All Mrs. Jeffries Books in Order (Emily Brightwell’s Mysteries)

Dive into our reading guide featuring Emily Brightwell’s enthralling Mrs. Jeffries mystery series. Explore all 41 books in order, offering the perfect roadmap for your literary adventure.

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All Mrs. Jeffries Books in Order (Emily Brightwell's Mysteries)

Emily Brightwell, a gifted author, is renowned for her Victorian-era Mrs. Jeffries mystery series. Born in West Virginia and raised in Southern California, Emily’s love for storytelling began early. Her background as a journalist sharpened her narrative skills, and her blend of humor, historical accuracy, and intricate plots captivate readers.

The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries

The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 1)

The first book Victorian-era mystery series “The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries,” features Inspector Witherspoon and his housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries, who assists in solving crimes. When a doctor is found dead, Mrs. Jeffries investigates despite her employer’s discomfort with questioning suspects, using her wit to uncover the truth behind the murder.

Mrs. Jeffries Dusts For Clues

Mrs. Jeffries Dusts for Clues (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 2)

Join Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard and his resourceful housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries in Book 2, as they delve into a challenging case involving a vanished maid and a priceless brooch. The duo’s tireless determination drives them to uncover the truth when they discover the brooch on a deceased woman.

The Ghost and Mrs. Jeffries

The Ghost and Mrs. Jeffries (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 3)

In this gripping book “The Ghost and Mrs. Jeffries,” Mrs. Hodges attends a seance where the medium predicts her demise—a prophecy that comes true that night. Now, the resourceful housekeeper Mrs. Jeffries, partnered with Scotland Yard’s Inspector Witherspoon, steps in to unravel the mystery behind the chilling prediction and solve the case.

Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock

Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 4)

In Book 4, Inspector Witherspoon tackles a murder case involving a victim accused of stockholder swindling. Mrs. Jeffries, his resourceful housekeeper, uses her uncanny knack for solving financial mysteries to unmask the killer despite strong motives from each shareholder.

Mrs. Jeffries On the Ball 

Mrs. Jeffries on the Ball (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 5)

At the Jubilee Ball honoring Queen Victoria, the death of Hannah Greenwood sets off an investigation by Inspector Witherspoon and Mrs. Jeffries. Their search for answers uncovers hidden secrets and rivalries in the prestigious Hyde Park Literary Circle, where the victim was a member. Get ready for more in Mrs. Jeffries On the Ball!

Mrs. Jeffries On the Trail

Mrs. Jeffries on the Trail (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 6)

In “Mrs. Jeffries On the Trail,” a young flower girl is murdered on a foggy night in a deserted post-riot street. Inspector Witherspoon seeks Mrs. Jeffries’ exceptional detection skills to solve the mystery.

Mrs. Jeffries Plays the Cook

Mrs. Jeffries Plays the Cook (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 7)

Mrs. Jeffries aids Inspector Witherspoon in investigating the murder of a despised London businessman. Juggling her kitchen duties while skillfully pursuing the killer, prepare for a gripping Book 7.

Mrs. Jeffries and the Missing Alibi 

Mrs. Jeffries and the Missing Alibi (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 8)

In “Mrs. Jeffries and the Missing Alibi”, Inspector Witherspoon is wrongly accused of murder and banned from an investigation by Scotland Yard. But, with his housekeeper and partner in crime, Mrs. Jeffries, by his side, they defy expectations and work tirelessly to clear his name.

Mrs. Jeffries Stands Corrected

Mrs. Jeffries Stands Corrected (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 9)

In Book 9, Inspector Witherspoon enlists Mrs. Jeffries and her team to solve a murder mystery and prevent an innocent person from being arrested. Mrs. Jeffries’ polished detection skills make her Witherspoon’s secret weapon in cracking the case.

Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Stage

Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Stage (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 10)

In “Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Stage,” Inspector Witherspoon dives into the investigation of a theater critic’s murder. As his trusty sidekick, Mrs. Jeffries uncovers secrets even more thrilling than a stage production. Throughout their journey, they prove that the work of a skilled crime-solver is never truly done. Don’t miss out on the exciting twists and turns of this thrilling mystery novel!

Mrs. Jeffries Questions the Answer

Mrs. Jeffries Questions the Answer (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 11)

Get ready for a riveting read with “Mrs. Jeffries Questions the Answer.” The unlikable Hannah Cameron is discovered dead, and Inspector Witherspoon teams up with his trusty housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries, to uncover the truth. While the initial suspect is a burglar, their investigation leads them to suspect that the killer may be closer to home. 

