All Tom Clancy Books In Order – Complete Guide

Did you know that Tom Clancy wrote over one hundred books? Do you know the order of his books? Well, I am here to tell you!

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Tom Clancy Books In Order

Since his first publication in 1984, fans around the globe have followed the adventures of CIA agent Jack Ryan as he helps to thwart kidnapping attempts, shut down terrorist attacks, and protect his family.

The books have been hugely popular, with many topping bestseller lists, before Jack Ryan was turned into movies and a hit TV show. Clancy has also written other series, including Net Force and several nonfiction books.

With so many books in his catalog, it can be tricky to know where to start. The last thing you want is to read the books in the wrong order and spoil the series for yourself! Nor do you want to be confused when reading the books out of order.

That’s where I come in. I am here with a detailed breakdown of Tom Clancy’s books. Whether you loved Jack Ryan as a child or have fallen in love with his adventures through Amazon Prime’s new series, Jack Ryan, I am here to tell you what order you should read Tom Clancy’s books.

He has over 100 in total, so get comfy as I dive in and tell you what order you should read them in.

About Tom Clancy

Before his death in 2013, Clancy worked on some of his Jack Ryan novels with other writers. Mark Greaney collaborated with Clancy on his final three novels and continued to write Jack Ryan novels until 2016.

After his death, Tom Clancy’s books were written by other authors. These authors were approved by his family before work began on them to ensure that they were true to his style and would keep his characters alive.

Other authors also wrote with and for Tom Clancy, such as the authors that worked on his Ghost Recon series.

All of the books written with and by other authors are clearly labeled in today’s article below but don’t worry, they all still fall under Tom Clancy’s umbrella and are written with his fantastic style!

Jack Ryan Books In Order

Today, I am starting with Clancy’s Jack Ryan series. The series is one of the most successful political drama franchises in the world and starts with its first book in 1984. The series continued until Clancy died in 2013.

The books are now being written by authors approved by his family. Jack Ryan is a former US marine and stockbroker who becomes a CIA agent, serving as National Security Advisor to the Vice President and later the President.

The books in the series follow Jack Ryan’s adventures and have even been turned into films and TV shows. There are 36 books in the series, and this is the order you should read them in.

The Hunt For Red October

The Hunt for Red October.[Suspense novel about a chase for a top-secret Russian missle sub].

Clancy’s first novel, The Hunt For Red October was published in 1984. The novel introduces the protagonist Jack Ryan, working as a CIA analyst. Ryan finds himself caught up in the action when a Soviet submarine, named The Red October, heads west. 

Ryan finds himself caught up in a high-stakes chase as both the Americans and Russians fight to get to the sub first!


  • Lots of action and suspenseful moments throughout.


  • Some of the language is a little outdated.

Patriot Games

Patriot Games

Next, Patriot Games published in 1987 follows Jack Ryan as he embarks on another adventure. In this book, we learn more about Jack Ryan’s family as he visits them in London.

Before long, he is caught up in an assassination attempt on the royal family from a left-wing faction of the IRA. After disrupting the terrorists’ plans, Ryan finds himself and his family in mortal danger. So he joins the CIA to find the terrorists and shut down the ULA.


  • Learn more about Ryan’s family and him as a character.


  • The plot does take a little while to develop.

The Cardinal Of The Kremlin

The Cardinal Of The Kremlin

The Cardinal Of The Kremlin is a direct sequel to The Hunt For Red October. In this book, there are two men with vital data about Russia’ Star Wars defense system. One of them is CARDINAL, an American agent in the Kremlin, who the KGB is after.

The other is an American who can save the Cardinal and avoid war, Jack Ryan. The novel follows Ryan as he tries to protect the CARDINAL and prevent war!


  • Realistic action scenes that keep the reader on edge.


  • Very long.

Clear And Present Danger

Clear and Present Danger

Published in 1989, Clear And Present Danger, Jack Ryan is promoted to Deputy Director of Intelligence at the CIA. Here he uncovers a secret hidden by his employees, they are conducting a covert war!

Ryan quickly finds himself wrapped up in the world of a Colombian drug cartel, with dodgy dealings from those he is meant to trust.


  • The subplots all weave together beautifully.


  • The plot does slow down a little toward the end of the book.

The Sum Of All Fears

The Sum of All Fears

The Sum Of All Fears follows on from Clear and Present Danger. Jack Ryan is still in his position as Deputy Director of the CIA. In this novel, he needs to stop a crisis in the Middle East!

Palestinian and East German terrorists are conspiring to cause a nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union. Jack Ryan works with Dr. Charles Alden in this novel to try and bring peace without aggravating anyone in the process!


  • Characters and subplots build up beautifully throughout the book.


  • There are large passages of text about nuclear physics which can be confusing, but are essential to the plot.

Without Remorse

(Without Remorse) By Clancy, Tom (Author) Paperback on (08 , 1994)

Without Remorse is set in the Vietnam War and provides us with the origin story of John Clark, a character you will have met in earlier Jack Ryan novels. Clark is introduced as a former Navy SEAL, John Kelly.

The novel explains the name change and how John Clark came to be. There isn’t a great deal of Jack Ryan in the novel, but it serves as a good read in the series all the same!


  • Learn a great deal about one of the main characters in the series.


  • Jack Ryan doesn’t feature heavily in the book.

Debt Of Honor

Debt of Honor: A Jack Ryan Novel

Debt Of Honor follows Jack Ryan as he is called out of retirement to serve as National Security Advisor to the president! In this book, favorites like John Clark and Domingo Chavez return to help protect the president.

The novel centers around a Japanese businessman that wants to avenge his family’s suicide before the US forces advanced in World War Two and put Sapian back into Greater Japan.

There is plenty of military-based action in the novel and the usual tension you expect from a Jack Ryan novel.


  • Lots of action and character development.


  • Quite a lot of military jargon to get through.

Executive Orders

Executive Orders (A Jack Ryan Novel Book 7)

Executive Orders is perhaps one of Tom Clancy’s most dramatic novels! Following on from Debt Of Honor, the President, Joint Chiefs, Supreme Court, and most of Congress are dead.

Jack Ryan is confirmed as Vice President and is left to take control of the country. But it is not without enemies from inside and outside of the White House.

The gripping novel sees Ryan deal with threats that try to take him down before he has even got to the job of running the country!


  • Provides a good insight into what running the country would look like.


  • Some fluff slows the pace of the book down.

Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six

Next, we have Rainbow Six, which takes a closer look at John Clark. Clark is named head of Rainbow, an international task force combating terrorism. In this novel, the terrorists Clark’s faces are so extreme that their actions could put a stop to life on Earth!

For fans of John Clark, this is another book that focuses on him more than Jack Ryan and is well worth a read.


  • Lots of action and more time with John Clark.


  • The final third of the book doesn’t have as much action as the rest of the novel.

The Bear And The Dragon

The Bear and the Dragon

This next novel picks up from the end of Executive Orders. In The Bear And The Dragon Jack Ryan is the President and is finding the job tricky.

There are domestic pitfalls, the Asian economy struggling, a revolution in Liberia, and the former KGB chairman in Moscow having access to a rocket-propelled grenade.

