All Sheila Connolly Books in Order – Reading Guide

Sheila Connolly’s novels are mysterious and suspenseful, yet somehow still find a way to make the reading experience cozy. Whether you want to read all her books from start to finish or just find some that you haven’t read yet, we’ve got you covered.

All Sheila Connolly Books in Order - Reading Guide

About Sheila Connolly

Before Sheila Connolly was a writer, she had many different careers. She’d been a professional genealogist, investment banker, and art historian. She’d even been a non-profit fundraiser. Connolly published her first novel in 2008, and her writing career took off from there.

Connolly was married to her first and only husband for many years, and together they had one daughter and some cats over the course of their lives. Connolly had lived in 7 states and 2 foreign countries and eventually ended up fulfilling her dream of living in a cottage in Ireland. Connolly passed away there in 2020 at the age of 70, but not without leaving behind many wonderful stories.

Connolly wrote for 12 years, publishing over 30 books and short stories. She mainly wrote mystery fiction novels, some including romantic elements. All of her novels feature suspense, secrets, and excitement.

All Sheila Connolly Books In Order

One Bad Apple (2008)

One Bad Apple (An Orchard Mystery)

One Bad Apple is about Meg, who plans to sell her mother’s apple orchard and an old colonial home in New England. But things take a turn once Meg arrives. Someone she knew back in Boston is found dead on her property, and the police immediately think Meg had something to do with it.

The town plumber, Seth, is the only person who is taking Meg’s side, and together they have to solve the murder mystery before it’s too late for her.

Rotten To The Core (2009)

Rotten to the Core (An Orchard Mystery Book 2)

Rotten To The Core is the second in the Orchard Mystery series, and Meg is in trouble yet again. When a body is found in her springhouse dead from pesticides, Meg is forced to prove her innocence.

This book has mystery and romance and even features animals from the orchard. 

Red Delicious Death (2010)

Red Delicious Death (An Orchard Mystery Book 3)

Yet another addition to the Orchard Mystery series, Red Delicious Death follows Meg through new twists and turns. 

When some chefs come to town looking to start a restaurant using local foods, orchard owner Meg Corey knows that this is good news for her. But when one of the chefs ends up murdered, Meg is suddenly wondering who the local killer could be.

Fundraising The Dead (2010)

Fundraising the Dead (A Museum Mystery Book 1)

Nell is a fundraiser at The Society for the Preservation of Pennsylvania Antiques, and she loves bringing back money for the cause. But when an archivist is murdered and a collection of George Washington’s letters gets lost on the same day, Nell knows it’s not a coincidence.

Fundraising The Dead is a funny, cozy, and mysterious novel that follows Nell as she tries to uncover the reality of what really took place on that fateful day, and on all the days leading up to it.

A Killer Crop (2010)

A Killer Crop (An Orchard Mystery Book 4)

A Killer Crop is the fourth installment of the Orchard Mystery series, following Meg Corey through yet another mystery. This time, one of Meg’s Mother’s friends is found dead in a cider house, and Meg is forced to consider the question: Could her mother be a killer?

Bitter Harvest (2011)

Bitter Harvest (An Orchard Mystery Book 5)

Meg Corey has just finished her first apple harvest for the season, and she’s happy to kick back and enjoy her free time. But as slight annoyances turn into something more threatening, Meg starts to wonder if her first harvest might also be her last.

Bitter Harvest is the fifth book in the long-running Orchard Mystery series, just as exciting and puzzling as the previous novels.

Let’s Play Dead (2011)

Let's Play Dead (A Museum Mystery Book 2)

There’s a new exhibit at the Philadelphia Children’s Museum called Let’s Play, featuring cute animals for the kids. But when one of the people installing the game gets electrocuted, the game turns deadly in an instant.

Let’s Play Dead is the second book in the Museum Mystery series, following Nell as she uses her detective skills to solve another mystery.

Called Home (2011)

Called Home (An Orchard Mystery)

Meg Corey is trying to fix up her mom’s old colonial house to sell, but the flu has left her not able to do much of anything. When Deborah Warren shows up, Meg doesn’t know if she’s a real ghost or just a product of her imagination and the flu. Nevertheless, Meg sets out to discover why Deborah’s ghost is still around and how to help her get where she belongs.

Called Home is the sixth of the Orchard Mystery novels, and it’s a short prequel before all of Meg’s grand adventures at the orchard.

Fire Engine Dead (2012)

Fire Engine Dead (A Museum Mystery Book 3)

Fire Engine Dead is the third book in the Museum Mystery series, and Nell Pratt is still solving crimes. 

A Fireman’s Museum has just been burned to the ground, and when Nell arrives on the scene, she finds a salvageable picture in the remains. But the picture was not one that was displayed in the museum, and it sends Nell down a rabbit hole, trying to uncover the truth.

Dead Letters (2012)

Dead Letters: A MUSEUM MYSTERY SHORT STORY (An eSpecial from Berkley Prime Crime)

Dead Letters is a fun short story that goes with the Museum Mystery series featuring Nella Pratt. 

When an elderly descendant of an old Philadelphia family wants Nella to search the archives on his family’s history, Nella is interested. But as Nella digs deeper, she discovers unsettling information that makes her question if she might not be the only one trying to uncover the family’s secret.

Sour Apples (2012)

Sour Apples (An Orchard Mystery Book 6)

Meg Corey is finally settling into her life in a small New England town: she has new good friends and things with Seth are taking a turn for the better. When her old coworker from Boston comes to town with a new campaign, Seth is reluctant to get on board with it and Meg doesn’t know why.

But things get even more complicated when a local dairy farmer is found dead. 

Sour Apples continue the Orchard Mystery series, following Meg as she solves yet another mystery.

