The 35 Funniest Romcom Books That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

If you love reading romance novels and you enjoy watching romantic comedies then you should definitely start reading rom-com books!

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The 35 Funniest Romcom Books That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

There is nothing better than relaxing with a good book that makes you laugh out loud – it is the perfect way to escape real life and forget about your troubles.

This list of romantic comedy books has a good range of novels that will have you laughing out loud. You will fall in love with the characters and be entertained by their exciting lives.

Why Read Rom-Com Books?

If you haven’t tried reading romantic comedy novels before, why start now? There are lots of reasons why people choose to read rom-com books.

The main reason to try reading a rom-com book is that it will make you laugh! Laughter is good for you – it can ease anxiety and help you to relax. It also releases ‘happy’ chemicals into your brain.

Reading a funny book is a great way to unwind and forget about stress at work or whatever issues you might be facing in your day-to-day life.

People also read rom-com books because they enjoy the sweet, romantic love story between the characters.

The great thing about romantic comedies is that the path to love is never smooth – there are always obstacles that the characters must overcome in order to be together or to realize how they feel about each other. This makes the storylines very entertaining.

Romantic comedies are often more charming than romantic dramas. They are filled with witty dialogue and sweet moments that will make you smile.

35 Funny Rom-com Books

Here are 35 recommendations for the funniest romantic comedy books to make you laugh out loud.

Remember Me? By Sophie Kinsella

Remember Me?: A Novel

‘Remember Me?’ by Sophie Kinsella is a classic romantic comedy book that will certainly have you laughing. It is about 28-year-old Lexi who wakes up after a head injury with no memory of the last three years of her life.

During that time, her life changed dramatically. She has better teeth, better clothes, and a better body – her whole life seems to be better than it was before. But how?

Lexi has become a corporate professional with a high salary and a lifestyle to match, including a multi-millionaire husband. The only problem is, she still feels like her old self.

She doesn’t remember how she ended up in this alternate life. It may look perfect from the outside, but was this lifestyle really making her happy?

As Lexi tries to piece everything together, she soon learns that her new self lived a complex life of secrets and schemes.

She needs to try and keep everything from falling apart – unless that is what it will take for her to find true happiness?


  • Funny – This book is very witty and comical.
  • Characters – The characters are varied and interesting.


  • Plot – some of the plot points are quite predictable.

Sorry Not Sorry By Sophie Ranald

Sorry Not Sorry: The perfect laugh-out-loud romantic comedy

This book has been very highly rated by readers and is perfect for anyone looking for a light-hearted and romantic story. It is about Charlotte, a classic good-girl type who is fed up with her boring life.

There is no passion, no spontaneity, and no romance. She decides to make a change, and begins to make choices that are totally outside of her character – new lingerie, blind dates, asking strangers for their number – and that is just the beginning.

Guided by a romance podcast, she continues to push herself outside of her comfort zone to find love, a life that she enjoys, and to find herself.

Sophie Ranald has written 15 books, so if you enjoy this one then you should definitely check out her other published works.


  • Uplifting – This is a feel-good, uplifting book that will get you chuckling.
  • Funny – It is full of funny moments and awkward scenarios, but also carries an important message about proactively creating the life that you want for yourself.


  • Characters – Charlotte’s character feels a little two dimensional at times.

Never Marry Your Brother’s Best Friend By Lauren Landish

Never Marry Your Brother's Best Friend (Never Say Never Book 1)

Carter Harrington is Luna’s brother’s best friend, and she hates him. He is arrogant and difficult.

So when Carter asks Luna to help him out by pretending they are married to secure a business deal, she reluctantly agrees.

They hate each other, so there aren’t any romantic feelings that could make the situation awkward… or so they thought.

The longer the charade goes on, the more Luna and Carter uncover the chemistry hidden beneath the hatred. But what should they do when their fake relationship begins to feel real?


  • Characters – This is a classic enemies-to-lovers story that shows that opposites really do attract. Luna is shy and unassuming, Carter is eye-catching and charming. It shouldn’t work between them, but it does.
  • Gripping – The tension between the characters builds, and the conclusion of the book is very satisfying for readers. If you are looking for a slow-burn romance rather than love at first sight, this could be the perfect choice for you.
  • Funny – Luna and Carter get themselves into some hilarious situations along the way.


  • Predictable – This is a fun story but it is a bit predictable at times.

A Long Time Coming By Meghan Quinn

A Long Time Coming

‘A Long Time Coming’ is a friends-to-lovers story. When Breaker is asked to be his best friend’s Man Of Honour or Man-in-waiting, he accepts gladly.