Mrs. Jeffries Reveals Her Art

Mrs. Jeffries Reveals Her Art (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 12)

In Book 12, Mrs. Jeffries investigates dual mysteries: a missing artist’s model and a suspicious death among Neville Grant’s houseguests. With her team’s help, she navigates the chaos and employs her polished detection skills.

Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Cake

Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Cake (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 13)

With a dead body, two dessert plates, and a gun, it seems Mr. Ashbury shared a cake with his killer. Despite numerous enemies, including family, and his son-in-law’s objections, Inspector Witherspoon investigates the case. Unfazed, Mrs. Jeffries and her team snoop around, determined to uncover the truth in the Book 13 mystery.

Mrs. Jeffries Rocks the Boat

Mrs. Jeffries Rocks the Boat (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 14)

Upon Mirabelle Daws’ murder during her journey from Australia to visit her sister, Inspector Witherspoon, and Mrs. Jeffries delve into the case. Unraveling the mystery in Book 14, they uncover surprising evidence of foul play in the most unexpected places, showcasing their exceptional investigative skills in this enthralling tale.

Mrs. Jeffries Weeds the Plot 

Mrs. Jeffries Weeds the Plot (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 15)

In “Mrs. Jeffries Weeds the Plot,” Annabeth Gentry, a quirky loner, inherits a fortune and suddenly faces attempts on her life. Her bloodhound uncovers a murdered thief’s body, and the mystery deepens. Mrs. Jeffries and her team must determine if there’s a connection between the murders and Annabeth before the plot thickens further.

Mrs. Jeffries Pinches the Post

Mrs. Jeffries Pinches the Post (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 16)

Join Inspector Witherspoon as he tackles the criminal underworld in “Mrs. Jeffries Pinches the Post.” Inspector Witherspoon investigates the questionable business dealings of Harrison Nye after he is found murdered. Unfortunately, the case grows deadlier with Nye’s associate hiding something and his maid missing. Mrs. Jeffries and her team must sift through Nye’s past sins to uncover what ultimately led to his demise, 

Mrs. Jeffries Pleads Her Case

Mrs. Jeffries Pleads Her Case (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 17)

In the mystery of “Mrs. Jeffries Pleads Her Case,” the magistrate rules Westover’s death as suicide, but doubts remain. Inspector Witherspoon investigates political dangers in search of the potential killer. Mrs. Jeffries and her team guide the inspector, preventing another staged suicide by a possible murderer.

Mrs. Jeffries Sweeps the Chimney

Mrs. Jeffries Sweeps the Chimney (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 18)

In Book 18, Inspector Witherspoon faces a perplexing case involving an unidentified dead man, dressed as a vicar, found outside St. Paul’s Church. With a mysterious address and a skeleton in the chimney, he needs the astute assistance of Mrs. Jeffries to connect these bizarre events.

Mrs. Jeffries Stalks The Hunter

Mrs. Jeffries Stalks the Hunter (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 19)

During Sir Edmund Leggett’s engagement party, a stalker takes their obsession to deadly new heights. Naturally, the police suspect the stalker, but Inspector Witherspoon has a hunch. To uncover the truth in “Mrs. Jeffries Stalks The Hunter,” he turns to his housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries, who always manages to get to the heart of the matter.

Mrs. Jeffries and the Silent Knight

Mrs. Jeffries and the Silent Knight (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 20)

In “Mrs. Jeffries and the Silent Knight,” Sir George Braxton is found dead in a frozen fountain, creating a complex case involving his bickering daughters and unwelcoming houseguests. Inspector Witherspoon is called in, angering local authorities. Only with his housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries, and her crime-solving team can the Inspector hope for a peaceful Christmas Eve.

Mrs. Jeffries Appeals the Verdict

Mrs. Jeffries Appeals the Verdict (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 21)

When a local woman is killed during a robbery, Blimpey Groggins claims his friend was wrongfully convicted. With a cold trail, tampered evidence, and only three weeks until the execution, Mrs. Jeffries and her team must work tirelessly to save an innocent man from the gallows. Get ready to uncover the mystery in Book 21.

Mrs. Jeffries and the Best Laid Plans 

Mrs. Jeffries and the Best Laid Plans (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 22)

Book 22 follows the investigation of banker Lawrence Boyd’s murder. With numerous suspects from upstairs and downstairs, Inspector Witherspoon relies on Mrs. Jeffries’ keen eye to identify the killer among enemies, including rivals, a housekeeper who lost money, and others who crossed paths with the victim. 

