The 6 Robert Galbraith Books In Order

Robert Galbraith is the pseudonym of Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling. Under this pen name, Rolwing writes the Cormoran Strike series.

These crime fiction novels follow a grumpy detective named Cormoran Strike as he solves crimes with his highly competent assistant, Robin Ellacott.

The 6 Robert Galbraith Books In Order

The books explore the complex relationships between these two very different friends who have a passion for solving mysteries.

Primarily, these cases are murder mysteries in the same vein as other detective literature, such as the Hercule Poirot books.

Containing 6 books, the Cormoran Strike series has proven to be incredibly popular.

Many of Galbraith’s books have been incredibly popular, which is thanks in part to the reveal that Rowling was using this alias.

The first book in the series became a bestseller following this reveal.

The novels have been adapted into a BBC television show named Strike. This adaptation stars Tom Burke as the titular detective, while Holliday Grainger portrays Robin Ellacott.

Other recurring actors in the series include Ben Crompton, Killian Scott, Kerr Logan, and Natasha O’Keeffe.

About The Robert Galbraith Books

Robert Galbraith is the author of the Cormoran Strike book series.

This series follows the titular character, a veteran and former SIB investigator turned private detective.

At the start of the series, Cormoran is struggling to maintain his failing detective agency.

However, things begin to look up when he meets temporary assistant Robin Ellacott.

After solving the case of a murdered supermodel, Cormoran hires Ellacott as his permanent assistant.

Though Cormoran has attempted to avoid the limelight thanks to his famous parents, rockstar Jonny Rokeby and model Leda Strike, many of these high-profile cases draw media attention.

Throughout the series, Cormoran and Robin get to the bottom of different mysteries.

They develop a strong friendship that is built on the strong foundation of a shared passion for detective work.

Cormoran and Robin are the protagonists of these novels.

Supporting characters include Matthew Cunliffe, Robin’s unsupportive fiancé, and Eric Wardle, a detective who develops a friendship with the protagonists.

Cormoran’s former fiancée, Charlotte Campbell, also appears in several books, as do several members of his large family.

Among the themes of this book series are death, love, passion, friendship, murder, mystery, and the past.

Since each novel focuses on a different case, these books center around different themes.

The Robert Galbraith Books In Order

The Cuckoo’s Calling

The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike)

The first book published under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith is The Cuckoo’s Calling.

This incredible debut novel introduces readers to Cormoran Strike, who is a grizzly private investigator and veteran.

Having recently broken up with his girlfriend, Charlotte, Cormoran is forced to live in his office.

Unfortunately, his work life is not much better, since Cormoran has very few clients remaining.

Things begin to change when Cormoran hires Robin as a temporary assistant.

The agency is soon hired by John Bristow, who wishes to investigate the death of his adopted sister, a supermodel named Lula Landry.

As Cormoran and Robin investigate the death of this troubled celebrity, they are brought into the dark world of wealth and fame.


  • Cormoran is a unique detective and protagonist.
  • Galbrath’s writing is exceptional and highly detailed.
  • This is a compelling mystery narrative that will hook readers.


  • Some of the suspects feel cliched, such as Guy Somé.

The Silkworm

The Silkworm (A Cormoran Strike Novel, 2)

The Cuckoo’s Calling is followed by The Silkworm, which centers around the death of a controversial author. Owen Quine is an unpopular writer.

When he disappears, his wife, Leonora Quine, contacts Cormoran for help. Leonora suspects that her husband has merely gone away for a few days.

However, further investigation proves that this disappearance was purposeful.

Before disappearing, Owen compiled a manuscript containing harshly lampooning almost all the people that he is close with.

As Cormoran and Robin investigate, they are soon led to Owen’s murdered body.

They find a strong link between the state of the body and the manuscript, suggesting that the two are intimately connected.

Cormoran and Robin face a dangerous killer in this sequel.


  • Robin becomes a more developed character, as she is given a little more to do here.
  • This is a fantastic foray into the literacy and publishing industries.
  • There are some comedic moments in this book that distract from the rather gruesome main plot.


  • There are perhaps too many characters in this book, as it is difficult to stay on top of them all.

Career Of Evil

Career of Evil (A Cormoran Strike Novel, 3)

In Career of Evil, Robin is sent a mysterious package. Upon opening this package, Robin discovers a severed leg.

This is a clear message to Cormoran, who theorizes that the perpetrator is probably one of the 4 people who hate him most.

When the police investigate the least likely culprit, Cormoran is forced to take matters into his own hands.

