How To Read Shatter Me Series By Tahereh Mafi In Order

If you are looking for a new series to get stuck into, then the Shatter Me series by American-Iranian author Tahereh Mafi is a great choice.

This book series is a young adult dystopian thriller series set in the fictional ‘Reestablishment’, where a young girl, Juliette is locked away due to her mysterious powers.

How To Read Shatter Me Series By Tahereh Mafi In Order

Unable to feel the human touch, Juliette feels like an outcast and a monster and is kept in isolation.

But her world is about to turn upside down, and Mafi takes us along for the ride.

Tahereh Mafi has since become a New York Times bestselling author, and the Shatter Me series is well worth adding to your reading list.

However, with six books in the series, along with novellas that add to the story, you may be wondering where to start.

Here, I’ll go over the best order to read these books.

About Shatter Me Book Series

Shatter Me was first published in 2012, with the sequel, Unravel Me published in 2013.

Mafi went on to write a novella, Fracture Me from another character’s point of view, which was also published in 2013.

Mafi then released Ignite Me in 2014, which was the third book in the series, followed by Destroy Me, another novella, along with some fragments of Juliette’s journal.

The fourth novel, Restore Me was published in 2018, and the fifth book, Defy Me was published in 2019.

The final book, Imagine Me was published in 2020, along with Believe Me, another novella that adds to the storyline.

Shatter Me is a complex young adult novel that deals with the themes of isolation, identity, living in a dystopian and tyrannical world, and the need for social connection.

The protagonist, Juliette has a deadly touch and has not ever experienced human touch.

She is locked away from society until the ‘Reestablishment’ wants to use her as a weapon, and Juliette has to decide whether she will become a warrior weapon for the establishment, or kill herself to protect everyone else from her lethal touch.

Shatter Me Book Series In Order

If you want to read the Shatter Me series, then this is my suggested order.

Shatter Me

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, 1)

Shatter Me is the first installment in Mafi’s New York Times bestselling series. The story begins with the protagonist, Juliette, who has a deadly secret.

With just one touch, she can leave a fully grown man gasping for air. With one touch, she can kill someone.

No one understands or knows how Juliette has this immense power, and she feels cursed, unable to touch anyone around her.

But, the dystopian ‘Reestablishment’ thinks she has a gift, imprisons her for murder, and plans to use her as a deadly weapon.

Now, Juliette finds a strength in her she never knew she had in order to protect the ones she cares about.


  • Has a great representation of what it feels like to be isolated from the world.


  • Some readers feel that the writing style shifts throughout.

Themes: Identity, Isolation, Young Adult, Dystopian.

Destroy Me – Novella

Destroy Me (Shatter Me Book 1)

This novella is set just after Shatter Me, and before the second installment, Unravel Me.

Therefore, it’s a great second book to move on to after the first novel in the series. This book is told from the perspective of Warner, the leader of Sector 45.

Juliette has shot him during her escape, and yet he cannot stop thinking about it. He will do anything in his power to get her back.

But, the Reestablishment has different plans for Juliette that threatens Warner’s plans for her.


  • A captivating storyline combining themes of self-discovery and forbidden love.


  • This novella is only 133 pages long, leaving fans wanting more.

Themes: Forbidden Love, Young Adult, Dystopian Fiction, Romance.

Unravel Me

Unravel Me (Shatter Me Book 2)

Unravel Me is the second installment in the Shatter Me book series.

Juliette has discovered that for some reason, her deadly touch does not affect Warner.

She is unsure if her power is failing, and is scared that the one person she needs to be protected from is immune to her lethal weapon.

Juliette and Adam have been able to escape Warner, and join up with the rebels.

The rebels have their own powers to contend with, and Juliette feels that she finally has a place to belong, and can fight the Reestablishment once and for all.

With high-stakes action and tantalizing romance, this book will keep you on your toes.


  • Nominated for the Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction in 2013, and is a heart-shattering tale of romance and danger.


  • Some readers find the protagonist very self-pitying.

Themes: Love Triangle, Young Adult, Identity, Friendship, Dystopian Fiction.

Fracture Me – Novella

Fracture Me (Shatter Me Book 2)

Fracture Me should be next on your list. At only a short 63 pages, this novella adds to the story and is the perfect companion to the Shatter Me series.

In this short novella, you get to see the fate of the Omega Point rebels once they go up against the Reestablishment.

This novella is set during the final moments of Unravel Me and continues the story well. It is told from Adam’s point of view, as the rebels fight the soldiers of Sector 45.

Adam is so focused on the safety of Juliette and Kenji, while the Reestablishment only wants to destroy the resistance.

This book perfectly sets the scene for the next novel, Ignite Me.


  • This novella foreshadows the coming events brilliantly.


  • Adam’s perspective can be frustrating at times.

Themes: Young Adult, Rebellion, Dystopian Fiction, Identity.

Ignite Me

Ignite Me (Shatter Me Book 3)

Ignite Me is the third installment in the Shatter Me series. This book is truly heart-stopping and action-packed.

It fully progresses the story of the characters. In this book, Omega Point has been destroyed, and Juliette is unsure where to turn.

Her friends, the rebels, and everyone else are gone, and she isn’t even sure if they or Adam are alive.

But, this doesn’t stop her deep hatred for the Reestablishment.

Juliette can only rely on the handsome Warner to help her. Although an enemy, she must now trust him as he saved her life.

Warner wants to help Juliette harness her powers, and save the world. But of course, he wants more than that…


  • This book will leave you floating on air and wanting more.