Lia needs his help to deal with her horrible mother-in-law in the run-up to the wedding, and he wants everything to be perfect for her.

The trouble begins when he realizes something he should have known a long time ago – Breaker is in love with his best friend.

Breaker tries to date another woman to distract himself, but it is no good. Nobody compares to Lia.

Lia’s fiance begins to get jealous of their friendship, and the pressure mounts as the wedding day looming ever closer.

Will Breaker be able to convince Lia that she will be happier with him? Will Lia realize that Breaker is the right man, or will she go ahead with the wedding?


  • Gripping – This is a great ‘will they, won’t they?’ book that will keep you hooked right to the end.
  • Romance – The chemistry between Breaker and Lia is fiery.
  • Funny – The witty narrative keeps the story light-hearted and entertaining.


  • Characters – You might find yourself getting frustrated with the characters sometimes.

Royally Re-arranged By Emma St Clair

Royally Rearranged: A Sweet Royal Romcom (Sweet Royal RomCom Series Book 1)

This is book 1 of 2 in the Sweet Royal Romcom Series by Emma St Clair. It is a funny story about an arranged marriage gone wrong.

Serafina has been in love with her intended husband for years, so when the time comes for them to get married and the prince arrives with an American girlfriend she is distraught.

If Serafina doesn’t get married by the end of the summer she will have to forfeit her kingdom, but how can she get the wedding back on track?

Serafina hatches a plan to date the prince’s rival – Rafe. This should make him jealous enough to take her back and go ahead with the wedding.

Serafina doesn’t realize that Rafe already has feelings for her. Things get complicated – but who will Serafina end up walking down the aisle with?


  • Characters – one of the best things is the relationships and interactions between the women. Serafina’s best friend, Kat, is there for her throughout the whole debacle. And Serafina treats the prince’s girlfriend with respect, despite her hurt feelings. The women are not rivals fighting over a man in this story, which is refreshing.
  • Funny – the dialogue in this book is well-written and funny.
  • Plot – The interesting storyline will keep you hooked until the end.


  • Far-fetched – Some elements of the storyline seem a little far-fetched.

Faking Ms. Right By Claire Kingsley

Faking Ms. Right: A Hot Romantic Comedy (Dirty Martini Running Club Book 1)

This is book 1 of 3 in the Dirty Martini Running Club series by Claire Kingsley.

The main character is Everly Dalton, a successful personal assistant to billionaire Shepherd Calloway.

She might be a powerhouse at work, but her personal life is a bit more chaotic, with a lot of bad luck in the dating department.

When Everley’s boss is put in a difficult situation by his gold-digging ex-girlfriend he comes up with a solution that involves Everley posing as his girlfriend.

It’s a crazy idea, but she just so happens to need a big favor from him too, so they agree to help each other.

As Everley and Shepherd spend more time together, the lines between what is real and what is pretend begin to blur.

They learn more about each other and grow closer. But how can they carry on working together when their fake relationship begins to feel real?


  • Style – This book is well-written and highly rated by readers.
  • Balanced – The story is funny, intriguing, and adorably sweet.
  • Characters – You will enjoy the connection between the two main characters, and their slow-burn romance.


  • Pace – The pace of this book was a little slow.

Lessons In Chemistry By Bonnie Garmus

Lessons in Chemistry: A Novel

This book comes highly recommended and is a New York Times number 1 bestseller as well as a Goodreads choice award winner.

It is laugh-out-loud funny with a shrewd and formidable narrative and a cast of interesting and well-developed characters.

The story is about Elizabeth Zott, a former chemist who becomes the reluctant star of a popular American cooking show.

Her feminist ideals and knowledge of science make for a revolutionary and entertaining show that encourages women to challenge the status quo.

She gains a following of women who share her outlook on life, but also attracts attention from people who disagree with her philosophy on life.

Elizabeth is used to dealing with sexism and misogyny, as she experienced in her previous job at the Hastings research institute, but there was one man there who was different from the rest – Calvin Evans.


  • Theme – This is more than a story about love – it’s also about female empowerment and pursuing your dreams. It’s also hilariously funny and super uplifting to read.
  • Perspective – It gives you an insight into the past whilst including modern-day perspectives on social issues.


  • Consistency – There are some issues with consistency when it comes to the time period the book is set in.

The Bet By Max Monroe

The Bet

This book starts with an innocent twin swap – Sophie agrees to swap places with her twin sister on her hen do to help her avoid the embarrassment of a lap dance from a male stripper.

Belle, the blushing bride, is an introvert. Sophie enjoys the attention, so is happy to trade places for the night.

The stripper is Jude – a lovegame player who is notorious for having one-night stands. He takes a one-time bet which ends up with him giving the lapdance.