Ryan enlists John Clark and his other trusted associates to get to the bottom of these threats and thwart any plan that could put him or the country in harm’s way.


  • Lots of twists and turns that will keep you entertained.


  • It takes a while for the action to get going.

Red Rabbit

Red Rabbit

Set in the early 1980s, Red Rabbit takes us back in time to tell the story of Jack Ryan. The novel follows Jack Ryan as an ex-Marine, teacher, and historian, living in England. But his life isn’t without drama or action!

He quickly finds himself working for the CIA where his first day is anything but normal! Jack Ryan finds himself in the mix of several plans, to dismantle nations, with the Pope, Poland, and the KGB involved.


  • Lots of action and a good background to Jack Ryan.


  • Little suspense compared to his other books.

The Teeth Of The Tiger

The Teeth of the Tiger

In this novel, Clancy introduces a new character, Jack Ryan Jr, Jack Ryan’s son. Joined by his cousins, the young FBI agent has risen through the ranks and finds himself just as embroiled in the drama as his father! 

The book is packed full of usual Clancy events, terrorists, the threat of evil undoing the nation, and a lot of action! It’s different from the other books in the series and offers a new angle to the Ryanverse.


  • Lots of new interesting characters to learn about.


  • A lot less suspense compared to Clancy’s earlier novels.

Dead Or Alive

Dead or Alive: A Jack Ryan Novel

Dead Or Alive continues following Jack Ryan Jr as he ends up on a manhunt across the globe! Just like his dad, Jack Ryan Jr is caught attempting to stop the West from falling.

The villain this time is the Emir, a sadistic killer responsible for countless attacks. Jack Ryan Jr must stop them before it is too late!


  • The separate storylines all come together well at the end.


  • Parts of the plot are a little confusing.

Locked On

Locked On: A Jack Ryan Novel

In Locked On, we see more of Jack Ryan Sr and Jr as his dad kickstarts his campaign for President again! But enemies are lurking, with money behind them that can take down Jack Ryan!

The plot features John Clark, his long-standing ally. We learn more about his past and see Jack Ryan Jr prevent threats from emerging from the middle east. There’s action, suspense, and all the makings of a classic Clancy novel!


  • There is lots of action in the smooth plot.


  • Some readers might find the book a little too political.

Threat Vector

Threat Vector: A Jack Ryan Novel

In Threat Vector, the Campus, the secret intelligence group monitoring threats in the US has been uncovered, posing a great threat to national safety. Jack Ryan returns to the Presidency and has plenty of economic and political issues to deal with.

Conflict with China reaches breaking point, and Ryan must dig deep within to prevent war from erupting.


  • Lots of plots and subplots filled with action.


  • Very long.

Command Authority

Command Authority

Command Authority takes readers to Russia, where a strong man is rising to power. There are lots of hidden secrets in his past, and the solution to all the mysteries surrounding them is none other than President Jack Ryan!

Once again, action, espionage, and suspense find their way to Jack Ryan.


  • Two timelines run simultaneously, providing lots of action.


  • The first half of the book is a little repetitive.

Support And Defend

Tom Clancy Support and Defend: A Campus Novel

Published after Clancy’s death, Mark Greaney takes the mantle with Support And Defend. The novel centers around Dominic Caruso, Jack Ryan’s nephew. Caruso finds himself embroiled in a manhunt for Ethan Ross.

The Russians want him, the CIA wants him, and Caruso is the one that stands in their way. How will it end?


  • We learn more about Caruso and see his character develop through action and tragedy.


  • The Writing style is a little different than previous works, given the new writer.

Full Force And Effect

Full Force and Effect: A Jack Ryan Novel

Greany continues the Jack Ryan series in Full Force And Effect which sees Jack Ryan Sr and Jr caught up in an international stalemate with North Korea.

There are plenty of dramatic twists and turns in this novel that sees North Korea’s new dictator attempt to eliminate the US President, our beloved Jack Ryan! Will he make it through?


  • Plenty of classic Clancy action and suspense.


  • Not as much character development as in previous novels.

Under Fire

Tom Clancy Under Fire: A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel

Grant Blackwood picks up the mantle to write the next Jack Ryan novel, Under Fire. Jack Ryan Jr finds himself caught up in betrayal, lies, and intrigue, as he tries to find his friend Seth Gregory.

What is lurking in Seth’s past and will it force Jack Jr to choose between his loyalty to his country or his friend?


  • Lots of exciting suspense and surprise twists.


  • It doesn’t flow as well as earlier Jack Ryan novels.


Tom Clancy Commander in Chief: Jack Ryan, Book 11

Greaney returns as Commander-in-Chief Jack Ryan and is faced with a dilemma. He sees the trouble unfolding in Russia, attempting to extend its reach and continue its expansion.

He sees a chaotic world of attacks that seem unrelated, but Ryan knows better than that. What are these attacks hiding? And how can he prove they are related before he takes action?

The novel asks big questions, and answers them too with lots of drama and tension along the way!


  • Lots of action and suspense.


  • Jack Ryan Jr seems to be immature and acting out of character for himself.

Duty And Honor

Tom Clancy Duty and Honor: A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel

In Greaney’s Duty And Honor,  we focus on Jack Ryan Jr who pursues an investigation into Rostock, a premier private security firm used by the European Union.

Previous investigations with Campus have put Jack on the radar or Rostock’s founder, and that leads him on a bloody path.

Without resources or help, Jack Ryan Jr finds himself in a race against the clock to prevent Rostock from gaining a place among global powers.


  • We get to spend more time with Jack Ryan Jr and see his skills being put to the test.


  • There are a few plot holes and moments that seem implausible.

True Faith And Allegiance

Tom Clancy True Faith and Allegiance

John Clark and Jack Ryan are back! In True Faith And Allegiance, stolen data from US intelligence is weaponized, and their enemies are coming for them thick and fast!

It’s down to John Clark and the Campus to track down the leak, but of course, there is only one man for the job, and that is Jack Ryan, who once again needs to step in to save his country.


  • Dives straight into the action quickly.


  • Not a great deal of Jack Ryan in the book.

Point Of Contact

Tom Clancy Point of Contact: Jack Ryan Jr., Book 3

Mike Maden writes the next installment of Jack Ryan’s adventures, with Point Of Contact. Jack Ryan Jr finds himself caught up in a cyber war and a storm!

Teaming up with Paul Brown, Jack must escape the storm and train assassins to prevent a global catastrophe! There is plenty of drama in this novel and authentic dialogue that helps you jump right into the novel.


  • Engaging opening sequence.


  • The book does drag in parts, especially near the end.

Power And Empire

Tom Clancy: Power and Empire: A Jack Ryan Novel, Book 18

Marc Cameron’s Power And Empire is a great addition to the Jack Ryan universe! In this novel, Jack Ryan is challenged by China, attempting to limit his choices before G20 negotiations.

There are lots of subplots at work in the novel, with John Clark and The Campus rushing to stop Chinese spies from releasing information. Will they get there in time?


  • Lots of action throughout the book.