As Robin and Cormoran search for a deadly killer, their relationship becomes increasingly tumultuous. They are forced to rely on the aid of Shanker, a shady associate from Cormoran’s past.

Meanwhile, Robin discovers that she is being followed by an unknown stalker.

With her marriage to the invalidating Matthew becoming rapidly closer, Robin finds herself in a dangerous position. Will she marry the man who has betrayed her?


  • This is an interesting take on the serial killer narrative.
  • Galbraith masterfully blends the personal lives of Cormoran and Robin with the case.
  • The perspective of the killer is fascinating from a psychological perspective.


  • The violence is a little excessive at times.

Lethal White

Lethal White (A Cormoran Strike Novel, 4)

Lethal White is the fourth book written by Robert Galbraith. In this book, Cormoran and Robin investigate a case that happened decades ago.

This case links countryside crime with modern politics in the UK.

A man named Billy asks Cormoran to help him solve a murder that he witnessed as a boy.

Though Billy has health issues, Cormoran is nonetheless keen to help him. With the help of Robin, Cormoran aims to find out what happened decades prior.

The case becomes infinitely more complex when a Member of Parliament is violently killed. Intertwined with this, Robin and Cormoran face personal struggles.

Robin’s marriage to Matthew threatens to implode as she discovers that he is hiding a relationship-ending secret.


  • This gritty and mature narrative is perfect for adults who love murder mysteries.
  • The opening of the book is filled with intrigue and suspense, as it picks off from where the previous book ended.
  • The relationship between Robin and Cormoran develops significantly here, becoming even more complex than before.


  • The narrative feels somewhat erratic, as there are numerous narratives to juggle.

Troubled Blood

Troubled Blood (A Cormoran Strike Novel, 5)

Up next, Troubled Blood sees Cormoran taking a vacation to Cornwell so that he can catch up with his family.

Whilst there, Cormoran is approached by Anna Phipps, who wants help finding her mother.

Anna’s mother, Margot Bamborough, disappeared in 1974 and became one of the most famous missing cases of the time.

Cormoran decides to take on this cold case, despite the unlikeliness that he will be able to solve it.

Robin helps Cormoran with the investigation, despite the piling number of cases that they have to work through.

Meanwhile, Robin has to deal with stresses that occur in her own life, including relationship issues.

As this dynamic duo investigates the disappearance of Margot Bamborough, they find that this decades-old case is filled with intrigue, complexity, and unreliable witnesses.


  • Robin and Cormoran both receive plenty of character development in the fifth installment of the series.
  • The book handles complex family relationships well.
  • The narrative has a fulfilling ending that’s worth reaching.


  • The pacing is quite slow. This is not helped by the length of the book, which is unnecessarily long.

The Ink Black Heart

The Ink Black Heart: A Cormoran Strike Novel

In the latest entry into the series, Galbraith explores the complex and intricate world of online hate. Edie Ledwell appears at the agency and begs for help.

As the creator of The Ink Black Heart, a well-liked online cartoon, Edie is abused online by someone using the moniker of Anomie.

Edie wishes to find the identity of her abuser.

However, Robin doubts that they can get to the bottom of this mystery and so turns down the case. Just a few days later, Edie is found dead.

Consequently, Robin and Cormoran are thrust into the investigation.

As they hunt for the identity of Anomie, Cormoran, and Robin find that their abilities and skills are limited when it comes to the online world.


  • The narrative contains plenty of twists and turns.
  • Galbraith accurately depicts online hate in a complex manner.


  • With more than 1,000 pages of content, The Ink Black Heart is far too long and could easily have been streamlined.
  • Rowling’s problematic personal views appear in this book.

Final Thoughts

If you have a passion for crime fiction, the Cormoran Strike books by Robert Galbraith are worth reading.

These dark and gritty books tell stories of terrible crimes and gripping mysteries.

At the heart of these books are Cormoran and Robin, two interesting characters that readers will fall in love with.

By reading these crime fiction books in the correct order, you will better understand Cormoran and Robin.

Plus, you can see how their dynamic develops through the series by developing romantic undertones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need To Read The Cormoran Strike Books In Order?

Yes, you should read the Cormoran Strike Book in order. Though the books focus on different mysteries, the lives of Robin and Cormoran develop throughout the books.

Are The Cormoran Strike Books Good?

The Cormoran Strike Books are very different from Rowling’s Harry Potter books, but they are nonetheless great reads. The mysteries are compelling and the characters are likable, though the plots can sometimes be a little too bloated.

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