27 YA Trilogies To Binge Read

Long book series with a sheer endless number of books can be incredibly daunting but when you know that there are only three books in a series, then this sounds much more achievable.

27 YA Trilogies To Binge Read

Enjoy a long weekend or just an evening with the best 27 YA trilogies to binge read. You can’t beat a great young adult story, especially when there are three amazing books to enjoy.

From contemporary fiction to fantasy and sci-fi, once you find an author you love, you want to simply gobble up all the things they have written.

With a trilogy, you can be sure that you will meet all your favorite characters across all three books. Plus, many writers also write their trilogies in succession which means that their writing style is the same for each book.

This means that each book of a trilogy often has the same feel which makes it great fun to read. So, let’s jump straight in and find your next favorite young adult trilogy.

Young adult fiction novels are perfect for teenagers aged between 12 and 18. From dystopian worlds to romantic relationships, YA books are hugely fun to read, even for older adults.

Here is our list of the most amazing YA trilogies that you simply can’t put down.

The Heart Of Thorns Series By Bree Barton

Heart of Thorns

Mia Rose lives in the ancient river kingdom where she hunts down Gwyrach: the women who can manipulate blood, bones and flesh. These are the people who murdered her moth with just a single scratch.

But Mia’s world turns upside down when her father decides to enter an alliance with the kingdom’s royal family. She has to abandon her trousers and knives and step into the world of sumptuous, silky gowns.

But Mia is determined to escape from this luxurious prison and there is only one way to do it: through her own body. When she discovers that she also has the gift of magic, Mia’s life and her past seem to unravel fast.

“The Heart of Thorns” trilogy is made up of “Heart of Thorns”, “Tears of Frost” and “Soul of Cinder”.


  • Bree Barton delivers fantastic writing in all three books of her fantasy trilogy.


  • Some readers found that the female roles are very strong but the male characters lack depth.

The Timekeeper Series By Tara Sim


Young clock mechanic Danny Hart lives in an alternate Victorian world that is controlled by clock towers. At any moment, a damaged clock can split time and cause chaos.

Danny knows this all too well because his father is tropped somewhere in London already for over three years.

While the young prodigy is a master in his field and fixing time, he struggled to rescue his father from the clutches of the past.

Then a number of bombings happen across all England and Danny’s longing for the past awakens again, together with a romance he had thought long gone.

The “Timekeeper” trilogy is made up of “Timekeeper”, “Chainbreaker” and “Firestarter”.


  • The steampunk twist in Tara Sim’s trilogy feels amazingly modern.


  • Some readers found the “Timekeeper” novels a little too complex.

The Serpent & Dove Series By Shelby Mahurin

Serpent & Dove

When Louise le Blanc ran away from her coven to the city of Cesarine, she left all her magic behind. Now she simply lives off whatever she can steal from others. But Cesarine is a dangerous city where witches are feared, hunted and burned.

Reid Diggory, a huntsman, has made it his mission to remove all witches around. When Lou and Reidd end up together in an unexpected situation, the young witch has to make a choice that will change her path forever.

The “Serpent & Dove” trilogy is made up of “Serpent & Dove”, “Blood & Honey” and “Gods & Monsters”.


  • There are plenty of twists and turns in this amazing debut from Shelby Mahurin.


  • The romantic element in the book didn’t feel realistic and the characters’ feelings seem to change extremely quickly.

The Dark Stars Trilogy By Danielle Rollins

Dark Stars

This time-traveling trilogy from Danille Rollins follows the story of Dorothy whose life as a con artist is suddenly changed when she meets a stranger.

When Dorothy hides in a peculiar aircraft that is bound to another time in the future Seattle. She suddenly realizes that she is seriously in trouble for the first time in her life.

The moment Ash realizes that he has a passenger on his time machine, it is already too late and they are headed for the future. The “Dark Stars” trilogy is made up of “Stolen Time”, “Twisted Fates” and “Dark Stars”.


