All Meghan March Books in Order (Reading Order Guide)

For any lover of romance novels, Meghan March is a must-read. With over thirty different books to choose from readers have plenty of options to keep them entertained as March explores the sultry relationships between men and women. Given that March has such a broad collection of novels, it can be difficult to know what the best reading order is. Approaching March’s work one series at a time and reading in chronological order allows readers to dive into the dark, glamorous worlds March creates and to follow the journeys of her cast of characters. 

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All Meghan March Books in Order

March had several different careers before she started writing her own novels. Previously, March worked as a lingerie sales clerk, a jewelry maker, and a corporate lawyer. As an avid reader, March was eager to pursue her own writing ambitions, leaving the world of corporate law and publishing her first novel, Beneath This Mask, in 2014. 

Since the release of her first novel, March has gained international notoriety. Her books have been published across the world and translated into multiple different languages. With over thirteen series under her belt in addition to several standalone novels, March has taken the romance genre by storm and provided readers with countless romances to get swept up in. 

Given March’s expansive list of novels, it can be easy to get confused and lose track of where to start. March herself stresses that there is no set way to read her books, however the most fulfilling and engaging way to approach her work is series by series. 

All Meghan March’s Books in Order

The Beneath Series 

Beneath This Mask (2014)

Beneath This Mask

When Charlie moves to New Orleans to start over after her father destroyed their socialite lifestyle in New York, the last thing she wants to do is call attention to herself. 

Simon, the son of a politician, is a daring Navy pilot who is accustomed to getting what he wants and turns Charlie’s plans of laying low on their head when he decides he wants her. A sexy and engaging tale, readers will be swept up in the world of Beneath this Mask

Beneath This Ink (2015)

Beneath This Ink

The second installment in the Beneath series focuses on Con Leahy, Charlie’s boss from the first novel. Con has been chasing a relationship with socialite Vanessa for years, only for her to reveal that they’ve spent a night together before, a night that Con cannot remember. 

Fearing he has forever lost his chance with Vanessa, Con fights to get her back in Beneath this Ink

Beneath These Chains (2015)

Beneath These Chains

After growing up on the streets, Lord is happy to run a pawn shop and mind his own business. But when a rich young woman shows up at his door demanding a job, he knows he is in trouble. 

Beneath These Chains is a fiery novel that sees the protagonists desperately battling their demons to find a genuine connection. 

Beneath These Scars (2015)

Beneath These Scars

When the quick-witted and bold entrepreneur, Yve Santos meets billionaire, Lucas Titan, their attraction is immediate. Unwilling to be pulled away from her financial pursuits, Yve is determined to ignore Lucas and his charm. 

As the characters grow closer, they reveal who they truly are in Beneath These Scars

Beneath These Lies (2016)

Beneath These Lies

Valentia happily runs her own gallery in New Orleans until her friend disappears. Caught between asking the police for help and pursuing her own investigation, Valentia captures the attention of Detective Hennessy and the notorious gang leader, Rix. 

Just as steamy and exciting as previous Beneath installments, readers are sure to love Beneath These Lies

Beneath These Shadows (2016)

Beneath These Shadows

Drifter, Bishop is content to stay in New Orleans for the time being before moving on. Unexpectedly, he finds a reason to stay when Eden, an innocent, beautiful young woman, captures his attention. 

But Eden is hiding secrets of her own that have dangerous consequences in Beneath These Shadows

Beneath The Truth (2017)

Beneath The Truth

The last installment of the Beneath series, Beneath The Truth sees the return of fan-favorite characters in this final adieu to March’s New Orleans. Readers get to indulge in the passionate romance between Rhett and Ariel while also reacquainting themselves with characters from the other books in the series. 

The Flash Bang Duet

Flash Bang (2014)

Flash Bang

As she watches the world fall into chaos, Rowan decides that her career and the spiteful rumors being spread about her can wait as she heads for the sanctuary of her family farm.

But as she ventures through apocalyptic America, she comes across two marines who will recenter her priorities again in Flash Bang

Hard Charger (2015)

Hard Charger (Flash Bang Book 2)

When Lia is first rescued, she’s not sure she can trust the men who now surround her. But when she sees the relationship Rowan has with her partners, she finds herself craving her own romance with Cam and Travis. 

An unmissable return to the world of Flash Bang, readers are guaranteed to love Hard Charger

The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy

Dirty Billionaire (2015)

Dirty Billionaire (The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy Book 1)

Creighton is accustomed to getting what he wants immediately, so when Holly runs out on him after a night of passion, he is adamant he’s going to get her back. 

Dirty Billionaire is a steamy tale of desire and possession.

Dirty Pleasures (2015)

Dirty Pleasures (The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy Book 2)

When Holly marries Creighton she doesn’t expect to lose her independence to his possessive tendencies. But as time goes on in Dirty Pleasures, she finds herself being consumed by her desire for him whilst also straining for the freedom she once relished in. 

