All Pamela Kelley Books In Order – Reading Guide

If you’re looking for stories about families, mystery, and romance, look no further. Pamela Kelley writes emotional and exciting novels, and we’ve listed all of them in the ideal reading order to get the best experience. Let’s dive right in!

All Pamela Kelley Books In Order - Reading Guide

About Pamela Kelley

Pamela Kelley has always loved reading, mainly enjoying mystery, romance, and women’s fiction. Her books tie all of these categories together, creating suspenseful and engaging stories about families and drama.

Pamela Kelley published her first novel, Six Months in Montana, in 2013. Since then she has written a large number of books, and she’s become a USA Today and Wall Street bestselling author.

Kelley lives in a historic seaside town near Cape Cod, still writing novels for readers everywhere to enjoy.

All Pamela Kelley Books In Order

Montana Sweet Western Romance Series

Six Months in Montana (2013)

Six Months in Montana (Montana Sweet Western Romance Series, Book 1)

Six Months in Montana follows Molly Bishop, who has a great life in Manhattan. Things are looking up at her job at a boutique luxury hotel, but there is one thing that still needs fixing.

Molly hasn’t seen her childhood friend, Christian, in over 10 years. But when Molly runs into Christian’s grandfather, he is suddenly adding a new part to his will. He states that Christian will only inherit the ranch he’s been running and the real estate business he’s been working on if he marries Molly for at least 6 months.

Mistletoe in Montana (2014)

Mistletoe in Montana (Montana Sweet Western Romance Series, Book 2)

Mistletoe in Montana brings us the story of Dan and Traci, who we meet in Six Months in Montana. Dan is Christian’s younger brother, and he recently broke his leg. He’s not happy to have to stay in Montana as he nurses it back to health, and he misses his life in Chicago.

When Dan meets Traci, he suddenly doesn’t mind being stuck in Montana as much. Traci has recently gotten out of a serious relationship and isn’t ready to get back into dating yet, but Dan can’t keep himself from falling for her.

Mischief in Montana (2014)

Mischief in Montana (Montana Sweet Western Romance Series, Book 3)

Travis Jones is Christian’s best friend, and because of this, he has never acted on his feelings for Isabella, Christian’s ex. But now that Christian is happily married, Travis thinks it might finally be time to tell her how he feels.

Isabella thinks of Travis as her friend and work partner, but nothing more. She’s interested in Aidan, a guy who just moved back to town and is hard to read.

Mischief in Montana follows the story of Travis and Isabella, and though Travis wonders if he even has a chance, he isn’t going to give up so easily.

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Waverly Beach Cozy Mystery Series

Trust (2014)

TRUST (Waverly Beach Mystery Series Book 1)

Lauren is a 36-year-old high school teacher who has been living in her small seaside town for years. She is preparing to get married when one of her students is murdered, and suddenly she is a person of interest.

Trust follows the story of Lauren as this case unfolds. Her fiancé, David, is surprised when the media attention falls on them, and soon he is learning things about Lauren’s past that he never expected.

Motive (2015)

MOTIVE (Waverly Beach Mystery Series Book 2)

Jane Cho is David’s cousin, who was a character in Trust. Jane used to be a legal investigator, and now she’s looking to live a quiet life in the seaside town of Waverly and is running her own takeout food shop. 

But when Jane finds a dead body, her quiet life quickly vanishes. The dead woman had run a nearby business and was filing a lawsuit against Jane to try and shut her down. 

Motive follows Jane as she tries to make sense of all that is going on, and when someone starts sending her strange messages, she wonders if she is being warned of something sinister.

Nantucket Beach Plum Cove Series

The Nantucket Inn (2019)

The Nantucket Inn (Nantucket Beach Plum Cove Book 1)

When Kate gets laid off and goes home to find her fiancé cheating on her, her life has officially turned upside down. Her mom convinces her to come to Nantucket and take some time off to clear her head.

Lisa Hodges’ husband has just died, leaving her with hardly any savings due to his gambling addiction. Now she either has to sell her waterfront home on Nantucket or turn it into an inn to afford to stay there. 

The Nantucket Inn follows the lives of Kate and her mother as they struggle with these life changes, and it also tells us the stories of Kate’s siblings and what they are dealing with.

Nantucket Neighbors (2019)

Nantucket Neighbors (Nantucket Beach Plum Cove Book 2)

Nantucket Neighbors brings us another story of Lisa and her family and friends. Lisa is loving life on Nantucket, renting out her upstairs rooms and spending time with her new boyfriend, Rhett. 

Lisa’s daughter Kristen has finally ended things with Sean and everyone is happy about it. But when Sean asks Kristen for a second chance and she gives him one, it’s clear that she’s not letting him go so easily.

Chase becomes wrapped up in a new secretive relationship, and it leaves everyone curious. But when they finally learn who it is, they become worried for Chase and don’t want to see him hurt.

On top of everything else, when a prepaid guest doesn’t show up to the inn like they were scheduled to, the police suddenly show up with questions.

Nantucket White Christmas (2019)

Nantucket White Christmas (Nantucket Beach Plum Cove Book 3)

Angela has never really liked Christmas, and this year is exactly the same. Things keep going wrong, and Angela and her cat are about to be homeless. She moves in with her friend Jane, trying to figure out a way out of this mess. 

When Angela gets a letter, suddenly she and her cat are moving to Nantucket with the plan of moving back to San Francisco in a few months. 

Nantucket White Christmas follows Angela on her journey, and when she meets the Hodges family, she’s soon wondering if she might want to stay longer after all. 

