All Linda Castillo Books In Order

Linda Castillo is an incredibly well-known American novelist, and she is well known for the romance and suspense novels she started her career writing.

All Linda Castillo Books In Order

However, since the start of her career, she has shifted her focus to the Kate Burkholder series which is now what has led to most of her success.

These are crime thrillers that take place in the Amish country and follow a younger girl who lives in Painters Mill which is a town in Ohio.

She survived being attacked by a serial killer, however, she realized that she did not belong in her community, and now years later is asked to return to be the Chief of Police in the town.

One passion that is easy to recognize in a lot of Linda Castillo’s work is the passion that she has for horses.

They are mentioned relatively often in her work, and she lives on a Ranch with her husband in Texas where they own two Blue Heelers and three Appaloosas.

In this guide we will be going over all of Linda Castillo’s published books going as early as 2000, however, we will be mostly focusing on Kate Burkholder since this is her longest series to date and the one which you should know how to read in order.

So, if you are interested in Castillo’s work, then keep reading to get the information you are after!

More About Linda Castillo Books

As mentioned in the introduction, Linda Castillo’s most popular series is her Kate Burkholder series, however, we can see what influenced this writing when we look at her other earlier series.

If you are interested in her Kate Burkholder series, this is where we recommend you start. However, since this is such a long series it can be easy to get burnt out.

Because of this, we recommend trying some of her earlier series if you want to give Burkholder a break!

Linda Castillo Books In Order

Kate Burkholder

As we mentioned in the introduction, we will primarily be focusing on the Kate Burkholder series since this is where most of Linda Castillo’s work is contained, and this is the series that is recommended you know the order in which to read the most.

This series is long and can be difficult to work through, so we do not recommend trying to read it all in one go.

Because of this, try breaking up this series by checking out some of her earlier work, which we will mention after the Kate Burkholder series.

The Kate Burkholder Series Order

The Kate Burkholder series is incredibly long but it is rewarding to read and the character of Kate is an interesting one to follow.

Since the series is so long, people often do not know how to approach it, so read this guide to get all the information you need on how to read this series!

Sworn To Silence (2009)

Sworn to Silence: The First Kate Burkholder Novel (Kate Burkholder, 1)

The first story in the Kate Burkholder series takes place in Painters Mill Ohio and we are introduced to Kate who in her youth survived the series of murders that took place in her hometown, and now 16 years later she is back working as the chief of police investigating a new murder.


  • Great at setting up the rest of the Kate Burkholder series


  • Will let you know if you will enjoy the series.

Pray For Silence (2010)

Pray for Silence: A Thriller (Kate Burkholder)

The follow up to the original Kate Burkholder follows the Planks who want to continue their peaceful life after moving to Painters Mill, however, when all seven of them are found dead, Kate Burkholder needs to work out what happened.


  • The story of the Planks is interesting to learn.


  • Pales in comparison to the first story.

Breaking Silence (2011)

Breaking Silence: A Kate Burkholder Novel (Kate Burkholder, 3)

We follow the model farmer Slabaugh family whose parents and the uncle die from a gruesome methane poisoning due to a poorly ventilated cesspit, however, when one of them is found to have a head injury, it is likely there is more to it.


  • The Slabaught family death is interesting to uncover


  • Kate’s role is more minor

Gone Missing (2012)

Gone Missing: A Kate Burkholder Novel (Kate Burkholder, 4)

We return to Painters Mill during Rumspringa when the teens can live without rules, however, when one of these teens goes missing with no trace, the fun quickly comes to an end.


  • Following the teens is a nice change of pace


  • Less engaging mystery

Long Lost (2013)

Long Lost: A Kate Burkholder Short Story (Kindle Single)

This is a short story in the Kate Burkholder series taking place in autumn following Kate and John on a vacation that gets cut short following rumors of a haunting.


  • The first short story is refreshing


  • A lot less intense

Her Last Breath (2013)

Her Last Breath: A Kate Burkholder Novel (Kate Burkholder, 5)

We follow Kate Burkholder investigating a hit and run which claimed the lives of family friends.


  • The personal attachment adds more tension


  • A hit-and-run is a little less interesting

The Dead Will Tell (2014)

The Dead Will Tell: A Kate Burkholder Novel (Kate Burkholder, 6)

We follow Kate uncovering the truth of an apparent suicide with more to it than she initially assumed.


  • Complex narrative


  • Some of the characters are hard to follow

A Hidden Secret (2015)

A Hidden Secret: A Kate Burkholder Short Story (Kindle Single)

Another short story follows a baby who was left on the front porch of the bishop.


  • Another good short story to break the rhythm


  • Less interesting than later short stories

After The Storm (2015)

After the Storm: A Kate Burkholder Novel (Kate Burkholder, 7)

A tornado going through Painters Mill uncovered human remains, so Kate has to uncover the truth about a 30 year old case.


