The Last Apprentice Books In Order

The Last Apprentice is a young adult fantasy series written by British author Joseph Delaney.

Titled Spooks in the UK, The Last Apprentice is a worldwide bestseller that has been published in 26 different countries from around the world.

The Last Apprentice Books In Order

Universal Pictures even adapted it into the film Seventh Son, starring Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes, in 2015. 

About The Last Apprentice

Tom Ward is one of many sons, and apprentice to the County Spook, John Gregory.

As a dark fantasy series, the plot focuses on Tom as he battles against a host of evil creatures.

There are thirteen books in the first arc of the series: The Wardstone Chronicles, followed by The Starblade Chronicles and The Brother Wulf series. 

This dark fantasy series focuses on themes around the supernatural, duty, isolation, and the courage to face your fears in the face of adversity. 

The Last Apprentice Books In Order

Revenge Of The Witch

The Last Apprentice (Revenge of the Witch)

Tom Ward is one of many sons, and apprentice to the County Spook, John Gregory.

With a difficult job, Tom needs to learn how to exorcize ghosts and deal with other horrific creatures.

However, things turn even more terrifying when he accidentally frees the evilest witch in the County, Mother Malkin. 


  • It introduces more horror elements than would be expected of a young adult series.


  • It doesn’t bring many new elements to the genre, so anyone with a knowledge of fantasy won’t be surprised.

Curse Of The Bane

Curse of the Bane (Last Apprentice, 2)

Tom and Gregory travel the County and get rid of all kinds of evil creatures, which brings them to Priestown.

In the cathedral’s catacombs lies a creature that the Spook has never been able to defeat: The Bane.

The situation gets more complicated for them with the arrival of the Quisitor too, who searches for those that meddle with the dark to imprison them or worse. 


  • More depth is included in both the world-building and the character’s backstories. 


  • The villains in Curse of the Bane aren’t as compelling and feel like they should appear later in the series.

Night Of The Soul Stealer

Night of the Soul Stealer (The Last Apprentice, Book 3)

Gregory takes Tom to his winter home in Anglezarke after a stranger arrives to see him.

Hearing rumors of the monsters that prowl the moors, he is unprepared for what he may face.

Now, with the rumors of a beast known as the Golgoth spreading, Tom doesn’t know how much danger they’ll be in if the secrets hidden from him about the world are revealed.


  • Explores more about Gregory and his past than previous novels.


  • Tom doesn’t appear to have learned much from the previous two books. However, this is set only a few months after the first two books.

Attack Of The Fiend

The Last Apprentice: Attack of the Fiend (Book 4) (Last Apprentice, 4)

A new danger threatens Tom’s world when he discovers the witches are rising, and three of their most powerful clans are working together to bring about unimaginable evil.

Separated from the Spook, Tom must find his courage and use his cunning to defeat an enemy more powerful than any he’s ever encountered.


  • There’s more fascinating lore behind witches and the mythology behind them.


  • It does appear more disjointed at times. However, this is due to the build-up of the overarching story. 

Wrath Of The Bloodeye

Last Apprentice: Wrath of the Bloodeye (Book 5), The (The Last Apprentice, 5)

With the danger mounting in the County, Gregory sends Tom away to train in the far north by another Spook named Bill Arkwright.

Forced to endure harsh training, Tom is unprepared to face the water witch Morwena, who has been sent to destroy him on his own.

When Gregory and Alice realize Tom’s danger, they’re left uncertain if they can rectify the mistake Gregory made. 


  • It offers an official turning point in the series where the plot grows more serious.


  • Due to the turning point in the plot, some readers might not be thrilled by the change of pace. 

Clash Of The Demons

The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons (Book 6) (Last Apprentice, 6)

Tom leaves the County for his mother’s homeland of Greece, where he is forced to ally with the Pendle witches to stop the Old God, Ordeen.

With the Devil still loose, they can’t allow the two dark forces to meet in fear of a new age of darkness descending upon them. 


  • There’s more focus on Tom’s mother and her own history outside of the County. 


  • It feels like filler away from the main plot as the characters take a trip out of the County.