  • The large paragraphs of dialogue can be a little tricky to read.

Line Of Sight

Tom Clancy Line of Sight: Jack Ryan Jr., Book 4

Mike Maden takes us on a compelling journey in Line of Sight. Featuring Jack Ryan Jr, he heads off to find Aida Curic, a woman his mother helped during the Bosnian War.

While a romantic connection between Jack and Aida seems possible, tensions in the Balkans push Jack into a world of local mafias, secret service agencies, and special operators. Can he make it out alive with Aida or help light the spark for another war?


  • More interesting and engaging than other Jack Ryan Jr books.


  • His character makes some foolish decisions along the way.

Oath Of Office

Tom Clancy Oath of Office: Jack Ryan Novel Series, Book 19

Cameron provides us with another classic Jack Ryan storyline! In Oath Of Office, Jack is surrounded by problems both at home and away.

Unsure of the situation in Iran and the deadly flu spreading across the US, Jack also needs to deal with hijacked Russian missiles! John Clark is on hand once more to help the President, but can they face this many threats at once?


  • Lots of action and suspense with some favorite characters.


  • Not all of the plots come together in the end like in previous Jack Ryan novels.

Enemy Contact

Tom Clancy Enemy Contact

Maden takes us on another adventure with Jack Ryan Jr as he races to stop an international criminal conspiracy. Sent to Poland, Jack needs to find the CIA leak, while attempting to fulfill the final request of an old dying friend.

Jack Jr has a lot to deal with in the novel, is he up for the challenge? And can he survive the events?


  • Jack’s solo adventure is well-written.


  • There are a few plot holes surrounding the technology used, which detracts a little from the plot.

Code Of Honor

Tom Clancy Code of Honor

Cameron gives us more action again in the Code Of Honor. President Jack Ryan enlists the help of Campus to rescue an old college friend who has found himself stuck in Indonesia, accused of blasphemy against Islam.

If that isn’t dramatic enough, Ryan gets wind of an attack against America! The personal attack and concern for his friend set up another tense and dramatic Jack Ryan novel.


  • Incorporates cyber security and its risks well.


  • The ending was wrapped up a little quicker.

Firing Point

Tom Clancy Firing Point

Maden’s Firing Point takes us on another Jack Ryan Jr adventure. Here, he is trying to avenge an old friend’s murder. But, the evil Jack Jr taps into runs a little too deep. Taking on the challenge alone, Jack finds himself in a situation that might be too big for one man!


  • Lots of action and intrigue with a surprise ending.


  • A lot of sub-plots that can be a little tricky to follow.

Shadow Of The Dragon

Tom Clancy Shadow of the Dragon: A Jack Ryan Novel, Book 20

President Jack Ryan is back! In Cameron’s next installment, Jack finds himself caught up in a sea of problems. There are unexplained noises under the Arctic ice, a possible mole in US intelligence, and the disappearance of a Chinese scientist.

John Clark is dispatched to China in an attempt to solve the puzzle, with Jack close on their heels. Can they find the missing scientist in time?


  • Wonderful character development throughout the novel.


  • Lots of characters are introduced at the start, making it a little hard to follow.

Target Acquired

Tom Clancy Target Acquired

Don Bentley takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions in Target Acquired. Jack Ryan Jr finds himself in a whole host of trouble on his ‘cushy assignment.’ Alone, he finds himself the target of trained killers as he tries to protect a woman and her child.

What started as a favor to his friend seems to have put Jack Jr in the face of danger once more!


  • Plenty of engaging action.


  • Not a lot of John and Ding in the novel.

Chain Of Command

Tom Clancy Chain of Command: A Jack Ryan Novel, Book 21

Chain Of Command sees President Jack Ryan once again surrounded by threats and danger. But this time, a plan to kidnap his wife, the First Lady, makes it personal.

The kidnap aims to force Jack to bend to the will of a shadowy billionaire and his corrupt plans. Will they succeed or can Jack save his wife and keep corruption at bay?


  • Very engaging, a real page-turner!


  • The ending feels a little rushed.

Zero Hour

Tom Clancy Zero Hour: A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel, Book 9

Jack Ryan Jr is back! In Zero Hour, he is the only one that can prevent another Korean War. There is plenty of mystery and intrigue in the ninth Jack Ryan Jr book that sees him attempt to stop a war, but at what price?


  • Jack Ryan Jr evolves and matures as a character.


  • The opening is a little confusing.

Red Winter

Tom Clancy Red Winter: A Jack Ryan Novel, Book 22

Red Winter takes us back to 1985, where a young Jack Ryan finds himself in East Berlin. Here he searches for the truth about a Soviet defector before the Cold War gets bloody? Will Jack get the answers he needs in time?


  • The book gives us more of an insight into Jack’s past.


  • Parts of it are a little confusing if you haven’t read Clancy’s earlier novels.

Flash Point

Tom Clancy Flash Point: A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel, Book 10

Jack Ryan Jr returns to Flash Point, where he uncovers a secret that not only threatens the US, but the president and his father, Jack Ryan Sr! Jack Jr uncovers a plot to deceive the US and unravel the president.

Can he stop it in time? And can he make it out alive? It’s another tense novel from Don Bentley!


  • Lots of action and suspense.


  • Not a lot of Jack Ryan Sr.

Jack Ryan Jr No 11 – Weapons Grade

Tom Clancy Weapons Grade: A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel, Book 11

Don Bentley takes us on another adventure in the next Jack Ryan Jr story. The book focuses on China’s attempt at world domination, and one man standing in their way, Jack Ryan Sr.

But once they realize, the way to Jack is through his son, things become far more complicated and dangerous! Will the Ryans make it out of this alive?


  • Good to see both generations of Jack Ryan together.


  • Parts of the plot feel a little confusing.

Net Force Books In Order

Clancy’s Net Force series sees computers as superpowers in 2010 with those that control them able to dominate the globe. Congress creates Net Force, an ultimate internet security department sub-branch of the FBI.

The series focuses on Net Force Commander Alex Michalkes, who needs to justify the existence of Net Force after someone accesses the secret information stored on Net Force and disseminates a list of US spies and data on the movements of drug trafficking organizations.

Below I have a list of the books in the series in the order you should read them!

Net Force

Tom Clancy's Net Force

Net Force sets up the world we are entering, where Alex Michaels needs to find out who has leaked the information from Net Force and find a way to stop them before they are stopped. In true Tom Clancy fashion, there is lots of intrigue and action, while also being prophetic! How does he do it?


  • Lots of action and a brisk pace to the book.


  • Transitions from the real world to VR aren’t as developed as other parts of the book.

Hidden Agendas

Tom Clancy's Net Force: Hidden Agendas

Hidden Agendas sees Alex Michaels in front of a Senate committee, trying to justify why Net Force exists. It follows the action in the first novel, providing a smooth continuation of the series.

But this isn’t the only drama! A virus throws financial systems into chaos and it is down to Net Force operatives to find the hacker in the depths of cyberspace. The hunt takes them close to home after a series of shocking twists and turns!


  • An easy and enjoyable read.


