How To Read The Murderbot Diaries Books In Order

The Murderbot Diaries is an exciting and thrilling science fiction series written by Martha Wells that has captivated readers of all ages.

How To Read The Murderbot Diaries Books In Order

It follows the story of a security bot, or “Murderbot,” who is tired of its life as a hired gun.

With the help of its human friends, the Murderbot embarks on a journey to become more than just a killing machine.

This series has been praised for its engaging characters, gripping plots, and creative world-building.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting each new installment in the series since it began in 2017. But with so many books already released, it can be difficult to keep track of them all!

So if you’re looking for a guide on The Murderbot Diaries in order, you’ve come to the right place!

About Martha Wells

Martha Wells is a bestselling American author, known for her award-winning science fiction and fantasy books.

She has published over 20 novels since 1995, the first being ‘City of Bones.’ Most recently, she gained recognition for her ‘The Murderbot Diaries’ series of novels, which have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Martha Wells often uses her writing to challenge readers’ sense of self and morality within their own world and the unknown boundaries that exist beyond it.

Martha Wells grew up in a small town in Texas and studied Anthropology at West Texas A&M University.

After college, she began writing original stories with science fiction, fantasy, and horror elements combined.

Her books made several bestseller lists and sparked tremendous interest among fans who praised its lyrical prose style as well as its exploration into humanity’s search for identity within a postmodern society.

Let’s take a look at the Murderbot Diaries in reading order.

All Systems Red

All Systems Red: The Murderbot Diaries (The Murderbot Diaries, 1)

The first installment in the Murderbot Diaries series is All Systems Red. This novella follows the story of a security robot that was hacked and given free will, allowing it to make its own decisions.

Afterward, Murderbot, as it is called, goes on a path of self-discovery. It tries to save and protect its humans but ends up doing the opposite. It really just wants the opportunity to be left alone and make its own way.

As readers follow Murderbot’s journey, they explore some complex topics such as identity and morality.

Through this character’s journey, readers are able to reflect on their own lives and think about what it means to be an individual.

They also gain insight into how technology can both enhance our lives and take away from them.


  • The book offers a unique and entertaining perspective on the world of artificial intelligence.
  • It offers a thought-provoking exploration of the ethical implications of creating intelligent machines.


  • The book’s pacing can be a bit slow at times.

Artificial Condition

Artificial Condition: The Murderbot Diaries (The Murderbot Diaries, 2)

Artificial Condition emerges in The Murderbot Diaries series as a sequel to All Systems Red.

The story begins with Murderbot on a mission to uncover the truth about itself and find out why it was programmed to act in certain ways. He returns to the mining facility to find out the truth.

As Murderbot grows emotionally and mentally, readers experience its struggles as if they were their own.

Through this journey, Artificial Condition allows readers to experience what it means to be human: to make mistakes, learn from them, grow, and feel emotions like compassion and empathy.


  • Artificial Condition has a captivating plot that keeps readers engaged throughout.
  • The novel features interesting and well-developed characters.


  • The world-building is not as detailed as some readers may prefer.
  • The novel can be somewhat predictable at times.

Rogue Protocol

Rogue Protocol: The Murderbot Diaries (The Murderbot Diaries, 3)

In Rogue Protocol, the third installment in the Murderbot Diaries series, readers are introduced to a new set of characters and conflicts.

In this book, the AI security construct known as Murderbot is forced to embark on a mission that it does not want to take part in.

The mission is complicated by the fact that Murderbot’s “owner” Dr. Mensah is captured by an unknown assailant.

Now, Murderbot must find a way to save Dr. Mensah while also protecting its newfound human friends from an unknown threat.

The book follows Murderbot’s journey of self-discovery as it navigates its way through the unfamiliar world of humans and their social conventions.

Along the way, readers learn how much Murderbot has grown since Artificial Condition, as it struggles with understanding complex emotions and navigating various ethical dilemmas.

