How To Read 51 Jenny Colgan Books In Order?

If you want to make your way through every book that Jenny Colgan has written, then you need to start reading! She’s written over 50 books and frequently publishes at least two new novels a year. That’s a lot of writing to get your head around!

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How To Read 51 Jenny Colgan Books In Order?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re contemplating the sheer number of books that Jenny Colgan has published. You want to get started in her world, but her world seems vast, so you look for another author with a less prolific output!

I get the reasoning, but you would be missing out on some amazing works. To help you get started with Jenny Colgan, I’ve put together this guide to Jenny Colgan books in order.

This includes everything from her standalone books to her series and even her stories for Doctor Who. Jenny Colgan books don’t have to be read in order, but by tackling them in this way, you can discover the best of her work.

About Jenny Colgan

Jenny Colgan published her first book, Amanda’s Wedding, in 1999, and she hasn’t stopped since! A highly prolific author, her books are known for their romantic storylines, irresistible settings, and for making readers laugh.

As well as romances, Jenny Colgan is a sci-fi writer. An avid Doctor Who fan, she has written numerous short stories and novels set in the world of the Doctor. When publishing sci-fi, she goes under the name Jenny T. Colgan.

Her other big love is cake, and food plays a key role in many of her books. Some of them even come with recipes! You’ll devour her books like they were your favorite sweet treats.

Jenny Colgan Romantic Comedy Books In Order

Jenny Colgan bounces between series and standalone books, and her one-off romantic comedies are the best introduction to the author.

Amanda’s Wedding

Amanda's Wedding: A Novel

Social climber Amanda is planning the wedding of the century to Fraser McConnald, a Scottish lord who is unaware he’s just a pawn in Amanda’s plan. Mel and Fran, Amanda’s old school friends/frenemies, vow to stop the wedding before Fraser gets hurt. Can they prevent disaster?


  • A fun starting point for discovering the author.


  • Colgan’s debut, so it lacks the polish of her later novels.

Looking For Andrew McCarthy

Looking for Andrew McCarthy

Ellie is a 30-year-old woman who can’t help but feel her best days are behind her. In the 80s, she thought adulthood would be nothing but glamour and excitement, but the reality is disappointing. She sets off on a quest for answers. Can 80s heartthrob Andrew McCarthy provide them?


  • Ellie is a very relatable protagonist.


  • It’s a little dated.

My Very ‘90s Romance

My Very '90s Romance: A Novel

Holly is a florist looking for romance and excitement, while Addison is a computer nerd who’d rather stay locked up in his room than explore the real world. As Holly attempts to coax Addison out of his shell (and away from his overly possessive girlfriend) she finds her own world expanding.


  • A hit of nostalgia for any ‘90s lover.


  • Holly can be quite irritating for a protagonist!

Working Wonders

Working Wonders

Gwyneth will defeat any challenge that comes her way until she meets the frustrating Arthur Pendleton. So, she sets Arthur a challenge of his own.

Battling to win a prestigious competition, prove his ex-girlfriend wrong, and face off a love rival, can Arthur rise to the task and win Gwyneth’s heart?


  • A new take on the classic chick-lit genre.


  • The fantasy elements are unexpected, and won’t appeal to everyone.

The Boy I Loved Before

The Boy I Loved Before: A Novel

When Flora Scurrison’s boyfriend proposes to her, she finds herself presented with an intriguing conundrum. Carry on living her boring life with her monotonous 9-to-5, or go back to being 16 again, and make all new choices. But is a chance at something new worth sacrificing the life she has?


  • A heartwarming twist on the classic age reversal genre.


Where Have All The Boys Gone?

Where Have All the Boys Gone?: A Novel

Tired of city life (and a lack of romantic prospects) Katie moves from busy London to the remote Scottish Highlands. She’s hoping to find romance in her chosen destination of Fairlish, where men outnumber women.

However, life in the highlands comes with downsides — like an arrogant boss and a whole load of mud.


  • Packed full of laughs.


  • The characters are quite broadly drawn.

West End Girls

West End Girls: A Novel

Lizzie and Penny have always dreamed of a life in the city, so when their grandmother needs someone to house-sit her London residence, they jump at the chance. But it turns out London isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Is it time to abandon their childhood dreams?


  • The definition of feel good — you’ll finish the book with a warm glow.


  • Published in 2006, some aspects are dated.

Operation Sunshine

Operation Sunshine

Evie doesn’t even care that it’s a work trip, she’s just excited about her vacation in the South of France. Hoping to relax, and maybe find a summer romance, Evie packs her bag and heads for the sunshine. But, of course, it was never going to be that easy!