  • Some of the pieces of the plot take a while to come together.

Night Moves

Tom Clancy's Net Force: Night Moves

The third installment, Night Moves, sees several computer experts have strokes while they hunt for a deadly hacker in VR. Net Force’s own Jay Gridley is taken down.

The other operatives find themselves in a race to catch the hacker before nations are pitted against each other and more people lose their lives.


  • Brilliantly developed characters.


  • Some technical issues surrounding the technology Clancy uses.

Breaking Point

Tom Clancy's Net Force: Breaking Point

Breaking Point follows Alex Michaels again. A top-secret mission by the Air Force and Navy has been accessed and downloaded, giving someone access to an atmospheric weapon that can drive half of a country into the wrong hands!

In a rush against the clock, the information and any tests must be retrieved before the weapon is deployed!


  • Solid character development follows on from the previous novel well.


  • Parts of the plot are a little confusing and hard to follow.

Point Of Impact

Tom Clancy's Net Force: Point of Impact

Point of Impact sees an expensive drug being sold online, making rich older men behave aggressively, especially towards women. Net Force needs to track down the supplier before more women are hurt and users self-destruct.


  • An interesting plot.


  • Some of the writing is hard-hitting and distressing for some readers.


Tom Clancy's Net Force: Cybernation

After web service is disrupted across the world, a new nation announces itself, called CyberNation, giving the novel its title. The new nation takes the web hostage and demands recognition and rights for its citizens.

While there is support across the world, Net Force finds themselves fighting a war electronically, physically, and politically. Will they succeed or will the new nation take control?


  • An interesting concept that is well executed.


  • Some of the transitions are broken, which disrupts the flow of the book.

State Of War

Tom Clancy's Net Force: State of War

State Of War sees minor viruses eat away at et Force computers. They might not be emergencies, but they are keeping them busy. At the same time, there are lots of lawsuits tying up the Net Force.

The constant busyness means there is no one to stop Mitchell Townsend Ames from acting out his master plan. Is there someone at Net Force that can stop him before it is too late?


  • We get to see more of the minor characters in the previous Net Force books.


  • The start of the book is a little confusing.

Changing Of The Guard

Tom Clancy's Net Force: Changing of the Guard

Changing Of The Guard focuses on Samuel Walker Cox. He has a past that people know about, but after a disk lands in the hands of Net Force, more people are about to know about Cox’s past.

Prepared to let the world burn rather than let his secrets be out, Net Force gets to work, proving that no man is above the law!


  • An engaging read for mystery lovers.


  • Not as much action as Clancy’s other books.


Tom Clancy's Net Force: Springboard

Springboard is the ninth book in the series and sees Net Force track down a hacker after the Pentagon wargame is shut down. Net Force finds themselves engaged in a virtual reality battle with officers from the People’s Liberation Army of China.

The battle takes place in the real world too, as military officers are sent to Macau to take out the general before he takes out the world!


  • A great display of humanity is shown through the American soldiers.


  • Some of the scenes might be too graphic for some readers.

The Archimedes Effect

Tom Clancy's Net Force: The Archimedes Effect

The Archimedes Effect sees Net Force team up with the National Guard and Army intelligence to track down the culprit of deadly terrorist attacks. Every step of the way there is an opponent who thwarts them.

Can they overcome these setbacks and put a stop to these terrorist attacks?


  • An engaging plot that encourages you to keep reading!


  • The story goes off track a little sometimes.

Net Force: Dark Web

Net Force: Dark Web

Jerome Preisler reboots the Net Force series, with his opening novel, The Dark Web. In this book, we see the New Force before its official launch.

A two-pronged terror attack forces the untested, unnamed, and unproven Net Force to hunt down the hackers before they cause a global catastrophe!

The thriller provides a good background to Net Force and allows readers to enjoy their favorite cyber-based thriller again!


  • Good plot that allows readers to learn more about Net Force before it officially launches.


  • Some of the technical language is tricky to understand.

Net Force: Eye Of The Drone

Net Force: Eye of the Drone

Next, Eye Of The Drone follows master hacker Kali Alcazar who wants to know why a renowned computer scientist has died and his daughter mysteriously vanished.

Unwittingly, she ends up as a target herself when she spots a rare and advanced drone following her. The CIA is on hand to bring Kali to Washington, charging her as a cybercriminal.

But their attempts are anything but smooth and sees the lines between hunter and hunted blur beautifully in this short but dynamic novella!


  • A classic espionage tale!


  • Parts of the book are tricky to follow.

Net Force: Attack Protocol

Net Force: Attack Protocol

In Attack Protocol, Net Force is now up and running. But there is a political deadlock in Washington that causes a whole host of problems for the country!

Combined with an enemy attacking from Central Europe, Net Force has their hands full as they risk stopping them before it is too late and the US is left defenseless.


  • Plenty of suspense that leaves you on the edge of your seat.


  • Lots of characters that can be hard to keep track of.

Net Force: Threat Point

Net Force: Threat Point

Threat Point sees Net Force finding out what happened to a vanished American ship. Doing so uncovers a plan that could trigger a war unless they strike first!

The novel is set across New York, Crimea, and the South China Sea as Net Forces try to find out who was behind the attack before it’s too late!


  • Continues from the previous book, providing lots of continuity.


  • The characters could be developed more.

Net Force: Moving Target

Net Force: Moving Target: Net Force Series, Book 4

Finally, in Moving Target Kali Alcazar finds herself a hunted fugitive after the leader of the political movement in Paris goes into hiding.

Across the globe, Alcazar’s friends at Net Force are about to strike the world’s most dangerous hacker, but he has prepared a trap for them! Preisler finishes the Net Force series with a bang and it is sure to keep fans entertained!


  • Lots of action to end the series with.


  • Without reading previous books, you might struggle to understand who the characters are and what is happening.

Net Force Explorers Books In Order

Net Force Explorers are a series of books following the Net force series but are aimed at younger audiences. The books were created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik, with the help of other writers along the way!

Although these are interesting reads, the books are now out of print and hard to find! I have listed them below for you, but as they are out of print, I won’t delve into the details of them today.

EndWar Books In Order 

EndWar is a series of three books based on Tom Clancy’s video game. Set in dystopian World War Three, America, Russia, and the Middle East are on opposing sides racing for resources following a deadly nuclear war.

The series follows three characters who are pursued by different countries and all find themselves wounded and alone. The series was written by David Michaels and Peter Telep, and you should read the books in the following order.


Tom Clancy's EndWar

EndWar starts the series and explores World War Three, focusing on America, Canada, The Russian Federation, and European Federation. Using multiple narrations, you learn more about each country and how the war has impacted them.

It doesn’t follow the video game too closely, but provides a good perspective that fans of the game will enjoy!


  • Lots of twists and turns with interesting characters.


  • It isn’t the best-written Tom Clancy novel.

The Hunted

The Hunted (Tom Clancy's Endwar #2)

The Hunted follows US Special Forces Captain Alexander Brent and his team as they attempt to outmaneuver a terrorist faction that is determined to achieve world domination!

The book is a direct sequel to EndWar with twists and turns thanks to a third faction lurking in the shadows!


