 

The Blood And Ash Series

Blood and Ash is a six-book new adult fantasy series with A Soul of Ash and Blood coming out in July 2023 and the seventh book, The Primal of Blood and Bone, in 2024. 

From Blood And Ash

From Blood and Ash (Blood And Ash Series Book 1)

Poppy was chosen to be a Maiden from birth and waits for her Ascension.

However, with the kingdom resting on her shoulders, she begins to fall for her guard, Hawke.

Hawke makes her question everything she believes in and tempts her with forbidden love. 


  • Won the 2020 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance.


  • It is a very clichéd romance novel.

A Kingdom Of Flesh And Fire

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire

Everything Poppy believes is a lie; now, she is seen as the symbol of a monstrous kingdom.

Casteel Da’Neer has plans for Poppy, which could bind their lives together in a way their kingdoms could never imagine. 



  • It has a slow pace that may deter readers.

The Crown Of Gilded Bones

The Crown of Gilded Bones (Blood And Ash Series Book 3)

Poppy wants to revel in the love found with Casteel, but they must save their respective brothers.

With Poppy as the true ruler of Atlantia, they know the kingdom is rightly hers.

But some won’t allow her to take the crown, so they must travel to the Lands of the Gods.


  • Nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fantasy.


  • There are a lot of unnecessary details that feel repetitive.

The War Of Two Queens

The War of Two Queens (Blood And Ash Series Book 4)

Poppy must stop the Blood Queen and free her King.

Together, Poppy and Casteel must embrace tradition and protect those they hold dear and those unable to defend themselves.

But Poppy may have to become what she’s prophesied to be, as the Harbinger of Death and Destruction. 


  • Nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fantasy in 2022. 


  • The dialogue and slang are unbelievable for a fantasy novel.

Visions Of Flesh And Blood Compendium

Visions of Flesh and Blood: A Blood and Ash/Flesh and Fire Compendium (Blood And Ash Series Book 6)

A comprehensive companion guide for the world of Blood and Ash, with art and reference materials to add more depth.


  • Offers more information about the world in a journal of research material.


  • Only a companion, so it doesn’t offer many new offerings to the series. 

The Flesh And Fire Series

Flesh and Fire is a spin-off series with the third book: A Fire in the Flesh, to be released in 2023. 

A Shadow In The Ember

A Shadow in the Ember (Flesh and Fire Book 1)

Seraphena Mierel was chosen to uphold a desperate deal her ancestor made before she was born, so she must offer herself to the Primal of Death as his Consort.



  • A little too similar to From Blood and Ash. 

A Light In The Flame

A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

Now that Sera’s plan is discovered, the trust between her and Nyktos is shattered.

But a new risk appears as the Primal power of Life grows inside her, and the only way she can survive is with Nyktos’s love. 


  • Introduces an exciting villain that appears promising


  • The dialogue continues to take the reader out of the book with modern slang. 

The De Vincent Series

The de Vincent series is a new adult romance trilogy. 

Moonlight Sins

Moonlight Sins: A de Vincent Novel (de Vincent series, 1)

Julia begins a new job caring for the de Vincent brothers’ troubled sister.

But she and Lucian, the youngest brother, are drawn to one another. But his past could destroy Julia and the de Vincent dynasty.


  • Julia and Lucian’s romance is entertaining. 


  • The mystery of the novel is fairly predictable. 

Moonlight Seduction

Moonlight Seduction: A de Vincent Novel (de Vincent series, 2)

Nikki returns to the de Vincents’ bayou to care for her sick mother, and she wants to avoid Gabriel de Vincent, the man who broke her heart.

But he’s spent years beating himself up over Nikki and wants to protect her from the de Vincent curse. 


  • More focus on romance than the previous book. 


  • Some inconsistencies clash with the first book.

Moonlight Scandals

Moonlight Scandals: A de Vincent Novel (de Vincent series, 3)

Ghost hunter Rosie Herpin is brought closer to Devlin de Vincent after a close friend is attacked.

With links to the de Vincent curse, she must uncover whether their legends are true. 


A combination of romance and paranormal that ties the trilogy together. 


  • The enemies-to-lovers trope doesn’t appear to work well.




A fatal accident causes everything Ember touches to die, but her sister is brought back.

Now, she doesn’t touch anything, but Hayden Cromwell may be able to help her control her powers. 


  • Fans of White Hot Kiss will enjoy this standalone. 


  • Ember doesn’t have much agency as a protagonist.

Don’t Look Back

Don't Look Back

Sam and Cassie disappeared one night, and only Sam returned. With no memories of what happened, Sam sees this as a second chance.

But she needs to know what happened to Cassie, but someone wants to keep Sam quiet. 


  • Nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Young Adult Fiction in 2014.


  • Fans expecting a thriller novel will be disappointed by the focus on romance.

The Dead List

The Dead List

After getting attacked one night, Ella is caught in an attempted murder investigation.

Now, she’s being tormented, and with the help of her friends and family, she tries to move on, but who can she trust with a killer stalking her?


  • The serial killer plot is exciting and will keep readers hooked. 


  • Despite being advertised as a thriller, it is only a backdrop to romance.

The Problem With Forever

The Problem with Forever (Harlequin Teen)

Mallory learned it was best to say nothing if you want to survive, but she needs to speak out when she meets her childhood friend and protector, Rider.

With the two grappling with scars from the past, she needs to speak out to protect the people she loves. 


  • Nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Young Adult Fiction.


  • It’s a little too predictable and clichéd.

Till Death

Till Death

Ten years ago, Sasha escaped the serial killer: the Groom. When she returns to her hometown, the Groom targets her again.

Now, FBI agent Cole Landis vows to protect her as he should have done a decade ago. 


  • The concept for Till Death is excellent.


  • Despite being for adults, it still reads like a young adult novel. 

If There’s No Tomorrow

If There's No Tomorrow

Lena always looks forward to tomorrow, but one choice will destroy everything.

Now, she no longer looks forward to tomorrow, but how can she move on when everything she knows has been redefined? 


  • Tackles themes of consequences and forgiveness. 


  • There are too many references to other young adult novels.


Jennifer L. Arment is a bestselling author who has written over 60 books in her career. She has also written in the anthologies: Meet Cute and Love Inside My Mind

If you’re interested in reading the books written under her pen name: J. Lynn, feel free to check these out: 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Books Will Be In The Blood And Ash Series?

There will be six books in Blood and Ash.

Is A Shadow In The Ember Related To Blood And Ash?

A Shadow in the Ember is the first book in the Flesh and Fire series, a prequel to Blood and Ash.

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