Sue Grafton Books In Order – All 25 Kinsey Millhone Books

Sue Grafton, ladies, and gentlemen, what a true visionary she was. This bestselling author set upon a task unlike any other.

Sue Grafton Books In Order; The Best Way To Read The 25 Kinsey Millhone Books

To create a series comprised of 26 detective mystery novels, where each book title begins with a letter of the alphabet.

The books took the world by storm, from her debut published in 1982 to her final book published in 2017, each book in this fantastic series soon shot up to become a number one best-seller.

Now, you may be wondering why the title says twenty-five books when we all know that the alphabet is comprised of twenty-six letters.

Well, sadly, the wonderful writer Sue Grafton passed away on the 28th of December 2017 at the age of 77 after a long and hard battle with cancer of the appendix.

With no other work written by the famous author, the alphabet, it appears, will now forever end at Y.

About The Kinsey Millhone Series

Kinsey Millhone

So, what can you expect from these 25 legendary novels?

Meet Detective Kinsey Millhone. She’s a hard-boiled, thick-skinned, ex-cop and rebellious loner. Now, she spends her day as a private investigator. And she’s the best around.

Criminals of Santa Theresa, California, beware, for there isn’t a case that the brilliant Kinsey Millhone won’t solve.

Expect twists, turns, shock, deceit, betrayal, and unexpected revelations the whole way through this series.

I hope you’re sitting down because, from the moment you open the first page, you’ll be gripped in place, unable to move, until the mystery is solved.

Can you work out the puzzles before Millhone pieces them together? Find out and see.

Kinsey Millhone Series In Order

A Is For Alibi

A is for Alibi (Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries, No. 1)

Kinsey Millhone, the former cop, now private investigator, is known for her no-nonsense tough-talking personality.

She has recently set up a relatively small and modest detective agency in the quiet part of Santa Teresa, California.

With a history of two divorces, and with few possessions to her name, Millhone likes to think of herself as an avenger for the underdogs and lost causes, like her, of the world.

Which probably explains why she draws in the kind of clients that she does.

Meet Nikki Fife, a desperate client who was wrongfully convicted of murdering her unfaithful husband eight years ago.

She’s out on parole and now she’s ready to find the true culprit. But clearing her name will be no easy task for Millhone.

With a love for living life on the edge, Millhone can’t wait to sink her teeth into the case, but when her investigation reveals another corpse, far more suspects, and new motives, she realizes that she might be teetering closer to the edge than she’d anticipated.


  • Complex Plot – You’ll never know where this story will take you next.
  • Vivid Description – Grafton’s prose paints such a crystal clear picture in your mind.
  • Realistic – The plotline is realistic and believable throughout.


  • Large Character Cast – There are quite a lot of characters in the novel which can make it difficult to follow at times.

B Is For Burglar

'B' is for Burglar: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery (Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries, 2)

Work for Kinsey Millhone has been pretty slow recently, but even so, she’s still pretty reluctant to take on the latest case presented to her.

Beverly Danziger’s sister Elaine Boldt is missing and she wants Millhone to find her. This seems like too small of a matter for Millhone to need to provide her services.

Beverly claims that she needs her sister to sign a few documents in order for her to claim a small inheritance, but something about the whole situation seems…off.

And if Millhone’s line of work has told her anything, it’s to follow those instincts. And when she does eventually take on the case, her hunch is proven true.

Could Elaine’s disappearance be linked to the brutal murder of one of her bridge partners several months ago?

When Elaine’s neighbor’s house then gets vandalized, and a second neighbor is murdered, it’s clear that Kinsey Millhone’s reputation is in jeopardy.

Can she find the missing girl and the lurking killer before it’s all too late?


  • Complex Characters – There are so many unique characters each with their own distinct personalities and complex character development.
  • Full Of Surprises – With subtle clues and red herrings littered throughout, Grafton always keeps you guessing.


  • A Lot Going On – The plotline gets so complex at times that you can feel like you need to reread chapters to fully understand the story.

C Is For Corpse

'C' Is for Corpse: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery (Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries, 3)

Millhone currently faces her biggest, and most difficult, case to date. An attempted murder where the victim has limited memory.

