A Guide To All 14+ Leigh Bardugo Books In Order

Leigh Bardugo is one of the most acclaimed and beloved fantasy authors of our time. She has published more than 14 books, including the wildly popular Shadow and Bone trilogy, and the Six of Crows duology.

A Guide To All 14+ Leigh Bardugo Books In Order

In this guide, you’ll find a comprehensive list of all of Leigh Bardugo’s books in order of publication, as well as summaries and reviews of each to help you decide which one to read first.

So grab a cup of tea and join us as we dive into the magical world of Leigh Bardugo’s novels!

About Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo is a New York Times bestselling American fantasy novelist known for her Grishaverse novels.

She is best known for her popular Grisha Trilogy, which consists of Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, and Ruin and Rising.

She has also written several short stories, novellas, and the Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom duology.

Bardugo’s writing style is characterized by her use of magical realism and her exploration of themes of family, identity, and belonging.

Many of her books also feature strong female protagonists and a diverse cast of characters.

Bardugo’s books have been translated into over 25 languages and have won numerous awards, including the British Fantasy Award and Goodreads Choice Award.

Her work has also been adapted into both a Netflix series and a graphic novel.

Bardugo is also active in the literary community, contributing to writing workshops and mentoring programs.

She is a co-founder of the social media platform “Wonderstorm”, which focuses on creative collaboration and storytelling.

Leigh Bardugo Books In Order

The Witch Of Duva (2012) (In Language Of Thorns)

The Witch of Duva: A Tor.Com Original (THE GRISHA)

The Witch of Duva, published in 2012 is set in the same world as her other works and falls within the Language of Thorns series.

In the story, several girls go missing in the village and Nadya is determined to find out why. So she sets about uncovering various secrets held in the local community.

The Witch of Duva offers readers an enchanting look into a world filled with mystery and magic.

Its exploration of storytelling serves as a reminder that our understanding of reality is often shaped by what we choose to believe, making it an important read for anyone interested in learning more about their own personal narrative.


  • The Witch Of Duva features a unique and compelling story.
  • The characters are well-developed and engaging.


  • The Witch Of Duva has a slow start.

Shadow And Bone (2012)

Shadow and Bone (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy Book 1)

Shadow and Bone is the first installment of The Grisha Trilogy, a series that follows Alina Starkov as she discovers her hidden powers.

It is set in the kingdom of Ravka, where Grisha are able to manipulate matter with their power.

As Alina’s journey progresses, she must confront the darkness that threatens to consume every part of Ravka.

Alina is accompanied by her best friend Mal, who helps her through obstacles along the way. With his help, they must find a way to save Ravka from the mysterious forces that threaten it.

Leigh Bardugo has crafted an engrossing fantasy novel full of suspense that will leave readers wanting more.


  • The characters are complex and multi-dimensional.
  • The setting is rich and vivid.


  • The plot is slow-paced in some parts.
  • The world-building is sometimes overwhelming.

The Tailor (2013) (Alternate Scene)

The tailor, a tale of mystery and mayhem, marks an alternate scene in Leigh Bardugo’s writing universe.

Written in 2013, this tale expands the universe first showcased in Shadow and Bone and sets the stage for further adventures.

To begin with, The Tailor is set in Ravka, the same location as Shadow and Bone.

We follow Genya Safin—a Grisha with magical powers —as she warns her mentor about a special tailor who gives extravagant gifts to those whom he favors.

Genya is determined to find out more about the mysterious tailor before his gifts cause any more harm.

The story offers readers an insight into the magical world of Ravka and its people while also exploring themes such as loyalty and friendship.

As readers finally learn what might be behind these lavish presents, they are left wondering what else could be lurking within this world that has yet to be revealed.


  • It provides a unique insight into the inner thoughts of the main character.
  • It offers an alternate take on the original story.


  • It may be difficult for readers to follow the plot.
  • It could be confusing for those unfamiliar with the original source material.

Siege And Storm (2013)

Siege and Storm (Grisha) by Bardugo, Leigh (2013) Paperback

Siege and Storm follows Alina Starkov, the young girl who discovers she has magical powers, as she navigates a world of supernatural forces.

Alina must use her newfound powers to protect Ravka from its enemies while also trying to keep her own identity safe.

The novel begins with Alina struggling with two different paths that are being presented to her: becoming a member of the Grisha elite or using her power to help protect Ravka.

She eventually chooses the latter and is thrown into a world of danger and uncertainty.

Along the way, she meets new allies and foes alike, all while trying to find a way out of the war-torn country.

One of the major themes explored in Siege and Storm is that of identity.

As Alina struggles with coming to terms with her newfound powers and trying to figure out where she fits in this world, questions about what it means to be an individual come up frequently throughout the story.

Her journey is an inspiring tale that will leave readers cheering for more when they finish reading.


  • The story is filled with exciting plot twists and suspense.
  • The characters are richly developed and engaging.


  • The pacing of the narrative can be slow at times.
  • The conclusion of the novel leaves readers wanting more.