Sophie and Jude have a great connection, but she can’t pursue it as she is pretending to be Belle.

When Sophie and Jude meet as themselves, the spark is still there. They begin a steamy love affair, but they both want different things.

Sophie is looking for a fairytale ending, but Jude is just looking for a good time.

Can they make it work? Will their feelings for each other be enough to overcome the obstacles? Or will this just be another fling?


  • Funny – This is a funny story full of mishaps, miscommunication, and misunderstandings.
  • Gripping – You will find yourself getting frustrated, but you will also be eagerly turning the pages to find out what happens next.


  • Character – Jude’s character seems a bit stereotypical.

The Undomestic Goddess By Sophie Kinsella

The Undomestic Goddess: A Novel

This is one of the funniest romantic comedies you could read, but it is also sweet and touching.

It is about Samantha, an attorney who is totally committed to her job above all else.

When she makes a terrible mistake at work she has a meltdown, walks out of her office, and gets on a train to the middle of nowhere.

She finds a large country house and decides to go in and ask for directions, but ends up being mistaken as an interviewee for a housekeeper job.

She plays along and ends up being offered the job. This could be the perfect chance to run away from her mistakes and start a new life.

The only problem is, she doesn’t know anything about housekeeping.

Samantha gets herself into all sorts of domestic mishaps as she learns on the job.

Luckily, she finds a friend in the handsome gardener and meets an older woman who teaches her everything she needs to know to become the perfect housekeeper.

But just as Samantha starts to settle into her new life in the country, her London past catches up with her and she must make a choice.


  • Balanced – This book is charming and entertaining, with a satisfying storyline and a tender romance. It has everything you need from a good rom-com.
  • Funny – This book has some real laugh-out-loud moments.


  • Unrealistic – The premise of how Samantha gets the job as a housekeeper feels a bit unrealistic.

Jemima J By Jane Green

Jemima J: A Novel

‘Jemima J’ is an excellent rom-com book by much-loved author Jane Green. Jemima is overweight and unhappy.

She is treated badly by her roommates and colleagues, overlooked by her work crush, Ben, and finds herself turning to food for comfort.

She creates a fake online persona – JJ – a slim and glamorous gym bunny. This gets the attention of Brad, a handsome gym trainer who lives in California, and they begin chatting online.

When Brad suggests that the two of them meet in person, Jemima must become JJ.

With her trip to America looming closer, Jemima must put in the hard work to become JJ. It is no easy task, but when she arrives in California, Brad is not all that he seems.

This is not a classic makeover story. It is a book about finding yourself, overcoming addiction, achieving balance, and becoming comfortable with who you are.

It is also a story about finding love in unexpected places. It is funny, uplifting, and inspiring, with a sweet romance that will leave you feeling warm and tender toward the characters.


  • Funny – This book is very comical.
  • Moving – The overall message of the book is very moving.


  • Outdated – Some of the attitudes toward weight and body size feel a little outdated.

Boyfriend Material By Alexis Hall

Boyfriend Material (London Calling Book 1)

This is book 1 of a 2-part series and tells the unlikely love story of Luc and Oliver. Luc is the son of a washed-out rockstar making a comeback.

He is thrust into the public eye with a scandalous photograph and must try and improve his public image to help his Dad’s career. A healthy, stable relationship should do the trick.

Luc meets Oliver, a barrister with a sensible lifestyle and not even a whiff of scandal or controversy. He is the perfect boyfriend material, but the two of them seem to have very little in common.

The one thing that Luc and Oliver share is an upcoming social event that they need a date for.

They agree to help each other out and pretend to be in a relationship for a little while, and then they can go back to their normal lives with an improved reputation.

The plan is going well until fake dating begins to feel like real dating, and emotions get in the way.


  • Funny – This is a slow-burn romance with many funny moments. The humor is very British, which fits with the London setting.
  • Characters – The characters are totally charming. The connection that develops between Luc and Oliver is tender and sweet, and you find yourself routing for them quite early on in the story.


  • Stereotypes – This book heavily relies on stereotypes when it comes to the characters.

The Rosie Project By Graeme Simsion

The Rosie Project: A Novel (Don Tillman Book 1)

‘The Rosie Project’ is an international bestseller and winner of a Goodreads Choice Award.

It is about Don Tillman, a socially awkward genetics professor who wants to use science to find out whether he is capable of true love.

He begins The Wife Project, an organized and evidence-based inquiry to see if he can find the perfect partner.

But then Don meets Rosie. She defies all of his requirements – she drinks, smokes, is late to everything, and has a fiery temper.