Meet Bobby Callahan, a 23-year-old who is lucky to still be alive after his car was forced over a bridge and into a canyon.

While his memory is left clouded, he just can’t shake the intuitive feeling that this was no mere mistake and that the danger is still as prevalent as ever.

And Millhone’s only resource? A small address book and the name Blackman.

With no memory of how he received the book, Millhone doesn’t have a great starting point. And things only go from bad to worse when Bobby is killed in an accident no more than three days after hiring the P.I.

As Kinsey continues to battle through with the investigation, she soon realizes that Bobby knew a secret. A secret worth killing for and uncovering it may very well put her next in the firing line.


  • Light Mystery – This novel is filled with suspense but is also such an easy read.
  • Phenomenal Scene Setting – Grafton never ceases to amaze with her visionary talent for setting the scene so crystal clear.


  • Sensitive Subjects – This novel covers a few sensitive topics that could be potentially triggering for some readers such as abortion.

D Is For Deadbeat

D is for Deadbeat (The Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries)

Kinsey Millhone can tell something’s up the second that Alvin Limardo walks through her doors with an offer.

Deliver $25,000 to a fifteen-year-old boy. The task seems too simple to be worth the fee and her judgment tells her there’s more to the story. But rent is due, and needed the money Kinsey begrudgingly accepts.

But when his check bounces, Millhone knows she’s been had. Big time. Turns out Alvin Limardo is an alias for none other than alcoholic ex-con John Daggett.

In the days that follow, Daggett’s corpse is mysteriously found floating in the Santa Teresa surf.

Dismissed as an accident, Kinsey takes it upon herself to further investigate.

After all, there were plenty of people that wanted him dead. But fighting for justice for an inherently unjustified con artist is going to be a tough ask for this P.I and what awaits her…well, that’s more disturbing than anyone could imagine.


  • Important Themes – Not only an entertaining mystery, but this 4th installment will also tell a terribly sad tale of the dangers of greed and thus impending loss.
  • Emotional Rollercoaster – In this novel there are sweet moments, ball-your-eyes-out crying points, and then laugh-out-loud situations.


  • Pacing Problems – This novel has a brilliant beginning and a surprising conclusion but the middle felt like it lagged slightly compared to the others in the series.

E Is For Evidence

E is for Evidence (The Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries)

Kinsey Millhone doesn’t mind being alone most of the time, but during the winter holidays, she can’t help but feel a little bit blue.

But when she wished for a distraction, this isn’t exactly what she had in mind. A career-on-the-line case and an old ex-husband making his way back onto the scene.

$5000 has just been deposited into Millhone’s bank account. But she didn’t do it. Suddenly she’s being accused of being on the take in an arson case and it’s clear that someone is trying to frame her.

Now Kinsey is working for the last client on the planet she thought she’d need to – herself.

As new evidence and bodies continue to pop up out of the woodwork, Millhone needs to solve this case, and fast before she loses everything.


  • Character Development – With Millhone truly under pressure we see so much more character development in this 5th installment.
  • Guess Who? – Through subtleties such as movements, expressions, and even clothing choices, you are left analyzing every last piece of information to try and determine the culprit.


  • Darker Themes – This novel tackles topics that seem much darker compared to her other work so far.

F Is For Fugitive

'F' is for Fugitive: A Kinsey Millhone Mystery (Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries, 6)

When Millhone travels to Florida Beach, California for her next case, it seems far too tranquil to be the setting for a grim and brutal murder. But seventeen years ago, it was on this very beach that Jean Timberlake’s body was found.

Jean’s boyfriend, Bailey Fowler, took the fall but escaped from prison. He’s finally been caught, and Fowler’s father has hired the P.I positive that Bailey was not at fault though the whole town is adamant.

Why, then, are they so reluctant to answer any of Millhone’s questions?

As she digs down deeper into this investigation it becomes clear that the town is hiding many dirty little secrets. Along with a murderer prepared to strike again to keep his past buried and hidden.