  • In places, the believability of the plot is stretched very thin.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend: A Novel

Sophie Chesterton is having a crisis. London’s newest “It Girl”, she’s starting to suspect her life is shallow. But when her wealthy father decides it’s time she makes it on her own, Sophie will do anything to climb her way back to the high life! Is that where true happiness lies?


  • A surprisingly heartwarming tale with unexpected adventures.


  • The overall plot leans heavily on cliché.

The Good, The Bad, And The Dumped

The Good, the Bad, and the Dumped: A Novel

Everything seems to be coming up roses for Posy until her fiancé dumps her just days after he proposed. Determined to discover why her romances never work out, Posy tracks down her exes, to see exactly where she’s going wrong. She might not like what she discovers!


  • The bouncy pace keeps you intrigued throughout.


  • The main cast of characters can be frustrating.

The Loveliest Chocolate Shop In Paris

The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris: A Novel in Recipes

Anne Trent is feeling listless and uninspired, when an encounter with an old teacher, Claire, gives her a chance to work in the finest Parisian chocolate shop. Enchanted by the city, the people, and the chocolate, Anne starts to come alive.


  • An irresistible setting that’s as sweet as the chocolates.


  • Telling two stories in parallel, the plot can become overly complex.

The Christmas Bookshop

The Christmas Bookshop: A Novel

Christmas is a time for families to come together, but that isn’t what sisters Sofia and Carmen want! After Carmen loses her job, she’s forced to move in with her sister, and take a position at a battered bookstore. Can the charm of this old Edinburgh bookshop help restore the holiday cheer?


  • An enchanting tale with an undeniable warmth.


Jenny Colgan ‘Maggie Adair’ Series In Order

Set in a Cornish boarding school, the Maggie Adair series features romance, adventures, and a glorious coastal setting. The books are best read in order, so you can fall in love with the characters.

Welcome To The School By The Sea

Welcome to the School by the Sea: The First School by the Sea Novel

The historic Downey House boarding school isn’t prepared for its new arrivals! The start of a new school term brings determined teacher Maggie Adait, scholarship winner Simone, and reluctant pupil Fliss. Just how will they cope with a new life by the sea?


  • Vividly described, with a loveable cast of characters.


  • The story takes some time to get going.

Rules At The School By The Sea

Rules at the School by the Sea: The Second School by the Sea Novel

It’s a new school year for Maggie, and she’s feeling settled as a teacher at Downey House boarding school. But a new year means new faces, and new faces can spell trouble. The arrival of faculty member Daniel Stapleton means all kinds of secrets could be revealed…


  • A new pace of life at Downey House.


  • Some of our favorite characters take a back seat.

Lessons At The School By The Sea

Lessons at the School by the Sea: The Third School by the Sea Novel

Summer at Downey House is coming to an end, but the new school year is looking to be just as sizzling! Teacher Maggie Adair is torn between her dependable boyfriend Stan, and a fiery romance with colleague David McDonald.


  • A much-anticipated romance comes to life.


  • Some continuity changes are confusing.

Jenny Colgan ‘Cupcake Café’ Series In Order

A shorter series, Cupcake Café books are supplemented by recipes based on the story.

Meet Me At The Cupcake Café

Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe: A Novel in Recipes

Issy Randall has a gift for baking, but it’s being squandered at her office job. So, when her life takes some unexpected turns, she decides to reinvent herself, and reconnect with her baking passion. But perhaps overhauling her life won’t be a piece of cake.


  • Delightfully sweet.


  • The pacing is uneven.

Christmas At The Cupcake Café

Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe: A Novel

Christmas should be a celebration this year for Issy. Her café is a success, she’s expecting plenty of orders over the holidays, and she’s in love. But when a job offer for boyfriend Austin threatens to upturn her life, Issy might have to rethink her recipe for success.


  • A comforting return to a lovely setting.


  • Too much of the plot happens away from the Cupcake Café.

Jenny Colgan ‘Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop’ Series In Order

A classic Colgan combination: sweet treats, a small-town setting, a romantic entanglement, and recipes! The Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop series can be read in order, but the books work independently.

Sweetshop Of Dreams

Sweetshop of Dreams (A Novel with Recipes Book 0)

For Rosie Hopkins, things are going…fine. Her job is okay, her boyfriend is nice, and life is…fine. A weekend spent helping her great-aunt Lilian shows Rosie that life doesn’t have to be dull, as secrets and mysteries in a sleepy town begin to reveal themselves.


  • A nostalgic adventure that introduces a heartwarming world.


  • Not a necessary read to enjoy the rest of the series.