The Too-Clever Fox (2013) (In Language Of Thorns)

The Too-Clever Fox

The Too-Clever Fox is unique from the other novels in that the series as it is written entirely in verse.

It follows a clever fox who outsmarts a cruel witch and finds himself on an unexpected adventure.

With over 500,000 copies sold worldwide, The Too-Clever Fox has become one of Bardugo’s most successful books in the Ultimate guide series as well as one of her most widely read books overall.

The Too-Clever Fox has received widespread acclaim from critics and readers alike for its inventive use of language and charming story.

It was awarded the 2014 Children’s Choice Award for Book of the Year, making it one of Bardugo’s most successful books to date.


  • It is an intriguing story with powerful characters.
  • The writing is captivating and draws readers in.


  • The plot can be difficult to follow at times.
  • The ending is not as satisfying as expected.

Little Knife (2014) (In Language Of Thorns)

Little Knife

Little Knife is a captivating Ravkan folktale that tells a story of a ravishingly beautiful young lady, a penny-pinching father, and a destitute Tidemaker.

When the girl’s father puts forth three formidable tasks for his daughter’s potential suitors, the poverty-stricken Grisha outcast, who’s been mesmerized by the beauty of the girl, turns to the river for assistance in securing a wife and wealth.

The Tidemaker is tasked with capturing the river’s spirit in a bottle, and the Tidemaker eagerly agrees. But the river has a mischievous plan to get out of the situation and sets forth a challenge of its own.

The Tidemaker must prove himself worthy of the girl’s hand, or else he will be cursed.

The Tidemaker is undaunted by the river’s challenge and uses all of his powers to meet the river’s demands. In the end, the Tidemaker triumphs and wins the heart of the girl, along with prosperity and fame.

Little Knife is a delightful tale of love, valor, and determination that will leave readers enchanted.


  • The characters are fully developed and complex.
  • The world-building is incredibly detailed and immersive.


  • The pacing can be slow at some points.
  • The ending is less satisfying than the rest of the book.

Ruin And Rising (2014)

Ruin and Rising (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, 3)

The last book of the Grishaverse, Ruin, and Rising ties up all loose ends in a neat bow and gives readers closure on the characters they’ve come to know and love. It’s the perfect way to wrap up a series.

Ruin and Rising take place after The Darkling has unleashed his monstrous powers on Ravka, creating an unstoppable darkness.

Alina Starkov must face off against her former friend and lover, who’s now determined to use her as his ultimate weapon.

In order to save her country from destruction, she must unlock long-forgotten powers within herself in order to stop him.

Throughout this thrilling conclusion, readers will see Alina finally embrace her power as the Sun Summoner and take control of her own destiny.

She’ll have to make difficult choices between life and death as she navigates through this dark time for Ravka with bravery and strength.

By the end of Ruin and Rising, Alina will learn what it truly means to be a leader—and readers will be left with a satisfied feeling that only comes from a well-constructed finale!


  • The story is full of action and suspense.
  • The characters are complex and interesting.


  • The pace of the story is quite slow at times.

Six Of Crows (2015)

Six of Crows (Six of Crows, 1)

Six of Crows is Leigh Bardugo’s fifth book and the first installment in the Six of Crows duology. It follows a group of criminals who are hired to pull off a seemingly impossible heist.

The book introduces readers to Kaz Brekker, an infamous criminal mastermind from the slums of Ketterdam.

He puts together a team of misfits to help him on his mission: Inej Ghafa, a spy and former slave; Jesper Fahey, an expert sharpshooter; Nina Zenik, a Grisha with magical abilities; Matthias Helvar, a Druskelle soldier with an intense hatred for Grisha; and Wylan Van Eck, a runaway from a wealthy merchant family.

Throughout the novel, readers follow this ragtag group as they try to pull off the most daring theft in history–all while dodging rival gangs, corrupt officials, and mystical forces that stand in their way.

Six of Crows offers readers an action-packed adventure story where no one is quite who they seem and anything can happen when you put your trust in another person.


  • The characters are extremely well-fleshed out and have distinct personalities.
  • The world-building is detailed and immersive.


  • The plot is quite complex and can be difficult to follow.

Crooked Kingdom (2016)

Crooked Kingdom: A Sequel to Six of Crows (Six of Crows, 2)

Crooked Kingdom follows the first book, Six of Crows. This thrilling novel is set in a world of magic and crime, with a diverse cast of characters from all walks of life.

The story begins with our protagonists successfully executing their heist but finding themselves betrayed by one of their own.

Now they must work together to find a way out of their predicament while also dealing with rival gangs and powerful forces that want to see them fail.

Crooked Kingdom picks up right where Six of Crows left off, continuing to explore the relationships between the main characters as they struggle against adversity.

Bardugo has created an intricate and complex world full of political intrigue and danger around every corner.


  • The characters are incredibly diverse and well-developed.
  • The plot is incredibly complex and thrilling.


  • The book is quite long and can be overwhelming.

