The Best Historical Fiction: 15 Kate Quinn Books In Order

American writer Kate Quinn is well known for her historical fiction books that cover times from Ancient Rome all the way to World War II.

You can read all of Kate Quinn’s books in order, especially her Roman sagas. This gives you a good overview of the characters and the time they live in.

The Best Historical Fiction: 15 Kate Quinn Books In Order

While Quinn writes about historical events, she allows her fictional characters to inspire a new perspective on these events.

With a background in classical literature, Kate Quinn has a good understanding of what an exciting story with historical facts should look like.

Here is our recommended reading order for all Kate Quinn books, including The Empress Of Rome series and The Borgia Chronicles.

About Kate Quinn Books

Author Kate Quinn has always been interested in history. While she has been told that history is dull and boring, Quinn discovered the exciting aspects of historical events.

In her historical novels, Kate Quinn combines her love for the past with her passion for language.

Her novel The Alice Network is a New York Times bestseller and USA Today bestselling novel that has been translated into multiple languages.

In addition, Quinn’s The Empress of Rome saga, The Huntress, and The Borgia Chronicles have gained a wide readership.

This being said, Kate Quinn has written a great variety of historical novels covering a range of different eras, from Ancient Rome to World War II.

Kate Quinn Books In Order

Kate Quinn has penned a variety of historical fiction novels, including her famous Empress of Rome series and the Borgia Chronicles.

Here is our recommended best reading order of Kate Quinn’s historical series and her other books.

The Empress Of Rome Series In Reading Order

The best way to read Kate Quinn’s The Empress of Rome books is in chronological order.

Mistress Of Rome (2010)

Mistress of Rome (Empress of Rome)

Mistress of Rome is set in Rome in the 1st Century. The slave girl Thea is a human toy to her mad mistress.

As Thea is a beautiful girl, she soon catches the attention of Rome’s most famous gladiators.

The love quickly turns sour as the jealousy of Thea’s mistress tears the young couple apart.


  • Quinn’s Mistress of Rome is an entertaining read until the last page.


  • Some readers noticed the incredible violence which was common at this time in history.

Daughters Of Rome (2011)

Daughters of Rome (Empress of Rome)

It’s 69AD and the Roman Empire is in turmoil. The beautiful Cornelia appears to be the perfect Roman wife on the surface but there is more to this strong woman than her looks.

Cornelia hopes for her husband to become Emperor one day. But a bloody coup suddenly throws doubt on Cornelia’s life and that of her sister.


  • Kate Quinn’s characters are complex and well-developed.


  • Some readers of Daughters of Rome found it difficult to follow the different characters.

Empress Of The Seven Hills (2012)

Empress of the Seven Hills (Empress of Rome)

The bold Vix is an ex-gladiator who returns to Rome to change his fate. When he meets the brash senator’s daughter Sabina, he struggles to stay focused on his goal.

Sometimes enemies, the two lovers don’t see the shadows creeping around them. Ambition is not always a valuable prophecy but also a curse.


  • This is a romantic romp that takes the reader to the Ancient times of Rome.


  • Some readers found this book written by Kate Quinn much slower than her other books in this series.

The Three Fates (2015)

The Three Fates

In this short story from Kate Quinn, the story follows the warrior Vix and his arch-enemy Hadrian.

Both sides aren’t prepared to give up until Vix suddenly is given the choice to either serve a foe or kill a friend.


  • Fans of Kate Quinn’s book Empress of the Seven Hills will love this story because it features the same main character Vix.


  • Some readers found this short story far too short.

Lady Of The Eternal City (2015)

Lady of the Eternal City (Empress of Rome)

Sabina is finally the Empress of Rome but that doesn’t mean she is safe. On the contrary, her first love Vix and his enemy Hadrian seem to fight for her affection.

Suddenly Sabina’s son becomes the Emperor’s focus and he is close to discovering her darkest secret.


  • This book is well-written and it has a truly exciting ending.


  • Lady of the Eternal City features some strong violence.

The Borgia Chronicles In Reading Order

Similar to the Empress of Rome saga, The Borgia Chronicles are also based in history but at a different time.

In 1492, the Holy City of Rome was reigned by one of the most powerful families in the country: the Borgia.

As the pope is on his deathbed, the Borgia family is waiting for their moment to rise through the social ranks. And one young girl is drawn into the web of power, blood, and death.

The Serpent And The Pearl (2013)

The Serpent and the Pearl (The Borgia Chronicles series Book 1)

Giulia Farnese has beauty and a handsome husband but her happy marriage isn’t all as it seems.