  • This fantastic sci-fi trilogy from Danielle Rollins isn’t just about romance but it also shows what happens when time gets a very different meaning.


  • These fantasy sci-books are quite scientific, so they aren’t a light read for an afternoon.

The Shadow And Bone Trilogy By Leigh Bardugo

The Shadow and Bone Trilogy

The ancient nation of Ravka is divided by the dark Shadow Fold that is crawling with monsters that gorge on human flesh.

When orphan Alina Starkov discovers her powers as a Grisha, she and her best friend end up on an adventure that will transform their lives and that of everyone in Ravka.

Alina becomes a member of the royal court in the war-ravaged country and she has to fight on many fronts to defend what she believes is right.

But there are many dark shadows that follow the young magic worker and her enemies are closer than she knows. The “Shadow and Bone” series is made up of “Shadow and bone”, “Siege and storm” and “Ruin and rising”.


  • Shadow and Bone” is not just a fantastic book trilogy but also a popular TV series.


  • The end happens very suddenly and it feels a little disappointing after the big magical build-up.

The Memories Of The Eagle And The Jaguar Series By Isabel Allende

Memories of the Eagle and the Jaguar

Teenager Alexander Cold joins his grandmother journalist on an exciting expedition into the rainforests of the Amazon.

They are part of a discovery team whose mission is to document the mysterious appearance of the Amazonian Yeti in the jungle. But this strange part of the planet seems to be its own world to Alexander.

He is drawn to the jaguar as his spirit animal making a discovery that will turn this exciting trip into an unforgettable journey.

The “Memories of the Eagle and the Jaguar” trilogy is made up of “City of the Beasts”, “Kingdom of the Golden Dragon” and “Forest of the Pygmies”.


  • These three books from Isabel Allende are a fantastic exploration of rainforests and wild animals.


  • There is plenty of natural magic in this book but the writing style is less suitable for adults over 20.

The Nightmare-Verse Trilogy By L.L. McKinney

The Nightmare-Verse

Alice’s first nightmares nearly killed her but she has learned to use her fighting skills and magic weapons to beat the evil creatures lurking in the darkness. But Alice has a busy life in the daylight.

With her difficult best friend and overprotective mother, she has her hands full trying to keep up a full on job.

When her mentor is murdered tragically with poison, Alice has no choice but to venture into the deep, dark recesses of Wonderland.

The “Nightmare-verse” trilogy by L.L. McKinney is made up of “A blade so black”, “A dream so dark” and “A crown so cursed”.


  • This fantasy trilogy is a refreshing new perspective on Alice in Wonderland.


  • The pace of the books was a bit too fast sometimes but the ending makes up for this.

The Crown Of Feathers Series By Nicki Pau Preto

Crown of Feathers

16-year old Veronyka lives in a world that is ruled by warrior queens who built their nation with the help of the legendary Phoenix Riders: fighters who soar through the sky.

In this war-ravaged country, Veronyka dreams of being a Phoenix Rider one day. When her sister betrays her, she sets out on her own to make her dream come true.

Disguised as a boy, the young orphan girl finds the place where she belongs and her life feels all good until her sister turns up one day. But there is an even greater threat that Veronyka soon cannot ignore anymore.

The dream is about to come crashing down hard. “The Crown of Feathers” trilogy is made up of “Crown of Feathers”, “Heart of Flames” and “Wings of Shadow”.


  • This action-packed trilogy is a wonderful story of magical worlds and how to turn your dreams into reality.


  • The author jumps around a lot which can be very confusing.

The Shadow Players Trilogy By Heidi Heilig

Shadow Players Trilogy

Jetta belongs to a family of talented shadow players who make their puppets move without a stick or string.

But every member of the little troupe has to keep their talents hidden because magic is forbidden since the colonizing army manged to conquer the kingdom. But young Jetta struggles to keep her secret.

When she meets a handsome smuggler, she has to make some decisions that will test her true principles.