She is also very intelligent and has a genetics project of her own. She is looking for her biological father and needs Don’s help.

Don puts his ‘wife project’ on the back burner to help Rosie, but the more time they spend together he begins to realize that maybe the perfect love is not based on science at all, but something much deeper.


  • Balanced – This book is funny and touching, with a great combination of comedy and poignancy.
  • Characters – Don’s unusual way of thinking and Rosie’s enigmatic personality make for an unlikely yet totally charming duo, and they will win your heart with this story. It’s not hard to see why this book is so popular.


  • Predictable – Some of the plot points feel a little predictable at times.

No Judgements By Meg Cabot

No Judgments: A Novel (Little Bridge Island, 1)

‘No Judgements’ is book 1 of 3 in the Little Bridge Island series by Meg Cabot, author of ‘The Princess Diaries’.

Bree is still recovering from her last relationship with her emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend when Little Bridge Island is hit by a hurricane.

She doesn’t mind the storm, she has dealt with worse, but she realizes that lots of people have been cut off from their pets.

Bree sets about trying to reunite pets with their owners, but she needs some help.

Drew works at the Mermaid cafe and has a reputation for being a heartbreaker. He is Bree’s boss’s nephew, so she agrees to work together to help the animals.

As they spend more time together, she starts to develop feelings for Drew. But when Bree’s ex-boyfriend turns up on the island, she has to decide whether her island fling could be something longer lasting.


  • Story – This is an excellent romcom with a well-paced storyline and a great connection that builds between the main characters.
  • Location – It is set on a small island in Florida, which makes a nice change from many rom-coms that are set in big cities.


  • Characters – The characters feel a bit two-dimensional in some parts of the book.

The Hating Game By Sally Thorne

The Hating Game: A Novel

This popular romantic comedy has now been turned into a motion picture film. It is the perfect enemies-to-lovers story about Lucy and Joshua.

They work as personal assistants to co-CEOS of a large publishing company. They have always hated each other and made no attempt to hide it.

When they are both up for the same at work the tension between them intensifies, but they begin to realize that there could be something else behind it. Perhaps they don’t hate each other after all.

This book has received an overwhelming number of positive reviews, and once you have read the book you can watch the film to see the characters come to life on the screen.


  • Romance – This is a gripping story with plenty of chemistry between Lucy and Joshua.
  • Tension – The transition between hatred and love is slow and gradual, but then hits you like a tonne of bricks. It is very satisfying when they realize their feelings for each other.


  • Gender stereotypes – The two main characters seem to perpetuate a lot of gender stereotypes.

Red, White And Royal Blue By Casey McQuiston

Red, White & Royal Blue: A Novel

When this book was released it quickly became a New York Times bestseller and a USA Today bestseller. It is a love story between America’s first son and the Prince of Wales.

Alex is the son of the President, Ellen Claremont, and is an international socialite. Henry is the Prince of Wales, and he and Alex don’t get on.

When they are photographed at a royal wedding having a disagreement, it threatens to damage both of their reputations and impact their families. But there is one solution…

Alex and Henry enter into a fake friendship to prove that there are no hard feelings between the two men or their nations. They post photographs on Instagram and spend time together for the cameras.

The more time they spend together, they begin to realize that they actually get on very well. Soon they find themselves in a secret romance that goes against their parent’s plans.

Is their love for each other enough to overcome the obstacles in their path?


  • Entertaining – This is an irresistible romantic comedy.
  • Funny – The clash between American and British culture makes for some hilarious moments.
  • Romance – The blossoming romance between two unlikely characters is super satisfying.


  • Steamy – This book has some very steamy scenes which some readers might not like.

The Unhoneymooners By Christina Lauren

The Unhoneymooners

This is a New York Times bestseller and a Goodreads Choice Awards winner. Olive is attending the wedding of her identical twin sister, Ami.

The two sisters are total opposites – Olive always gets the worst luck and Ami seems to have the whole world at her feet.

This changes when everyone at the wedding gets food poisoning from dodgy shellfish apart from Olive and the best man, Ethan.

The bride and groom are too ill to go on their honeymoon and there is a free holiday up for grabs.

Olive and Ethan are the only people well enough to go. The only problem is, they hate each other.

They decide to put their differences aside for a free trip to Hawaii and agree to keep their distance once they get to the hotel.

This plan changes when Olive bumps into her future boss and finds herself telling a lie that forces her and Ethan to pretend to be loved-up newlyweds.

Pretending to be in love with Ethan is easier than she thought, and she begins to realize that she might not be pretending after all.


  • Romance – There is a lot of tension and chemistry between the two main characters.
  • Setting – The location and the holiday setting are great aspects of the book.