Christmas At Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop

Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop: A Novel

It seems as though Christmas is going to be really special this year for Rosie Hopkins and her historic sweetshop. Until tragedy strikes, and the little town that Rosie calls home looks threatened with disaster. Can anyone bring back the holiday cheer?


  • Joy and heartbreak are intertwined skillfully.


  • Some plot lines from the first book are dropped.

The Christmas Surprise

The Christmas Surprise (Rosie Hopkins Book 3)

Rosie and her sweetshop are anticipating a busy Christmas season when tragedy strikes. A trip abroad is planned to boost Rosie’s spirits, but it comes with some twists and turns of its own!


  • It’s impossible not to fall in love with Rosie on her adventure.


  • Some heavy storylines are tackled, which disrupt the feel-good factor. 

Jenny Colgan ‘Little Beach Street Bakery’ Series In Order

Set on an island off the south England coast, the Little Beach Street Bakery series is swoon-worthy escapism that doesn’t shy away from tough topics. It’s best as a series, but you can dip in and out.

Little Beach Street Bakery

Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel

Polly Waterford has fled her former life for a fresh start on the Cornish coast when an old hobby represents a new opportunity. A talented baker, soon her hobby has become a career! What other passions might she discover in Cornwall?


  • An uplifting story about rolling with the punches.


  • The plot loses pace in the second half.

Summer At Little Beach Street Bakery

Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel

Polly is feeling settled on her little Cornish island. She’s looking forward to a summer of sunshine with her adoring new boyfriend. But dark clouds look set to threaten Polly’s paradise. Was moving to the English coast the right choice?


  • It’s exciting to rejoin Polly and her fabulous bakery.


  • The drama can be a little too high stakes for a light read.

Christmas At Little Beach Street Bakery

Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel

Polly normally loves the isolation of her little coastal village, but one particularly stormy Christmas unveils the risk of living so far from the mainland. With the power down and the island cut off, can everyone come together to ensure a happy holiday?


  • As warming as a fireplace at Christmas.


  • There are a lot of dramatic threads to follow.

Sunrise By The Sea

Sunrise by the Sea: A LIttle Beach Street Bakery Novel

Sunrise by the Sea returns to life at the Little Beach Street Bakery, but with a new protagonist. Marisa is a recent arrival on the island, where she’s hoping to avoid reality. But reality has a habit of making itself known!


  • The new protagonist keeps the story fresh.


  • Some of the new players aren’t convincing.

Jenny Colgan ‘Scottish Bookshop’ Series In Order

The Scottish Bookshop series loosely follows the adventures of Nina, but you can enjoy these books in any order.

The Bookshop On The Corner

The Bookshop on the Corner: A Novel

No one can match book and reader quite like Nina Redmond, a soon-to-be ex-librarian with a skill at literary matchmaking. When she loses her job at her beloved library, Nina can’t let go of the life-changing power of stores. So, she starts a bookmobile!


  • Enjoyable escapism for anyone who loves stories.


  • The plot takes some time to show up.

The Bookshop On The Shore

The Bookshop on the Shore: A Novel

Single mother Zoe is desperate to find a new life for her and her son, away from the rush of urban life. A relocation to Scotland seems perfect, but the isolated community and run-down new home present some big challenges.


  • You’ll love spending time with the characters.


  • The plot is fairly obvious.

500 Miles From You

500 Miles from You: A Novel

Lissa and Cormack are both medical professionals — but that’s where the similarities end. Both searching for something new in their lives, they switch places for a few months, Lissa to the Scottish Highlands, and Cormack to inner-city London. What will the change teach them about themselves?


  • The characters and setting are well-drawn and immersive.


  • The tragedy at the opening of the book can be a tough read.

Jenny Colgan ‘Mure’ Series In Order

You can dip in and out of most Jenny Colgan series’, letting yourself be enthralled by the characters, rather than the chronology. However, if you want to enjoy the ‘Mure’ series, I highly recommend reading the books in the right order.

The Café By The Sea

The Cafe by the Sea: A Novel

Flora left the quiet island of Mure and vowed never to look back. It was too small, too quiet, and everyone knew everyone. Now, a twist of fate has brought Flora back to her hometown, where nothing much has changed — apart from Flora.


  • The Scottish island setting is enticingly vivid.


  • At over 400 pages, it’s a long read for a light novel.

The Endless Beach

The Endless Beach: A Novel

Moving to the island of Mure could have spelled disaster for Flora, but instead, she found a welcoming community, a new passion, and — fingers crossed — romance. However, when her new boyfriend heads away for a few weeks, the whales come to visit. And according to locals, that’s a bad omen.