A Nantucket Affair (2020)

A Nantucket Affair (Nantucket Beach Plum Cove Book 4)

The Hodges’ are back in A Nantucket Affair with a new riveting story. This time, Lisa’s friend Sue is questioning her marriage. Rumors are floating around about her husband, and she intends to find out if they are true.

At the same time, Kristen’s boyfriend is dealing with a horrible loss and she is struggling to figure out how to be there for him. 

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The Nantucket Restaurant Series

The Restaurant (2020)

The Restaurant (The Nantucket Restaurant series Book 1)

The Restaurant follows Mandy, Emma, and Jill, three sisters who grew up on Nantucket and eventually went their separate ways.

Jill is single and lives in Manhattan, loving life as a co-owner of an executive search firm. She spends a lot of time with her partner, Nick, and despite everyone thinking there is something going on, she’s never seen him as more than a friend.

Emma is an elementary school teacher in Arizona and has been married to her husband, Peter, for over 15 years. When he tells her something surprising, Emma’s life changes completely.

Mandy lives in Nantucket with her husband Cory and their two kids. Now that the kids are older Mandy is excited to get back to work, but Cory doesn’t seem to think that’s a good idea.

But when the sisters’ grandmother passes away, they learn that she was the secret owner of a very popular restaurant. Their grandma gave them all equal ownership, and they were told that they needed to work at the restaurant for at least a year before selling—otherwise, the entire restaurant will go to Paul, the chef.

Christmas at the Restaurant (2020)

Christmas at the Restaurant (The Nantucket Restaurant series Book 2)

Christmas at the Restaurant brings back the beloved sisters in a story revolving around the holidays. Mandy, Emma, and Paul want to do a special holiday celebration for their restaurant, commemorating their first Christmas together.

Mandy and Emma’s sister, Jen, is spending the whole month of December on Nantucket with her new husband. 

The bartender at the restaurant, Gina, is spending her first winter on Nantucket and having a hard time adjusting. But when a crush from back in the city moves to the island, Gina suddenly realizes that things could get more interesting for her.

Standalone Novels

Nashville Dreams (2018)

Nashville Dreams

In Nashville Dreams, Laura grew up in a trailer park and Cole grew up in a mansion with his billionaire father, but despite their differences, the two fall in love. Laura and Cole planned to get married after college, but a pregnancy changed their plans.

Cole’s father is running for governor, and he doesn’t approve of the young couple. When he learns about the pregnancy and their plans to get married, he’s very angry. So Cole’s father takes matters into his own hands, doing something that will change the course of things forever.

The Wedding Photo (2018)

The Wedding Photo

The Wedding Photo is a story about Jenna Eldridge, a wedding photographer who has the ability to see if a couple’s love will really last. When Jenna takes a photo of her friend Charlie, she isn’t quite sure what she is seeing.

Charlie is a cop like Jenna’s father was. When her father died on the job, Jenna swore she would never date a cop. But when Charlie and Jenna become involved in a pretend relationship, things start to feel a little too real.

The Hotel (2021)

The Hotel

The Whitley is the most exclusive hotel on Nantucket, and many celebrities have stayed there. It’s the place where everyone wants to stay, and it’s also the place where everyone wants to work. 

When Paula Whitley’s grandfather, the founder of The Whitley, announces that he’s promoting Paula to be in charge of the entire hotel, she is shocked. The rest of her family isn’t too happy about the new development, either.

The Hotel follows Paula as she navigates this new responsibility. She is expected to work closely with David Connolly, a man who she dislikes immediately. With all of this new work and pressure, everyone begins wondering what Paula’s grandfather’s end goal is.

Plymouth Undercover (2021)

Plymouth Undercover

In Plymouth Undercover, a mother and daughter have just inherited a private investigation agency. Emma McCarthy is a 30-year-old woman who has just moved home after failing at becoming an actress. Cindy McCarthy is a yoga instructor at an exclusive golf community, and she’s Emma’s mother.

The two women have their work cut out for them when they inherit Court Street Investigations, a private investigation agency with one part-time employee. They don’t know what they are doing, but when they’re hired to find a local missing woman, they’ll have to figure it out…fast. 

Gilded Girl (2022)

Gilded Girl

Gilded Girl follows Eliza Chapman after she learns that one of the richest and most successful men in New York is her father. He gets her a ticket from London to Manhattan, where she is invited to stay with him, his mother, and his other two daughters.

Eliza’s life is now completely different, and she is supposed to be looking for a husband. Suddenly she finds herself having the interest of both Will, a handsome and charming bachelor, and Nick, a British man who is looking for a wealthy wife.

Harry works for the family and has become a great friend, but he could never be anything more to Eliza because he wouldn’t be accepted into the higher class. 

When a tragedy occurs, everything changes again and Eliza has to think about what she really wants in life.

The Bookshop By The Bay (2023)

The Bookshop by the Bay: A Novel

After her marriage ends, Jess goes back to her childhood home on Cape Cod with her 30-year-old daughter. In Cape Cod, Jess’ best friend Alison has just found out that her favorite bookstore is looking for new ownership.

The Bookshop By The Bay follows the two friends as they decide to take on the bookstore together, deepening their friendship along the way.


What kind of books does Pamela Kelley write?

Pamela Kelley mainly writes feel-good women’s fiction and family saga novels that feature some suspense.

Where does author Pamela Kelley live?

Pamela Kelley lives in a historic town just south of Boston, near Cape Cod.

Do Pamela Kelley’s books need to be read in order?

Pamela Kelley’s books don’t have to be read in order and can be read as standalone novels. Still, it’s recommended that you read any of her series in order so you can get the best reading experience and understand the character development better.

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