Despite facing many obstacles that stand in its way, Murderbot eventually finds a way to save its friends and come out unscathed.

This installment provides a great example of how even something as cold and calculating as an AI can learn from experience and grow into something more than just a machine with programming; something more akin to life itself.


  • Artificial Condition captures the reader’s attention with its thrilling storyline.
  • The book is well-written and the characters are fully developed and easy to relate to.


  • The book is relatively short.
  • Some readers may find it difficult to understand AI concepts.

Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy: The Murderbot Diaries (The Murderbot Diaries, 4)

As we discover in previous books, Murderbot wasn’t designed to care, so its choice to help the only human who ever showed it respect must be a technical error, right?

In Exit Strategy, After journeying the breadth of the universe to uncover the truth behind its own killings and those of the GrayCris Corporation, Murderbot is returning home to help Dr. Mensah – its former owner (guardian? ally?).

Murderbot finds some crucial information about what’s happening in a major corporation and he must submit evidence that could stop GrayCris from annihilating more settlers in its unending pursuit of profit.

But who would trust a SecUnit that’s gone astray? And what fate awaits it when it’s discovered?

Murderbot must make a plan to rescue Dr. Mansah whilst experiencing inconvenient feelings and human emotions that only seem to get in the way of his mission.

Along the way, he begins to realize that having human friends can actually be useful so he opens his ‘mind’ a little to achieve his task.

The exit Strategy will keep readers on their toes.


  • The main character is unique.
  • The story has an interesting and suspenseful plot.


  • The book is quite dark.
  • Some of the characters lack depth and complexity.

Network Effect

Network Effect: A Murderbot Novel (The Murderbot Diaries Book 5)

In Network Effect, readers get to explore more of the universe through the eyes of this complex protagonist as he navigates a web of conspiracies and unexpected dangers.

The title “Network Effect” alludes to the interconnectedness of events in this novel.

As Murderbot interacts with various characters, both human and robotic, he must navigate complicated relationships between them to uncover what is really going on.

In this story we see Murdebot take on a research expedition with members of Dr. Mensah’s family.

On board, a ship Murdebot must try to intercept travel as the ship heads for a wormhole. He attempts to try and hunt down the humanoids who are sailing the ships whilst keeping his precious human cargo safe.

Meanwhile, each character has their own agenda and motivations, making it difficult for Murderbot to trust anyone or anything. This creates an intricate story that keeps readers guessing until the very end.


  • It has an interesting plot with a lot of exciting twists.
  • The characters are well-developed and fun.


  • It can be a bit too wordy at times.

Fugitive Telemetry

Fugitive Telemetry (The Murderbot Diaries, 6)

In Fugitive Telemetry the narrative transitions to a mystery plot with the same action and drama as in previous books.

Despite his anxiety, Murderbot is forced to enlist help from his human counterparts as he investigates the murder of an individual on a preservation station.

New elements are added and we see more bots and increasing evidence of their ‘consciousness’, a fantastic story from beginning to end, and a finale to this series.


  • The characters are believable.
  • The plot is full of suspense and action.


  • The world-building is quite complex.
  • The pacing of the story is slow in certain parts.


Overall, The Murderbot Diaries are must-read books for anyone who is interested in science fiction or exploring what makes us human.

The series is an exciting exploration of technology, morality, and identity. Each installment builds upon the previous one to create a compelling and thrilling narrative.

With each book introducing exciting new characters and storylines, these stories will keep readers on their toes until they reach the conclusion of Fugitive Telemetry.

Coincidences play an important role in developing the story and showing how our decisions shape our lives – making this series an unforgettable experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The ‘Murderbot Diaries’ Series About?

The Murderbot Diaries is a science fiction series written by Martha Wells.

It follows a self-named “Murderbot”, a security robot who is struggling to gain autonomy from the oppressive human-controlled corporate government.

Where Can I Purchase The ‘Murderbot Diaries’ Series?

The series is available for purchase in both paperback and ebook formats from most major booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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