  • The main characters can be very frustrating, leaving readers rooting for Kenji, a secondary character.

Themes: Romance, Young Adult, Dystopian, Enemies To Lovers.

Restore Me

Restore Me (Shatter Me Book 4)

Restore Me is the fourth book in the Shatter Me series.

This novel follows Juliette, the girl with the power to kill, who now has everything in the palm of her hand.

She thought she had won. With Sector 45 taken over, and Juliette being named the Supreme Commander of North America, she has Warner at her side.

But, all is not what it seems. When disaster strikes, Juliette must face the evil around her and within her.

Can she wield her power for good, or for wickedness?


  • This one is a real page-turner and you can read it in one sitting.


  • There are some sensitive topics such as mentions of racism and transphobia.

Themes: Identity, Young Adult, Romance, Power, Dystopian Fiction.

Shadow Me – Novella

Shadow Me (Shatter Me Novella Book 3)

Shadow Me is yet another novella from Tahereh Mafi.

This novella is set through the gripping and explosive events of Restore Me. Reeling from Warner’s betrayal, Juliette is unsure who to trust.

This novella is told from the perspective of Kenji, who tries to balance his friendship with Juliette, but also wants to remain the leader of the resistance.

But, when someone from Omega Point returns from the past, his world is about to change.

This book will definitely tie you over until you read Defy Me.


  • Readers will enjoy reading from fan-favorite Kenji’s perspective.


  • This novella mostly repeats previous events from a different perspective, and doesn’t add too much to the story.

Themes: Fantasy, Dystopia, Young Adult, Novella, Science Fiction.

Defy Me

Defy Me (Shatter Me Book 5)

In Defy Me, the story of Juliette and Warner continues. Juliette believes that she has defeated the evil Reestablishment.

She thinks she has finally gotten some control over her life and her power, but she soon starts to unravel the lies that surround her.

Now, will she choose to be a weapon of mass destruction or a warrior? She must fight for not only her own life, but for those she cares about.


  • This book is an emotional rollercoaster with many shocking revelations and twists.


  • The book can feel like the author is simply setting the characters, story, and world on fire.

Themes: Dystopian Fiction, Romance, Young Adult, Fantasy.

Reveal Me – Novella

Reveal Me (Shatter Me Novella Book 4)

Reveal Me is the fourth novella that acts as a companion to the Shatter Me series.

Again, this novella is told from the perspective of Kenji Kishimoto, who is a fan favorite.

With so many revelations coming to life in the finale of Defy Me, readers were left reeling and wanting more.

Reveal Me can give readers what they want, and continue the world-building of the Shatter Me series before reading the final installment, Imagine Me.


  • Fans get more of Kenji’s perspective, thought process, and feelings.


  • Some readers believe the writing decreases in value in this novella.

Themes: Fantasy, Novella, Romance, Dystopian Fiction, Young Adult.

Imagine Me

Imagine Me (Shatter Me, 6)

Imagine Me is the explosive finale to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling series Shatter Me.

Juliette must once again battle with her self-identity. Is she who she really thinks she is? Or is she someone else entirely?

She must look into the past to understand what the future holds, while the line between what is right and wrong is always blurring.

With enemies turning up day by day, and the Reestablishment looming, she must decide which side she will fight on.


  • A spell-binding finale to the series that is entirely captivating.


  • Some fans were not happy with the finale.

Themes: Young Adult, Dystopian Fiction, Self-Discovery, Identity.

Believe Me – Novella

Believe Me (The Shatter Me)

Believe Me, is the fifth and final novella that accompanies the Shatter Me series.

This romantic novella chronicles the events that follow Imagine Me, giving readers that little extra bit of detail they want after finishing the series.

In this novella, Juliette and Warner have fought the Reestablishment and taken them down.

Living in the aftermath of the events, they work together to try and give the world the stability they need to get back to normal life.

Warner has since proposed to Juliette, and can’t wait to marry her. But, with all of the events of the world, a wedding is the last thing on their minds.

Juliette is distracted, and the world is working hard to tear them apart. Will they finally be able to be together?


  • This book provides a sense of euphoria and rounds up the storyline of Warner and Juliette.


  • Some feel that the author is milking the series dry with this addition.

Themes: Romance, Love, Young Adult, Star-Crossed Lovers, Dystopian Fiction.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the Shatter Me book series follows the story of a young girl, Juliette, with a deadly power that makes her unable to touch anyone without killing them.

She is jailed and prepared as a weapon for the Reestablishment, where she meets Warner.

Juliette escapes with the help of Warner, who wants nothing more than to make her his.

But, with the dystopian world facing a rebellion, Juliette must find out which side she wants to fight on.

This series has six novels, and five novellas to read. With this guide, you’ll know which books to read and when in order to get the full picture of the story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Shatter Me Have Spicy Scenes?

There are no real explicit scenes in the Shatter Me book series, but there are some moments concerning consent or some scenes that could make readers uncomfortable.

In What Order Should I Read The Shatter Me Series?

You can either read the Shatter Me books in order, followed by the Novellas in order.

The order of the Shatter Me books is:

Shatter Me
Unravel Me
Ignite Me
Restore Me
Defy Me
Imagine Me

While the novellas order is:

Destroy Me
Fracture Me
Shadow Me
Reveal Me
Believe Me

You can read them separately, but we recommend reading in the order listed above in our guide, as the stories interweave with one another, and are more chronological that way.

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