Dirty Together (2016)

Dirty Together (The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy Book 3)

Certain that he can give Holly the ‘happy ever after’ she’s always wanted, Creighton will stop at nothing to get her back. 

Dirty Together is the thrilling conclusion to Holly and Creighton’s passionate and unpredictable love story.

The Dirty Girl Duet

Dirty Girl (2016)

Dirty Girl (Dirty Girl Duet Book 1)

The younger sister of Creighton, Greer is happy to let her brother claim the spotlight. Until she drunkenly posts a personal ad online and her ex-lover turns up on her door claiming he fits her criteria. 

Dirty Girl is a fun and sexy read, perfect for those who enjoyed the Dirty Billionaire Trilogy

Dirty Love (2016)

Dirty Love (Dirty Girl Duet Book 2)

Willing to fight dirty for the love he believes they can share, Canavaugh won’t walk away from Greer again, even when she tries to force him to. 

Greer and Canavaugh resume their steamy romance in Dirty Love

The Real Duet Series

Real Good Man (2016)

Real Good Man: The Real Good Duet Book One

An accidental text exchange between Banner and Logan changes both of their lives. From flirtatious texts to meeting in person, their chemistry is undeniable. 

While Logan isn’t sure what he can give Banner, a party girl who has everything, he’s determined to win her over in Real Good Man

Real Good Love (2016)

Real Good Love (Real Good Duet Book 2)

After the shocking cliffhanger at the end of Real Good Man, March picks up right where she left off with Banner and Logan to take readers on a wild ride through passion, small-town gossip, and courage. 

Readers of the first installment of the Real Duet are sure to want to find answers about how Banner and Logan’s story ends in Real Good Love

The Real Dirty Duet

Real Dirty (2017)

Real Dirty (Real Dirty Duet Book 1)

When Boone’s girlfriend disappears on the eve of their proposal and marries another man, he is heartbroken. Drowning his sorrows, he meets Ripley, a ferocious woman striving to keep her family’s bar afloat. 

When Boone offers to play at the bar to drum up some business, the pair can’t deny the chemistry blooming between them in Real Dirty

Real Sexy (2017)

Real Sexy (Real Dirty Duet Book 2)

Real Sexy finds Ripley at a crossroads. The rumor mill is trying to destroy her relationship with Boone and her career is non-existent. 

While she strives to find herself, Boone knows exactly what he wants and is adamant to win her over. 

The Mount Trilogy

Ruthless King (2017)

Ruthless King (Mount Trilogy Book 1)

After the death of her husband, Keira discovers that he took out a loan and used her distillery as collateral. His foolishness has put her in the sights of Lachlan Mount, a dangerous and elusive businessman who controls New Orleans. 

In the Ruthless King, neither Keira nor Lachlan can resist one another, despite everything that stands between them. 

Defiant Queen (2017)

Defiant Queen (Mount Trilogy Book 2)

In the second installment of the Mount Trilogy, readers get to delve deeper into Lachlan’s backstory, exploring his childhood and the events that made him the man he is. 

Defiant Queen is a fiery follow-up to Ruthless King that will have readers hooked from the first page. 

Sinful Empire (2017)

Sinful Empire (Mount Trilogy Book 3)

After the shocking cliffhanger at the end of Defiant Queen, readers are sure to be satisfied with March’s thrilling conclusion to Keira and Lachlan’s story. As the events of Sinful Empire progress, Keira proves that she’s a force to be reckoned with as she takes control of Lachlan’s games.

The Savage Trilogy

Savage Prince (2018)

Savage Prince: An Anti-Heroes Collection Novel (Savage Trilogy Book 1)

A successful COO, Temperance has pulled herself out of the mess of her childhood into a luxurious life. But an unexpected tryst with a stranger will see her heading down a new path as she discovers more about who she truly is.

Savage Prince returns to the world of the Mount Trilogy and offers readers a new romance full of the same passion and darkness. 

Iron Princess (2018)

Iron Princess (Savage Trilogy Book 2)

Upon discovering the identity of her mystery lover, Temperance wants to run, but as her world falls down around her, he might be the only one who can save her. 

Iron Princess forces Temperance to face the consequences of pursuing her desire and to stand her ground in the new world she is trapped in. 

Rogue Royalty (2018)

Rogue Royalty: An Anti-Heroes Collection Novel (Savage Trilogy Book 3)

As Kane and Temperance fight to defeat the demons that plague her, they find themselves falling deeper into their dark romance

Full of twists and thrilling reveals, Rogue Royalty is the perfect conclusion to the Savage Trilogy. 

The Sin Trilogy

Richer Than Sin (2018)

Richer Than Sin (Sin Trilogy Book 1)

Lincoln and Whitney’s families have been feuding for decades but a drunken liaison sees them desperate to ignore the bad blood between their families. That is until Whitney marries another man. 

When she walks back into Lincoln’s life years later, newly divorced, will they be able to resist one another in Richer Than Sin

Guilty as Sin (2018)

Guilty as Sin (Sin Trilogy Book 2)

Readers learn more about the feud between the Gables and the Riscoffs as Whitney desperately tries to resist Lincoln’s charms. 