She soon discovers that she is to be given as a concubine to the shameless Cardinal Borgia.

Borgia is a candidate for Pope but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying himself with the ladies. He is infatuated with Giulia.

But corruption is just around the corner in the Vatican. Soon, Giulia and her friends find themselves entangled in a web of lies, lust, and passion.


  • The story of the infamous Borgia family is incredibly well-written and feels realistic.


  • Some readers found the story too dull, while others felt it was too evil and violent.

The Lion And The Rose (2014)

The Lion and the Rose (The Borgia Chronicles series Book 2)

Now that Giulia Farnese is the concubine of Pope Alexander VI, she seems to have everything she ever desired.

But the danger is still going around the walls of the Vatican and enemies of the Borgia family are coming ever closer.


  • This is an exciting sequel to The Serpent and the Pearl.


  • Some readers found the storyline too predictable.

Other Kate Quinn Novels In Reading Order

In addition to her famous historical novels set in Rome, Kate Quinn also explored other historic eras.

A Day Of Fire: A Novel Of Pompeii (2014)

A Day of Fire: A Novel of Pompeii

This small fictional anthology brings together a number of stories from warriors, villains, heroes, slaves, and Politicians from Pompeii.


  • This is a great collection of different voices from Pompeii before the town’s destruction.


  • Some readers found that the stories aren’t close enough to reality.

A Year Of Ravens: A Novel Of Boudica’s Rebellion (2015)

A Year of Ravens: a novel of Boudica's Rebellion

Featuring slaves, warriors, and queens, this anthology takes the reader to the time of Boudica’s rebellion.


  • In partnership with other historical fiction writers, this book shows a broad perspective of voices of the time of Boudica.


  • Some readers found the stories dull and uninspiring.

A Song Of War: A Novel Of Troy (2016)

A Song of War

This historical fiction novel features seven voices from the Trojan War.


  • This may not be the same as the Iliad but the stories are well-written and historically accurate.


  • Some reviews found that the stories weren’t as exciting as some Kate Quinn books.

The Alice Network (2017)

The Alice Network: A Reese's Book Club Pick

Kate Quinn’s famous bestselling novel The Alice Network follows Charlie St. Clair in 1947.

Unmarried and pregnant, Charlie’s parents send her to Europe where she tries to find out what happened to her missing cousin Rose.


  • The Alice Network is a wonderful story of a woman who is trying to find her way through the aftermath of World War II.


  • Some readers were disappointed with the ending.

The Huntress (2019)

The Huntress: A Novel

Nina Markova always wanted to fly, so when she gets the chance, she joins the Night Witches. But Nina quickly has to learn that she is not the hunter in this game.


  • The Huntress is a truly entertaining story with a courageous woman as the main character.


  • Some readers found the book too long.

Ribbons Of Scarlet: A Novel Of The French Revolution’s Women (2019)

Ribbons of Scarlet: A Novel of the French Revolution's Women

Ribbons of Scarlet tells the story of different female voices during the French Revolution.


  • An exciting story with different perspectives on French history.


  • Some readers didn’t like the gruesome details of blood and death.

The Rose Code (2021)

The Rose Code: A Novel

Three women are called to Bletchley Park during the early 1940s where they are asked to decipher the code of the century.


  • This story features colorful characters and an exciting plot.


  • Some readers found the book too long.

The Diamond Eye (2022)

The Diamond Eye: A Novel

Mila’s normal life as a librarian ends when the Germans invade her beloved Kyiv in 1937.


  • A riveting story with true historical events.


  • Some readers found that there were too many shooting scenes.

Final Thoughts

From the power struggles in Ancient Rome to espionage in the 1940s. Kate Quinn has written some fantastic historical stories that feature real events.

Her characters are complex and well-developed which makes it fun to read her books.

If you want to get a true sense of the characters and the times they live in, then it’s a good idea to read Kate Quinn’s books in order.

You can choose the historical era that interests you most, from WWII to Renaissance Rome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Alice Network A Series?

Kate Quinn’s bestseller The Alice Network has been turned into a mini TV series.

Is The Rose Code Part Of A Series?

Kate Quinn’s novel The Rose Code will be part of an episodic TV series.

Is Beth in The Rose Code Autistic?

Some reviewers of The Rose Code believe that the character Beth in the book is autistic. While Beth is in an asylum in the story, she claims that she shouldn’t be there.

This hints at Beth’s own belief that she is not autistic.

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