  • Blindsided – While all of Grafton’s books keep you guessing, this one involves the most shocking and surprising twists yet.
  • Sayonara Similar Setting – For the first time, we’re taken out of Santa Theresa into a whole new setting. This allows for new vivid descriptions and ultimately influences the plotline and Millhone’s character development.


  • A Little Less Action – This novel incorporates quite a lot of interviews and small talk and lacks some of the real action we’ve come to expect.

G Is For Gumshoe

G is for Gumshoe (The Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries)

Locating a missing elderly mother who hasn’t been heard from in 6 months isn’t exactly the thrilling case and adventure that Kinsey gets excited about. But it seems like an easy enough task for the money.

And in fact, Agnes wasn’t even all that hard to find. She was in a hospital pretty much fine other than a somewhat foggy memory. But that’s probably just down to age.

She did seem a little frightened though, rambling on about bizarre things. Again, probably just the age.

Besides, her job was to locate her and that’s what she’s done. She has enough problems as it is.

With Tyrone Patty, a criminal she helped to convict, back on the streets, peril is everywhere she looks.

From oncoming cars to being shot at, it’s clear that there’s a bounty on her head.

And so she hires a personal bodyguard, and the chemistry between them only goes to complicate things.

But when Agnes falls victim to homicide, Millhone realizes that those ramblings weren’t quite as bizarre as they seemed.

Will discovering the truth lead to her ultimate demise?


  • Hilarious – For a murder mystery, this novel has so many laugh-out-loud moments.
  • Fast-Paced – This super engaging story moves quickly and keeps your attention throughout.


  • Formulaic & Predictable – I felt like the conclusion of this novel followed a familiar formula and the ending was more predictable than most in the series.

H Is For Homicide

'H' is for Homicide: A Kinsey Millhone Novel (Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries, 8)

This case is personal. Millhone’s best friend has been murdered in a parking lot located just behind California Fidelity Insurance.

With a file on Bibianna Diaz exposing scams and fraud as her only clue, Kinsey decides to go undercover to befriend Diaz in an attempt to get closer to the truth.

But after their interaction finds them behind a cell with Diaz’s violent and angry ex-fiance waiting for them upon their release, Millhone realizes that Raymond Maldonado may be the missing link she’s been looking for.

Can Kinsey think fast enough on her feet to find justice for her best friend and save her own life?


  • Total Tension – The suspense and tension-building in this book is so perfect it’s almost painful.
  • A New Dynamic – This novel is like a breath of fresh air. Since she’s undercover it adds a new dynamic to the plot and character development that we haven’t seen before.


  • Graphic – This novel is a little more blood-thirsty than others in the novel with fairly graphically described violence that won’t be for everyone.

I Is For Innocent

'I' is for Innocent: A Kinsey Millhone Novel

When Lonnie Kingman’s P.I dies of a heart attack mere weeks before the trial, he needs to find a replacement and fast.

Five years ago, David Barney was acquitted of the murder of his affluent wife Isabelle.

Kingman is now acting as attorney for Isabelle’s ex-husband and is determined to deprive David Barney of the profit of a murder he is sure he committed.

None other than the infamous Millhone acts as the P.I’s replacement.

Knowing Morley Shine, she expects it to require little effort other than tying up a few loose ends but when she finds his investigation in complete disarray she knows she’s got a whole lot more work cut out for her.

Shockingly, when all of Barney’s claims check out, Millhone realizes that there is still a murderer on the loose, but it isn’t David Barney.

So, if not him, then who? This is the question she must answer before she becomes the latest victim of this uncaught killer.


  • Never-Ending Suspects – With so many people each with their own motive, guessing this killer will be impossible.
  • Every Emotion – This novel will have you laughing, crying, screaming, and guessing from the first to the final page.


  • Over Descriptive – While Grafton has a way with words and painting mental pictures, I found myself skim-reading some rather lengthy descriptions.

J Is For Judgment

'J' is for Judgment: A Kinsey Millhone Novel

Five years ago when Wendell Jaffe’ss Fuji Ketch was found drifting off the Baja coast with nobody aboard, it was assumed that he had gone overboard.

And these suspicions were further confirmed when a parting note detailing the many perils of his life he could no longer cope with.

