How To Read The Wings Of Fire Books In Order

The Wings of Fire series, written by Tui T. Sutherland, is an incredible children’s fantasy series that follows all kinds of dragons in the land of Pyrrhia.

How to Read the Wings of Fire Books in Order

Over the course of her career, Sutherland has written more than 50 books, with several of them being under pen names.

This Venezuelan-American author is also well-known for her Menagerie series and wrote one of the Spirit Animals books (Against the Tide).

She has released various Pet Trouble books, such as the Loudest Beagle on the Block, Dachshund Disaster, Bulldog Won’t Budge, and Runaway Retriever.

The author is also known for her Avatar books – So This is How it Ends, Shadow Falling, and Kingdom of Twilight.

However, Sutherland may most notably be known for her incredible Wings of Fire series – a series all about dragons and magic.

While this series was initially going to be adapted to become a Netflix adaptation, plans were unfortunately scrapped, but we still have the wonderful books to enjoy!

About Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire follows a host of dragon characters in the land of Pyrrhia. The books offer readers a great learning experience while still being able to enjoy an amazing storyline and characters.

There are themes of destiny and responsibility, and the whole series is split up into different arcs where a different prophecy is being explored.

Every book is told from the perspective of a different dragonet. There are seven dragon tribes to be aware of – Sandwings, Mudwings, Rainwings, Nightwings, Seawings, Skywings, and Icewings.

However, the same group of characters remains in every arc, so we can still enjoy all our favorites, even if they are told from a different perspective.

The dragons mentioned above all come from different dragon tribes across the country, as their names might suggest.

Every tribe is unique, with varying characteristics and their own rulers in the middle of a war that has spanned for generations already.

With every book, we learn more about the world and see how the universe, characters, and themes expand into something greater.

For the most part, you can read these books in order of publication, but we would recommend doing that in order of arcs, like how it is laid out below.

Wings Of Fire Books In Order

To make things easiest, we have split the whole series into the individual prophecies that are explored.

This includes the initial Dragonet Prophecy, then the Jade Mountain, and the Lost Continent Prophecies.

After that we have listed the two prequels, then the winglets books that readers can enjoy after the main story.

Hopefully, this layout makes more sense, and we will go over the plots and other important information of the first book of each arc – or else we would be here all day!

The Dragonet Prophecy

This is the first arc of the series and includes five books, starting with a book of the same title.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy (Wings of Fire, 1)

With Pyrrhia already torn apart after Queen Oasis’ death, the country has been at war for 20 years.

The Dragonet Prophecy foresaw that a group of dragons known as the Dragonets of Destiny who were born on Pyrrhia’s brightest night would be the ones to stop the war.

It has been six years, these dragonets have been trapped in a cave their whole lives.

The group decides to escape, and let their lives begin. They want to meet their families, but they ultimately end up with far more on their plate as they have to save the world, too.

The group delves into a dangerous world, where they need to somehow survive while still searching for their families and fulfilling their destiny.


  • Fantastic protagonists with great learning experiences to teach readers, beautiful world-building, and easy reading for younger readers.


  • Some difficult themes such as deceit, war, violence, and racism that some readers may be more sensitive to

The rest of the Dragonet Prophecy is as follows:

The Lost Heir (Wings of Fire, 2)

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

This is the second arc of the overall series and also includes five books.

The storyline in this arc takes place just six months after the end of the first arc and follows a new storyline and characters.

Moon Rising

Moon Rising (Wings of Fire, Book 6)

This arc focuses on Moonwatcher, a Nightwing dragonet. In this arc, Pyrrhia is finally in a time of peace, and the Dragonets of Destiny have opened the Jade Mountain Academy, a school located in Pyrrhia’s tallest mountain.

When Moonwatcher enrolls in the academy, she begins to experience strange things around the area.

Moonwatcher and her friends take it upon themselves to get to the bottom of what is going on and possibly uncover new secrets.


  • Introduced new and fun characters, easy to read and enjoy, shows readers more of Pyrrhia.


  • Less focus on the initial characters from the Dragonet Prophecy, which some readers might miss out on.

The rest of the Moon Rising Prophecy is as follows:

Winter Turning (Wings of Fire #7) (7)

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The third arc in the Wings of Fire series introduces new content in the world of Pyrrhia called Pantala, as well as three new kinds of tribes – the Leafwings, Silkwings, and Hivewings.

The Lost Continent

The Lost Continent (Wings of Fire #11) (11)

This arc of Wings starts with Blue’s perspective, a character living with his stepsister Luna in Cicida Hive. There, he has lived a somewhat happy life but has always been a second-class citizen.