Once She Knew (2012)

Once She Knew

Claire is at an isolated cabin trying to finish her book when a disgraced journalist shows up late one night with a gunshot wound. Claire recognizes Jonathan from a past romantic encounter that she’s been trying to forget, and luckily he doesn’t seem to remember her.

Jonathan is suspected of killing an FBI agent, and Claire wants him to turn himself in. But Jonathan has other plans, and soon he and Claire have to figure out how to clear both of their names.

Once She Knew combines mystery with romantic suspense, perfect for people who love a good mystery with a bit of something extra.

The Rising of The Moon (2012)

The Rising of the Moon

The Rising of The Moon is a short story that is based on an old Irish ballad. It takes place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where a young bartender works in an Irish pub. The bartender has been at the pub much longer than he expected, and he’s trying to convince himself that he’s just collecting information for the novel he wants to write.

But when something happens in town, the bartender takes a stand with the community against crime.

An Open Book (2012)

An Open Book: A Mystery

Sarabeth is a part-time librarian in a small town who has just discovered Edith, a retired schoolteacher, dead in the snow. There are no footprints around her body but Edith doesn’t have a purse, and nobody knows why she was out in the snow in the first place.

An Open Book follows Sarabeth and Police Chief Vanessa Hutchins as they work to figure out what happened and how an overdue library book may be connected to the case.

Golden Malicious (2013)

Golden Malicious (An Orchard Mystery Book 7)

Golden Malicious continues the series following Meg Corey, and this time she is on a trip with her boyfriend, Seth, as he starts a historic renovation on an old house. But when Meg discovers a dead body in a forest reserve, the trip suddenly turns south. There is also an insect infestation that is threatening the woodlands, and Meg needs to figure out what is going on before it’s too late.

Buried in a Bog (2013)

Buried In a Bog (County Cork series Book 1)

Maura is visiting the small Irish town where her grandmother was born, and she ends up getting a job in a local pub. Everyone in the town is talking about a dead body that was found in the bog, and as Maura listens, she realizes that she may know something about the dead man and how his death is connected to another death. Soon, Maura fears she is way over her head.

Buried in a Bog is the first in Sheila Connolly’s County Cork Mystery series, and it starts off strong, setting the stage for many more novels to come.

Relatively Dead (2013)

Relatively Dead (Relatively Dead Mysteries Book 1)

Abby moves to New England with her boyfriend, and on a tour of a local historic home, she begins to get haunted by everything she touches. The tour guide, Ned, is intrigued by what Abby is seeing and encourages her to dig deeper into it.

Relatively Dead follows Abby as she pieces together a mystery from the past, realizing things that almost destroyed her family and finding out how they tie in with what she’s experiencing now.

Monument To The Dead (2013)

Monument to the Dead (A Museum Mystery Book 4)

Monument To The Dead is another Museum Mystery, and this time benefactors are getting killed. Nell relies on benefactors for the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society and knows she needs to get to the bottom of this mystery…before more people end up dead.

Reunion With Death (2013)

Reunion with Death

On a class reunion trip to Italy, the last thing Laura expects is to find a dead body. But after being a guest speaker at the women’s vacation villa, retired professor Anthony Gilbert ends up dead. 

Reunion With Death takes us along with Laura and a few of her classmates as they decide to solve the murder on their own, getting help from some locals, and soon they suspect that one of their classmates might be the killer.

Scandal in Skibbereen (2014)

Scandal in Skibbereen (County Cork series Book 2)

The second book in the County Cork Mystery series, Scandal in Skibbereen follows Maura as she finally feels settled in her new home in Ireland. When Althea Melville arrives looking for a lost painting, Maura agrees to help find it.

But things take a turn when a gardener is found murdered, and Maura is left wondering what Althea really wants.

Razing The Dead (2014)

Razing the Dead (A Museum Mystery Book 5)

Razing The Dead is another Museum Mystery, and Nell’s life is pretty hectic. Between her new relationship with James and being president of the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society, she doesn’t have time for much else. 

But when Nell goes to a dairy farm for work, she discovers the body of a history enthusiast who may have known a secret about the farm that got him killed. Now Nell and James have to uncover the mystery before more bodies turn up.

More Novels by Sheila Connolly

  1. Seeing The Dead (2014)
  2. Picked To Die (2014)
  3. Under The Hill (2014)
  4. An Early Wake (2015)
  5. Defending The Dead (2015)
  6. Privy to The Dead (2015)
  7. A Gala Event (2015)
  8. Watch For The Dead (2015)
  9. A Necessary Death (2015)
  10. A Turn For The Bad (2016)
  11. Dead End Street (2016)
  12. Seeds of Deception (2016)
  13. Search For The Dead (2016)
  14. Cruel Winter: A County Cork Mystery (2017)
  15. A Late Frost (2017)
  16. Many A Twist (2018)
  17. Cozy Case Files: A Cozy Mystery (2018)
  18. Revealing The Dead (2018)
  19. Murder At The Mansion (2018)
  20. Nipped in The Bud (2018)
  21. Tied Up With a Bow: A County Cork Mystery (2018)
  22. The Lost Traveler: A County Cork Mystery (2019)
  23. Digging Up History (2019)
  24. Killer in The Carriage House (2019)
  25. Fatal Roots: A County Cork Mystery (2020)


What happened to Sheila Connolly?

Sheila Connolly was living in Ireland when she died in 2020 at the age of 70. It is said that she passed away after a long battle with cancer.

What genre are Sheila Connolly’s novels?

Sheila Connolly mainly wrote mystery and fiction novels, many taking place in Ireland.

When did Sheila Connolly stop writing?

Sheila Connolly died in April 2020 just a couple weeks after her book Fatal Roots was published, so her books stopped being published in 2020.

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