Off-Campus Book Series Order: Best Order For Reading The 5 Novels

Ellen Kennedy has taken the world by storm with her amazing series Off-Campus. And it’s not hard to see why. With handsome and hunky male leads and headstrong wonderful women, these characters are sure to sweep you off your feet.

The Off-Campus books are part of a story that has been sold millions of times all across the globe. And this worldwide phenomenon has earned accolades such as New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestsellers.

Off-Campus Book Series Order: Best Order For Reading The 5 Novels

The series stands strong as a collection of standalone stories, focusing on different students and the antics they get up to each time. So technically there’s no correct order to read these books.

But since for the most part, the characters of other books do make appearances in the debut novel, you’ll be most fulfilled from reading them chronologically in terms of publication. But that’s just my personal preference.

About The Off-Campus Book Series

As I mentioned above, the Off-Campus series is a collection of standalone books which means that there isn’t one continuous storyline. With each new book, we’ll be introduced fully to new characters that we may have only seen glimpses of in previous novels.

But don’t worry, each book comes with its own delicious blend of both sweetness and spice.  Welcome to Briar University, where there seems to be an endless supply of magnetic, magnificent, and mouth-watering eye candy. Excuse me, how do I enroll?

With a batch of drool-worthy book boyfriends, constant romantic endeavors, tons of laughs, and just a touch of heat, trust me, you’ll never want to step foot off this campus.

The 5 Off-Campus Books In Order

The Deal – Book 1

The Deal (Off-Campus Book 1)

Hannah Wells has her eyes on a man. And you’d expect this not to be a problem for a girl so forthright and confident. But alas, flirting, dating, charisma, and seduction are far from her forte.

In fact, she has quite the emotional baggage around this area, and stepping foot out of her comfort zone isn’t something she’s thrilled about. But Hannah Wells is no fool, and she’s come up with a completely brilliant plan to catch her crush’s eye. Make him jealous, of course.

Only, this comes with its own challenge in the form of Garret Graham. Garret is everything you could expect from the captain of the hockey team. He’s annoying, loud, childish, and arrogant. And now she must tutor him in return for a fake date.

But when one fateful night things push past the lines of pretend, Garret realizes that there’s nothing feigned about his feelings. Can he convince Hannah that the real love she’s looking for is already right in front of her?


  • Seriously Swoon-Worthy – Someone grab the fan because things are hotting up in here. Garret is the perfect book boyfriend that is sure to have you swooning.
  • Laugh-Out-Loud Funny – There are so many hilarious moments in this book, you’ll be sure to be in stitches.
  • Fake Dating/Forced Proximity – If you’re a fan of seeing a couple who swear blind that they will never be real fall helplessly head over heels for each other, this is the perfect book for you.


  • Potential Trigger Warnings – With a harrowing backstory, this book touches on some very mature themes that won’t be suitable for younger readers and may be potentially triggering for some readers.

The Mistake – Book 2

The Mistake (Off-Campus, 2)

Hockey star and college junior John Logan is well accustomed to every girl he meets falling at his feet. So, all in all, his college life is pretty sweet. Only no one quite knows the deep-down dread he feels about the dead-end road awaiting him after graduation. 

Luckily, a chance encounter with the stunningly beautiful Grace Ivers provides exactly the kind of distraction he needs.

But when a thoughtless mistake results in him losing the girl of his dreams, Logan is determined that he’ll spend his final year of college proving that he’s deserving of a second chance.

But Grace Ivers has come back for her final year at college a whole lot wiser. She doesn’t need to get mixed up with the likes of that arrogant player, in more ways than one. If Logan wants to win her back, he’s going to have to really step up his game.

Grace is ready to take her firm place in the driver’s seat this time around, and she can’t wait to drive him into absolute madness.


  • Trope Heaven – Second chances, college sports romance, friends to enemies to lovers, inexperienced vs experienced. Take your pick, they’re all bundled into one deliciously delightful storyline.
  • Light & Dark – While there are a few serious issues that are handled impeccably throughout the novel, there are still so many hilarious and lighthearted moments. Light and dark are perfectly balanced here.
  • Strong Female Lead – No doormats in this book. Grace stands up for herself and doesn’t allow anyone to push her around.


  • Pacing – There seems to be a little bit of a lull halfway through this novel that requires a little perseverance.

The Score – Book 3 

The Score (Off-Campus, 3)(Print May Vary)

Things couldn’t be much worse for Allie Hayes right now. Her heart is broken after the loss of her longtime relationship. Graduation is also approaching at a scarily fast speed and she doesn’t have the first clue what she wants to do.

