Love Comes Softly Series In Order By Janette Oke – All You Need To Know

Janette Oke’s series “Love Comes Softly” is a heartwarming collection of stories about faith, love, family, and the importance of relationships.

The books follow the lives of the Davis family and their extended family, as well as the love story between the main characters Clark and Marty.

Love Comes Softly Series In Order By Janette Oke – All You Need To Know

Through their journeys, readers learn the power of unselfish love, the importance of faith in God, and the joy of family.

Each book in the series is a touching and inspirational read that will leave readers feeling uplifted and inspired.

Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly series captures the emotion of love in all its forms and has become a beloved classic for readers everywhere.

About Janette Oke

Janette Oke, born February 18, 1935, is a Canadian author of inspirational fiction and non-fiction.

Oke was born and raised in the small town of Champion, Alberta.

She attended Mountain View Bible College in Didsbury, Alberta, where she met her husband, and later earned her B.A. from the University of Calgary.

After teaching for several years, she began writing in 1971.

Her first novel, Love Comes Softly, was released in 1979 and was an instant success.

She has since written over 75 novels, many of which have been adapted into movies and television shows.

Oke’s works, which often contain Christian themes, have been translated into several languages and her books have sold over 22 million copies worldwide.

Oke has won numerous awards for her writing, including the Gold Medallion Award for fiction, the ECPA President’s Award, and the CBA Life Impact Award. She was also inducted into the Order of Canada in 2007.

In addition to her writing career, Oke has worked as a speaker, teacher, and mentor.

She has been involved in various organizations such as the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, the Canadian Bible Society, and the Canadian Society of Authors, Editors, and Publishers.

Oke has also served as a consultant for the Canadian Bible Society.

She has also been awarded several honors including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.

Janette believes strongly that writers should not only entertain readers but also challenge them thoughtfully and give them hope to carry on through tough times with God at the center guiding them in all aspects of their lives; this faith-based approach is evident throughout all of her work and is executed well without being dogmatic.

The number of her books sold each year continues to rapidly increase as more readers become enamored by the timeless Christian messages found within each story she writes.

Although she is officially retired now her books continue to be read and enjoyed by millions worldwide.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at her most popular series “Love Comes Softly”

Love Comes Softly Series In Order

Love Comes Softly

Love Comes Softly (Love Comes Softly Series, Book 1)

The “Love Comes Softly” series is a popular romance novel series that has gained much attention for its heartwarming stories about true love.

The first book in the series, Love Comes Softly, was released in 2003 and follows the story of Marty and Clark Davis, a couple who find themselves unexpectedly thrown together when Clark’s wife passes away.

Marty has been widowed and is pregnant and so Clark asks her to marry him struggling with loneliness after his own loss.

As the couple adjust to their new lives as a family, they learn to navigate all the joys and struggles of marriage.

The book was a massive success and there are many adaptations into films, including several sequels and spin-offs.

The first movie adaptation was released in 2003 and starred Katherine Heigl and Dale Midkiff as Marty and Clark Davis.

The book received critical praise for its thoughtful approach to the characters’ stories, with reviewers noting how it successfully captured the essence of Janette Oke’s writing style.

Since then there have been seven more movies made from various books in the series, with each one offering an exciting journey into the couples’ journeys of love.


  • It is a heartwarming story of love and faith that will leave readers feeling inspired.
  • It provides an example of how to navigate the complexities of life and relationships.


  • It is an overtly religious book that may be off-putting to some readers.
  • It can be quite predictable in its plot structure and character development.

Love’s Enduring Promise

Love's Enduring Promise (Love Comes Softly Series #2)

Love’s Enduring Promise is the second installment in Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly series.

This novel continues to follow the story of Marty and Clark Davis, the young couple who have just been married.

The two face many obstacles as they try to build a life together, including facing prejudice from their family and friends and dealing with financial struggles.

The couple must fight to keep their marriage strong despite the difficult situations they face.

Throughout the novel, viewers are treated to a beautiful story about faith and perseverance in the face of adversity.

For example when Clark has a terrible accident whilst cutting wood that results in a serious leg injury the family pulls together to come to terms with the situation.

The story also follows Missie Davis, Clark, and Marty’s daughter as she falls in love and tries to make it as a teacher.

Love’s Enduring Promise features a heartwarming story that highlights the power of love in the face of adversity.