  • Lots of battles and detail about equipment being used.


  • There doesn’t seem to be a lot of focus in parts of the story.

The Missing

Tom Clancy's EndWar: The Missing

The Missing concludes the trilogy and follows Major Stephanie Galveston who is shot down over Russia. At the same time, Captain Lex finds himself stumbling into an international conspiracy, and a former Russian spy is hundred by comrades.

These three stories weave into one another to bring together a finale to the dramatic series told by Peter Telep.


  • It’s a good end to the series.


  • Doesn’t relate to WW3 very much.

Ghost Recon Books In Order

The Ghost Recon series follows a team of warriors made up of lethal and cunning Special Forces operators that are known for their bravery behind enemy lines and specialized training. The series is written by multiple authors and should be read in the following order.

Ghost Recon

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Written by David Michaels, Ghost Recon follows the Ghost Recon team that sets up the series well. Readers will meet the characters and enjoy good development while they undertake an important mission. There is plenty of action that gives the book a classic Clancy feel!


  • Lots of suspension and action throughout the novel.


  • There is less background information and detail than in Clancy’s other work.

Combat Ops

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Combat Ops

Michaels continued the series in 2011, with Combat Ops where the story is told from Mitchell’s point of view. There is superb character development throughout the book, although the point of view can be a little unsettling at times.


  • Wonderful storytelling that pushes the series forward well.


  • Some of the scenes are a little unsettling and disturbing.

Choke Point

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Choke Point

In 2012, Peter Telep picked up the mantle and wrote Choke Point. The book opens with the American Ambassador to Columbia getting kidnapped, and Ghost Recon attempting to rescue them.

During the operation, they find evidence of an Islamic fundamentalist group being backed by rebels and drug cartels. The Ghost Recon team must work together to stop these groups before they cause economic chaos across the world!


  • Provides you with a good backstory to some of the main characters.


  • Not as many details about battles as you see in Clancy’s earlier work.

Wildlands: Dark Waters

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands: Dark Waters

Published in 2017, Richard Danksy’s Wildlands: Dark Waters Ghost Recon has a new leader, Nomad, and new teammates, and are off on another high-stakes chase as they find themselves in enemy territory trying to retrieve US citizens being held hostage.

There is plenty of action and a fitting end to the Ghost Recon series.


  • Intense and packed full of action and twists.


  • Some disjointed scenes make it difficult to read at times.

H.A.W.X. Books In Order 

The H.A.W.X. books have one book in their series, written by David Michaels. Let me tell you about it below. 


Tom Clancy's HAWX

The book follows former football player Troy Loesch becoming an AirForce pilot. Changes in warfare see Firehawk take over, and Troy isn’t sure about them. So he teams up with the CIA and investigates Firehawk, with disastrous consequences.


  • An interesting premise that keeps you intrigued.


  • The ending feels a little rushed.

Op-Center Books In Order

The Op-Center series follows the National Crisis Management Center, capable of international and national emergencies. The center has evolved to manage, initiate, and monitor operations across the globe.

The center is made up of US military special operations members. Their adventures are told across 21 books, published under several authors’ names, but all fall under Tom Clancy’s umbrella. The order you should read them is listed below.

Call Of Duty

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Call of Duty: A Novel

Jeff Rovin’s 1995 novel starts the series. Call Of Duty follows the Op-Center as they travel to China to find out who sent the hypersonic missile. Was it really Dr. Yang Dayoiu or was she scapegoated?

That’s what the team is trying to find out! It isn’t an easy task to uncover the truth, with many twists and turns along the way.


  • Good character development throughout the novel.


  • Parts of the political story are a bit cliche.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image: Op-Center 02 (Tom Clancy's Op-Center Book 2)

Mirror Image takes us to the Cold War, where a new president of Russia is trying to create a democratic regime. But there are plenty of people that want to stop him, and only one ally, the Op-Center!

But they discover a Russian counterpart that leaves them with two rival Op-centers and not a lot of time to prevent Russia from being plunged into the days of the Czar. Can the team pull off the impossible task?


  • Realistic and engaging plot.


  • Doesn’t feel as smooth as Clancy’s other novels.

Games Of State

Games of State: Tom Clancy's Op-Center #3

Games Of State is set in a newly unified Germany, but old horrors are waiting to take center stage. Neo-Nazi groups aren’t only looking to destabilize Germany., but the whole of Europe and the US!

So the Op-Center gets to work untangling the chaos, but what they find could derail the planet. The book features cutting-edge technology that could influence world events and the Op-Center needs to stop that from happening.


  • Good use of technology throughout the book.


  • Some of the action is quite slow.

Acts Of War

Acts of War: Op-Center 04 (Tom Clancy's Op-Center Book 4)

Acts Of War follow Syrian terrorists that have attacked a dam in Turkey in an attempt to force war across the Middle East. But the regional Op-Center in Greece is on hand! While the terrorists think they are the most resourceful, the Op-enter has something up their sleeves to thwart their plans.


  • Lots of steady action and a climactic ending.


  • Some small plot holes throughout that detract from the novel.

Balance Of Power

Balance of Power: Op-Center 05 (Tom Clancy's Op-Center Book 5)

Balance Of Power is set in Spain, where internal strife needs to be avoided to keep the country thriving. But when an Op-Center representative is assisted in Madrid, plans are thrown out the window.

Someone wants a Spanish civil war and they aren’t worried about the cost. The Op-Center needs to find a way to stop it.


  • Lots of excitement throughout the book.


  • Not as exciting as Clancy’s other books.

State Of Siege

State of Siege: Op-Center 06 (Tom Clancy's Op-Center Book 6)

State Of Siege sees U.N. peacekeeping soldiers (known as the Keepers) swayed by greed and create a plan to get the world’s attention, and not in a good way! Op-Center head Paul Hood returns from a short-lived retirement to help the Op-Center put a stop to the Keepers before they take it too far.


  • Classic Clancy writing with lots of twists.


  • The story takes a while to develop.

Divide And Conquer

Divide and Conquer: Op-Center 07 (Tom Clancy's Op-Center Book 7)

Divide And Conquer sees tension between Iran and Azerbaijan in an attempt to start a war that would increase the power of unnamed forces in the State Department.

The Op-Center races against the clock to stop not only war but save the president, who is battling a deposition from conspirators.


  • Lots of good character development for Paul.


  • Focuses on politics more than the rest of the characters.

Line Of Control

Line of Control: Op-Center 08 (Tom Clancy's Op-Center Book 8)

Line Of Control sees the line between military force and military intelligence crossed. With sacrifices, twists, turns, and lots of political drama, the book reads like a classic Clancy novel! 


  • Plenty of twists and a shocking sacrifice.


  • Hard to follow in some parts.

Mission Of Honor

Mission of Honor: Op-Center 09 (Tom Clancy's Op-Center Book 9)

Mission Of Honor sees the Op-Center face untold chaos in Africa. Without their military team, Striker, the Op-Center must not only reinvent itself but head into the crossfire of war in Africa to bring peace and rescue kidnapped Catholic missionaries and a priest.


