All Spencer Quinn Books In Order (Cozy Animal Mysteries)

If you’re interested in suspenseful and exciting mysteries and don’t mind the addition of some furry friends, then you’re in the right place. Whether you’re young or old, Spencer Quinn has a book for everyone, so come take a look!

All Spencer Quinn Books In Order (Cozy Animal Mysteries)

About Spencer Quinn

Spencer Quinn is the pen name for Peter Abrahams, a writer who specializes in crime fiction and mystery novels. He writes for both adults and children and is the bestselling author of many books and series.

Abrahams was born in Boston and spent a good portion of his life working as a CBC television producer. Abrahams published his first book, The Fury of Rachel Monette, in 1980, and it wasn’t until 2008 that he started writing books under the name Spencer Quinn.

Spencer Quinn’s novels put together animals and mysteries to create hilariously fun-filled yet suspenseful stories. He’s made novels for adults as well as the Bowser and Birdie series, which is meant for younger readers.

All Spencer Quinn Books In Order

Chet and Bernie Stories:

Dog On It (2008)

Dog on It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 1)

In Dog On It, Chet is a smart and caring dog who narrates a story full of bad guys and mystery. When a mother can’t find her teenage daughter, Chet and Bernie, an investigator, immediately take on the case.

As they uncover secrets and figure out what the daughter is mixed up in, the mystery gets even more intense. Their search for clues leads them to all sorts of places, and this dynamic duo is one you won’t want to miss.

Thereby Hangs a Tail (2009)

Thereby Hangs a Tail: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 2)

In another Chet and Bernie mystery, Thereby Hangs a Tail follows the mystery-solving man and his helpful canine companion through another investigation.

This time, a show dog and her owner have been abducted. Soon after, Bernie’s on-and-off girlfriend also goes missing. The stakes are high when Chet and Bernie get separated, and Chet is left stranded to find his way back to Bernie before things get even worse.

To Fetch a Thief (2010)

To Fetch a Thief: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 3)

When Bernie gets tickets to a circus that is in town, Chet is enchanted by all of the new smells. But Peanut, the headlining circus elephant, is missing, along with her trainer. Chet and Bernie aren’t working on the case, so there’s not much they can do—until they are hired by Popo the Clown. 

To Fetch a Thief follows Chet and Bernie as they search for the missing duo, ending up in some very dangerous situations during the process. When Chet is separated from Bernie in Mexico, he has to do everything he can to save himself along with Bernie and Peanut.

The Dog Who Knew Too Much (2011)

The Dog Who Knew Too Much: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 4)

When a boy goes missing at camp, Chet and Bernie are the investigators for the job. The boy’s mother thinks that he was taken by her ex-husband, but Chet and Bernie are led in a different direction when Chet picks up a new scent.

The Dog Who Knew Too Much is the fourth novel in the Chet and Bernie series, following the crime-fighting team through a new case. And when a puppy that looks like Chet shows up and another P.I. is trying to separate Chet and Bernie, things get very complicated.

A Fistful of Collars (2012)

A Fistful of Collars: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 5)

In Fistful of Collars, Hollywood bad boy Thad Perry is in town for a movie shoot and Chet and Bernie are supposed to keep an eye on him. Then they find out that Thad has a secret, and anyone who knows it seems to end up dead.

Meanwhile, Bernie’s relationship has become long-distance and Thad’s cat has had a hard time warming up to Chet.

A Cat Was Involved (2012)

A Cat Was Involved: A Chet and Bernie Mystery eShort Story (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series)

Chet met Bernie on the day that he failed K-9 school, but the reason has always been fuzzy to Chet. After all, he was the best leaper in his class, but one fateful incident changed everything. All Chet knows is that there was blood and a cat was involved.

A Cat Was Involved finally tells us the full story that has been mentioned throughout the series up to this point, and we hear what happened on the day Chet met Bernie.

The Iggy Chronicles, Volume One (2013)

The Iggy Chronicles, Volume One: A Chet and Bernie Mystery eShort Story (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series)

The Iggy Chronicles, Volume One may be a short Chet and Bernie story, but it’s packed with mystery and excitement. 

When Mr. Parsons tells Bernie that his dog, Iggy, is missing, it’s big news. Iggy doesn’t go out very often, so her being gone is very out of character. While Chet and Bernie are looking for the missing dog, they happen upon Mrs. Parsons, unconscious in her bedroom. 

When they arrive at the hospital, Chet and Bernie realize that a jewel thief is going around. And though Iggy shows back up, it seems that the mystery is only just getting started…and Iggy may be the answer to it all.

The Sound and the Furry (2013)

The Sound and the Furry: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 6)

In The Sound and the Furry, Chet and Bernie run into Frenchie Boutette, a criminal they put in jail. Frenchie needs help finding his brother Ralph, who seems to be missing. Chet and Bernie take the job and traverse through the bayous of Louisiana, meeting all the characters of the Boutette family as they try to find Ralph.

When Chet finds a new and alarming clue, the investigation quickly turns sinister. Big Oil becomes involved along with a biker gang and some other sketchy people, and Chet and Bernie know they are in dangerous waters now.

Tail of Vengeance (2014)

Tail of Vengeance: A Chet and Bernie Mystery eShort Story (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series)

Tail of Vengeance is a Chet and Bernie short story that takes the pair of mystery-solvers on another hunt. This time, they are helping a beautiful woman who knows that her boyfriend is cheating. All they need to do is find evidence that will help her get him in trouble once and for all.