The “Shadow Player” trilogy is made up of “For a muse of fire”, “A kingdom for a stage” and “On this unworthy scaffold”.


  • The plot is fun to read and you can get through the books fairly quickly.


  • The story plot with the different magical characters is sometimes very complex.

The Burning Glass Trilogy By Kathryn Purdie

Burning Glass

Kathryn Purdie’s “Burning Glass” novels follow the story of Sonya who is an Auraseer. With her rare type of synthesesia, she helps to protect the emperor looking for people with bloodlust and malice at the court.

While this gift is highly respected in Riaznin, Sonya would prefer to be free of her burden. After the brutal murder of the queen, she has a chance to escape her fate with a special mission.

But Sonya’s powers are great and she struggles to control them, especially when she is suddenly to decide between her loyalty to the emperor and the crown prince.

Will she see the threat and save the lives of the people in the kingdom? The “Burning Glass” trilogy is made up of “Burning Glass”, “Crystal Blade” and “Frozen Rain”.


  • If you love “Shadow and Bone”, then you are guaranteed to enjoy the similar style of “Burning Glass”.


  • While the plot of this story is interesting, some of the characters feel flat.

The Caraval Series By Stephanie Garber


Scarlett Dragna and her sister live on a small island with their cruel father. When he arranges Scarlett’s marriage, she believes that her dream of seeing Caraval will never happen.

But her fate has different plans. Scarlett’s invitation to Caraval arrives out of nowhere and she is off to see the show with her sister Tella and a mysterious sailor.

But when Tella is kidnapped by the Caraval organizer, known as Legend, the show suddenly becomes a race of life and death. Is everything during Caraval really just show?

Or could there be more to this game of magic, heartbreak and true love? The “Caraval” trilogy is made up of “Caraval”, “Legendary” and “Finale”.

There is also a Caraval Collector’s Edition of the first Caraval book with a stunning slipcase and some bonus content.


  • The Caraval story may sound familiar but this is not just another twist of the Alice in Wonderland plot.


  • Although there is a lot happening in this twisting story, deep down Caraval is mainly a romance novel.

The Shadow Game Series By Amanda Foody

The Shadow Game

No lady of decency would visit the City of Sin, New Reynes. But when Enne Salta’s mother goes missing, the young woman has no choice but to follow the trail to the big gangster-infested city streets.

Although Enne is alone and terrified, she has at least a lead to follow. Levi Glaisyer is a classic con man but when he hears of Enne’s search for her mother, he decides to help her (after a promise of compensation).

Enne and Levi make their way through dodgy cabarets and luxurious casinos and find themselves getting closer to the truth of Enne’s past.

But Levi’s enemies are right behind him, so can they escape the clutches of this sinful city without playing the game? The “Shadow Game” trilogy is made up of “Ace of Shades”, “King of Fools” and “Queen of Volts”.


  • This amazing trilogy from Amanda Foody has some well-developed characters and a beautifully funny way of writing.


  • The references to certain content and strong languages makes this trilogy only suitable for young adults up from 16 and over.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Series By Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Sixteen-year old Lara Jean Songs has loved five boys so far. She keeps all the love letters she has written to them secretly in a small hatbox.

Lara Jean puts all her feelings and soul into her letters because they aren’t destined to ever be sent.

But when her secret letters suddenly end up in the mail, Lara Jean has to face the reality of her feelings and her love life isn’t just imaginary anymore.

This romantic trilogy is made up of “To all the boys I loved before”, “P.S. I still love you” and “Always and forever, Lara Jean”.


  • This is a well-written romance YA trilogy that explores the relationships of young adults and how their love for each other develops.


  • The tone of the three books is always slightly different as the story continues.

The Arc Of A Scythe Series By Neal Shusterman

Arc of a Scythe

Neal Shusterman’s imaginary world is perfect. No war, no disease and no hunger. Mankind conquered all the misery in the world, even death.