Rise Of The Huntress

The Last Apprentice: Rise of the Huntress (Book 7) (Last Apprentice, 7)

After returning to the County, Tom and the Spook discover enemy soldiers have overrun their home.

Forced to flee to the island of Mona, they must face an old enemy who has grown far too powerful. 


  • This book tackles slightly more mature themes as Tom has grown and aged more in his time as an apprentice.


  • Due to there being more mature themes, this is also the point where the novel might not be suitable for younger readers.

Rage Of The Fallen

The Last Apprentice: Rage of the Fallen (Book 8) (Last Apprentice, 8)

After three years of being the Spook’s apprentice, and in that time, he has fought a wide range of terrifying enemies.

One of his enemies’ the terrifying Morrigan, has warned him never to step foot in her homeland of Ireland, but they have no choice but to flee there.

With dark creatures ready to hunt him, they must do everything they can to survive.


  • Delaney reveals another part of the mythology to learn about and expands upon the world.


  • The previous novels were more exciting, with the formula wearing thin.

Grimalkin The Witch Assassin

The Last Apprentice: Grimalkin the Witch Assassin (Book 9) (Last Apprentice, 9)

Grimalkin is the most feared, ruthless, and deadly witch in the County, but she has only one ally: Tom Ward.

Together, they plan to rid the world of the Fiend, a terrifying evil who plagues the land.

Told from Grimalkin’s perspective, she must fight the creatures of darkness who wish to wreak vengeance on her.


  • A change of perspective away from Tom, offering a fresh take on the story. 


  • Some readers may not like the change of perspective away from Tom and the Spook.

Lure Of The Dead

The Last Apprentice: Lure of the Dead (Book 10) (Last Apprentice, 10)

The final battle against the Fiend draws near, and Tom Ward is isolated and afraid.

He must go head-to-head against Siscoi, a Vampire God who is the Fiend’s greatest servant.

Tom needs to risk everything to prevent Siscoi from entering their world, but he fears the sacrifice he needs to make to stop the Fiend altogether.


  • It feels like the lead-up to the end of the series, and stakes are being raised.


  • This does feel like filler leading into the next book and doesn’t appear to advance the plot in a meaningful way. 


The Last Apprentice: Slither (Book 11)

Far away from the County is a terrifying creature known as Slither.

However, a dying father binds Slither to a contract to take their family safely south, and in return, he can have his daughter, Nessa.

The nightmare is only beginning as Slither and Nessa cross paths with Grimalkin and join the quest to stop the Fiend once and for all. 


  • Offers a new perspective from a monster’s point of view.


  • It’s definitely a filler story leading into the next book and doesn’t develop the plot as well as Grimalkin. 

I Am Alice

The Last Apprentice: I Am Alice (Book 12) (Last Apprentice, 12)

As the most powerful witch in the County and is capable of becoming the evilest. However, currently, she is the best friend and true love of Tom Ward.

Working together, they need to defeat the Fiend, but Alice isn’t aware of the sacrifice needed to defeat the Fiend and how she is hunting for the blade that may one day kill her.


  • Readers can appreciate the story from Alice’s perspective.


  • Not everyone will like the focus on flashbacks in this novel. 

Fury Of The Seventh Son

The Last Apprentice: Fury of the Seventh Son (Book 13) (Last Apprentice, 13)

When Tom’s mother spoke to Gregory all those years ago, she told him he would be the best and last apprentice the Spook would ever have.

With the final battle fast approaching, Tom, the Spook, and their allies will find out if this declaration is true or not.


  • The ending is left open-ended, so fans can continue to read if they want. 


  • The ending is controversial among many fans of the series.


There are thirteen books in the first arc: The Wardstone Chronicles.

If you’ve finished the series and enjoyed it, you’ll be glad to know that there are two sequel series: The Starblade Chronicles and Brother Wulf

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Read The Last Apprentice In Order?

I recommend reading The Last Apprentice in order, as it does follow a linear progression throughout all thirteen novels. Reading it out of order may confuse any new entrants to the series. 

Are There Going To Be More Books In The Last Apprentice Series?

The most current series in The Last Apprentice arc is Brother Wulf, with the final novel, Wulf’s War, published in 2023. This was the last book Joseph Delaney wrote prior to his death in 2022. 

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