  • The old case is interesting to uncover


  • A little less engaging

Seeds Of Deception (2016)

Seeds of Deception: A Kate Burkholder Short Story (Kindle Single)

This short story takes place in autumn following Kate when she was 14.


  • Seeing young Kate is refreshing


  • Fewer stakes

Among The Wicked (2016)

Among the Wicked: A Kate Burkholder Novel (Kate Burkholder, 8)

Kate is called up to New York to investigate a case taking place in a reclusive settlement for the Amish.


  • The change of setting is nice


  • The setting is a little less believable

Only The Lucky (2018)

Only the Lucky: A Kate Burkholder Short Story (Kindle Single)

This short story follows a teen party that turns deadly.


  • Another teen story is refreshing


  • A bit redundant compared with a similar story

Down A Dark Road (2017)

Down a Dark Road: A Kate Burkholder Novel (Kate Burkholder, 9)

A murderer in the community has escaped prison and is now returning for revenge.


  • Interesting antagonist


  • More oppressive tone

In Dark Company (2018)

In Dark Company: A Kate Burkholder Short Story

A short story following an amnesiac woman who knows someone is after her.


  • One of the better short stories


  • Wish it was longer

A Gathering Of Secrets (2018)

A Gathering of Secrets: A Kate Burkholder Novel (Kate Burkholder, 10)

A body of an 18 year old is found in a historic burnt-down barn.


  • Unique premise


  • Slower pacing

In Plain Sight (2019)

In Plain Sight: A Kate Burkholder Short Mystery

A short story investigating the victim of what seemed to be a simple hit and run.


  • Great pacing


  • Second hit-and-run story

Shamed (2019)

Shamed: A Novel of Suspense (Kate Burkholder Book 11)

A grandmother is found dead and her 7 year old granddaughter is missing.


  • Unique setup


  • Narrative a little slow

The Pact

The Pact: A Kate Burkholder Short Mystery

A thanksgiving themed short story.


  • Relief from the tension


  • Feels a little too seasonal

Outsider (2020)

Outsider: A Novel of Suspense (Kate Burkholder Book 12)

A car is found stuck in a snowdrift with an unconscious woman inside.


  • Mystery is fun to solve


  • Kate feels a little more detached


Disappeared: A Kate Burkholder Short Mystery

This short story follows missing kids on a stormy night.


  • Good pacing


  • One of the weaker short stories

Fallen (2021)

Fallen: A Novel of Suspense (Kate Burkholder Book 13)

A former resident of Painters Mill is found dead.


  • The victim is interesting to learn about


  • Some chapter lag

Blood Moon

Blood Moon: A Kate Burkholder Short Mystery

An aggressive animal is on the loose in Painters Mill.


  • Unique setup


  • Feels a little too campy sometimes

The Hidden One (2022)

The Hidden One: A Novel of Suspense (Kate Burkholder Book 14)

A bishop who went missing a decade ago has his remains show up.


  • Bishop and his story is interesting to learn about


  • Familiar setup

An Evil Heart (2023)

An Evil Heart: A Novel (Kate Burkholder Book 15)

A beloved figure in the community is discovered to have been killed by a crossbow.


  • Characters at their best


  • Poor pacing

Linda Castillo’s Other Series

On top of the Kate Burkholder series, Linda Castillo has also penned 2 other shorter series before this series started.

This is the High County Heroes Series and the Operation: Midnight series, we will mention both here so you can see if they are the types of books that will interest you!

High County Heroes Series Order

Silhouette Intimate Moments

This series starts with us following an amnesiac pregnant woman who is being targeted by someone who wants her dead. We then follow her romance with her savior.

Each entry in this series follows a similar formula with the series being mostly self-contained but carrying over certain themes and elements. If you are interested you can read them in this order;

Operation: Midnight Series Order

Operation: Midnight

In a similar style to her previous series, the Operation: Midnight Tango series follows different couples and romantic situations usually revolving around secret agents and the CIA.

This theme is slightly different from the previous trilogy. This is her last series before Kate Burkholder, so if you want to see how her writing style developed before this series, this is the best place to look!

Other Linda Castillo Books

Remember the Night (Men in Blue) (Silhouette Intimate Moments No. 1008) (Intimate Moments, 1008)

On top of her series Linda Castillo also has some standalone stories which we recommend checking out, here they are in order of publication, there is no recommended order since they are all individual stories!


Hopefully this guide will help you with getting more familiar with Linda Castillo’s work and will help you approach reading her various series.

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What Is Linda Castillo Known For?

Linda Castillo is most well known for her Kate Burkholder series of novels that have been published since 2009.

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