  • An intriguing blend of fluffy romance and serious storytelling.


  • The story ends with some loose threads.

Christmas On The Island

Christmas on the Island: A Novel

Flora should be excited about Christmas, but she has some big news and she’s not sure how well it will go down. Will ex-boss Joel be excited by the new arrival? Or will Christmas on Mure come with a cold shoulder?


  • A cozy visit to a charming island.


  • Some complex storylines wrap up almost too neatly.

Christmas At The Island Hotel

Christmas at the Island Hotel: A Novel

A new hotel is opening on the Scottish island of Mure! It means more visitors and more jobs, but also a lot of work for Flora. As the island prepares for the grand opening, small-town secrets are coming to light…


  • It’s always fun to catch up with Flora.


  • The pronounced quirks of new characters can interfere with the storytelling.

An Island Wedding

An Island Wedding: A Novel

Flora and Joel are planning an intimate wedding ceremony, a chance to celebrate their love with the nearest and dearest. Meanwhile, Olivia MacDonald is planning her extravagant island wedding party for the same weekend! Will everyone get their Happily Ever After?


  • A lively adventure with a good pace and characters you’ll want to get to know.


  • Make sure you have a packet of tissues to hand!

Jenny Colgan Sci-Fi Books In Order

Jenny Colgan’s sci-fi books are standalone novels with a romantic twist. They’re best read after you’ve sampled her romantic comedy books.

Resistance Is Futile

Resistance Is Futile

Connie is a talented mathematician, recently employed by Cambridge university to help with a secret project. She finds herself working alongside a group of quirky scientists, each struggling to decipher a mysterious code.


  • Keeps you guessing right until the very end.


  • The plot lags in the middle.

Spandex And The City

Spandex and the City

Holly Phillips has never succeeded in dating regular men, will a romance with a super man be any different? Having been hoisted into the world of superheroes after a brief encounter with ‘Ultimate Man’, Holly finds herself front page news.


  • A funny and lighthearted take on the superhero genre.


  • ‘Ultimate Man’ isn’t Colgans most swoon-worthy hero.

Jenny Colgan ‘Doctor Who’ Books In Order

Jenny Colgan is a big Doctor Who fan, and you can tell! For lovers of the British sci-fi series, Colgan books can be read in any order.

Dark Horizons

Doctor Who: Dark Horizons (Doctor Who: New Series Adventures Specials Book 3)

For the inhabitants of a windswept northern island, a Viking attack seemed to be the greatest danger — until the fire started. Impervious to everything, even water, what can the islanders do? And what is the Doctor up to?


  • The Eleventh Doctor is captured perfectly by Colgan.


  • There’s no companion, so the story lacks the beloved Doctor Who banter.

Into The Nowhere

Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere (Time Trips)

It’s not often the Doctor ends up somewhere he doesn’t recognize. And in this case, he really doesn’t recognize the planet. It isn’t on any maps, and the TARDIS has no record of it. A chance for adventure? Or does this planet harbor some dark secrets?


  • An original plot that plays with Doctor Who tradition.


  • The story is vague in places.

In The Blood

Doctor Who: In the Blood

Internet trolls are hardly a rare phenomenon, but a wave of online anger seems to have gripped most of the global population. Is there something more sinister causing this wave of anger?


  • The pacey plot captures the feel of the Tenth Doctor and Donna.


  • Set in 2008, some internet behavior feels anachronistic.

The Christmas Invasion

Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion (Target Collection)

One-third of humanity is in danger, and what’s the Doctor up to? Trying to get used to his new body, mostly. With a recent regeneration leaving the Doctor out of commission, it’s up to Rose to save the day.


  • Fast-paced, and as fun as the episode it’s based on.


  • The Doctor is out for most of the story, and you’ll start to miss him.

The Triple Knife And Other Doctor Who Stories

Doctor Who: The Triple Knife

The Triple Knife is a collection of three short stories, each set in the Doctor Who universe. Each story explores somewhere new in the world of Doctor Who, with some fan-favorite characters making welcome appearances.


  • Fun tales that focus on the women of Doctor Who.


  • Moving around the Who-niverse can feel disjointed.

Jenny Colgan ‘Polly’ Series In Order

The ‘Polly’ series is for younger readers, around 3 to 6 years old. Dip in and out of the light reads!

Polly And The Puffin

Polly & The Puffin

A sudden crash downstairs turns out to signal the arrival of Neil, a cheerful puffin with an injured wing. Polly and her mummy nurse him back to health and find a new friend in the process.


  • Contains recipes and activities, as well as the story.


  • The story is brief.

