All Mary Kay Andrews Books in Order – Reading Guide

Mystery, romance, comedy, even a cookbook! Mary Kay Andrews has it all, and if you’re interested in reading more of her novels, this list is the right place to be.

All Mary Kay Andrews Books in Order - Reading Guide

About Mary Kay Andrews

Mary Kay Andrews is from St. Petersburg, Florida, and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her family. Before writing books, Andrews earned a B.A. in journalism from the University of Florida and was a reporter for 14 years. 

Andrews left journalism in 1991 to pursue a career writing fiction, and it paid off. Her novels have been published in many different languages and sold across the world, and in 2006, Hissy Fit became her first bestselling novel. After that, she racked up 15 more bestsellers with New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly.

Mary Kay Andrews writes novels that are funny, dramatic, and suspenseful. They will pull you in and shock you as each new twist unfolds. Whether you’ve read Mary Kay Andrews novels before or you’ve never heard of them, hopefully this list will inspire you to pick one up and start reading.

All Mary Kay Andrews Books In Order 

Every Crooked Nanny (1992)

Every Crooked Nanny (Callahan Garrity Mysteries Book 1)

Callahan Garrity was a cop for 10 years, though she has recently given it up for house cleaning. But when a client’s nanny disappears along with many valuable items, Callahan decides to put her detective skills to use.

Every Crooked Nanny is the first book in the Callahan Garrity series, and there is chaos and excitement on every page.

To Live and Die in Dixie (1993)

To Live and Die in Dixie: A Callahan Garrity Mystery (Callahan Garrity Mysteries Book 2)

When Callahan is hired by an antiques dealer named Elliott, she has no idea what she is really signing up for. Immediately, the cleaning job turns into a mystery-solving one as Callahan is tasked to find a Civil War diary.

To Live and Die in Dixie is the second delightful story in the Callahan Garrity Mysteries.

Homemade Sin (1994)

Homemade Sin: A Callahan Garrity Mystery

Another book following Callahan Garrity, Homemade Sin takes us on a mysterious ride. Callahan’s cousin Patti has just died, and when Callahan hears what happened, she can tell it was no accident. She decides to take matters into her own hands and uncover the truth about how her cousin really died.

Happy Never After (1995)

Happy Never After (Callahan Garrity Mysteries Book 4)

In Happy Never After, Callahan has a new mystery on her hands when Stu Hightower, the president of a recording company, ends up dead. His only companion at the scene of the crime is a drunk rock star from the 1960s, Rita Fontaine.

Callahan believes that Rita is innocent, and Stu didn’t exactly have the best track record. He’d made plenty of enemies in his time, and now Callahan has to find out which one was angry enough to put a bullet in him.

Lickety Split: A Truman Kicklighter Mystery (1996)

Lickety-Split (Truman Kicklighter Mysteries Book 1)

Truman Kicklighter is now a senior, but back in the day, he was a reporter for the associated press. In his current residential hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida, there are all sorts of things going on and his old job isn’t even close to measuring up.

Lickety Split follows Truman after the murder of a gambler. His friend who has Alzheimer’s has been accused, and Truman is determined to prove his innocence.

Heart Trouble (1996)

Heart Trouble (Callahan Garrity Mysteries Book 5)

In the fifth of the Callahan Garrity series, Heart Trouble follows the sleuth as she reluctantly takes on another mystery. Her client is Whitney Albright, a wealthy woman who hit and killed a young black girl with her car and drove away. Whitney got a light sentence and is hated by most of the town, so Callahan isn’t exactly excited to be working with her.

Nevertheless, Callahan starts the search for Dr. Dobbs, Whitney’s soon-to-be ex-husband.

Crash Course: A Truman Kicklighter Mystery (1997)

Crash Course (Truman Kicklighter Mysteries Book 2)

When Truman’s friend Jackleen purchases the car of her dreams, she doesn’t expect the car to be a dud. And things get even more surprising when the man who sold her the car ends up dead.