But Lincoln won’t be so easily deterred from getting what he wants in Guilty as Sin

Reveling in Sin (2018)

Reveling in Sin (Sin Trilogy Book 3)

Desperate to hold onto his second chance with Whitney, Lincoln will stop at nothing to win her over for good this time. But their families seem to disagree as their feud descends into treachery and bloodshed. 

Once readers have picked up Reveling in Sin, they won’t be able to put it down. 

The Forge Trilogy

Deal With the Devil (2018)

Deal with the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 1)

When she loses a hand at poker, India finds herself caught between two dangerous men who will stop at nothing to enact revenge on one another. 

Deal With the Devil transports readers into a fiery world filled with passion and treachery. 

Luck of the Devil (2019)

Luck of the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 2)

After trading her life away to Jericho, India fights to keep hold of the one thing she has left, her heart. 

Readers will be drawn in by the undeniable chemistry between Jericho and India in Luck of the Devil.

Heart of the Devil (2019)

Heart of the Devil (Forge Trilogy Book 3)

Packed with action from the first page, fans of the Forge Trilogy are in for a wide ride with Heart of the Devil. Jericho and India fight to protect their blossoming love against all odds and adversaries. 

The Dirty Mafia Duet

Black Sheep (2019)

Black Sheep (Dirty Mafia Duet Book 1)

The black sheep of his family, Cannon does whatever is asked of him to protect himself from his father’s wrath. But then Drew walks into his life and turns everything upside down. 

Black Sheep is a steamy read about the depths of love and loyalty.

White Knight (2019)

White Knight (Dirty Mafia Duet Book 2)

It’s Cannon’s time to step out of the shadows and receive the respect he has always deserved from his family. And with Drew by his side, it all seems possible. Cannon is determined to become the hero he wants to be in White Knight.

The Legend Trilogy 

The Fall of Legend (2019)

The Fall of Legend (Legend Trilogy Book 1)

Opposites attract in The Fall of Legend as Gabriel and Scarlett cross paths. Their lives are widely different but as they find themselves at a crossroads, the only thing they remain sure of is their attraction to one another. 

House of Scarlett (2019)

House of Scarlett (Legend Trilogy Book 2)

When Gabriel blew into her life, Scarlett knew things would never be the same, but she still wasn’t prepared for just how much her life would change with Gabriel in it.

Caught between her past and the future Gabriel promises, readers won’t be able to put down House of Scarlett as they follow Scarlett’s journey of self-discovery. 

The Fight for Forever (2019)

The Fight for Forever (Legend Trilogy Book 3)

Full of unexpected twists and turns, The Fight for Forever provides the perfect conclusion to Gabriel and Scarlett’s steamy love affair. Surrounded by a cast of intriguing characters, this novel is packed with the chemistry and passion March is known for. 

The Magnolia Duet

Creole Kingpin (2020)

Creole Kingpin (Magnolia Duet Book 1)

A slow-burn romance at its finest, Creole Kingpin introduces readers to Magnolia and Moses and their complicated past. 

After fifteen years of silence, Moses struts back into Magnolia’s life with only one thing on his mind, winning her back. 

Madam Temptress (2020)

Madam Temptress (Magnolia Duet Book 2)

As Moses and Magnolia fight to protect their rekindled love, Magnolia is confronted with demons from her past that she would rather forget. 

Readers will be on the edge of their seats as March tantalizing reveals the details of Magnolia’s past in Madam Temptress

Standalone Novels

Bad Judgment (2016)

Bad Judgment

A passionate battle of wits and temptation has always characterized Justine and Ryker’s relationship. And Justine isn’t about to fall for his charm after resisting him for two years, no matter how hard he tries. 

A humorous and sexy tale about misjudging people and their intentions, Bad Judgment is March at her finest. 

Take Me Back (2017)

Take Me Back

Two years after saying ‘I do’, Dane and Kat have drifted apart and their marriage feels empty. Determined that he won’t give up on the love of his life, Dane books a holiday back to the island paradise where they got married, and does everything he can to renew their love. 

Take Me Back is a beautiful tale about commitment and enduring love. 

Final Thoughts

March provides readers with the perfect blend of steamy romance and nail-biting suspense as she guides them through the dark, passionate underworld beneath the surface of every city. Readers will breeze their way through March’s impressive collection because they won’t be able to put her books down until all secrets have been revealed and romances fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many books are there in the Beneath series?

Beneath, March’s first series, comprises seven books, with each detailing a different romance in New Orleans.

What genre are Meghan March’s books?

March writes in the contemporary and erotic romance genre. Her Flash Bang series is March’s only post-apocalyptic work.

What is Meghan March’s latest book?

The newest book from March is Madam Temptress, which was released in 2020.

Where is Meghan March from?

March is an American author who currently lives in the Northwest.

What age range are Meghan March’s books for?

Given that many of March’s novels fall into the erotica category and feature scenes of a sexual nature, it is recommended that only people over the age of eighteen read them.

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