Paw and Order (2014)

Paw and Order: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 7)

Paw and Order follows Chet and Bernie on another unforgettable mystery. The duo has journeyed to Washington DC, where Chet is smelling a plethora of new things. They go to visit Bernie’s girlfriend, Suzie, who is a reporter working on a very big story.

Suzie can’t say much, though she does say that the story will be huge. But when Suzie’s source runs into some trouble, things suddenly take a turn and Bernie is arrested.

Scents and Sensibility (2015)

Scents and Sensibility: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 8)

In Scents and Sensibility, Chet and Bernie have recently returned home only to find some very strange things. For one, Bernie’s wall safe and his grandfather’s watch are gone. Moreover, their elderly next-door neighbor Mr. Parsons is under investigation for owning a saguaro cactus illegally taken from the desert.

Chet and Bernie immediately put on their detective hats, ready to solve these new mysteries. When looking into Mr. and Mrs. Parsons’ case, Chet and Bernie discover something in the desert that is far worse than a missing cactus. Soon they are looking at kidnappings and cults, and the mystery is getting a lot more dangerous by the minute.

More Chet and Bernie Books:

Bowser and Birdie Series:

Woof (2015)

Woof: A Bowser and Birdie Novel

Woof is about Bowser, a handsome dog with a great sense of smell who can always tell when something is off. That’s why he knows that bad things are going on in the Louisiana swamp, and the girl he lives with, Birdie, agrees with him.

Birdie’s Grammy’s stuffed animal is missing and there’s a rumor that it’s linked to some sort of treasure, plus there is a strange truck that seems as though it’s following Birdie. Things aren’t adding up, but Bowser and Birdie are determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Arf (2016)

Arf: A Bowser and Birdie Novel (Bowser and Birdie, 2)

When Bowser and Birdie’s home is broken into, they are confused about why someone would do such a thing. They don’t have much to steal and now Birdie is worried, but Bowser is hot on someone’s trail and intent on solving the mystery.

In Arf, Bowser searches for clues. A girl keeps coming around and asking about Birdie’s dad, who was a policeman killed at work years ago. To make matters worse, the town smells of limeade aftershave and cats. Bowser knows things are about to get serious, and he is ready to protect Birdie no matter what.

Bow Wow (2017)

Bow Wow: A Bowser and Birdie Novel

When a local boy finds a bull shark in the Louisiana swamp, everyone is out to hunt for it. There is a cash reward for whoever captures the shark, and Bowser and Birdie notice that this is causing some suspicious behavior to arise around town. 

When Snoozy, a family friend and the best fisherman in town, goes missing, Bowser and Birdie immediately expect foul play. Not to mention the marine biologist who said he will do anything to make sure the shark stays alive…

Bow Wow is another great Bowser and Birdie story, following the two sleuths as they work to get Snoozy back home without getting into too much danger themselves.

Standalone Novels:

The Right Side (2017)

The Right Side: A Novel

LeAnne Hogan has recently returned from fighting the war in Afghanistan and is distraught after the events that occurred. She lost one eye and scarred half of her face, and is hardly able to remember what happened.

When LeAnne’s hospital roommate, Marci, dies, she is even more grief-stricken than before. LeAnne finds herself driving across the country, unable to see a future for herself. But when she arrives in Marci’s hometown in Washington State, LeAnne finds that Marci’s 8-year-old daughter is missing. LeAnne also finds herself forming a connection with a stray dog that has shown up.

The Right Side follows LeAnne’s story as she searches for Marci’s daughter. It is a story of love, loss, suspense, and hope.

Queenie & Arthur Series:

Ruff Vs. Fluff (2019)

Ruff vs. Fluff (A Queenie and Arthur Novel)

Ruff Vs. Fluff is a book about Queenie the Cat and Arthur the Dog. They are the pets of Harmony and Bro, two twins living in the Blackberry Hill Inn. Despite their commonalities, Queenie and Arthur hate each other with a passion.

But when the twins’ uncle is suddenly framed for a murder he didn’t commit, the enemy animals must join forces to solve the mystery and help the uncle and twins before it’s too late.

Paws Vs. Claws (2019)

Paws vs. Claws (An Arthur and Queenie Mystery): A Queenie and Arthur Mystery

When the neighbor’s cow disappears, Queenie, the cat is distraught at what this means: No more cream! Furthermore, Arthur, the dog is sad that twins Harmony and Bro are worrying about strange things going on in their town. Their mom’s inn is having money issues, some strange hi-tech guys are interested in Catastrophe Falls, and the twins might be hiding a fugitive…

Paws Vs. Claws follow Arthur, who knows that solving this mystery won’t be an easy task, but he’s determined to prove that he can do it anyway.

Bark Vs. Snark (2020)

Bark vs. Snark: A Queenie and Arthur Novel: (A Queenie and Arthur Novel) (Queenie & Arthur Book 3)

In Bark Vs. Snark, Queenie the cat comes back from winning first place in a feline beauty contest and Arthur the dog expects her to be extra snarky. But Queenie is oddly kind and the humans think this is from her recent win, though Arthur knows that’s not the case. This Queenie is an imposter!

Cuthbert the Clown is the only one who knows what’s going on, and when he goes missing, Arthur realizes how high the stakes are. It will be hard to solve a mystery without Queenie there to help him, but he needs to do it to save her.


Do you have to read the Chet and Bernie series in order?

All of the books in the Chet and Bernie series can be read as standalone stories, but to have the best reading experience and understand the characters more thoroughly, it’s recommended to read them in order of publication date.

How many books has Spencer Quinn written?

Currently, Spencer Quinn has published 25 books, and he is working on Up on the Woof Top, set to be published in October of 2023.

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