Despite having stripped his bank accounts, he did leave one asset behind.

A $500,000 life insurance policy written out to his wife. However, with nobody to confirm the death, Dana Jeffe was required to wait out the statutory 5 years until she could declare her missing husband officially dead.

But when Wendell is spotted mere days after the big payout, the insurance company hires Kinsey Millhone to investigate the situation.

The deeper she digs, the more she learns about her own family along the way.


  • Character Development – In this installment of the series, not only do we get another great mystery but we learn a lot more about our protagonist.
  • Creating An Atmosphere – Grafton is a true puppeteer and we are her puppets bent to her will. Her writing instantaneously evokes the atmosphere and emotions that she intends on creating.


  • Lacks A Solid Resolution – I found myself slightly disappointed with the ending of this novel which didn’t seem to have a conclusive ending.

K Is For Killer

K is for Killer (A Kinsey Millhone Mystery, Book 11)

When the cops found Lorna Kelpers’ body it was so badly decomposed that they couldn’t be certain of whether or not they had a homicide on their hands.

Though they suspected they might. But with no leads, suspects, or motives, it eventually became another name to add to the list of unsolved files.

Lorna’s mother, certain that her daughter was a victim of murder, isn’t willing to give up as easily. And when she stumbles upon Millhone’s offices one night after a support group session, she enlists the help of the best P.I around.

And so Kinsey begins an investigation unlike any other where only a pact with the devil can satisfy the restless ghosts of the victims.


  • Sharp Dialogue – The witty and incredibly written dialogue in this novel will have you believing that the characters are genuinely real.
  • Complex Cold Case – With tons of twists and turns, you never know where this book will go next and it keeps you guessing right until the very end.


  • Abrupt Ending – The ending of this book comes almost out of nowhere. It leaves you with a few unanswered questions.

L Is For Lawless

'L' is for Lawless: A Kinsey Millhone Novel

Kinsey Millhone is set to be a bridesmaid for the elderly landlord Henry Pitt’s Thanksgiving wedding.

But her bridesmaid plans are soon set to go downhill after she agrees to help her late neighbor’s family recover enough money from his Veteran’s Administration to foot the bill for his burial.

When there’s a break-in at the deceased apartment it becomes evidently clear that John Lee was not who he appeared to be.

With a suspicious service friend, and two collaborating individuals keeping hold of a suspect duffle bag, Millhone realizes there are more secrets to be discovered.

And so begins a spur of the moment pursuit of Laura Huckaby, possessor of said duffle bag. But nothing prepares Kinsey for the events that follow.


  • Amusing Mischief – Kinsey gets up to all sorts of nonsense in this book that allows for a very funny and entertaining read.
  • Spectacular Setting – In this installment, we are introduced to Texas, and the scene is painted so perfectly that you feel as if you are watching a movie.


  • Slow Starter – This book takes a little bit of getting into, but this is an easily forgivable transgression given the action once it gets going.

M Is For Malice

'M' is for Malice: A Kinsey Millhone Novel

Bader Malek, a local industrial tycoon worth over 40 million dollars has recently passed away. And now his four sons are set to inherit his fortune.

Only one of the brothers has been missing for over eighteen years, last seen mere days before his exasperated father disinherited him.

Only the will stating as much has mysteriously vanished too. Hired by the Malek family, Millhone must investigate whether, in fact, Guy is still alive and thus in line to receive his share of the inheritance.

It doesn’t take long for her to secure his whereabouts and bring him back to his ambivalent family. But when a murder leaves the surviving Malek kin as prime suspects Millhone realizes that her work is far from over.


  • Deeper Message – This murder mystery teaches us how ‘facts’ can be taken for granted and how easily our life view can be distorted, manipulated, and misinterpreted.
  • Unexpected Ending – This is one of my favorite conclusions of the entire series, be ready for tons of twists and turns.


  • Pacing Problems – This build-up and slow progression of the plot line makes this novel in the series a little harder to progress through than others.

N Is For Noose

'N' is for Noose: A Kinsey Millhone Novel

Tom Newquist was one of the best detectives in the Nota Lake sheriff’s office. His sudden death saddens the town but does not surprise them.

