All Mary Stone Books In Order (Mystery Novels)

Mary Stone specializes in suspenseful and thrilling mysteries with strong female protagonists. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then you’re in the right place. 

All Mary Stone Books In Order (Mystery Novels)

About Mary Stone

Mary Stone lives in the East Blue Ridge Mountains in Tennessee. She and her husband have two sons, two dogs, and four cats.

Stone specializes in mystery and suspense novels and is sure to leave out any damsels in distress. The women in her stories are strong and able to handle themselves.

Stone started writing in 2019, and has become very successful with her novels. She currently has 8 series and is working on completing her newest one, the Shadow Island series.

All Mary Stone Books In Order (By Series)

Winter Black Series

Winter’s Mourn (2019)

Winter's Mourn (Winter Black FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

It’s been 13 years since Winter Black came home from a sleepover to discover her parents dead and her little brother missing. She found out that it was the work of The Preacher, a dangerous serial killer.

Now, Winter has returned to her hometown as an FBI agent, finally assigned to her first case. When bones are discovered and it’s clear that there is a burial ground for children, the case suddenly hits close to home for Winter as she wonders if her brother could be buried there.

Winter’s Mourn follows Winter as she unearths the mystery, unaware that The Preacher is lurking, intent on keeping her from discovering his secrets.

Winter’s Curse (2019)

When two criminals decide to recreate a list of US heists, the FBI is soon hot on their trail. But Winter Black and her partner, Sun Ming, aren’t exactly determined to solve this crime. Sun Ming has her own agenda, while Winter can’t stop thinking about The Preacher and her still missing little brother.

Winter is also grappling with the gift that The Preacher gave her years ago that is growing stronger, threatening to overtake her. 

Winter’s Curse takes us through the story as more secrets are revealed and the mystery intensifies.

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Kylie Hatfield Series

Deadly Act (2019)

Deadly Act (Kylie Hatfield Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series Book 1)

Deadly Act follows Kylie Hatfield, an office assistant at Starr Investigations who dreams of one day becoming a private investigator. When a girl named Jessica vanishes, Kylie makes a promise to Jessica’s sister that she will find Jessica, hoping that this could be her chance at a promotion.

When Jessica’s disappearance becomes linked to a serial killer, everyone warns Kylie that she should leave it to the professionals. But Kylie isn’t one to give up, and she’s determined to get to Jessica even if it puts her own life on the line.

Deadly Lies (2019)

Deadly Lies (Kylie Hatfield Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series Book 2)

Kylie Hatfield has just been promoted to Assistant PI at Starr Investigations, and when Emma Jennings thinks she’s being robbed, Kylie is sure she can handle the case. She even expects it to be a bit boring, but things quickly change when murder becomes involved. 

Deadly Lies follows Kylie as she investigates another crime, and again finds herself in a dangerous situation she wasn’t at all expecting.

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Ellie Kline Series

Cold Truth (2020)

Cold Truth (Ellie Kline Psychological Thriller Series Book 1)

Ellie Kline was kidnapped when she was 15, and that night changed her life. Now, she is a daring cop who is determined to prove her worthiness in the profession. When she takes down a suspect, she earns admiration at work but also becomes the center of a killer’s attention.

Ellie is working on a case about the murder of a young woman with hardly any leads. When she finds a connection between this murder and another, Ellie starts to wonder what other things are being left out of the big picture.

Cold Truth follows Ellie through this case, and as more truths are uncovered she begins to remember more shocking things from her past as well.

Cold Hunt (2020)

Cold Hunt (Ellie Kline Psychological Thriller Series Book 2)

Cold Hunt takes place after Ellie Kline solves her first case as a detective and finds out that a killer has been watching her for many years. She’s still remembering things from the night she was kidnapped, but she needs to know more to find the kidnapper, who’s still out there.

Ellie is working on the case of a missing man, and soon finds connections to a missing woman as well. While solving this case, she’s led closer and closer to discovering the secrets behind her own abduction, too.

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Autumn Trent Series

Autumn’s Game (2020)

Autumn's Game: Autumn Trent Series (Winter Black FBI Mystery Series Book 10)

When Autumn Trent was a child, one violent act from her father changed her view of the world forever. She started studying, wanting to change broken systems and take down criminals.

Now, Autumn is a forensic psychologist with a new case on her hands. A couple has been murdered, and on that same night, their daughter disappears. Soon Autumn realizes that the killer is only just getting started.

Autumn’s Game follows the case closely as Autumn figures out who the killer is and rushes to stop them before more dead bodies turn up.

Autumn’s Break (2020)

Autumn's Break: Autumn Trent Series (Winter Black FBI Mystery Series Book 11)

Dr. Autumn Trent has just joined forces with the FBI’s behavioral analysis team to help solve another case. They go north to Pennsylvania, where a scheme is going on involving wealthy widowers. Someone is out for not only money, but blood, and they intend to find it through these women.