The Language Of Thorns: Midnight Tales And Dangerous Magic (2017)

The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic

The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic is an enchanting collection of stories that will take readers on a journey to the dark, mysterious corners of the universe.

The Language of Thorns is such a captivating read. It’s a place where anything can happen—where one can explore their wildest imaginings and discover something new about themselves in the process.

The collection features six stories written from different perspectives: from a prince cursed by his own magic; to a girl seeking revenge for her family; to a wraith who has been forgotten by time.

Every page is filled with vivid descriptions and engaging characters that pull you further into the story until you can almost feel every emotion they are feeling.


  • The writing style is beautiful and lyrical.
  • The book transports readers to a magical world.


  • The plot can be confusing at times.
  • The story is sometimes slow-paced.

King Of Scars (2019)

King of Scars (King of Scars Duology Book 1)

King of Scars brings together a captivating mix of complex characters and magical elements to create a story that is as thrilling as it is engaging.

The novel follows Nikolai Lantsov, the young king of Ravka, as he attempts to rebuild his kingdom in the wake of a devastating civil war.

With his kingdom on the brink of destruction and haunted by dark forces from another realm, Nikolai must find a way to save Ravka and its people from ruin.

Along the way, he discovers that his own destiny may be part of the solution—but only if he can accept that which has been hidden from him for so long.

At its core, King of Scars is about finding strength in hard times and understanding that second chances are possible.

By weaving together themes such as loyalty, courage, and resilience, Bardugo creates an inspiring narrative that speaks to readers’ own struggles with adversity.

Through Nikolai’s journey, we gain insight into how facing our fears can lead to positive change—a message we can all benefit from in these trying times.


  • The story is filled with unpredictable plot twists and a richly detailed world.
  • The characters are well-developed and emotionally engaging.


  • The story can be slow at times due to the large cast of characters and the intricate plot.
  • The pacing can be erratic.

Rule Of Wolves (2021)

Rule of Wolves (King of Scars Duology Book 2)

Rule of Wolves is the sixth book in the Grishaverse series and the final installment in the King of Scars Duology.

The book is set in Ravka and follows the story of Nikolai Lantsov, the young king of Ravka, as he battles the dark forces of the Unsea, while also facing his own inner demons.

Nikolai is determined to save his kingdom from the ravages of war, but he soon discovers that the Unsea is not the only force to be reckoned with.

He must also contend with a mysterious force known as the Wolves, who are determined to bring about a new order in Ravka.

As Nikolai and his allies fight to protect his kingdom, he discovers that his own power may be the key to victory.

The story is a dark and thrilling journey full of political intrigue, magical battles, and complex characters.

The writing is vivid and evocative, creating an immersive world that readers will be drawn into.

With the stakes so high, the tension and suspense never let up, and readers will be captivated by the story’s twists and turns.

Rule of Wolves is an epic conclusion to the King of Scars Duology and a must-read for fans of the Grishaverse.

With its captivating story and vivid world-building, this book is sure to leave readers spellbound.


  • The plot is incredibly intricate and well-thought-out.
  • The characters are incredibly well-developed and engaging.


  • The pacing is quite slow in places.
  • The ending is somewhat abrupt.

Demon In The Wood (2022)

Demon in the Wood Graphic Novel

This installment tells the story of Eryk and Lena. Eryk was once a solitary boy, blessed and cursed with a power that no other possessed.

Eryk and his mother, Lena, had been running for years, searching for a place where they could be safe. But the pair were Grisha, the most powerful and the most wanted of their kind.

Their powers were both feared and coveted, leaving them no choice but to conceal their gifts wherever they went. Yet, no secret remains hidden forever.

This book has all the usual creativity and stunning writing you come to expect from Leigh Bardugo and more.

The illustrations in the book are beautiful and add to the captivating and inventive story. Escapism at its finest.


  • The story is captivating and engaging, drawing readers into the world of the two main characters.
  • The setting and imagery are vividly described, creating a beautiful and magical atmosphere.


  • The pacing of the story is a bit slow and can be difficult to keep up with.
  • The storyline is complex and can be difficult to follow at times.


The world of Leigh Bardugo is one of fantasy and wonder. It is a place that has captivated readers’ imaginations for years and will continue to do so for years to come.

Her fantastic stories have been incredibly popular, from her 2012 debut novel Shadow and Bone all the way up to her latest release Rule of Wolves in 2021.

Whether you’re looking to start your journey or finish it off with a bang, this ultimate guide provides an exhaustive list of all 14+ Leigh Bardugo novels in order, so any reader can easily navigate their way through her fantastical worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Genre Are Leigh Bardugo’s Books?

Leigh Bardugo’s books are primarily fantasy, but also include elements of romance, science fiction, and horror.

Are Leigh Bardugo’s Books Suitable For Younger Readers?

Leigh Bardugo’s books are typically intended for readers aged 14 and up. However, some of her books are more appropriate for readers aged 16 and up.

Are Leigh Bardugo’s Books Part Of A Series?

Yes, many of Leigh Bardugo’s books are part of the series. The most popular series are the Grishaverse and Six of Crows series.

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