Jennifer L Armentrout’s Lux Universe Books In Order

The Lux Series was written by American author Jennifer L Armentrout. Jennifer Lynn Armentrout was born in 1980. She is a new adult, romance, and fantasy author. She has self-published some of her work, but she has also had work published herself.

Jennifer L Armentrout’s Lux Universe Books In Order

Several of her works have made it to the New York Times bestseller list. The Lux universe which was created by Jennifer Armentrout is a young-adult paranormal romance and fantasy series.

There are three series set in the Lux universe, these are Lux, Arum, and Origin. Arum and Origin are the spin-off series of Lux. In the Lux series, there are 6 novels and 1 novella. There is 1 novel in the Arum series and 4 in the Origin series.

About The Lux Universe

The Lux series explores the conflict between the Luxen and the Arum and humans. The Luxen and the Arum are two groups of aliens. They are also experiencing conflict with the Hybrids and the Origins.

The novels in these series all follow romantic stories as they also navigate the world. This first novel in the series is Obsidian. There is a prequel to this novel named Shadows.

This is a novella that sets the scene for Obsidian. It was released after the first book was released.

Lux Series Books In Order


Obsidian (Lux)

In this novel, Katy Swartz moves to West Virginia. She is struggling with the transition until she spots her hot neighbor. She can’t get him out of her mind, especially his eerie green height.

The two don’t get along at first, but they find themselves in a dangerous situation where he stops time with a wave of his hand. Swartz finds out that Daemon and his sister are aliens, and we follow the story from there.


  • The characterization is believable and well done.


  • It is quite a predictable story.


Shadows (A Lux Novel)

In this novella, you get Dawson Black’s story. This explores the relationship between Dawson Black and Bethany Williams. Luxen are aliens who live on Earth. Luxen girls are dangerous and tempting.

Bethany can’t keep herself away from Dawson Black but he is keeping a secret that could put her life at risk.


  • This is unusual in comparison to other novels of this kind.


  • Most of the action happens at the end of the novel.


Opal: Lux, Book 3

The events that have unfolded have changed Katy. She is not sure what these changes will mean. She works alongside Daemon in discovering the truth.

This puts her in danger because she is on the radar of a secret organization that is responsible for torturing hybrids. This novel sees Daemon and Katy’s relationship strengthen.

While they will go through more rough patches, they have already made it through some. Katy is very sure of Daemon, and she knows that she can trust him. However, even Daemon can’t protect her from danger.

This story sees help coming from very unlikely places. It also sees some friends become deadly enemies, and Adam’s death still affects everyone that knew him.

They work to discover the truth, but they encounter much more danger along the way. They won’t give up, however, no matter how much this outcome will shatter their worlds.


  • These stories keep you wanting more.


  • Some readers say that the sparks between the two of them are not as strong as previously.



This novel is part of a spin-off of the Lux series. It is an Arum novel that explores Hunter, a killer who has been caught by the Department of Defense. He has to protect a human from his enemies.

However, Serena Cross doesn’t believe her best friend. Hunter is able to stir Serena’s temper. She has a large amount of lust for him, even though the pair are very different.

This means that in a short space of time, Hunter is breaking the rules that he has previously lived by. He goes against the government to ensure that he keeps Serena safe.


  • It is a more steamy novel than the others.


  • Very different from the rest of the series.


Origin (A Lux Novel, 4)

We are back to the Lux series with this novel. In this novel, we see Daemon who is desperately trying to get Katy back. After the raid on Mount Weather, he is at a loss. Katy has been taken and he spends a long time trying to find her.

She is surrounded by enemies and it seems that the only way out of this is to adapt. It is hard to tell who the real bad guys are, and this story will have you wondering which side Daemon and Katy will end up on.


  • You will find yourself very caught up in this story.


  • This story is quite slow-moving.


Opposition (A Lux Novel, 5)

In this novel, Katy can’t believe that Daemon stood by as the Luxen threatened to obliterate every human and hybrid left on Earth, At this stage in the series, the lines between good and bad have become very blurred, and Daemon wants to try anything to save the ones he loves.

However, when this quickly becomes very impossible, they risk losing everything to save mankind.


  • Daemon is a great character in this novel, he is very likable.


  • The stories get slower as you get further into the series.


Oblivion (A Lux Novel)

This novel sees the story from Daemon’s point of view. This novel talks about the moment Katy Swartz moved in next door to Daemon. He felt that trouble was on its way, and this was the last thing that Daemon felt he needed.

He had arrived from another planet and was aware that he shouldn’t trust humans.


  • Great to get another perspective on the novel.


  • Sometimes repetitive.

Origin Series (Lux Spin-Off)

The Darkest Star

The Darkest Star (Origin Series Book 1)

The Darkest Star sees 17-year-old Evie face the consequences of the war between humanity and aliens. She’s caught up in a raid at one of the last clubs that allowed humans and Luxen to mingle freely.

Here, she meets Luc. Evie thinks he is a Luxen, but he is actually something more powerful than this. Evie is attracted to this man, and she is led deeper into a world that she doesn’t know much about.


  • The characters are very likable.
  • The stories are enthralling.


  • Most of the action happens in the last part of the novel.

The Burning Shadow

The Burning Shadow (Origin Series Book 2)

This nap continues the story of Evie and Luc. There is a gap in Evie’s memory, and she is unable to remember what happened in months of her life. She has a feeling that something happened that nobody is willing to tell her.

Evie wants to find out the truth about this time, and who she is. However, every answer she finds only unlocks more questions! When she finally starts getting some answers, they bring her closer to Luc.

The couple then faces some more obstacles as the government reports a fatal virus that they say is being spread by the Luxen.


  • This is an enthralling and engaging novel.


  • The book is slightly less engaging than book 1 in this series.

The Brightest Night

The Brightest Night (Origin Series Book 3)

The brightest night follows Evie as she navigates the changes she has experienced in the last year. She is aware that if she loses control over her abilities again, she will put everyone at risk.

Luc will do anything to protect Evie, but there are some things that he can’t prepare for.


  • Great characterization.


  • Slow to get started.

Final Thoughts

The Lux universe is very exciting, and the relationships that you will explore through these series are great. They are very popular books, and Jennifer L Armentrout has made the New York Times bestseller list multiple times.

Many of her fans have said that the worst thing about these novels is that you have to wait for the next one to come out! Now that you know which order to read the Lux universe novels in, you should be able to appreciate them to their fullest!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Novels Are In The Lux Series?

There are 6 novels and 1 novella in the Lux series. There are also two spin-off series that are set in the Lux universe, the Origin series and the Arum series.

Who Is Jennifer L Armentrout?

Armentrout was born in 1980. She has released some novels under the pseudonym of J. Lynn.

What Was Jennifer Armentrout’s Childhood Like?

Armentrout was born in West Virginia. She wanted to become a writer after she read novels by L.J. Smith.

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