  • Convenient – The set-up of the book seems a bit convenient.

Someone Else’s Shoes By Jojo Moyes

Someone Else's Shoes: A Novel

Jojo Moyes is an incredible author with the power to evoke a range of emotions with just a single page of writing – you will find yourself laughing one moment and crying the next, with a good amount of swooning in there too.

This story shows you how walking in someone else’s shoes can change your whole perspective.

Nisha is married to a very rich man and lives a life of luxury. This all changes when he tells her wants a divorce and cuts her off from his finances.

Sam accidentally picks up Nisha’s gym bag and takes it home. She has enough to worry about without the stress of trying to return the bag – she is struggling to look after her family.

But Sam finds herself trying on the Christian Louboutin shoes in the gym bag and instantly feels a rush of confidence.

She begins to realize that if she wants to change her life, she needs to change herself.


  • Emotive – This book touches on some deep and emotive themes about the struggles of family life.
  • Characters -There is plenty of time dedicated to developing the characters which makes them believable and relatable.


  • Plot – The two different plotlines could have been interwoven a little better.

Shipped By Angie Hockman


Henley is a marketing manager for a cruise line. She has been working hard to progress in her career as well as going to night school to get her MBA.

She is exhausted and has barely had any time for herself, but it’s all worth it when she is shortlisted for a promotion.

To be in with a chance for her dream job, she has to go on a company cruise to the Galapagos islands to research her proposal for how to increase bookings.

Also up for the job is Graeme. Henley and Graeme have never met, but everyone knows about their heated arguments over email when they disagree about work issues.

Graeme also has to come on the company cruise and will be making his own marketing proposal – the best proposal gets the job.

When Henley meets Graeme in real life, he is nothing like she imagined.

As they explore the islands together she realizes that they actually get on well, and she doesn’t hate him as much as she thought.

But with her dream job on the line, now is not the right time to be falling for her competition.


  • Location – The cruise and the islands are a fun setting for the book.
  • Romance – The romantic connection between the two main characters is very sweet.


  • Predictable – Some of the storylines are a little predictable.

Kiss An Angel By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Kiss an Angel

Daisy Devereaux is spoiled and used to getting her own way. That is, until she finds herself stuck choosing between going to jail or agreeing to an arranged marriage.

Her Father wants her to marry Alex Markov, a handsome yet humorless man. It’s not what she wants, but it is better than being behind bars.

Alex has no intention of pandering to Daisy. He uproots her from her pampered uptown life to join him in the traveling circus so she can learn about hard work and responsibility.

He finds himself taken aback by her big heart, and she uncovers a passionate side to him that she didn’t realize was there. Perhaps their unexpected love was actually made to last?


  • Characters – The connection between the characters grows slowly. Alex has a troubled past that causes him to keep people at arm’s length, but Daisy is keen to break through his tough exterior and find the man underneath the facade.
  • Tension – There is plenty of tension and conflict between the characters, which makes their chemistry dynamic and gripping.


  • Unrealistic – The plot line is a little unrealistic.

Set On You By Amy Lea

Set on You (The Influencer Series Book 1)

This is book 1 of 2 in The Influencer Series by Amy Lea. Crystal Chen is a curvy fitness influencer who has built up a following of fans who love her body-positivity approach.

After a messy breakup with her boyfriend, she finds comfort in going to the gym and working out alone.

Her peace is interrupted by Scott, a firefighter and gym patron with a smug attitude.

He always seems to be using her favorite equipment, and whenever they cross paths at the gym it turns into a spat.

Crystal and Scott are shocked to find out that their grandparents are getting married when they bump into each other at the engagement party.

As the wedding draws closer they spend more time together and start to develop a romance of their own.

But when a photograph of them is leaked online and they face the hateful words of internet trolls, their blossoming love is put to the test.


  • Body positivity – the characters focus on loving themselves which can be meaningful to the reader.
  • Cute – these characters will definitely have you swooning!


  • On the nose – some of the self-deprecation can be a little too on the nose.

Yours Truly By Kirsty Greenwood

Yours Truly: A swoony, uplifting and laugh out loud romance!

If you are looking for a romcom that will definitely make you laugh, this is the book for you.

It is about Natalie, a woman who will do anything for an easy life, including telling a few white lies.

There’s no harm in it, because nobody can know what she is actually thinking. Or can they?

When a pub hypnotist causes Natalie to spill her true feelings to her family and her fiance, a lot of feelings get hurt and Natalie finds herself in a difficult situation.

Natalie must track down the hypnotist before her fiance calls off the wedding. She has to reverse the spell so she can stop constantly telling the truth.