But there are still the scythes who have the power to end someone’s life to ensure that the population stays on a steady level. When Rowan and Citra are chosen as scythe, they are frightened.

It wasn’t something the teens ever wanted and now they have to learn how to take someone’s life. Still, there is one good reason to get good at their new role: failing on a job means that they would lose their own lives.

The “Arc of a Scythe” trilogy from Neal Shusterman is made up of “Scythe”, “Thunderhead” and “The Toll”.


  • While the storyline isn’t new, there are some fascinating twists that make it worth binge-reading “Arc of a Scythe”.


  • The dystopian world in these three books is almost too unbelievable and it takes a lot of imagination.

Honors Series By Ann Aguirre And Rachel Caine


Zara Cole is a petty criminal in New Detroit. After her family moved to Mars, she had to invent herself and her life anew. When Zara commits a crime, she has to escape from the clutches of jail.

Luckily, the alien race known as Leviathan has other plans with Zara. She is recruited for their specialist Honors team. Zara jumps onto the chance to get away from Earth and for the first time in her life, she starts to feel a sense of her.

But there is a dark truth behind the glistening light of the stars. The “Honors” trilogy is made up of “Honor among Thieves”, “Honor Bound” and “Honor Lost”.


  • This isn’t just your average sci-fi teen novel but “Honors” has everything you need to escape to an imaginary world.


  • The plot of all three books is sometimes hard to follow.

The Tiger At Midnight Series By Swati Teerdhala

The Tiger at Midnight

Esha is well known as a legendary rebel in her world. When she tries to take down the evil General Hotha, Esha’s life changes dramatically.

One fateful night, she meets the warrior Kunal who is surprisingly on the same mission as Esha but they are not the only ones who hold a new future in their hands.

This fascinating trilogy is made up of “The Tiger at Midnight”, “The Archer at Dawn” and “The Chariot at Dusk”.


  • You get a sense of the “Hunger Games” with this beautiful trilogy from Swati Teerdhala.


  • The pace of some of the books is relatively slow which can make it hard to follow the story.

The Shadowshaper Cypher Series By Daniel José Older

The Shadowshaper Cypher

Sierra Santiago had a chilled summer planned with friends, art and hanging out around Brooklyn.

When some strange zombie boy appears out of nowhere at a party, things start to unravel for Sierra and her New York summer plans.

It doesn’t take long for her to discover the Shadowshapers: a supernatural order who connect with ghosts through stories, music and art.

Sierra finds out that her grandfather used to be the order’s anthropologist but he has since changed over to the other side. Now Sierra needs to make use of her own Shadowshaping powers and save her family from destruction.

This stunning book series by Daniel Jose Older is made up of “Shadowshaper”, “Shadowhouse Fall” and “Shadowshaper Legacy”.


  • Older’s Shadowshaper trilogy has just the right mix of fantasy and reality which is perfect for a binge reading weekend.


  • The depth of some of the main characters varies across the three different books.

The Brooklyn Brujas Series By Zoraida Cordova

Brooklyn Brujas

Bruja’s are powerful witches that reign the lands, and Alex is one of them. But she never liked her magical powers.

When the celebrations for Deathday are approaching, Alex sees her chance to get rid of the dreaded magic but the curse she tries doesn’t work.

Instead, her whole family disappeares and Alex has to find a way to bring them back. Her only option is to travel to the land between dark and light.

The “Brooklyn Brujas” trilogy is made up of “Labyrinth Lost”, “Bruja Born” and “Wayward Witch”.


  • This not your typical YA fiction but there is so much more to the wonderful world of the Brujas.


  • Although the reader gets a glimpse into the Bruja universe, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of depth to the characters.

The Dimple And Rishi Series By Sandhya Menon

Dimple and Rishi

Dimple Shah is ready for life. With her graduation done, she finally wants to break free from her family’s idea of finding the perfect Indian husband. But fate has a different plan for Dimple.

When she attends a summer program for young web developers she meets Rishi Patel. Rishi is the perfect opposite to Dimple.

