The Spirit Animals Books In Order

Spirit Animals is a fantastic book series written by a number of different authors. In this series, you will enter the world of Erdas, where the children all experience a coming-of-age ritual in order to determine if they have a ‘spirit animal’.

Books From Spirit Animals Series In Order

The spirit animal represents a bond between animals and humans which displays that each has great power.  The story follows four children from different cultures who discover through the ritual that they have been chosen for a greater destiny.

Spirit Animals is a series that contains 19 books from two main species. It includes four special editions and was released between 2013 and 2018. If you’re looking to read all of the Spirit Animals books in order, find out the order that they are designed to be read in today!

About Spirit Animals

The Spirit Animals series contains 7 books. There is also a second series that is set in the same world named Fall Of The Beasts which contains 8 books. The first novel in the series, named Wild Born, was released in 2013 and written by Brandon Mull.

The final story, named The Dragon’s Eye, was released in 2018 by Sarwat Chadda.Mull, the author of the first novel, is best known for the children’s fantasy series Fablehaven. He has written many other novels and series over the years.

This series is a very successful one, winning a few different awards and being on the New York Times Bestseller list.

The unique nature of writing, as the novel is written by a number of different authors, is very interesting and has created a dynamic and exciting series that never leaves you wanting more excitement!

Spirit Animals Books In Order

Wild Born

Wild Born (Spirit Animals, Book 1) (1)

Wild Born is the first book in the series. It introduces you to the world of Erdas and the four children: Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan, who each are about to discover whether they have a spirit animal.

Each of the children summons a beast, and they follow their fate as they band together on a quest. This novel begins in Trunswich, Eura. It is written from Conor’s perspective to begin with and it is written using the third-person narrative.

Conor is initially introduced as a sheep farmer. Conor is shown to be very pessimistic about the fact that he will call a spirit animal, while his brother, Devin is confident about his.

Devin does not summon a spirit animal, but Conor does alongside Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan. In this novel, we get to know the backgrounds of the four children, and why they have been selected to have their own spirit animals.


  • The first novel is great at introducing you to the world and setting up the story.
  • The characterization is fantastic.


  • There is less adventure in this novel than in others due to it being the first.


Hunted (Spirit Animals, Book 2) (2)

Hunted is the second book in the Spirit Animals series. It is written by Maggie Stiefvater. In this novel, the four children are faced with an enemy from whom they have to protect their spirit animal and themselves.

The bond with their spirit animals intensifies and gives them immense strength. This novel explores another way to create a spirit animal.

It looks into the idea of there being another way to summon a spirit animal, and it explores the danger of those who are offered this gift having selfish intentions. In the prologue of this story, we see Devin visualizing himself with a spirit animal, and how this could make him a legend.


  • There is a strong sense of exciting adventure in this novel.
  • Expands your understanding of the world.


  • Some differences between the two voices of the authors.

Blood Ties

Blood Ties (Spirit Animals, Book 3) (3)

Blood Ties is the third book in the spirit animal series. It was written by Garth Nix and Sean Williams and it follows a fantastic plot.

The bond between humans and spirit animals is stronger than ever, bridging the gap between the human and animal worlds. However, the conquerors are looking to disrupt this balance by setting the world on fire.

The children attempt to prevent the conqueror from disrupting this balance. Meilen sets off first in this story with her spirit animal – a panda named Jui – but her friends are not far behind her!

This is the only novel in the series that has two authors and it is written to very cohesively dispute this fact. This novel contains a large amount of danger and Rollan ends up becoming unwell at one stage in the novel.


  • The story is full of adventure.
  • It is written very well and remains true to the world.


  • Some repetition throughout the series.

Fire And Ice

Fire and Ice (Spirit Animals, Book 4) (4)

The next book in the series is named Fire And Ice and it is written by Shannon Hale. In this novel, the fourth in the series, the adventure continues. At the frozen edge of the world of Erdas, there are some strange things happening.

In their quest to stop the Conquerors, the heroes find themselves in a quiet village. Here, not everything is the way it seems, and the children are running out of time to find the answers.


  • The adventure is getting very interesting.
  • The stories follow on very well.


  • Introduced to new parts of the setting.

Against The Tide

Against the Tide (Spirit Animals, Book 5) (5)

Against the Tide is the fifth book in the Spirit Animals series. It was written by Tui T. Sutherland. The adventure continues in this novel, where the shadows begin to show on the sunny Hundred Isles.

Conor, Meilin, Rollan, and Abeke have now traveled across the world to collect some talismans that they want to keep away from their enemies. On this journey, they encountered many enemies who always seem to know where to find them!

In this novel, the group starts to suspect each other and they start to try and figure out who they can trust.


  • The exciting shift in trust pushes the story forward.
  • Very well written and exciting.


  • Less description of Erdas.

Rise And Fall

Rise and Fall (Spirit Animals, Book 6) (6)

Rise and Fall is the next novel in the series. This one is written by Eliot Schrefer. In the desert, there is a beautiful oasis that is ruled by a monarch. Cabaro, the monarch, is a Great Lion, who reigns over the animal kingdom.

He is one of the twelve Great Beasts and he guards his golden talisman. No human has ever been into the Great Beast’s territory and the journey that the children are embarking on is very dangerous this time!

The heroes have already sacrificed a lot, but in this novel, you will see even more great sacrifices!


  • You will see the children make many great sacrifices.
  • The story gains momentum in this novel.


  • The story gets slightly darker and scarier in this novel.

The Evertree

The Evertree (Spirit Animals, Book 7) (7)

The final book in the first series is called The Evertree by Marie Lu. It is the seventh and last book, where the adventure is coming to an end. They must reach a place that has been forgotten by time and they must face an ancient enemy.

They have one chance to stop this enemy, or the world will be destroyed! This novel sees the end of the adventure in which they have developed strong bonds, laughed, and fought together!


  • The ending of this series is very strong.
  • The characterization is fantastic.


  • The series comes to an end.

Final Thoughts

The Spirit Animals series is absolutely fantastic. The second series of this collection is named Fall Of The Beast, and it contains another 8 books. There are then 4 special additions to this series.

These books are very unique because they are each written by a different author. The series is a New York Times bestseller, and it has had much success elsewhere. The authors of these novels are all successful in their own right, too.

Each of them has its own bestselling novels and series, most of which are in the fantasy genre. This series is centered around children, but there is absolutely no reason why adults can’t enjoy the stories, too!

The stories are written very well and are very appealing to those who love fantasy adventure. Now you should have all the information that you need on this series and why it is so popular!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Spirit Animal Series Written By Brandon Mull?

No. The first novel in the series is written by Brandon Mull, but the whole series is not. Instead, the rest of the series is written by a range of different authors.

Is There A Series Two Of Spirit Animals?

There is a second series of Spirit Animals known as Fall of the Beasts. It is a series that contains 8 novels, following the same story and world as the first Spirit Animals series.

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