He wasn’t exactly the poster boy for health, a heavy smoker with poor eating habits, who was constantly working and rarely exercising. Even his now-widowed wife, Selma, did not doubt the coroner’s report.

But there were still questions she needed answers to gain closure. And thus she hires Kinsey Millhone to do some digging.

Why was he constantly prowling the town in the dark of night? Why had he been so distracted and brooding for the six weeks prior to his death?

Finding the answers to these questions will prove to be more dangerous than she ever expected. Millhone finds herself the latest target and it appears the whole town is more than happy to take her down.


  • Chaotic Climax – The plot of this novel is so complex that you’ll be kept guessing until the final climax which will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Quirky Characters – In this installment, we meet some really new and interesting characters that give it a whole new lease of life.


  • Lack Of Familiarity – With new characters, an alternative location, and the absence of more common faces, this novel at times felt like it deviated too far from the much-loved familiar formula.

O Is For Outlaw

'O' is for Outlaw (Kinsey Millhone Book 15)

Kinsey receives a call one morning that is about to change her life as she knows it.

A guy who scavenges defaulted storage units at auction recently opened one filled with several possessions belonging to her. He strikes a deal – for $30 she can have the lot.

She agrees somewhat reluctantly, usually not one for sentimentality, but her curiosity has got the best of her. Hidden within a jumble of her childhood memorabilia Millhone finds an old undelivered letter.

And its contents will force her to reexamine everything that she once knew.

From the undiscovered secrets of her first marriage to an unsolved murder, the contents of this storage unit places Kinsey in mortal danger.


  • Original Storyline – This storyline is really unlike any other murder mystery narrative you’ve read before. Its unique twist makes for a very interesting read.
  • Touching Ending – The epilogue for this novel is outstanding. There are twists and turns along the way that are all nicely wrapped up in this final conclusion.


  • Slow-Moving – The pacing of this novel leaves something to be desired, it seems to take a while for the real action to kick in.

P Is For Peril

P is for Peril (A Kinsey Millhone Novel)

Nine weeks ago, Dr. Dowan Purcell said goodbye to his fellow colleagues at the Pacific Meadows nursing home. He got in his car, drove away, and then…mysteriously vanished.

Despite his second wife Crystal, the former stripper who is forty years his junior, being certain he is dead, his bitter ex-wife is not so convinced. And so she hires the famous PI Millhone to get to the bottom of it.

Along the way, Millhone meets the beautiful Tommy Hevener. But she soon learns that even the devil himself once had the face of an angel. Beneath all that beauty lies a fatal secret.


  • Super Secondary Plot – While we still get that fix of mystery, we also get an incredibly secondary plot that’s enthralling.
  • A Thinker – I love that we are almost left to figure out the ending of this novel ourselves. And once you get it – you’ll be super impressed.


  • Confusing – While I adored this ending, some readers found it too confusing with not enough clues for them to piece together the conclusion.

Q Is For Quarry

Q is for Quarry (Kinsey Millhone Novel)

Eighteen years ago, an unidentified white woman’s decomposed body was found nearby a quarry close to California’s Highway 1.

The young woman had seen a violent and grisly end. But after months and months of investigation, the Santa Teresa County Sheriff’s Department detectives were unable to solve the case.

Jump forward almost two decades, and the detectives who are now close to retirement want one more go at cracking the case. But now elderly and ill, they need someone younger to do most of the legwork.

Enter Kinsey Millhone. Intrigued by the cold case she agrees to help. But doing so won’t come without its danger.


  • Complex Cold Case – This case is based on a real-life cold case and involves several complex twists and turns.
  • Explicit Descriptions – The imagery throughout these books is phenomenal. You’ll feel as if you are really right there with the main characters.


  • Padding – At times it can feel like there’s a lot of extra filling, padding, and fluff which often feels unnecessary to the progression of the novel.

R Is For Ricochet

R Is For Ricochet: A Kinsey Millhone Novel

Kinsey’s latest job seems simple enough. Slightly beneath her, but easy money at least. Babysit affluent daughter Reba of Nord Lafferty.