He loves romance and tradition, and he is up for finding a wife, so he was quickly onboard with his family arrangements to woo his future wife at a summer camp.

Rishi and Dimple don’t know yet that their meeting wasn’t a coincidence but they will soon find out. But by then, there is no turning back for their feelings.

The “Dimple and Rishi” trilogy is made up of “When Dimple Met Rishi”, “There Is Something About Sweetie” and “10 Things I hate about Pinky”.


  • This is truly heartwarming story that is similar to “To All the boys I ever loved before”.


  • The plot is a classic teenage romantic comedy that is particularly unique.

The Shadow Of The Fox Trilogy By Julie Kagawa

Shadow of the Fox

Every thousand years, the holder of the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers has one wish from the Kami Dragon.

With the time almost here, people across the world of Iwagoto are trying to find the last missing pieces to complete the mysterious scroll.

Yumeko has to run with one part of the scroll after her beloved adoptive family is killed. She ends up in the hands of a handsome samurai who was tasked to retrieve the scroll.

They forge an alliance that is more powerful than anything Iwagoto has ever seen before. The “Shadow of the Fox” trilogy consists of “Shadow of the Fox”, “Soul of the Sword” and “Night of the Dragon”.


  • Julie Kagawa has created a fantastic story inspired by ancient Japanese mythology.


  • While the plot sounds relatively grown up, the writing style is more suited for younger readers between 12 and 18.

The Seafire Trilogy By Natalie C. Parker


When the evil warlord Aric Athair brutally murders Caledonia Styx’s family, she swears revenge. Left on her own, she ventures out to sea with her own ship.

Her crew of women and girls all lost their homes and families to the barbaric men of Aric and his crew.

But when one of Aric’s men tries to join Caledonia’s tightnew crew of female sailors, she is torn between revenge and letting go. The “Seafire” series by Natalie C. Parker is made up of “Seafire”, “Steel Tide” and “StormBreak”.


  • There is plenty of action, twists and escapes in this fantasy trilogy from Natalie Parker.


  • The main character isn’t very likeable.

The Iskari Series By Kristen Ciccarelli


The daughter of the King of Firgaard, Asha, grew up with many stories of the spirit of the light and the death-bringer known as Iskari. But it is only when Asha becomes a feared dragon slayer that she is considered the next Iskari.

Still, no matter how many dragon she kills, she cannot free herself from her fate. Then Asha is offered the opportunity of a lifetime: the dead body of the most powerful dragon in the land for her freedom.

But only a young boy can show her the true path to love and light that Asha was denied for so long. The “Iskari” trilogy consists of “The Last Namsara”, “The Caged Queen” and “The Sky Weaver”.


  • The story of the Iskari and Namsara is beautiful and tragic. A really heartwarming story that wants you to read more.


  • It takes a while to get into the plot.

The Truly Devious Series By Maureen Johnson

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Ellingham Academy is one of the most famous private schools around Vermont. Home to artists, inventors and thinkers, the found Albert Ellingham harbors his own secrets.

When his wife and daughter are kidnapped shortly after the opening of the school, Ellingham faces his worst nightware. The kidnapping was never solved until Stevie Bell enters Ellingham Academy.

She picks up the cold case and follows the clues. But the kidnapper “Truly, Devious” is set to make a return and he will drag all the past deep out of the grave proving that someone got away with murder for far too long.

The “Truly Devious” series was originally a trilogy made of “Truly Devious”, “The Vanishing Stair” and “The Hand on the Wall”. 

Since the last book, Maureen Johnson added a fourth to this amazing collection, “The Box in the Woods”, where Stevie Bell investigates a new case outside of Ellingham Academy.


  • A truly gripping story that draws you in from the first to the last page.


  • There are a lot of graphic descriptions in this book, so more suitable to 16+ readers.

The Bone Witch Trilogy By Rin Chupeco

The Bone Witch

Almost Tea’s entire family is made up of witches but when Tea resurrects her own brother, she realizes that something is different about her special gift. Tea is a bone witch.

