The Michael Bennett Series In Order By James Patterson

The Michael Bennett series is arguably James Patterson’s most well-known and liked series. It follows Detective Michael Bennett as he solves many dark mysteries and brings criminals to justice.

The Michael Bennett Series In Order By James Patterson

There are quite a few books in this series now, and working out what order to read them in can be a bit confusing, because all the books are standalone stories. But I am here to help!

We have put together all 13 of the Michael Bennett books in order, so you know where to start and where to end. So let’s take a look!

About The Michael Bennett Series

This police/detective thriller series follows Detective Michael Bennett as he is trusted with the most complicated and suspenseful cases.

Each book tells a different story, but Michael Bennett is featured as the main character and lead detective in each standalone case.

Though most of the Michael Bennett series is about suspense, dark crime cases, and action, there are lots of funny moments throughout all the novels too.

Michael Bennett as a character is quite likable and you will feel like you are going on a journey with him.

There are 13 books in the Michael Bennett series, and below, you will find the appropriate order in which you should read them.

Step On A Crack By James Patterson

Step on a Crack (Michael Bennett, Book 1)

After the loss of his wife, Michael Bennett and his 10 adopted children are trying to enjoy Christmas without her for the first time.

But when the funeral of a former First Lady at St. Patrick’s Cathedral goes wrong and many attendees are taken hostage, Michael is asked to try and reason with the sinister man behind it: Jack.

Once Jack makes his demands and starts doing the unspeakable, Michael realizes that he is up against a foe who is truly diabolical.


  • The writing and story are very suspenseful.


  • The chapters with his family aren’t very engaging.

Run For Your Life By James Patterson

Run for Your Life (A Michael Bennett Thriller, 2)

When a criminal named The Teacher starts to eliminate powerful people across New York City, Detective Mike Bennett returns to tackle the high-profile case.

The Teacher is clear in his message: remember your manners or face the consequences!

The pressure to solve the case is high, but when Michael discovers a pattern in The Teacher’s crimes, he realizes that he has mere hours to save New York from the greatest disaster in history.


  • The story is fast-paced and keeps you engaged.


  • There are quite a few loose ends that never get resolved in the story.

Worst Case By James Patterson

Worst Case (Special Edition)

One by one, the children of the most wealthy and elite families are taken hostage in New York City.

The criminal doesn’t want money, he only wants to ask the elite the price others pay for their lifestyles.

Detective Michael Bennett quickly puts together that all of the crimes are linked.

As New York is thrown into chaos he is forced to team up with FBI agent Emily Parker to catch the criminal before he causes irreversible damage to the whole city.


  • There is a good blend of mystery and romance in the book.


  • The writing is a bit mediocre in comparison to some of the other books.

Tick Tock By James Patterson

Tick Tock (Michael Bennett, Book 4)

When a bomb is set in one of New York’s busiest places, the police soon realize that it’s just a warning for some greater devastation.

The city calls on Detective Michael Bennett, which leaves his 10 adopted children open to an attack.

He once again enlists the help of FBI agent Emily Parker, and the two discover the criminal’s pattern and the earth-shattering truth of his plan.


  • Full of suspense and thrill.


  • The story is quite short.

I, Michael Bennett By James Patterson

I, Michael Bennett (Michael Bennett, Book 5)

When Detective Michael Bennett arrests a Mexican crime lord, he vows that he will rain violence down on New York and get revenge on the detective.

To get away from the chaos, Michael takes his ten adopted children and their nanny, Mary Catherine, on vacation near Newburgh, New York.

But instead of a relaxing getaway, they come across warring gangs and Michael must choose between protecting his hometown and saving New York City.


  • This book is easy to read.


  • The dialogue is a bit all over the place.

Gone By James Patterson

Gone (A Michael Bennett Thriller, 6)

As a crime lord declares war on America, only Michael Bennett knows why. He once managed to put this crime lord behind bars, but now that he is out, he has sworn to find and eliminate the detective.

When the crime lord embarks on a brutal war across America, Michael is forced to come out of hiding and face the crime lord one last time.


  • Michael Bennett is an engaging and interesting character.


  • This book focuses more on his family than the criminal.

Burn By James Patterson

Burn (A Michael Bennett Thriller, 7)

Michael Bennett finally returns to New York City, only to deal with the most horrific case of his career.

He takes over an Outreach Squad in Harlem and receives a mysterious call that tells him there is a group of well-dressed men holding a very bizarre party in a condemned building.

With no obvious crime or evidence there, Michael dismisses the report, but when a body is found in the same building, he is drawn into the criminal underworld to find answers.


  • The story is gripping and a real page-turner.


  • There are lots of unanswered questions by the end of the book.

Alert By James Patterson

Alert (A Michael Bennett Thriller, 8)

After two high-tech attacks, New York City is on edge. Michael Bennett and Emily Parker from the FBI have to catch the criminals who claim they are responsible for the attacks, but they are good at concealing their identities.

After a shocking assassination, Michael Bennett finds himself racing against the clock to save his beloved city.


  • Entertaining and easy to read.


  • The plot is a bit too fanciful.

Bullseye By James Patterson

Bullseye (A Michael Bennett Thriller, 9)

As the President of the United States travels to the United Nations to iron out the differences between the US and Russia, a husband and wife assassin team makes him their next target.

Michael Bennett is forced to join the fight and trace the source of the threat that could tear the country apart, but what he finds may turn the tensions between the two countries red-hot once more.


  • The pacing is written well.


  • The ending is a bit unbelievable.

Haunted By James Patterson

Haunted (A Michael Bennett Thriller, 10)

Escaping with his family to Maine, Michael Bennett discovers a dark world in the community they find themselves in.

When local police discover a body in the woods, they enlist Michael’s help, but no one will talk to him in this town.

The only help he has comes in the form of a young and forgotten girl and the two rush to find the criminal responsible for the bodies in the woods.


  • The characters are fleshed out and well-written.


  • Lots of the plot does not make sense.

Ambush By James Patterson

Ambush (A Michael Bennett Thriller, 11)

When one of Michael’s children sustains a mysterious injury and a load of crimes happens alongside this event, Michael Bennett is forced to find the criminal before it is too late.

But the criminal entices another officer into compromising Bennett, which could make this case impossible to solve and it could cost Bennett his life.


  • Lots of mysteries that will keep you entertained.


  • Lots of loose ends not resolved.

Blindside By James Patterson

Blindside (A Michael Bennett Thriller, 12)

With the mayor’s daughter missing and Michael Bennett’s son in prison, the two men who don’t see eye-to-eye strike up a deal.

He leaps into a case and finds himself investigating a homicide in the Bronx. The victim has ties to the mayor’s daughter, but also to a sophisticated hacking operation.

Michael finds himself at the center of a dangerous triangle that involves the NYPD, FBI, and a transnational criminal organization.


  • There are lots of interesting twists throughout the book.


  • This book isn’t as suspenseful as some of the others.

The Russian By James Patterson

The Russian (A Michael Bennett Thriller, 13)

The final book in the series sees a criminal crashing Michael Benett’s wedding.

As his long-time love, Mary Catherine is about to become his bride, he finds himself involved in a case that is not only taking over New York but also Atlanta and San Francisco.

A criminal is eliminating young women, and Michael Bennett is the only one who can stop it… but he might be walking into a trap.


  • The story will keep you interested and engaged the whole way through.


  • The plot is a bit cartoonish and bland.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! All 13 books in the Michael Bennett series are in order. If you like suspense and crime stories, then you will love these books, so give them a read today!

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Are There Any Movies Based On The Michael Bennett Series?

Currently, there are no movies based on the Michael Bennett series of books.

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