How To Read All Natasha Preston Books In Order

Natasha Preston is a YA author who has written thriller and romance books.

She started writing stories on Wattpad before her most popular stories, Silence and The Cellar, were published into books.

How To Read All Natasha Preston Books In Order

Now she is a New York Times bestselling author.

Preston has written a lot of books, and some of these books are part of three book series she has started: The Cellar series, the Silence series, and the Chance series.

So if you are new to Natasha Preston’s books and want to make sure you read each series in order, you can find out how below.

About Natasha Preston

Natasha Preston is best known for The Cellar and Silence.

After the success of these books, she decided to turn them into book series, known as The Cellar series and Silence series.

Her other book series, the Chance series, began with Second Chance, which she also followed up with a sequel.

The Cellar series includes two books, The Cellar and His. Despite the success of The Cellar, His was published on Wattpad.

The Chance series also comprises two books, Second Chance and Our Chance.

The Silent series is Preston’s largest series, which comprises four books: Silence; Broken Silence; Players, Bumps and Cocktail Sausages; and Silent Night.

In addition to her three book series, Natasha Preston has also written a number of standalone novels, which can be read in any order.

Some of these are:

Natasha Preston Cellar Books In Order

The Cellar

The Cellar

The Cellar is Natasha Preston’s most popular book. It was published in 2014.

It’s about 16-year-old Summer Robinson, who gets kidnapped and held captive in a cellar with several other girls.


  • Natasha Preston’s most popular book
  • The Cellar is an easy read for YA fans


  • The main character, Summer, makes questionable decisions throughout the book

You Will Be Mine

You Will Be Mine

You Will Be Mine is the second book in Natasha Preston’s Cellar series, which sees the shocking return of the kidnapper.

After the success of The Cellar, Preston carried on the story, initially publishing it on Wattpad. It currently has over 5 million views.


  • Those who liked The Cellar will like the sequel
  • The book was a Wattpad hit, where it was first published


  • Readers cite that the story is rammed with clichés

Natasha Preston Silence Books In Order



Like The Cellar, Silence is another book Natasha Preston is well known for, published in 2012.

Unlike The Cellar, though, Silence is a YA romance novel about Oakley Farrell, a girl who has not spoken a word since the age of five.

Then she meets dreamy Cole Benson.


  • Fans of YA romance fiction will like Silence
  • Silence has mystery elements


  • The book contains grammatical errors and spelling mistakes

Broken Silence

Broken Silence

Broken Silence is the second book in Preston’s Silence series, published in 2013.

It continues the love story of Oakley Farrell and Cole Benson, this time with a court case thrown in the mix.


  • If you enjoyed Silence, you’ll enjoy Broken Silence
  • Continues the love story of Oakley and Cole


  • Like Silence, Broken Silence also contains typos and off-putting syntax

Players, Bumps, And Cocktail Sausages

Players, Bumps and Cocktail Sausages (Silence Book 3)

Players, Bumps, and Cocktail Sausages is the third book in the Silence series, despite its unique title.

It introduces new characters Jasper, “a player” (and the brother of Oakley, from the previous books); Abby, Jasper’s Wife; and Holly, the spanner in the works.

It’s a love triangle story.


  • Readers who love triangle stories will enjoy Players, Bumps, and Cocktail Sausages
  • Natasha Preston expands the Silence universe with three new characters


  • Although linked to the previous books in the series, fans of Oakley and Benson might not enjoy the new characters as much

Silent Night

Silent Night (Silence)

Silent Night is the fourth entry in Natasha Preston’s Silence series, published in 2014.

It sees a much-welcome return for Oakley and Cole, who spend Christmas with their families.


  • The perfect seasonal read for fans of YA short stories
  • After Players, Bumps, and Cocktail Sausages, Silent Night brings the story back to Oakley Farrell and Cole Benson


  • It’s a short story at 7000 words

Natasha Preston Chance Books In Order

Second Chance

Second Chance (Chance Series Book 1)

Second Chance, published in 2014, kicks off Natasha Preston’s Chance series.

It follows protagonist Chloe, whose world crumbled when her boyfriend died in a terrorist attack.

Enter Logan – can he patch up her wounded heart?


  • Another series for YA romance fans
  • Touches on heavy themes such as grief and trust


  • Readers mention that Second Chance is a slow, repetitive read

Our Chance

Our Chance (Chance Series Book 2)

Our Chance was published in 2015.

It’s the second book in Natasha Preston’s Chance series, which brings in new characters Damon and Nell (Nell is the best friend of Chloe, from the first book).

Nell doesn’t believe in love. But, fortunately for her, Damon is hell-bent on proving her wrong.


  • Expands on Second Chance with two new characters
  • Fans of romantic YA fiction won’t be able to put Our Chance down


  • Our Chance is more romantically explicit than the first book, which might startle some readers

Final Thoughts

And that’s how to read Natasha Preston’s Cellar book series, Silence book series, and Chance book series in order.

It’s straightforward, as all you have to do is read each book (of each series) in the order of publication.

As for Natasha Preston’s standalone books, you can read these in any order that you prefer, since none of the books are connected.

So if you really love YA, you’ll enjoy Natasha Preston.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Books Are In The Cellar Series?

There are two books in Natasha Preston’s Cellar series. These are The Cellar, published in 2014, and His, which was published on Wattpad.

Is There A Movie Based On The Cellar Book?

No. The Cellar, written by Natasha Preston, does not have a movie adaptation. The 2022 horror movie, The Cellar, starring Elisha Cuthbert, is not based on Natasha Preston’s novel.

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