Crash Course tells the story of Truman as he goes around town, finding clues and figuring out what happened to the man and the car.

Strange Brew (1997)

Strange Brew (Callahan Garrity Mysteries Book 6)

Gentrification is creeping into Callahan’s Atlanta neighborhood, and most aren’t happy about it. When a microbrewer ends up dead after a Halloween party goes wrong, people immediately suspect a shopkeeper who the brewer put out of business.

Strange Brew is the sixth Callahan Garrity Mystery, and Callahan just can’t seem to stop solving crimes.

Midnight Clear (1998)

Midnight Clear: A Callahan Garrity Mystery (Callahan Garrity Mysteries Book 7)

It’s a few days before Christmas when Callahan Garrity’s brother, Brian, shows up with his toddler daughter. Brian has kidnapped his daughter from his estranged wife, but when the wife is found dead, the cops think Brian is responsible.

Midnight Clear follows Callahan as she desperately tries to clear her brother’s name and save Christmas.

Irish Eyes (2000)

Irish Eyes: A Callahan Garrity Mystery (Callahan Garrity Mysteries Book 8)

Irish Eyes is the eighth installment of the Callahan Garrity series, and this time one of her best friends gets shot in a liquor store holdup. When Callahan and her cleaning crew start the investigation, they realize that her friend may have been an accomplice in many robberies.

Now, it will take everything they have to prove that there is more to the case than it seems.

Hissy Fit (2001)

Hissy Fit: A Novel

When Keeley Murdock catches her fiancé, A.J., with another woman at their rehearsal dinner, she has an enormous hissy fit. Keeley has an interior design business, and now that A.J.’s family is putting financial pressure on her, she needs all the money she can get.

Luckily, Will Mahoney hires Keeley to design his new mansion. He wants it to be decorated for the woman of his dreams, one that he hasn’t met yet. 

Hissy Fit takes us through Keeley’s journey of getting money for her cheating dirtbag of an ex-fiancĂ© and clearing her name. 

Little Bitty Lies (2001)

Little Bitty Lies: A Novel

Mary Bliss lives in an Atlanta neighborhood with her husband and 17-year-old daughter, but one morning she wakes up and her husband has left. Mary Bliss is humiliated, so she starts lying to people that her husband is just out of town. But things get a whole lot more serious when he turns up dead.

Little Bitty Lies follows Mary Bliss as her life gives way into chaos. She is dealing with her daughter, her elderly mother-in-law, and now the two men pursuing her, including the cop looking for the truth about her dead husband.

Savannah Blues (2002)

Savannah Blues: A Novel (Weezie and Bebe Mysteries series Book 1)

Eloise Foley, AKA Weezie, has an ex-husband named Hal. When they got divorced, he was given their house in Savannah’s historic district; the same house that Weezie spent years restoring and fixing up. Weezie got the two-bedroom house on the same property.

Both believed that the other would sell, but neither of them have moved. Now Hal is living with his girlfriend and Weezie is running her antiques business in the back.

Savannah Blues follows Weezie as she deals with this situation along with family drama and another ex-boyfriend, and it’s a wild ride.

Blue Christmas (2006)

Blue Christmas

Weezie Foley is back in Blue Christmas, and this time she is set on winning a decorating contest for the Holidays. She is relieved when she finally finishes her hard work, and her shop looks amazing. But then things start going missing from her display, and it seems like someone is messing with her.

Savannah Breeze (2006)

Savannah Breeze: A Novel (Weezie and Bebe Mysteries series Book 2)

Bebe Loudermilk is a classy woman, and the last place she wants to be seen is the Breeze Inn. But a brief relationship with a con man means that Bebe is now without all of the possessions that she is used to having. 

The inn is Bebe’s last hope, and with the help of the inn’s caretaker Harry and her friend Weezie, they have the place fixed up in no time. But when Bebe hears about the man who took everything from her showing up in Fort Lauderdale, she knows she has to go after him.

Savannah Breeze follows Bebe as she tracks down the con man in an attempt to get her fortune back.