Despite all the difficulties that Marty and Clark face throughout their journey, they are able to overcome them through their unwavering faith in each other and God.

Their relationship is strengthened by their willingness to trust one another and work together as a team, no matter what situation arises.

As they learn to rely on each other more and more, they discover that true love can endure even through tough times—a lesson that viewers can take away from this book.

At its core, Love’s Enduring Promise is an inspiring tale about hope, faith, and resilience in the face of hardship.

It demonstrates how not only will relationships survive if both parties put in effort but also how couples can use those same principles to make it through any obstacle life throws at them.

Through this beautiful story full of lessons about perseverance and strength, readers are sure to find courage within themselves—the courage needed to continue fighting for what matters most: love.


  • The book contains a strong message of faith and perseverance.
  • It is a heartwarming story of true love.


  • The plot is quite predictable.
  • The writing style is quite outdated.

Love’s Long Journey

Love's Long Journey (Love Comes Softly Series #3)

Love’s Long Journey is the third installment in the Love Comes Softly series.

This book focuses on Missie and Willie as they head out on their own traveling West in search of pastures.

As their journey continues, more trials arise that test their strength as things are not as they expected.

They must come together to overcome these difficulties in order to make it through to the end–but in doing so, end up growing stronger than ever before.

On their new farm, they work hard to build a new life and Missie works at integrating into the community and teaching children how to read and write in the local area.

Toward the end of the book Missie gives birth to their second son whom they name Matthew.

Love’s Long Journey gives readers an intimate look into how true love can overcome any obstacle when two people are willing to work together towards a common goal.

It’s an inspiring tale of perseverance that reminds us all that no matter what life throws our way we can get through it if we never give up hope.


  • The book is well-written and engaging.
  • It has a strong moral message.


  • The plot is somewhat predictable.
  • The characters are a bit two-dimensional.

Love’s Abiding Joy

Love's Abiding Joy (Love Comes Softly Series #4)

Love’s Abiding Joy is the next installment in Janette Oke’s beloved Love Comes Softly Series.

Taking place several years after Love’s Long Journey, Marty and Clark Davis head West to visit Missie and Willie and are overjoyed to finally meet their two grandsons in person.

The far West was a long and treacherous journey but it allowed them to reunite with their daughter Missie, her husband, and their two little boys.

Missie was curious to hear news from home, and her parents happily filled her in on the details of her brothers and sisters.

The reunion was a joyous occasion, and the Davis family was overjoyed to be together again.

Marty and Clark were delighted to meet their grandsons, and Missie was thankful to be able to show them the home she had built with her husband.

The family celebrated the momentous occasion, grateful for the journey that had brought them together.

The story culminates in a beautiful ending that will leave readers feeling satisfied and uplifted.

Through Marty’s story, Janette Oke demonstrates once again why her books remain timeless classics.

Love’s Abiding Joy is sure to be an enduring source of comfort and joy for generations to come – an essential part of any reader’s library!


  • The book is a heartwarming story of family and faith.
  • It is based on a beloved novel by a famous author.


  • It has a somewhat predictable plot.
  • The characters lack complexity.

Love’s Unending Legacy

Love's Unending Legacy (Love Comes Softly Series #5)

In Love’s Unending Legacy, Marty and Clark Davis have come home from a trip out West with their daughter, Missie, when they realized that a lot had changed in their absence.

Their children – now mature and independent – needed their parents’ advice more than ever.

Clare and Kate were looking forward to meeting their newborn baby, but the journey ahead would prove to be more challenging than they anticipated.

Luke was determined to become a doctor, and his studies would take him away from home.

Ellie had blossomed into a beautiful young woman, but the Davis family wondered if there was someone out there worthy of her heart.

Lastly, there was Nandry, who seemed to be blaming God for the accident that had affected Clark.

Later in the book, Missie is reeling after the death of her husband who has died whilst acting as Sheriff of the local town.

She struggles to run the ranch on her own and allows her son, now grown up, and wife to take control.

Missie then heads home with Mattie, her 10 year old son to be with her parents and starts teaching again. Missie then goes on to adopt Belinda, a teenager in need of a mother.


  • The book is full of loveable characters.
  • It is an engaging story with a positive message.


  • The book may not appeal to readers who prefer contemporary stories.

Love’s Unfolding Dream

Love's Unfolding Dream (Love Comes Softly Series #6)

In Love’s Unfolding Dream, we follow the life of Belinda, the surprise child of Missie.