Mrs. Jeffries and the Feast of St. Stephen

Mrs. Jeffries and the Feast of St. Stephen (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 23)

A festive dinner in West Brompton turns dark as wealthy host Stephen Whitfield dies. Inspector Witherspoon’s holiday is interrupted when Scotland Yard demands a quick resolution. Clues are scarce in this joyful mystery of “Mrs. Jeffries and the Feast of St. Stephen,” but Witherspoon’s team dedicates itself to solving it.

Mrs. Jeffries Holds the Trump

Mrs. Jeffries Holds the Trump (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 24)

In Book 24, Inspector Witherspoon and his assistant, Mrs. Jeffries, investigate the sudden death of Michael Provost, a businessman with no known enemies. But, as they follow the clues, they discover a connection to a previous crime and must determine if the Inspector could meet the same fate as the victim.

Mrs. Jeffries in the Nick of Time

Mrs. Jeffries in the Nick of Time (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 25)

Book 25 features train enthusiast Francis Humphreys, who was killed during an upstairs tea gathering. Inspector Witherspoon needs to solve the mystery of who did it with Mrs. Jeffries’ help. Can they find the killer without getting derailed?

Mrs. Jeffries and the Yuletide Weddings

Mrs. Jeffries and the Yuletide Weddings (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 26)

In Book 26, Inspector Witherspoon investigates a deceptive Yuletide murder case amidst wedding preparations. Lies, intrigue, and long-buried secrets emerge as he unravels the truth amidst uncooperative witnesses and sulking relatives.

Mrs. Jeffries Speaks Her Mind

Mrs. Jeffries Speaks Her Mind (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 27)

In “Mrs. Jeffries Speaks Her Mind,” eccentric Olive Kettering claimed someone wanted to harm her, but no one took her seriously. When she’s shot and killed, numerous suspects emerge, all wanting her dead. Mrs. Jeffries fearlessly speaks her mind in pursuit of justice, determined to solve the case and bring the killer to light.

Mrs. Jeffries Forges Ahead

Mrs. Jeffries Forges Ahead (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 28)

Arlette Montrose Banfield’s marriage to the handsome Lewis Banfield left many women envious, but could their jealousy lead to poisoning her? Mrs. Jeffries is unafraid of digging deep into the case, determined to expose the greed that fueled Arlette’s tragic murder, in “Mrs. Jeffries Forges Ahead.”

Mrs. Jeffries and the Mistletoe Mix-Up

Mrs. Jeffries & the Mistletoe Mix-Up (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 29)

In Book 29, art collector Daniel McCourt is found dead with his throat slit under the mistletoe. Inspector Witherspoon aims to solve the case before Christmas Eve, enlisting the help of his sharp-witted housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries. They explore various theories on why McCourt met such a violent end.

Mrs. Jeffries Defends Her Own

Mrs. Jeffries Defends Her Own (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 30)

Mrs. Jeffries, Inspector Witherspoon’s secret weapon, uses her polished detection skills to solve even the dirtiest crimes. When Sutcliffe Manufacturing’s general office manager is murdered, a figure from Mrs. Jeffries’ past begs for her help. Despite the case being assigned to another inspector, Mrs. Jeffries intervenes to prevent a grave miscarriage of justice. Are you ready to unravel the enigma in “Mrs. Jeffries Defends Her Own“? Let’s delve into this captivating mystery and discover the secrets hidden within.

Mrs. Jeffries Turns the Tide

Mrs. Jeffries Turns the Tide (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 31)

When newcomer Ellen Langston-Jones is found dead, Inspector Witherspoon suspects Lucius Montague, who was seen threatening her. Despite everyone’s belief in Montague’s guilt, Mrs. Jeffries has doubts. Facing the challenge of saving an unlikeable character, she must change the investigation’s course or risk an innocent man taking the fall for the true killer. Prepare to unveil the truth in the gripping tale of “Mrs. Jeffries Turns the Tide.”

Mrs. Jeffries and the Merry Gentlemen

Mrs. Jeffries and the Merry Gentlemen (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 32)

Stockbroker Orlando Edison capitalizes on London’s fascination with foreign mining ventures, gaining favor with influential aristocrats. However, just before Christmas, he’s found murdered. Inspector Witherspoon and his household, led by the determined Mrs. Jeffries, put their holiday plans aside to ensure justice is served in the joyful mystery of “Mrs. Jeffries and the Merry Gentlemen.”

Mrs. Jeffries and the One Who Got Away

Mrs. Jeffries and the One Who Got Away (Mrs.Jeffries Mysteries Book 33)

Inspector Witherspoon discovers a murdered woman, who he had met before, clutching an old newspaper clipping. With Mrs. Jeffries’ assistance, he delves into a cold case and unravels the murderer’s true identity. Book 33 – a thrilling read!

Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Prize

Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Prize (Mrs. Jeffries Mysteries Book 34)

In the new mystery adventure “Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Prize,” the Mayfair Orchid and Exotic Plant Society’s friendly rivalry turns deadly when orchid hunter Hiram Filmore is found murdered. Inspector Witherspoon investigates while Mrs. Jeffries discovers a shared past among the suspects. Together, they dig up long-buried secrets to determine which gardening enthusiast harbored a lethal grudge.

Mrs. Jeffries Rights a Wrong

Mrs. Jeffries Rights a Wrong (Mrs. Jeffries Mysteries Book 35)

In this Victorian mystery “Mrs. Jeffries Rights a Wrong,” Thomas Mundy is murdered in London’s Wrexley Hotel. Inspector Witherspoon investigates and discovers Mundy has a dual reputation as both a charming businessman and a deceitful con man with enemies worldwide. Mrs. Jeffries and the team work together to identify who had the motive to end Mundy’s life.

Mrs. Jeffries and the Three Wise Women

Mrs. Jeffries and the Three Wise Women (Mrs. Jeffries Mysteries Book 36)

In a holiday-themed Victorian mystery, “Mrs. Jeffries and the Three Wise Women,” Inspector Witherspoon and his team are determined to solve the unsolvable murder of Christopher Gilhaney during a Guy Fawkes Night dinner party, even if it means canceling Christmas plans. Justice doesn’t take time off in this thrilling tale of persuasive powers and criminal urgency.

Mrs. Jeffries Delivers the Goods

Mrs. Jeffries Delivers the Goods (Mrs. Jeffries Mysteries Book 37)

In Book 37, a rude businessman is poisoned, leaving Mrs. Jeffries and Inspector Witherspoon hunting for a killer at Wrexley Hotel. As they investigate the victim’s behavior and mistakes, they cross paths with a murderer. Despite reluctance from the hotel, the team must catch the criminal before more lives are lost.

Mrs. Jeffries and the Alms of the Angel

Mrs. Jeffries and the Alms of the Angel (Mrs. Jeffries Mysteries Book 38)

Mrs. Jeffries investigates the murder of wealthy widow Margaret Starling. Despite her charity work and church involvement, Margaret had her share of enemies. Join Mrs. Jeffries and Inspector Witherspoon as they uncover the truth in “Mrs. Jeffries and the Alms of the Angel,”  proving that justice doesn’t depend on popularity.

Mrs. Jeffries Demands Justice

Mrs. Jeffries Demands Justice (Mrs. Jeffries Mysteries Book 39)

Inspector Nigel Nivens, known for being unpleasant and a poor investigator, faces the consequences for sabotaging Inspector Witherspoon’s recent case. Banished to a challenging precinct in London’s East End, Nivens learns that his influential family can’t save him from every situation. Get swept up in the thrilling mystery of “Mrs. Jeffries Demands Justice“.

Mrs. Jeffries and the Midwinter Murders

Mrs. Jeffries and the Midwinter Murders (Mrs. Jeffries Mysteries Book 40)

When businesswoman Harriet Andover is strangled during a holiday gathering, Mrs. Jeffries and her team assist Inspector Witherspoon in uncovering the truth. But, as they explore Harriet’s past, the investigators won’t rest until they catch the killer and serve up a stocking full of coal. Embark on a thrilling journey of mystery, deceit, and murder in “Mrs. Jeffries and the Midwinter Murders.” 

Mrs. Jeffries Aims to Win

Mrs. Jeffries Aims to Win (A Victorian Mystery Book 41)

Jeremy Marks, a disliked businessman, is shockingly murdered during the West London Archery Club’s annual competition. However, Inspector Witherspoon discovers a history of deceit and betrayal beneath Jeremy’s fake persona. Mrs. Jeffries and the team work tirelessly to separate truth from fiction and track down the killer, in Book 41.

Final Thoughts 

The Mrs. Jeffries Mystery series, set in Victorian England, follows the lovable housekeeper as she aids Inspector Witherspoon in solving murders. With over 30 books in the series, it’s an engaging read, full of historical detail and interesting characters.


How many Mrs. Jeffries books are there?

This series consists of a total of 41 books.

Do you need to read Mrs. Jeffries’s books in order?

For an optimal understanding of character development, it’s ideal to read the Mrs. Jeffries series in order, but each book can also be enjoyed as a standalone story.

In which genre do the Mrs. Jeffries series belong?

The Mrs. Jeffries collection predominantly belongs to the Historical Mystery category.

In what period is the Mrs. Jeffries series set?

The Mrs. Jeffries series is set in the Victorian era, specifically during the late 19th century in London, England.

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