  • Interactions between the Op-Center team work well throughout the book.


  • Dialogue is predictable in places.

Sea Of Fire

Sea of Fire: Op-Center 10 (Tom Clancy's Op-Center)

Sea Of Fire takes us to the Western Pacific where a Singapore pirate is pulled half dead from the sea. The Op-Center is called in to investigate and realizes that someone who was hired to dispose of nuclear waste was selling it to an unlikely terrorist!


  • Lots of twists and turns to keep you engaged.


  • A lot of detail distracts from the plot.

Call To Treason

Call to Treason: Op-Center 11 (Tom Clancy's Op-Center)

Jeff Rovin’s eleventh book in the series is another winner! Call To Treason sees the Op-Centers budget slashed, meaning Mike Rodgers needs a new job. He is recruited by presidential candidate Senator Donald Orr to act as his military advisor.

But a trail of murders that could be linked to his presidential run put Rodgers in a difficult position. Does he sign on or shut it down?


  • A surprise ending will shock even the most religious Clancy readers!


  • Some technical discrepancies when it comes to the weapons used.

War Of Eagles

War of Eagles: Op-Center 12 (Tom Clancy's Op-Center)

War Of Eagles focuses on the explosion of a Chinese freighter, alerting people to the fact that someone is capping Chinese interests. The Op-Center is now under the control of the Pentagon and unsure of its future.

But that won’t stop them from getting to the bottom of the attacks before the whole world is impacted!


  • Lots of exciting changes in the series.


  • Not as good as Clancy’s other books.

Out Of The Ashes

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Out of the Ashes

George Galdorsi has taken over the writing of the series, returning the series with Out Of The Ashes. In the wake of 9/11, the Op-Center was disbanded, leaving the country open to danger.

After a wake of terrorist attacks, the Op-Center is brought back in an emergency act by the President. They need to act quickly to warn the country of the horrors waiting to be unleashed, and stop them before it is too late!


  • The second half of the story moves at a brisk pace.


  • Parts of the narrative feel sluggish and boring.

Into The Fire

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Into the Fire: A Novel

Into The Fire takes the Op-Center to the Yellow Sea where North Korea, China, and the Op-Center must battle to ensure that the dispute about the oil reserve under the sea is resolved.

In the process, they uncover a terrorist plan toward the US that must be stopped before it’s too late.


  • The plot is easy to follow.


  • Some parts seem a little implausible.

Scorched Earth

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth opens with a violent scene that leaves the world reeling. After lives are lost on both the American and ISIS side, the Op-Center steps in.

They are tasked with assembling a strike force at home and abroad to stop a ruthless enemy, all while the fate of the world hangs by a thread.


  • Lots of twists and turns that keep you engaged.


  • Lots of descriptions of machines that slow down the plot.

Dark Zone

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Dark Zone

Dark Zone opens with the death of a spy trying to stop Russia’s plan to overthrow Ukraine. Not long after, the Op-Center is on the case, but it seems they are too late, Russian forces are on their way to Ukraine.

The Op-Center turns to cutting-edge technology to respond quickly before the US needs to take sides in a conflict that is set to change history.


  • Realistic plot that reflects current events.


  • The new characters aren’t as interesting as the original Op-Center lineup.

For Honor

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: For Honor

For Honor sees a silo containing lethal weapons get uncovered sixty years after the Cold War. It’s up to the O-Center to recover the silo from Iranian scientists and a Russian agent before they are smuggled into Tehran. Can they do it in time or will a turf war at home cause more issues?


  • Lots of interesting dialogue and opportunities to learn about the characters.


  • Not as much action as the other Op-Center books.

Sting Of The Wasp

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Sting of the Wasp: A Novel

Sting Of The Wasp focuses on the Op-Center getting shaken up! An intelligence failure at the Op-Center caused a major terrorist attack, focusing Chase Williams (the director) to take serious action! The agency is transformed and becomes a ground-breaking mobile strike force.


  • Lots of engaging twists and turns throughout the plot.


  • Some of the Black Wasp characters aren’t as likable or trustworthy as you would hope.

God Of War

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: God of War: A Novel

God Of War sees the new Black Wasp Team work together after a super killer virus breaks out on a plane to Australia. They need to stop America’s enemies from getting access to the most dangerous weapon the world has seen before it is too late. Can they do it?


  • Lots of movement in the book across the world.


  • Takes a while to get going and keep you engaged.

The Black Order

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: The Black Order: A Novel

Domestic terrorists cause trouble in the next installment of the Op-Center series. The Black Order follows the task force as they attempt to take down a group of terrorists who are using extreme violence to bring the country to a standstill.

Can they do it in time or will a weapon of mass destruction be used before the team has a chance to catch the culprits?


  • Lots of action packed into the book.


  • Some of the plot doesn’t feel very realistic.


Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Fallout: A Novel

The final installment of the series, Fallout, sees the Black Wasp team targeted by China as tensions and a nuclear confrontation between the US and China escalate. There’s drama and action in this book as the team fights for survival and to prevent a nuclear war from breaking out!


  • Plenty of action and tension.


  • A little slow to start compared to the other books in the series.

Power Plays Books In Order

The Power Plant series follows Roger Gordian, an American businessman who finds out that his employees at his global organization are at risk following a terrorist assault that leaves the US on its knees.

Gordian uses his crisis management team to track down the criminals responsible for the attack, with lots of adventure, action, and heartache along the way. The series is written in collaboration with Martin H. Greenberg and Jerome Preisler.

Below is the order you should read the books in.


Politika: Power Plays 01 (Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 1)

The series begins with Politika, which introduces us to Roger Gordian and sets the story up. We see Gordian attempting to hunt down the terrorists responsible for bringing America and his company to its knees.

The first novel in the series sets up the plot well and prepares readers for the rest of the series.


  • It’s a very hard book to put down!


  • There isn’t as much action as we see in Clancy’s other series. Power Plays 02 (Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 2)

The second book in the series sees Roger Gordian refusing to put his encryption program on the market. But this doesn’t stop them from being the subject of a hostile corporate takeover.

Now it’s Gordian that stands between political extremists and the nation’s military software. Can he stop them from putting the leadership of the free world out of business?


  • Lots of action and interesting inclusion of technology in the plot.


  • The ending is a little disappointing.

Shadow Watch

Shadow Watch: Power Plays 03 (Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 3)

Shadow Watch takes us to space, as Roger Godian becomes the contractor for a multinational space station, Orion.

But as the shuttle sabotages, Gordian must once again get to work identifying the attackers and putting a stop to them, before weapons are used that could destroy American cities and ruin the chance to enter space.


  • An interesting concept and inclusion of space.


  • The character resolution for the villains is a little underdeveloped.


Bio-Strike: Power Plays 04 (Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 4)

Bio-Strike follows the new development of a dangerous strain of mass destruction that could wipe out mankind.

Roger Gordian is impacted by the disease, and it’s a race against the clock for his intelligence and medical teams to not only find the cause but the cure too! Can they save him in time? And what about the fate of the rest of the world?


  • A dramatic plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


  • Not as much background information as other Clancy novels.