Well, maybe she does…just for tonight. A wild rebound night of passion probably isn’t the wisest way to get over her ex-beau but Dean Di Laurentis is just too handsome to resist. Luckily, as the king of casual, she can be sure it’s just a one-time thing.

Except Dean has a different idea. After all, who tells the Dean Laurentis no? He gets whatever he wants! Girls, grades, a few more girls, recognition, and you guessed it even more girls.

And this downright delectable girl thinks she can just swoop in, rock his world, and then bail for good? Not on his watch.

Dean sets upon a full-on pursuit for Allie, but when a life-changing event takes place, this hockey star soon learns that it’s time to stop concentrating on scoring, and focus on winning the girl.


  • Brutal Banter – This couple seriously doesn’t hold back and their banter and brutal honesty allow for tons of laughs.
  • Serious Spice – Allie and Dean certainly turn the levels up in the heat department. Impending swooning is imminent.
  • Like An Onion – Dean’s character development throughout this book is amazing. Like an onion, you just keep peeling back layer and layer. This bad boy gone good will surprise you in more ways than one.


  • Weaker Connection – In terms of the romance, it felt like this couple was missing the deeper connection that we’ve seen in previous pairings.

The Goal – Book 4

The Goal (Off-Campus, 4)

Desperate to escape her shameful past, Sabrina James has her whole life planned out. Things will be different for her. She’s going to graduate from college and go to law school.

And once she’s succeeded there, she’ll land a converted position at a cut-throat law firm and rake in the big bucks. With such a scheduled life, there’s space to fit in an admittedly beautiful star hockey player who believes in love at first sight.

She can squeeze in one night of passion, but that’s all she has to offer. But one night can be all it takes to ruin a lifetime of planning. John Tucker, hockey superstar, knows that being a team player is the most vital part of any team.

And so he’s more than happy to bow out of the spotlight to let his teammates take center stage. However, when it comes to becoming a father at just 22, he refuses to stay on the sidelines.

The only problem is that his mother-to-be Sabrina is a fierce and stubborn brunette who refuses to accept help from anyone. But that won’t stop him from trying. Can this team player make her see that sometimes goals can only ever be achieved with the help of an assist?


  • Deep & Poignant Moments – There are tons of deeper themes handled really sensitively and beautifully throughout this novel, especially in terms of the pregnancy.
  • Kind-Hearted Hunk – If you like your book boyfriends soft, gentle, and patient rather than the typical bad boy, then you’ll adore John Tucker.
  • Sweet & Spicy – Don’t worry, although John’s a sensitive soul you still get a fantastic fix of spicy steaminess.


  • Unlikable Heroine – Unlikable might be a little harsh for my choice of words, but compared to the other heroines throughout the series Sabrina seems a little lackluster in terms of character development.

The Legacy – Book 5

The Legacy (Off-Campus)

Four couples, four amazing stories, and three years in the real world. A lot’s happened. A wedding, a proposal, an elopement, and a surprise pregnancy. Safe to say, life after college isn’t exactly what any of these couples had imagined.

It seems that for these four couples, there were lessons ahead that no amount of time at Briar U could have prepared them for. At least they still have each other.

In the final installment of the off-campus series, these best friends are soon to learn that life off campus is harder than they might have imagined. Who knew that love was the easy part? Growing up seems so much harder.


  • Catch-Up & Conclusion – I love that the last installment of the series involves all of the couples and how their lives pan out. It means everyone gets to say goodbye to their favorite couple. Come on, we all have on.
  • Hilarious – This book will have you crying from laughter. There are so many light-hearted and funny moments that will have you grinning from ear to ear.
  • Beautiful Bromance – Not only do you get all the feels from your four favorite couples but the deep connection and friendship between all four boys play out amazingly.


  • Character DeclineSay it ain’t so. The one bitterly disappointing part of this book is that Garret’s character from the first novel seems to have rapidly declined.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a coming-of-age, young-adult romance series that will introduce you to a plethora of dreamy book boyfriends filled with tantalizing tropes and just the perfect amount of spice and steam then this is the book series for you.

It’s just so perfect. If I could describe my love for this series I’d simply give it a *chef’s kiss.* There are a few cons here and there, as there are for any novel, but the pros massively outweigh them.

I couldn’t think of a better place to be transported to than Briar U. All those in favor of enrolling…follow me…hot and hunky swoon-worthy men are inbound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Spin-Off Series Of Off-Campus?

Yes! If, like me, you aren’t ready to give up on those sweet and spicy stories just yet, you need to check out the Briar U spin-off series

Do You Need To Read The Off-Campus Series In Order?

Technically no. Each book is a standalone book that you can read perfectly well without having read the previous installments. However, I would recommend reading the 5th book last as it catches you up on all the characters from the four previous installments. 

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