Belinda has always had a kind and sympathetic attitude towards anything damaged or broken as she herself has felt the same.

Her brother Doctor Luke has encouraged her to pursue nursing and to become his assistant. She has always wanted to become a doctor.

But will she possess the inner strength to confront wounded and broken people who require healing of body, mind, and emotions?

And what will transpire when Belinda, Amy Jo, and Melissa all become enamored with the same nice gentleman?

The story gallows Belinda as she navigates the way through life and realizes her life’s calling as well as some romance along the way.


  • It offers a unique perspective on love, faith, and family life.
  • It is a heartfelt story that will encourage and inspire readers.


  • It can be slow-paced at times.
  • It is overly focused on religious themes.

Love Takes Wing

Love Takes Wing (Love Comes Softly Series #7)

Love Takes Wing follows Dr. Belinda Davis as she yearns to go on a journey for something new. She’s grieving the loss of her husband and is lost with no direction.

As her peers find spouses and start families, she ponders what her future holds.

Her everyday life as a nurse is mundane and uneventful, leaving her yearning for thrill and adventure.

When an elderly woman comes calling for her nursing services, Belinda jumps at the chance to explore Boston.

There, she discovers the joys of culture, literature, and the finer things in life.

Yet, even with a stable income, remarkable experiences, and a budding romance, Belinda’s heart remains unfulfilled.

Restlessness, solitude, and an inner emptiness linger, leaving her wondering what her path in life is.

When she arrives in the local town of Sikeston her skills are vital as she tries to figure out why people are getting ill and dying.

She must fight many local prejudices to help them and overcome many obstacles that could hinder her from doing her job effectively.


  • The book portrays a strong sense of family values.
  • It provides a positive message of hope and faith.


  • It can be overly sentimental in parts.
  • It is quite slow-paced.

Love Finds A Home

Love Finds a Home (Love Comes Softly Series #8)

In Love Finds A Home, Belinda Davis had an eye-opening move to Boston.

Having grown up in the West, all the luxuries, literature, and travel left her feeling hollow.

Her faith had been relegated to the back burner, so she welcomed God back into her life with open arms.

Faced with fresh choices, her dilemma was more intense than ever.

She was forced to choose between two completely different lifestyles – one with captivating possibilities in the East, and one embracing the farm she was raised in.

Her best friend, Dr. Annie Watson comes to stay providing some welcome relief from her doctor duties.

Despite trying for a fair amount of time Belinda is suffering sadness from her inability to get pregnant despite her happiness when her friend’s baby is born.

Belinda also has to deal with her mother in law, Mary who adheres to old-fashioned methods of healing such as homeopathic treatments and ‘folklore wisdom’.


  • The storyline is incredibly heartwarming.
  • The main characters are realistically portrayed and relatable.


  • The pacing of the narrative is too slow at times.
  • The book can be quite predictable.


Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke is an excellent example of a long-running book series that has captured the hearts of many readers over the decades.

The stories have been adapted into films, allowing even more people access to this endearing story of love and family values.

It is no wonder why so many readers have fallen in love with the characters and their journeys through faith, hardships, and joys.

The Love Comes Softly series is truly an extraordinary piece of literature that has resonated with readers for generations.

It offers us a glimpse into how small acts of kindness can lead to an extraordinary change in our lives – ultimately teaching us that love comes softly if we are open enough to receive it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Love Comes Softly Series About?

The Love Comes Softly series is a series of Christian fiction novels written by Janette Oke. The series follows the life of Marty Claridge and her family as they go through life’s struggles and discover the true meaning of love.

The series follows the family from the time Marty’s husband dies, through her marriage to another man, and their journey together as a family.

Who Are The Main Characters In The Love Comes Softly Series?

The main characters in the Love Comes Softly series are Marty Claridge and her husband, Clark Davis. Other important characters include their children, Missie, Willie, and Arnie, as well as Clark’s brother, Clem.

Does The Love Comes Softly Series Have Any Movies?

Yes, the Love Comes Softly series has been adapted into a series of Hallmark Channel movies.

How Many Books Are In The ‘Love Comes Softly’ Series?

There are eight books in the series, each one following a different character from the Claridge family.

Is The ‘Love Comes Softly’ Series Available To Watch Online?

Yes, the movies are available to stream online on various streaming sites, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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