Cold War

Cold War: Power Plays 05 (Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 5)

Cold War takes Roger Gordian to Antarctica, where one of the rovers and a repair team testing it disappear. The rover, designed for use on Mars, has attracted dangerous attention.

A consortium could be used to wipe out the base, leaving those at the ice station defenseless. Can they find a way to save themselves from the attack before it’s too late?


  • Lots of informative descriptions that paint a picture for readers.


  • Some of the detailed descriptions slow down the pace of the book.

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge (Tom Clancy's Power Plays, Book 6)

Cutting Edge takes Roger Gordian and his team to Africa, which has become the center of a 21st-century war. Two entities are fighting to control fiber optic cable laid down in Africa.

Gordian’s daughter is kidnapped by an enemy who wants to use the cable to control the world’s access to information. Gordian needs to trust his team as they fight across the sea and land to stop his enemies and save his daughter.


  • Lots of action and tension throughout the book.


  • Some of the details given aren’t relevant to the story.

Zero Hour

Zero Hour: Power Plays 07 (Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 7)

Zero Hour, the seventh installment in the Power Play series, is full of drama. Gordian discovers that his competition, Ambrite Industries’ technology, is being used by Pakistani terrorists.

With an attack on the US impending, Gordian and his team must get to work preventing the technology from being used before it’s too late!


  • Good storyline.


  • Not as fast-paced as Clancy’s other books.

Wild Card

Wild Card: Power Plays 08 (Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 8)

Finally, Wild Card completes the series. The story follows Pete Nimec, who heads undercover to investigate suspicious activities on the exclusive island of Rayos del Sol. Here, he discovers a plot to steal oil from the US reserve and sell it to outlaw nations.

Before Nimec can do anything, a security force is sent to take him out. Drama ensues, and Nimec finds himself in the fight of his life!


  • Good storyline with plenty of action.


  • The plot jumps around, making it a tricky one to follow.

Splinter Cell Books In Order

The Splinter Cell series is based on the video game published by Ubisoft. The series follows the US National Security Agency which is brought in to deal with digital encryption that threatens the security of the country.

The Agency sends in Sam Fisher, a Splinter Cell that can steal, spy, destroy, and assist to protect American freedoms. The books are written by David Michaels, Peter Telep, and James Swallow. Below is the order you should read them.

Splinter Cell

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell introduces readers to the world Michaels has created, and the character of Sam Fisher. The fast-paced novel isn’t that different from the game, and we see Fisher embark on several adventures as he tries to protect the secrets of the US.


  • Fast-paced and easy-to-follow plot with lots of action.


  • Lots of technical language is used throughout the book.

Operation Barracuda

Operation Barracuda (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell)

Operation Barracuda sees Sam Fisher back in the middle of the action again! The plot picks up where the first book ends, giving readers more adventures to follow.

There is lots of tragedy as some of the key players in the previous novel battle with injuries or worse in an attempt to protect the country’s secrets.


  • Lots of action again!


  • Quite sad in parts to read.


Checkmate (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell)

Checkmate sees Sam Fisher in a tight spot. He has minutes to disable the cargo freighter heading to the coast of the US that is full of radioactive material. Can he stop the ship from causing destruction, or will he die trying?


  • An engaging read that is hard to put down!


  • Some of the dialogue is plain and unengaging.


Fallout (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell)

The series takes a dramatic turn in Fallout when a radical Islamic leader tries to destroy the technological world. Only Sam Fisher can stand in the way of his attempts to damage the world’s oil supply and bring countries to their knees. Can Fisher stop him?


  • Lots of action and twists and turns.


  • Some sections are too detailed, taking away from the plot.


Conviction (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell)

Conviction sees the Third Echelon training new recruits while new evidence is uncovered. The evidence suggests that the mole that sold out the government is none other than Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher. Is the evidence true? And what does the future hold for Sam?


  • Non-stop action that keeps you engaged.


  • Some parts of the book are a little boring.


Endgame (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell #6)

Endgame follows Sam Fisher on another adventure as he tracks down the mole that sold out his government. The return of Fisher allows you to reexamine the previous book from a different point of view, which makes for an interesting read!


  • The different point of view makes for an interesting read.


  • There is a little repetition from the previous book.

Blacklist Aftermath

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist Aftermath

Blacklist Aftermath is written by Peter Telep who picks up the series. Sam Fisher and Fourth Echelon are tasked with finding Kasparov, who has fled from the Kremlin instead of unleashing a computer virus against the US.

Fisher needs to find him before others get to him, and eliminate him! Can he do it?


  • The plot is clear and easy to understand.


  • A lack of solo infiltration missions like we see in other novels.


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Dragonfire

Dragonfire is the final installment, written by James Swallow. In this book, Sam Fisher is betrayed, disavowed, and hunted on his toughest mission yet. In North Korea, he finds himself on the run when a mission goes wrong.

His fate is left in the hands of his estranged daughter, who needs to locate Sam before his luck runs out. Can she do it?


  • Lots of action and intrigue.


  • Minor characters have little growth or development.

The Division Books In Order

The Division book series is based on the 2016 video game where mystery lurks in a survivalist field guide that was written before the collapse of New York. The story follows a lady trying to understand why New York collapsed.

The books have been written by several authors and the order you should read them is listed below.

New York Collapse

Tom Clancy's The Division: New York Collapse: (Tom Clancy Books, Books for Men, Video Game Companion Book)

Alex Irvine’s 2016 book, New York Collapse sets up the world and allows readers to retrace the steps of the woman discovering why New York fell. You retrace her steps and follow the clues left behind to understand what happened to New York, just like players of the game get to do!



  • Some parts were a little slow.

Broken Dawn

Tom Clancy's The Division: Broken Dawn

In 2019, Irvine continues the series with Broken Dawn where Agent Diaz and April uncover an imminent threat to the future of the country. After a pandemic has already impacted the world, can it take the hit of another virus? They need to stop it before the world collapses!


  • Lots of background information that adds to the story.


  • It could have been longer in places!


Compromised: Tom Clancy's The Division (An Operations Crossroad Novel, Book 2)

Thomas Parrott concludes the series with Compromised which sees tensions between the Division and a private military outfit come to a head. Old enemies reappear and Maria is forced to make a choice that will define her as a hero or villain. What will she choose to do?


  • The action does not stop!


  • Parts of the book could do with less action to allow the characters breathing room.

Tom Clancy Non-Fiction Books In Order

Tom Clancy has also written several non-fiction books. Below is a list of the books in order of publication.

Submarine: A Guided Tour Inside A Nuclear Warship

Submarine (Tom Clancy's Military Reference)

Submarine is bursting full of facts, photographs, and diagrams that have never before been seen by the public! It provides plenty of information about life aboard a nuclear submarine and allows readers to learn more about military equipment that has inspired several of Clancy’s books.


  • The information is easy to digest, even if you have no understanding of nuclear submarines.


  • The information is now a little dated given the publication date of the book.