Her search takes her to the small town of Little Trolley, but when she becomes stranded there, she has to face up to the truths she has been hiding from for a long time.


  • Romance – This is a swoon-worthy romance book.
  • Funny – There are plenty of genuinely funny moments.
  • Gripping – It will intrigue you and entertain you and leave you wanting more.


  • Dialogue – Some of the dialogue feels a little in-genuine.

Opposites Attract By Camilla Isley

Opposites Attract: An Enemies to Lovers, Neighbors to Lovers Romantic Comedy (First Comes Love Book 1)

Vivian is a single mother and a divorce lawyer. She knows how it feels to be let down by love, and she has seen plenty of evidence to destroy her faith in finding love in New York City.

Things get even worse when her office neighbor, a couple’s therapist Lucas Keller, starts poaching her clients.

He is fixing people’s relationships and preventing them from getting divorced. It doesn’t help that he is incredibly annoying and has a terrible temper – not good qualities to have in a neighbor.

Vivian wants to find a way to get Lucas forced out of the building so he has to give up his practice.

An opportunity presents itself when Lucas proposes a bet with Vivian. Both of their offices are at stake, and the field of love is the arena for their competition.

As the challenge becomes more personal and they begin to take pleasure in taking each other down, and find out that maybe opposites do attract.


  • Funny – This is a funny and witty book that will have you laughing.
  • Gripping – This book will keep you on pins as you wait for the ‘will they, won’t they?’ storyline to unfold.


  • Pace – The pace of this book gets a bit slow in places.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella

Confessions of a Shopaholic: A Novel

‘Confessions Of A Shopaholic’ is another great romantic comedy from bestselling author Sophie Kinsella.

It tells the story of Becky Bloomwood. From the outside her life looks perfect – she has a job at a magazine, a flat in a trendy area of London, a group of glamorous friends, and a wardrobe full of designer clothes.

On the inside, her life isn’t so great – she hates her job, her pay is rubbish, and she is in debt.

The only thing that makes her feel better is shopping, but this just makes her debt worse. Every letter from the bank makes her more and more stressed.

But when a story comes up that is good enough to make the front page she finds a new interest, and one that will change the course of her life.


  • Romance – Becky’s story is not just about shopping, it’s also about love.
  • Relatable – Becky’s character goes on a journey of development as she learns how to find balance in her life, which is a very relatable story for readers to engage in.


  • Light-hearted – It’s good to keep it light-hearted, but it skims over the seriousness of debt and shopping addiction.

The Boyfriend List (Ruby Oliver) By E. Lockhart

The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver (Ruby Oliver Quartet Book 1)

‘The Boyfriend List’ is book 1 of 2 in the Ruby Oliver series by E. Lockhart. Ruby Oliver is a 15 year old girl who is just starting therapy.

She has lost her boyfriend, lost her best friend, is struggling in school, and has become a social outcast.

She is struggling to cope and needs some help processing the last few weeks.


  • Themes – This is a funny and touching coming-of-age story about first love, first loss, and learning how to stay true to yourself.
  • Style – The narrative is witty and entertaining, and the story is well paced. This story might be about a 15-year-old girl, but it will be enjoyable for adults to read too.
  • Nostalgic – It will be a nostalgic reminder of what it was like to be a teenager in love.


One Day By David Nicholls

One Day (Vintage Contemporaries)

‘One Day’ is an international bestseller by David Nicholls that was made into a major motion picture starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

It is about Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. They met one another in 1988 and spent one wonderful day together.

They have immediate chemistry, and there is the sense that something romantic could happen between them, but it never does.

Over the next 20 years, Emma and Dexter become great friends. They stick by each other through various relationships, ups and downs, arguments, and disagreements.

They teach each other how to love, how to live, and what really matters the most in life.


  • Theme – This is a beautiful story about how friendship can become love, and about the many different types of love.
  • Balanced – It’s well-written, and has the perfect balance between funny and heart-warming moments. It is not surprising that this book was so popular, and it is certainly one to add to your reading list.


  • Sad – This is quite a sad story.

He’s Just Not That Into You By Greg Behrendt

He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

This book was inspired by a particularly popular episode of Sex And The City, which gave women some tough advice on how to tell if a man actually likes them.

This is a cross between a romantic comedy and a self-help book.

It combines stories with relationship advice to help people to understand quickly and decisively whether a man is interested in them, rather than spending hours analyzing his behavior over coffee and cocktails.

This book was turned into a hit movie with a star-studded cast including Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Connelley, Justin Long, and Ginnifer Goodwin.

The film puts the advice in the book into action but also shows that it doesn’t always work out the way you think.