The Stormy Day

Polly and the Puffin: The Stormy Day: Book 2

What can you do when you can’t go outside? Polly is hoping her puffin friend Neil will have some suggestions, but he’s flown off! Hopefully, he’ll be back soon, and they can have some fun!


  • A cheery companion for a rainy day.


  • The illustrations aren’t in color.

The New Friend

No products found.

Polly already has the perfect friend — Neil, her Puffin companion. But now she has to go to a big school, and it all seems a little scary! Will she be able to make new friends?


  • Teaches children to be brave when things get scary.


  • You’ll want to read more about Polly’s adventure.

The Happy Christmas

Polly and the Puffin: The Happy Christmas: Book 4

A little puffin might be on its way soon, but will Christmas ever arrive? For Polly, it seems like the holiday season is ages away, and she’s bored with waiting.


  • Great to read aloud.


  • A few more recipes would be a nice Christmas present.

Jenny Colgan Anthologies In Order

These anthology collections include stories from Colgan, plus other talented authors. Give them a read, and you might find the next writer whose books you can’t wait to explore.

Scottish Girls About Town

Scottish Girls About Town: And sixteen other Scottish women authors

An anthology of work by some of Scotland’s best female authors, Scottish Girls About Town includes ‘The Fringes’ by Jenny Colman. Set at the Edinburgh Fringe, it’s a whirlwind of mishaps and disasters for the likable heroine.


  • A spirited adventure.


  • An early story, it lacks the charm of Colgan’s later works.

The Weekenders: Adventures In Calcutta

The Weekenders: Adventures in Calcutta

An anthology collection written by various authors after a weekend in Calcutta, Jenny Colgan contributes a non-fiction essay about her time in the city.


  • A chance to learn more about the author.


  • It would have been nice to see some of Colgan’s heroines explore Calcutta.

Doctor Who: Time Trips (The Collection)

Doctor Who: Time Trips (The Collection)

Jenny Colgan contributes Into the Nowhere with the Eleventh Doctor to Time Trips, a Doctor Who anthology, plus a bonus story called The Long Way Down, which is found on the dust jacket.


  • It’s exciting to discover The Long Way Down on the dust jacket.


  • Both Colgan stories have been previously published.

The Scientific Secrets Of Doctor Who

The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who

Mixing science and sci-fi, The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who includes All The Empty Towers by Jenny Colgan. Featuring a Blackpool that has been overrun by the jungle, the story is accompanied by an exploration into the future of Earth.


  • The blend of science and fiction adds a new dimension to the story.


  • Re-published in The Triple Knife.

Doctor Who: The Legends Of River Song


Jenny Colgan contributed Picnic at Asgard to this Doctor Who anthology featuring fan favorite River Song. It’s a gentle story, but an interesting change of pace, featuring the Doctor and River Song on a date.


  • A chance to explore the characters.


  • Lacks the punch of the other adventures.

Doctor Who: The Day She Saved The Doctor

Doctor Who: The Day She Saved the Doctor: Four Stories from the TARDIS

An anthology that puts the Doctor’s companions front and center, Colgan contributed Rose and the Snow Window. Following Rose and the Ninth Doctor to Vancouver, it’s a compelling adventure.


  • Colgan captures the companion’s point of view.


  • The plot is a little formulaic.

Doctor Who: The Target Storybook

Doctor Who: The Target Storybook

Colgan wrote The Turning of the Tide for the Target Storybook collection. This is a love-it-or-hate-it story, following Rose and the Meta-Crisis Doctor after Journey’s End. A slightly slow story, it’s an interesting look at another world.


  • A rare glimpse at the Meta-Doctor.


  • The characterization won’t work for everyone.

Doctor Who: Star Tales

Doctor Who: Star Tales

The Doctor can’t help dropping names! In Chasing the Dawn, she can’t help but tell the story of a meeting with Amelia Earhart.


  • Captures the feeling of being star-struck.


  • It’s a shame not to see the Thirteenth Doctor tell the tale.

Final Thoughts

Jenny Colgan has written a lot of books! But they’re light and easy reads that leave you eager for more. I recommend starting with some of her standalone rom-com books and then trying a series, but you can honestly start wherever you like.

The colorful characters and impactful settings make it easy to get lost in the plot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need To Read Jenny Colgan Books In Order?

Jenny Colgan writes both standalone books and serial books, but they don’t have to be read in order. It’s surprisingly easy to get invested in the characters without the earlier plots!

What Jenny Colgan Book Should I Read First?

If you’re new to Jenny Colgan, try starting with a standalone book such as West End Girls, or The Christmas Bookshop. Then jump into one of her atmospheric series, such as the Mure series!

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