Armored Cav: A Guided Tour Of An Armored Cavalry Regiment

Armored Cav (Tom Clancy's Military Reference)

Armored Cav allows readers to learn about the armored cavalry regiment. The book contains descriptions of the AH-64A Apache attack Helicopter, M1A2 Battle Tank, and more!

There are exclusive diagrams, illustrations, and photographs too that bring the equipment to life. My favorite part is the interview with General Frederik Franks which is full of exclusive information!


  • An engaging and informative book.


  • Some of the details might be overwhelming.

Fighter Wing: A Guided Tour Of An Air Force Combat Wing

Fighter Wing: A Guided Tour of an Air Force Combat Wing (Tom Clancy's Military Reference)

Fighter Wing takes readers on a tour of the U/S. Air Force’s elite, the Fighter Wing. You will learn about the dangers fighter pilots face daily, the technology behind the planes, the people operating them, and everything in between!


  • The book provides you with an insight that puts you in the cockpit! 


  • The information is a little outdated regarding procedures.

Marine: A Guided Tour Of A Marine Expeditionary Unit

Marine: A Guided Tour of a Marine Expeditionary Unit (Tom Clancy's Military Reference)

Marine provides an in-depth look at the US Marine Corps that you won’t want to miss. There is an in-depth look at training and recruitment, diagrams, illustrations, and photographs, plus a breakdown of the technology and tools used!

There is also an interview with the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Charles “Chuck” Krulak that is full of never before seen information!


  • Insightful and easy to understand.


  • Some of the systems mentioned never came to fruition.

Airborne: A Guided Tour Of An Airborne Task Force

Airborne (Tom Clancy's Military Referenc Book 5)

Airborne gives you an insight into becoming an airborne soldier. There is lots of information about the training process, photographs, and diagrams showing the tools and technology used by airborne soldiers.


  • An engaging read that is full of exclusive photographs.


  • Some details and missions are missing.

Into The Storm: A Study On Command

Into the Storm: A Study in Command (Commander Series)

Into The Storm: A Study On Command is full of detailed information and analysis of modern warfare, specifically focusing on the Iraq war. The book is written with the help of General Frederick M Franks and explores leadership and the chain of command in the armed forces.


  • Wonderful attention to detail throughout the entire book.


  • Parts can be boring.

Carrier: A Guided Tour Of An Aircraft Carrier

Carrier: A Guided Tour of an Aircraft Carrier (Tom Clancy's Military Reference)

Carrier provides details about aircraft carriers and how they function. In the book you will learn about takeoff and landings, the role of the carrier in modern warfare, what being aboard the carrier is like, and much more!

There is a super insightful interview with Admiral Jay Johnson and exclusive diagrams, illustrations, and photographs you won’t want to miss!


  • Lots of details about carriers that you can’t find elsewhere!


  • Some of the information is out of date.

Every Man A Tiger: The Gulf War Air Campaign

Every Man a Tiger

Every Man A Tiger is written in collaboration with General Chuck Horner, who takes you through the Persian Gulf War. The book provides details about the tactics used by the Air Force, how military bureaucracies work, and everything else you would want to know about the Gulf War air campaign!


  • Lots of insightful detail about bureaucracies in the military.


  • More of the story is about fighter pilots in general.

Special Forces: A Guided Tour Of U.S. Army Special Forces

Special Forces: A Guided Tour of U.S. Army Special Forces (Tom Clancy's Military Referenc)

Special Forces provides an insight into the Army’s Special Forces groups. Written with John Gresham, the book covers the recruitment and training of Special Forces, their deployment exercises, the tools they use, and the missions and roles they complete.

There is an insightful interview with General High Shelton too, and exclusive diagrams, pictures, and illustrations.


  • Easy to read. 


  • Not as much detail as Clancy’s other books.

Shadow Warriors: Inside The Special Forces

Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces (Commander Series Book 3)

Shadow Warriors contains first-hand accounts of soldiers fighting across the globe. In the book, you learn more about the soldiers that work for the Special Forces and will hear about counterterrorism, psychological operations, hostage rescues, and more!


  • Well-written and very educational.


  • The first few chapters are quite slow.

Battle Ready

Battle Ready (Study in Command)

Battle Ready is written by General Tony Zinni and Tony Koltz to provide readers with information about their lives and the changes the world has undergone since the 1980s.

It covers changes to the military after 9/11, information on Vietnam, and the operational revolution of the 1980s.


  • Plenty of insight into what being a Marine is like.


  • Not a lot of analysis within the book.

Tom Clancy Standalone Books In Order

Below is a list of Tom Clancy’s stand-alone books in the order of publication. Some of these are written in collaboration with other authors and are indicated below.

Red Storm Rising

Red Storm Rising

Red Storm Rising sees a Soviet oil complex blown up by Muslim fundamentalists, making the current oil shortage worse. Russians then plan to seize the Persian Gulf and neutralize NATO, causing a red storm to begin.

The West is caught off guard and dragged into a battle for control of the world!


  • Lots of action that keeps you engaged.


  • Some of the technical language is tricky to understand.

SSN: Strategies For Submarine Warfare

Tom Clancy SSN

Clancy collaborated with Martin H Greenberg to create SSN: Strategies For Submarine Warfare. The book is a submarine warfare novel that provides you with photos, maps, and lots of information about submarines.

The real jewel in the book is the interview with Tom Clancy and submarine commander Doug Littlejohns.


  • Lots of technical language and information about submarines that is very interesting.


  • Some of the action is boring in parts.

Against All Enemies

Against All Enemies

The 2011 book written by Peter Telep, Against All Enemies, follows ex-Navy SEAL Maxwell Moore. Moore finds himself back in the action, having to infiltrate and dismantle a drug cartel that could bring the war to the Middle East and the US.

The thriller has plenty of action and shows how close to reality fiction can sometimes be!


  • Lots of plots come together at the end of the book.


  • Parts of the storyline are a little confusing.

Act Of Valor

Tom Clancy Presents: Act of Valor

In 2012, with Dick Couch and George Galdorisi, Act Of Valor follows the Navy SEALS who are sent on a shipboard assignment in Central America, after a decade of fighting terrorists across the globe.

But what is billed as an easy assignment is anything but in this action-packed novel that deals with global anti-terrorism! The novel is inspired by real-life missions too, providing readers with an insight into what life is like for the Navy SEALs.


  • The fast-paced book keeps you intrigued and the events seem realistic.


  • The ending is a little obvious.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, Tom Clancy’s books in order! Whether you are new to Tom Clancy or looking to revisit your favorite books, today’s article should help you know where to start.

Whether you want to read about Jack Ryan, enter the Net Force world, or Ghost Recon, you now have the right reading order! By reading the books in the order laid out today, you will read them as Clancy intended.

There will be no plot holes, confusion, or spoilers for you, just exciting plots, sublime characters, and plenty of action. Why not pick one of Clancy’s series today and see what you think?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Read Jack Ryan Books In Order?

Yes, it is best to read the Jack Ryan books in chronological order. Although you can read them in publication order, fans usually prefer to read them in chronological order.

How Many Books Has Tom Clancy Published?

Tom Clancy has written over 100 fiction and nonfiction books that have been published across the globe.

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