Reba, born when her father was in her late 50s, has always been well-accustomed to privilege and easy life.

She was rarely denied anything, but when she was convicted of embezzlement, this was one situation her father wouldn’t bail her out of.

And so after a 22-month sentence, Reba is out on parole. She has a few rules to follow and her father wants to make sure that she doesn’t fall back into her old patterns.

But when those old friends come calling, Kinsey realizes she may have more on her hands than she bargained for.


  • R Is For Relationships – So many new relationships blossom in this novel so if you love a bit of romance, you’ll definitely enjoy this installment of the series.
  • Great Characters – I adored Reba. This character is created so well and vividly. You won’t be ready to say goodbye when the book ends.


  • Quick Climax – The climax and resolution of this book come around pretty quickly and it can seem almost rushed.

S Is For Silence

S is for Silence: A Kinsey Millhone Novel

Kinsey has quite the task ahead of her. Violet Sullivan went missing from her hometown in California way back in 1953.

Left behind was her abusive husband along with her seven-year-old daughter Daisy.

Daisy, now a grown adult, wants answers. And so she hires PI Millhone to locate her lost mother dead or alive. From all the information so far, this seems like a classic case of a runaway wife.

But the deeper she digs into this cold case, the more she realizes that some people’s feelings still run hotter than ever.


  • Shifting Narrators – This novel is definitely something new and fresh and the shifting narratives allow for a better understanding of the characters.
  • Plenty Of Action – There’s so much going on in this novel with plenty of twists and turns which are sure to keep you gripped.


  • Spicier Content – Unlike the other novels in this series, there are quite a few explicit scenes that won’t be for every reader.

T Is For Trespass

T is for Trespass: A Kinsey Millhone Novel

When Kinsey Millhone’s grouchy old neighbor takes a bad fall, his only living relative is pretty reluctant to take care of him. Instead, they opt for a carer who can nurse him back to health.

Trying to help out where she can, Kinsey offers to run a check on the applicant to ensure she’s a good egg. And she gets the all-clear. Perfect references, all the correct certificates, Solana Rojas checks out.

And indeed, Solana Rojas would have been the perfect carer. But the woman that’s stolen her identity? That’s a different story…and Gus seems like an ideal victim.


  • Super Suspenseful – Despite a familiarity with the plot, this novel is sure to keep you hooked as the tension and suspense are built until the very end.
  • Feel The Emotion – The way these books invoke emotion is unbelievable. You’ll be screaming, crying, and shouting at characters throughout the novel.


  • Triggering Content – This novel deals with some particularly heavy and dark themes that some readers may find disturbing or triggering.

U Is For Undertow

U is for Undertow: A Kinsey Millhone Novel

When Michael Sutton was just six years old he wandered off into the woods and saw two men digging a hole.

Their explanation? They were pirates who were digging for buried treasure. Being young and naive, Sutton thought no more of it.

However, many years later, with wiser eyes, Sutton is sure that something much more sinister was happening before his eyes.

In accordance with the local news reports of the time it becomes clear that he witnessed the burial of a kidnapped child.

And so he enlists the help of Kinsey Millhone. With almost nothing to go off, it seems that this may be a futile search for the PI. And this is only supported further when she learns about Suttons’ ‘active imagination.’

Despite these doubts, Millhone battles on with the investigation and uncovers more than twenty years of deceit.


  • Travel Through Time – Enjoy the vivid descriptions and complex storylines of two different timelines.
  • Complex Plot – Graftons ability to juggle multiple plots that all tie together in a shocking and surprising manner is impeccable.


  • Mature Content – While there are no vivid descriptions of graphic violence, there are several hard-to-read sections that include mature adult themes that some might find triggering.

V Is For Vengeance

V is for Vengeance (A Kinsey Millhone Novel)

Kinsey Millhone feels pretty out of place in her local department store’s lingerie section, but luckily stopping shoplifting thieves is exactly her forte. So, of course, she springs straight into action.

Her thanks? Getting nearly run over in the parking lot courtesy of one of the fleeing thieves.

