All 9 Maximum Ride Books In Order

Maximum Ride is a young adult science fantasy book series, written by James Patterson.

The adventures of Maximum “Max” Ride and her family, known as the Flock, who are winged human-avian hybrids made at a lab called The School, are the series’ main focus.

All 9 Maximum Ride Books In Order

This series is a reboot of two of Patterson’s older book series.

There are 9 books in this series, which you should read in chronological order. This is due to time skips that occur within the series.

In addition to that, there has been a film adaptation of the first book, which was released in 2016.

This is the only adaptation of this book series to date.

James Patterson has become a renowned author all over the world. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that more people are starting to discover more of his work.

I have created this article, so you have more information about all 9 books in this series and the order in which they should be read in.

About Maximum Ride

This is the tale of a 14-year-old girl named Max, sometimes known as Maximum Ride, who has the ability to fly.

She and some of her friends have the power to fly due to the experiments they were subjected to. Yet, happiness doesn’t stay forever for this gang.

Angel, one of her buddies, goes missing, and they’ll have to find him. The kidnappers send wolf-humanoid animals to grab them, dead or alive.

Making what initially appeared like a desperate mission even more difficult. This series then sees this team fight many evil forces and live life on the run.

Maximum Ride is recommended for readers of 12 years old and above.

They follow the themes of families, freedom, truth, violence, fate, and courage. There is a lot of action throughout these books that everyone will enjoy.

Let’s take a look at the reading order of this series!

Maximum Ride Books In Order

The Angel Experiment (2006)

The Angel Experiment: A Maximum Ride Novel (Book 1)

Except for having wings and the ability to fly, Maximum Ride and her “flock” of Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel are similar to other children.

The youngest member in the group, Angel, is kidnapped and sent back to the “School” where Max and the others faced and suffered evil experiments.

To save Angel, Max, and her pals travel the scorching Death Valley.

Yet, before they know it, the gang finds themselves fighting in New York against the “Erasers,” half-wolf, half-human creatures.


  • Very engaging plot.


  • Little character development.

School’s Out Forever (2007)

School's Out - Forever (Maximum Ride, Book 2)

The brave Max and her team are captured by FBI agents in this highly anticipated sequel, and they are forced back to the evil school.

While Max learns when and how she’s going to save the world, the Flock discovers information regarding their creators, the Itexicon Corporation.

Erasers attack the school, forcing the Flock to leave once more in search of safety.

Max encounters Max II, her deadly clone, and engages in combat to see who will come out on top.


  • Plot full of twists and turns


  • Certain side characters are still underdeveloped.

Saving The World And Other Extreme Sports (2008)

Saving the World: A Maximum Ride Novel (Book 3)

It is now up to Max and her avian “Flock” to stop “Re-evolution,” a deadly project that aims to alter a small portion of humanity into a biologically master race.

Then they will destroy the rest of the world.

This team has always worked together to overcome the forces working against them.

However, can Max, Angel, Fang, Nudge, Iggy, and Gasman save the world while they are hiding, split apart, and held captive all over the world?


  • Plenty of action to keep you interested.


  • Some readers felt the ending was a bit anticlimactic.

The Final Warning (2008)

The Final Warning: A Maximum Ride Novel (Maximum Ride, 4)

A team of environmental experts looking into the causes of global warming has approached Max and the other Flock members for assistance.

The journey seems to be the ideal blend of activism, adventure, and evading the government forces that keep a close eye on the Flock.

However, Maximum Ride remains an alluring target, even in Antarctica. Since whoever controls her abilities might also control the entire world.


  • Plenty of action and comedy moments.


  • Slower-paced and repetitive plot.

MAX (2009)

Max: A Maximum Ride Novel

Someone or something is destroying aquatic life and ships off the coast of Hawaii.

The Navy’s secret investigation into the accident involves Max and her crew.

However, Max’s main objective is to protect her mother from a crafty underworld foe.

However, they must plunge far down into the depths of the abyss, where terrible evil resides.

This soaring adventure transports Maximum Ride and the Flock into terrifyingly unfamiliar territory that they aren’t used to.


  • Strong characters and family ties explored.


  • Characters are given lots of new powers, which some readers found difficult to remember.

Fang (2010)

Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel (Maximum Ride, 6)

Angel is always right when she predicts that Fang would be the first to die. This prophecy shakes Max to her core.

Max is used to living life on the edge and thwarting evil forces. However, a life without Fang, her best friend, and soulmate seem unimaginable.

The gang’s world is turned upside down again when the gorgeous, Dylan, joins the flock. He was made to be Max’s ideal partner.

In the midst of this struggle between passion and perfection, the end of the world grows nearer.


  • Really descriptive and easy to read.


  • Dylan feels slightly underdeveloped.

Angel (2011)

Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel (Maximum Ride, 7)

Maximum Ride and her team have always been by one another’s side. They are currently facing a deadly force that is crossing the globe.

Just when they need Fang the most, he has vanished. He’s creating his own team.

Max is devastated by the loss of Fang, her true love.

However, she can no longer ignore that Dylan draws her in, especially with him ready and eager to battle by her side.

In order to prepare for an epic showdown in Paris, Max, Dylan, and the rest of their pals will team up with Fang and his new gang.


  • Strong relationships explored.


  • No real direction on where this story and series is going.

Nevermore (2012)

Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure (Maximum Ride, 8)

The two worst dangers facing civilization have come together in a deadly plan to put an end to life on Earth.

However, Maximum Ride and her loyal companions are ready to engage with them in battle.

However, the danger grows once Dylan gains Max’s affection. Fang, abruptly, decides to rejoin the team.

The result of a heated argument between both boys, which turns into a competition for Max’s love, puts the fate of the entire planet in danger.


  • Full of action, adventure, and love to keep you interested.


  • Certain chapters felt unnecessary and took away from the main plot.

Maximum Ride Forever (2015)

Maximum Ride Forever

Discover the outcomes of the previous book in this final installation of Maximum Ride!

With Max’s damaged team, Maximum Ride walks through the new post-apocalyptic world in the hope to discover answers for what transpired.

This final thrilling “ride,” is a captivating grand finale with plenty of action and twists and turns.


  • Good ending to this series and all the characters get an ending.


  • More mature content is used in this book, which is not suitable for younger children.

Final Thoughts

Maximum Ride is a fantastic book series, which follows the adventures of Max.

A girl who was experimented on and she and her friends continuously try to save the world from evil forces.

These books, no matter your age, are always a joy to read. They follow themes of family and truth.

However, the later books start to touch upon love and relationships.

With only 9 books in this series, you can easily get through all of these books in no time.

It is best to read these books in order, as you can gain a better understanding of how these characters have developed and changed.

I hope this article has helped you to understand the order in which these books are meant to be read.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do You Have To Read Maximum Ride In Order?

It is best to read Maximum Ride in order, as a lot of these books end on a cliffhanger.

Thus, by not reading them in order, you can easily become confused about what is happening between particular characters.

Who Can Read The Maximum Ride Series?

The Maximum Ride series is meant for anyone who is 12 years old and above.

This is mainly due to some darker and more mature topics being discussed in the later books. 

Are The Maximum Ride Books Easy To Read?

The majority of books in this series are only 450 pages long with short paragraphs. Making these books easy for anyone to read.

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