  • Helpful – This book includes advice that you can apply to your own life.
  • Funny – It is light-hearted and funny.


  • Practical – This book is more practical and less of an escapism.

P.S. I Love You By Cecelia Ahern

PS, I Love You: A Novel

This book is as heartbreaking as it is funny. Holly and Gerry were childhood sweethearts and they were perfect for each other.

They laughed, fought, cried, and did everything together. Nobody could ever imagine them being separated until Gerry gets sick.

Holly never thought she would have to live without Gerry, and she doesn’t cope very well with his death.

As Holly’s 30th birthday draws closer, Gerry comes back to her in an unexpected way.

He has left her a series of letters – one for each month – to guide her through life without her soul mate.

Gerry knew her better than anyone, so he knows just how to help her deal with her grief and reclaim her life.

But what will happen when the letters run out? Will Holly be able to let go of Gerry once and for all? And will she ever find love again?

‘P.S. I Love You’ was turned into a film in 2007 starring Gerard Butler, Hilary Swank, Lisa Kudrow, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


  • Emotive – This is a truly emotional story about love, friendship, loss, and resilience.
  • Entertaining – Gerry encourages Holly to get outside of her comfort zone, and she has some incredible adventures with her closest friends, getting into some hilarious situations.


Eat Pray Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat Pray Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

This extraordinary book is about one woman’s search for love, happiness, and peace.

This search will take her on a journey across Italy, India, and Indonesian Bali, experiencing new things and meeting new people – finding a new lease on life in her early 30s.

She has left behind her seemingly perfect life – her career, her husband, her house in the country – in search of something real, something fulfilling.

This fantastic book was made into a film starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem.

The film is just as thought-provoking and entertaining as the book, and will bring the story to life.


  • Relatable – This book is very well written and the main character, Elizabeth, is a real and relatable character. She had everything she thought she wanted, but it wasn’t making her happy.
  • Theme – This is a great example of how living your life to meet other people’s expectations of you will not leave you feeling satisfied. Sometimes you need to break the mold to find your true purpose.


  • Pace – This is a slower-paced book than some other romcoms.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before By Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before (1)

‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ is book 1 of 3 in a series by Jenny Han. Lara Jean is a high school student with a tendency to develop strong romantic feelings toward people.

To express her feelings, she writes secret love letters and keeps them hidden in an old hat box given to her by her late mother.

When Lara Jean’s letters get discovered and mailed out, her life turns upside down.

All three books have been turned into a film series starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo.

The films are an excellent adaptation of the books and have the same goofy charm.


  • Entertaining – This book is entertaining and funny throughout, with a quirky story and a loveable and chaotic main character.
  • Themes – It is a light-hearted romance with themes of family, and grief as well as some classic high school drama.
  • Easy Reading – You will race through it in no time, and be ready to read the other two books in the series.


  • Teenage – Some readers might find this book too High School

The Kissing Booth By Beth Reekles

The Kissing Booth

This book was initially released on Wattpad, a self-publishing platform, by teenage author Beth Reekles.

It became an overnight sensation and was picked up by a major publisher with plans to turn it into a movie. The book was published, the movie was made, and even has sequels.

This is book 1 of 3 in The Kissing Booth series. It is about Elle, a popular high school girl who has never been kissed.

She is best friends with Lee, whose older brother is the school’s bad boy. Noah Flynn is known for being a player.

Elle agrees to run a kissing booth for the school carnival and ends up having her first proper kiss with Noah. sets in motion a strange version of events that leaves Elle questioning herself.

Could she really have feelings for Noah? Can she consider dating her best friend’s brother? Will her first kiss result in happily ever after or just heartbreak?


  • Entertaining – This fun teenage rom-com is a light-hearted read that will leave you feeling happy and cheerful.
  • Sweet – The romantic parts of the book are very sweet.


  • Predictable – Some of the plot lines are predictable.

Gossip Girl By Cecily Von Ziegesar

Gossip Girl: A Novel by Cecily von Ziegesar

‘Gossip Girl’ is book 1 of 13 of a New York Times bestselling series about rich kids on the Upper East Side of New York.

It was turned into a hit television series that ran for 6 seasons from 2007 and has just been re-booting.

The television series Gossip Girl launched the careers of several big names including Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester, and Ed Westwick.

This is a fun and entertaining book that is easy to read and will leave you wanting more. Luckily for you, there are 12 more books in the series that you can read after this one.


  • Entertaining – ‘Gossip Girl’ is full of scandal, secrets, and of course, gossip.
  • Gripping – It is addictive and funny, with multiple romantic storylines to keep you hooked.
  • Themes – It also deals with issues being faced by teenagers. It is not just a story about teenagers – it also features their parents and shows that the drama doesn’t stop after high school when you live on the Upper East Side.