Only the friendship with an older bone witch helps Tea make sense of her powers and how to control them carefully. She trains long and hard to wield her magic.

But it is not long before dark forces overshadow the land and Tea will soon have to test her new abilities to the limit. The “Bone Witch” series consists of “The Bone Witch”, “The Heart Forger” and “The Shadowglass”.


  • Rin Chupeco built a wonderful world where witches learn and grow their character through the fundamental powers of their gift.


  • The series goes back and forth between past and future which can be confusing sometimes.

The Lumatere Chronicles By Melina Marchetta

The Lumatere Chronicles

When the royal family of Lumatere was tragically killed, Finnikin was just a few days old. Since then, a terrible curse locks everyone inside Lumatere and everyone outside the walls are destined to be exiles.

Finnikin is a young man when he joins Evanjalin, a young novice. Evanjalin believes that her dreams will eventually guide them to find a surviving royal child that will take back control of the throne of Lumatere.

But nothing is as it seems and Finnikin quickly notices the unspeakable truth about his companion.

The “Lumatere Chronicles” trilogy consists of “Finnikin of the Rock”, “Froi of the Exiles” and “Quintana of Charyn”. You can also get the full Lumatere Chronicles Trilogy.


  • The story has so many ups and downs that you simply can’t put it down.


  • The raw emotions in the book can feel overwhelming sometimes.

The Empirium Trilogy By Claire Legrand

The Empirium Trilogy

Rielle Dardenne is exposed as one of two prophesied queens. As the alleged sun queen, she must go through seven magic trials that could be deadly. If the trials don’t kill her, then she will be killed if she fails one of them.

A thousand years later, Eliana Ferracora doesn’t believe in the old queen fairytales until her mother disappears under mysterious circumstances.

In order to find her, Eliana has to travel deep into the evil heart of the empire and find the truth of what she believed never to exist. The “Empirium Trilogy” consists of “Furyborn”, “Kingsbane” and “Lightbringer”.


  • The story of the two women spans millennia showing that they share a bond across space and time.


  • The end of the series feels a bit flat.

Elfhame: The Folk Of The Air Series By Holly Black

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Jude and her sister were only young children when their parents were brutally killed and they were kidnapped by the High Court of Faerie. A decade later, Jude wants to be a true Faerie.

She doesn’t want to be human and mortal because ost fey hate humans, especially Prince Cardan.

But there is only one way to find her right role at the Court and Jude slowly explores her own talents for bloodshed and trickery.

Just as everything spirals out of control, Jude has to come to the rescue of the Court and her beloved sister. But can she overcome the hate of her own human abilities to save a magical kingdom?

“The Folk of the Air” trilogy consists of “The Cruel Prince”, “The Wicked King” and “The Queen of Nothing”.


  • This magical stories of fey and humans is worth staying up for a whole night.


  • The end is very unexpected with the final book.

Final Thoughts

These amazing 27 YA trilogies cover a great variety of topics, from romance and classic teenage rom-com to science fiction and utopian worlds. There are even fantastical magic YA stories with fey.

This is also what makes young adult book also interesting for older adults. The beautiful worlds of magic, space or cities in the future simply draw you in.

Whether you enjoy the “Bone and Shadow” series with the world of the Grishas or Heidi Heilig’s “Shadow Players”, the colorful universe of YA trilogies is full of action and adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A YA Trilogy?

YA trilogies are young adult trilogies or teen books that are written for teenagers up too the age of 18. A trilogy is always made up of three books which typically have a linked story line.

What Age Group Are YA Books For?

Young adult fiction is commonly written for readers between the ages of 12 and 18. This means that the characters and the plot of these books are suitable for this age group.

What Is The Most Popular YA Genre?

The most popular young adult book genres are dystopian, romance, fantasy and fiction. Many YA books combine different themes to make the storylines more interesting.

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