Deep Dish (2008)

Deep Dish: A Novel

Gina Foxton is a chef who is finally hosting her own cooking show after years of working toward it. But when Gina catches her boyfriend (and producer) cheating on her and the show goes bad, she knows it’s time to work on something even bigger.

Deep Dish brings us along as Gina tries for a gig on national television and ends up going against another chef, Tate Moody, for the star spot.

The Fixer Upper (2009)

The Fixer Upper: A Novel

Jo Killebrew has lost her public relations job, so she begins refurbishing a home she recently inherited. The home is in bad shape, and there is also a squatter who keeps returning.

The Fixer Upper is a funny, romantic, and suspenseful novel that follows Jo through her journey in this small Georgia town where everybody seems to know her business.

Summer Rental (2011)

Summer Rental: A Novel

Summer Rental is a story about Ellis, Julia, and Dorie, 3 women in their 30s who have been friends since grade school. Ellis recently got fired from her job, Julia has a man who loves her but is still deeply insecure about herself, and Dorie has just been betrayed by a man who she thought was the one.

The 3 women decide to take a trip to North Carolina’s outer banks for a month. But the women don’t know how much this one trip is going to change each of their lives.

Spring Fever (2012)

Spring Fever: A Novel

Annajane has been divorced from Mason for 4 years, and she is about to get married to a new guy and leave the town where she and Mason share so much history. Before leaving, Annajane attends Mason’s wedding. But the wedding gets called off, and Annajane thinks this might be fate giving her one more chance with Mason.

Spring Fever is a romantic story of secrets, betrayal, and fate. 

Ladies’ Night (2013)

Ladies' Night: A Novel

Grace Stanton is a rising lifestyle blogger on social media, but things change for her when she drives her husband’s car straight into their swimming pool after catching him cheating. Suddenly Grace is moving in with her mother and locked out of her checking account and blog.

Ladies’ Night follows Grace as she meets 3 other recently divorced women and they form a group that will help them all get the closure that they need.

Christmas Bliss (2013)

Christmas Bliss: A Novel (Weezie and Bebe Mysteries series Book 4)

In another story about Weezie Foley, Christmas Bliss brings together the characters that readers have come to know and love. Weezie is getting ready to get married, and her maid of honor, Bebe Loudermilk, still won’t marry Harry despite being pregnant and about to have his child. 

Save The Date (2014)

Save the Date: A Novel

Save The Date is about Cara Kryzik, a floral designer who is about to decorate the wedding of a lifetime. But things just keep going wrong for Cara, and one morning she wakes up to a stolen dog and a broken refrigerator, meaning that twelve thousand dollars worth of flowers are ruined. Then, the man who stole her dog, Jack, turns up at one of her weddings and leaves her stranded on the dance floor.

Things aren’t going great for Cara, but she is determined to get the big wedding right in 6 weeks. In the meantime, she’ll just have to deal with the evil stepmother of the bride and Jack turning up at every wedding Cara is part of.

More Novels By Mara Kay Andrews

  1. Beach Town (2015)
  2. Change Of Scene (2016)
  3. The Weekenders (2016)
  4. The Beachouse Cookbook (2017)
  5. The High Tide Club (2018)
  6. Sunset Beach (2019)
  7. Hello, Summer (2020)
  8. The Newcomer (2021)
  9. The Santa Suit (2021)
  10. The Homewreckers (2022) 


In what order should you read Mary Kay Andrews books?

If you want to make sure you get the full experience, you should read Mary Kay Andrews books in order by publishing date. You can skip around if a newer one sparks your interest, just make sure you are reading the series in order.

What types of books does Mary Kay Andrews write?

Mary Kay Andrews writes in many genres. From romance to mystery and even a cookbook, Mary Kay Andrews has lots of options to choose from.

Does Mary Kay Andrews have a series?

Mary Kay Andrews has written multiple series including the Weezie and Bebe Mysteries, the Truman Kicklighter series, and the Callahan Garrity series.

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