  • Unrelatable – The lives of the characters are quite unrelatable for most readers.

Book Lovers By Emily Henry

Book Lovers

This book was an instant New York Times bestseller and has received an incredible amount of positive reviews.

It is about Nora, an avid reader who doesn’t recognize herself in any of the heroines from her books.

The only people who look up to her are her clients and her little sister. But she is amazing at her job as a literary agent.

Nora’s sister is keen to spend time with her, so she agrees to go away to a small town in North Carolina for a month.

Nora is envisioning picturesque meadows, perhaps a romantic stranger from the country who will take her on a picnic. Instead, she bumps into Charlie, a book editor she knows from the city.

It’s no secret that Nora and Charlie don’t get on very well, but when fate keeps throwing them together they find it harder and harder to ignore the signs. Perhaps they have a better connection than they initially thought…


  • Relatable – In this enemies-to-lovers story, two rivals will learn how to become friends. The characters are relatable to people who love reading as they both work in the publishing industry and are book lovers themselves.
  • Entertaining – This story is a great demonstration of how finding a common interest can bring together even two of the most unlikely people.


  • Pace – This book has a very gentle pace which might be too slow for some readers.

The Flat Share By Beth O’Leary

The Flatshare: A Novel

This is an interesting romantic comedy because most of the communication between the two main characters takes place via notes.

Tiffy and Leon are flatmates, but they have never met. Tiffy needs to find a cheap place to live after a bad breakup, and Leon is looking for someone to split the rent with.

He works night shifts and uses the apartment during the day, but Tiffy works day shifts and will use the apartment at night.

Tiffy and Leon communicate in notes, and as time goes on they develop a friendship of sorts. But things get complicated when their feelings for each other get deeper.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone you have never even met? It has now been made into a television series starring Anthony Welsh and Jessica Findlay Brown.


  • Romance – This unusual book is sweet and funny with a touching romance story that will restore your faith in love.
  • Narrative – The story is told from two perspectives – Tiffy’s and Leon’s, which gives the narration more variety. Each character has their own distinct voice and outlook.


  • Characters – The characters feel a bit two-dimensional at some points in the story.

The Highland Fling By Meghan Quinn

The Highland Fling

This exciting romance story is a USA Today bestseller. It is about Bonnie, who has just lost her job.

On a whim, Bonnie and her best friend respond to a job advert to help run a small cafe in the Scottish Highlands.

They don’t think anything will come of it, but then she gets the surprising news that they have been accepted for the job.

When the women arrive in the small town of Corsekelley they love it immediately.

The landscape is stunning and the people are friendly. That is, all except for Rowan MacGregor, the local handyman.

Rowan has a lot on his plate and doesn’t have the patience to deal with the two American newcomers, no matter how pretty they are.

As Bonnie and Rowan continue to bump into each other in the small town, they can feel the sparks flying between them.

Unexpected romance blossoms, but their fiery tempers threaten to force them apart. Can they find common ground, or are they too different to make it work?


  • Entertaining – This is a great story about the clash between Scottish and American cultures, and a hard-hearted man being softened by a passionate woman.
  • Romance – The romance is swoon-worthy and the comedy will make you laugh out loud.
  • Gripping – The characters are entertaining and well-written, and the book has a gripping plot that will keep you turning the pages.


  • Stereotypes – The book uses stereotypes to build the characters.

For Once In My Life By Colleen Coleman

For Once in My Life: An absolutely perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy

Three years after being jilted at the altar, Lily Buckley is still single.

She is also still working at her local paper rather than pursuing her dream job. Life hasn’t worked out quite the way she had planned.

Lily’s luck begins to change when she is offered her own column in the paper. She has to do one thing a week that scares her, and write about it.

But how can she find something new and exciting to do every week?

Lily accepts the help of her handsome, adrenaline-seeking colleague Christopher.

He takes her skydiving, ghost hunting, and much more, pushing her out of her comfort zone.

Her fear of heartbreak has stopped her from letting anyone get too close, but her feelings for Chris become too strong to ignore.

But things start to go wrong when Christopher’s ex shows up wanting to get back with him.

Can Lily find the courage to follow her heart, or will her own fears keep holding her back from living the life she wants?


  • Romance – The romance in this story is very sweet.
  • Funny – This book is very comical.


  • Unrealistic – Some parts of the story feel a bit unrealistic.


Any of these romantic comedy books would be the perfect choice for anyone who needs a good laugh. They are so funny that you will be laughing out loud, and the romance stories are super sweet.

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