However, after one of the thieves that didn’t get away is found dead in an apparent suicide, the deceased’s fiance Audrey Vance hires Kinsey to investigate further. Vance suspects foul play is the cause of her bereaved fiance.

But as Millhone investigates further it becomes apparent what may seem like a small crime, had a much bigger story to tell.


  • Laugh Out Loud Funny – There are so many humorous moments throughout this murder mystery.
  • Subplots Aplenty – There are so many subplots and extra storylines throughout this novel. It makes for a more complex and engaging story overall.


  • Less Kinsey Backstory – For those who love the more personal side of Kinsey’s life, this story might be a little disappointing. We don’t see as much of Kinsey and her family/friends’ interactions.

W Is For Wasted

W is for Wasted: A Kinsey Millhone Novel

The local PI with a suspect reputation is the first victim, shot close by the Santa Teresa beach.

The second is a John Doe found on the beach no more than six weeks later. And in his pocket, a small piece of paper with Kinsey’s name and number on it.

The deaths seem relatively unrelated, but the more that Millhone digs into the investigation, the more links she seems to find.

Not only between the victims but herself and her past too. And soon, through no fault of her own, Kinsey will find herself completely compromised.


  • More Kinsey – For those disappointed with the previous installment, you’ll be happy to know that we delve deeper into Kinsey’s life in this novel.
  • Poignant Message – This novel will leave you with food for thought over how we treat those less fortunate than ourselves.


  • Padding & Pacing – There were pacing issues in this novel that I think boil down to the fact there was a lot of unnecessary padding or ‘fluff.’


X (A Kinsey Millhone Novel)

There is a serial killer on the loose. What’s worse is that he feels absolutely no remorse making him a lethal perpetrator.

Oh, and he leaves behind not a single trace of his crimes. So, of course, there’s only one person for the job – personal investigator Kinsey Millhone.

But this case will be Kinsey’s biggest test yet.

Can she discover and prove who this sociopath is one and for all? Or will she become his next victim?


  • New Characters – You’ll meet a whole host of new characters throughout this novel. Some nice, some no-so-nice. But each one is impeccably crafted and developed.
  • Darkest So Far – If you love a deep and dark murder mystery, this novel is going to be right up your alley.


  • Too Descriptive – While her over-descriptive prose usually works well, it seems a little too long in this novel and encourages skim reading.

Y Is For Yesterday

Y is for Yesterday (A Kinsey Millhone Novel)

Ten years ago, four boys from an elite private school sexually assaulted their fourteen-year-old classmate and filmed the gruesome attack. Soon after, the tape disappeared and the suspected tape thief was murdered.

In the following investigation, three of the four boys were convicted. However, the main perpetrator escaped.

Fast forward a decade and one of the boys, Fritz McCabe has been released from prison. And almost immediately that missing tape resurfaces along with a ransom note. The McCabes hire PI Millhone.

But while keeping an eye on Fritz, she soon learns there’s someone out there with a grudge against her, and this sociopath is leaving traces of himself for her to find.


  • Transition Through Time – This book seamlessly travels back and forth through time in a way that is clear, obvious, and totally engaging.
  • Seriously Surprising – With tons of twists and turns and shocking moments, this final book is sure to keep you guessing


  • Dark & Disturbing – This is without a doubt the darkest novel so far and the mature and graphic content won’t be appropriate for all readers.
  • Kinsey’s Alphabet Ends With Y – This is the last novel of the series and you’ll be super sad that it’s over and time to say goodbye to Kinsey Millhone.

Final Thoughts

A is for amazing. B is for breathtaking. And C is for can’t imagine life without these books.

No one writes a murder mystery quite as enthralling and well-written as Sue Grafton.

If you’re looking for a novel to keep you on your toes and never knowing what is coming next, then this is the perfect series for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Read Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Series In Order?

These books are standalone books which means that they don’t need to be read in order. However, it is definitely recommended as there is evident character development throughout each novel.

Did Sue Grafton Finish The Alphabet Series?

Sadly, Sue Grafton passed away before the final installment of the Alphabet Series was written.

We do know that the last book would have been called ‘Z is for Zero’ but she refused to allow a ghost writer to finish her work.

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Anna Davis