Autumn’s Break is a story of mystery, murder, and mayhem. Autumn and her team can’t work fast enough, with women dropping dead left and right. And as the team goes undercover, it soon becomes clear that the murderer might not be so out of reach after all.

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Amelia Storm Series

Storm’s Fury (2021)

Storm's Fury (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

Storm’s Fury is about Amelia Storm, a military veteran and FBI special agent whose police officer brother has just been killed on the job. Amelia returns to Chicago, desperate to avenge her brother’s death.

Amelia is also dealing with the case of a twelve-year-old girl who was kidnapped by a human trafficking ring. As she gets more involved with the case, Amelia brings up memories and people from her past as things are discovered.

Storm’s Peril (2021)

Storm's Peril (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 2)

When an undocumented teenager goes missing, Amelia Storm and her partner immediately start working on the case. They suspect sex trafficking, a horrible and shocking problem that is only growing worse in her hometown.

The case also seems to be connected to the mafia, but there are hardly any leads. When more people disappear, Amelia and her partner know that they need to act fast. Soon, the case hits close to home when Amelia’s brother turns shady.

Storm’s Peril is a fast-paced and suspenseful novel that continues the story of Agent Storm and her investigations.

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Charli Cross Series

Dark Purpose (2021)

Dark Purpose (Charli Cross Mystery Series Book 1)

Charli Cross is a Savannah PD Detective with a new case to solve. The remains of a teenage girl have been found, and it brings back horrible memories of Charli’s past. Charli’s best friend was only 16 when she was murdered, and her body was found just a half-mile away from this new murder.

Dark Purpose follows Charli through the case as she makes more discoveries. Soon, Charlie fears that this is the work of an organized serial killer, one who will be very challenging to catch. But when more victims turn up, Charli knows she has to stop him.

Dark Greed (2021)

Dark Greed (Charli Cross Mystery Series Book 2)

Bryce Mowery is the son and only heir to a very wealthy family—the richest in Savannah, in fact. When Bryce is found hanging in a barn, it seems like an obvious suicide, but his father believes that it was something deeper than that. 

Charli Cross is sent to investigate, and soon it becomes clear that Bryce’s father is right. She dives deep into the case, intent on figuring out who killed Bryce and why. 

Dark Greed follows Charli through the mystery, solving it clue by clue. And when the killer begins playing games, it seems like it’s going to be even more difficult than she once thought.

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Shadow Island Series 

Shadow’s Secret (2022)

Shadow's Secret (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

In Shadow’s Secret, Rebecca West tries to find peace on an Island after an incident that ended her career as an FBI agent. But when a seventeen-year-old girl is murdered and the Sherrif is overwhelmed with work, Rebecca’s vacation quickly turns into an investigation.

As Rebecca searches, she finds out that this may be the start of something much bigger going on around Shadow Island. A Yacht Club could be the key to solving the murder, but it seems as though some people will do anything to keep their secrets hidden.

Shadow’s Captive (2022)

Shadow's Captive (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 2)

In Shadow’s Captive, the sheriff of Shadow Island is dead and Rebecca West finds herself taking his place as the town grieves. But grief can’t go on for long, because a little girl who was on vacation with her parents goes missing quickly after. 

It’s up to Rebecca to figure out if she just got lost, or if someone took her. Whatever happened, Rebecca knows that she needs to find the girl before something goes even more terribly wrong.

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Stella Knox Series

Killer Smile (2022)

Killer Smile (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

Killer Smile follows Stella Knox, who became an FBI agent partly to find the cops who killed her father and avenge his death. Now she has her first case, and she’s determined to seek justice for the victims.

Three teenage boys have been found dead, and the only thing connecting the murders is a smiley face drawn next to two of the bodies. Stella can’t tell if the crimes are related, but she intends to find out. All she knows is that someone is on the hunt, and they haven’t even come close to finishing what they started.

Killer Style (2022)

Killer Style (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 2)

Killer Style brings back Stella Knox, who has only been on the FBI for two weeks but has already experienced way more than she ever did with the Nashville PD. Her newest case involves two dead women, both found missing one arm, one leg, and all of their fingers and toes.

Now a third woman is missing, and Stella Knox knows that a serial killer is on the loose. There are daisies arranged at each crime scene, showing that the killer wants to make their mark. All of the victims have been different, with nothing connecting them and no obvious patterns.

Stella Knox knows she has to stop the killer, but it’s almost impossible to tell who will be next. 

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Do you have to read Mary Stone books in order?

Mary Stone writes in series, and these should be read in order for the best reading experience. However, you can start any series of Mary Stone’s that you want, just make sure you are reading that particular series in order by publishing date.

How many series does Mary Stone have?

Does Mary Stone still write books?

Mary Stone’s most recent novel was published in May of 2023, and it won’t be her last. In fact, Shadow’s Ritual, Another book in her Shadow Island series, is set to be published in September of 2023.

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