Things begin to change for him and his sister when she starts to show signs of having a rare and very strange ability.

When Blue realizes that something far more sinister is going on, he forms an unlikely alliance, and the group starts to uncover the dark and sinister secrets.

Only, what they find is far more dangerous than they could have ever imagined, and may change more than they know.


  • New set of characters are introduced, and more of Pyrrhia is explored and discovered


  • The darker themes of deceit and secrets may be upsetting for young or immature readers

The rest of the Lost Continent Prophecy books are as follows:

The Hive Queen (Wings of Fire) (12)

Legend Prequels

These two legend prequels should definitely be read after the main story of Wings of Fire, as they provide some insight into some of the antagonists.

Reading these once you know the full extent of the destruction that the characters do is likely to be a more enjoyable and exciting experience for any reader.


Darkstalker (Wings of Fire: Legends)

This book focuses on Darkstalker, Clearsight, and Fathom. A young Seawing prince finds out that he is an animus – and therefore capable of incredible magic that comes at a terrible price.

A thousand futures unfold in the mind of a Nightwing dragonet, and she knows that almost every single one of them results in unmatched disaster.

Pyrrhia’s most powerful dragon claws his way from his egg under the light of three full moons, carefully watched by his mother – a Nightwing, and his father – an Icewing.

Many years even before the great Sandwing far and the events of the Dragonet Prophecy, another darkness was born.


  • Great insight into one of the most powerful antagonists in Pyrrhia and readers get to see more of the elaborate and fantastic universe and characters


  • Dark themes may be difficult for some younger readers


Dragonslayer (Wings of Fire: Legends)

This book focuses on Wren, Ivy, and Leaf, but begins with three human siblings stealing treasure from a dragon.

The siblings end up killing one of the dragons, which results in the human city being burned to the ground, only for one of the siblings to claim credit for the killing and gain power through it.

Mysteries and mayhem fill out every page of this book, and the already fragile relationship between humans and dragons is shattered.

Riddled with plots of revenge, justice, and a hunger for power, the book follows a handful of characters as they navigate the consequences of their actions for both humans and dragons, changing history.


  • Exciting but dark storyline that everyone will love, more of Pyrrhia discovered, a completely different perspective to the usual


  • The very different perspective to the rest of the series with new characters, and very dark themes that may be upsetting for younger readers

Winglets Books

Wings of Fire: Winglets

The Winglets books are all e-books that have been published for more context and backstory for a number of the side characters that readers will fall in love with or be intrigued about.

These stories allow the reader to dive deeper into the universe of Pyrrhia and discover what really happened to make the storyline come to life.


  • Provides some much-anticipated insight into the lives and backstories of some important side characters


  • Does not follow the primary story of the overall series, so some readers might not be too interested in finding out more

The Winglets book series is as follows:

Prisoners (Wings of Fire: Winglets #1)
  • Prisoners – focuses on Fierceteeth’s perspective
  • Assassin – focuses on Deathbringer’s perspective
  • Deserter – focuses on Six-Claws’ perspective
  • Runaway – focuses on Foeslayer’s perspective

NOTE: These books are only available in ebook format. This may be something that can put off readers, but the stories are well worth investing in and enjoying.

Final Thoughts

Wings of Fire is a fantastic middle-grade fantasy series that is perfect for anyone who loves magic, adventure, and of course, dragons.

There are plenty of amazing storylines to enjoy with great characters and a good underlying message throughout.

While there might be some challenging themes, especially for younger reasons or those who have experienced prejudice, Wings of Fire has a lot to offer.

This is a good book to get for your fantasy-loving children if you want one that covers all the bases and can be a teachable moment for your kids.

There is a reason that parents all around the world love this series! So, if you have been thinking of getting your middle grader into a new series, then why not Consider this?

If they love everything we have mentioned above and are seeking adventure, this is your next step.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Books Are In The Wings Of Fire Series?

There are 20 books in this series to enjoy.

What Age Is Wings Of Fire Appropriate For?

Anyone over the age of 10 will love these books – maybe 9 if they are okay with themes of violence.

Is There A Different Order To Read The Wings Of Fire series?

You could read the series in order of publication, which isn’t too different from the way the books are listed above.

Is The Winglets Series Part Of The Main Wings Of Fire Storyline?

No, the Winglets series focuses on several side characters that are important to the plot, and you get to explore the truth behind what happened in the series.

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