9 Best Carl Hiaasen Books – Wild and Witty Reads

If you’re looking for a truly unique reading experience, look no further than Carl Hiaasen. His books are a wild and witty journey through the quirky world of Florida, filled with eccentric characters, twisted plotlines, and razor-sharp humor. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Hiaasen’s life and work, and highlight some of his best books for you to start with. From environmental thrillers to hilarious crime capers, there’s something for everyone in Hiaasen’s world.

9 Best Carl Hiaasen Books - Wild and Witty Reads

Who is Carl Hiaasen?

A Brief Biography of the Author

Carl Hiaasen is a bestselling author, journalist, and longtime columnist for the Miami Herald. Born in 1953 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Hiaasen grew up exploring the wilds of the state and developing a deep love for its natural beauty. He spent much of his childhood fishing, boating, and camping in the Everglades, experiences that would later inspire his writing.

After graduating from the University of Florida, Hiaasen worked as a reporter for several newspapers, including the Miami Herald, where he covered everything from crime to politics. His sharp wit and incisive commentary quickly made him a popular and respected voice in the world of journalism.

In the 1980s, Hiaasen turned his attention to fiction writing, publishing his first novel, “Tourist Season,” in 1986. The book was a critical and commercial success and marked the beginning of a long and illustrious career as a novelist.

Hiaasen’s Unique Writing Style

What sets Hiaasen’s books apart is his incredible wit and dark sense of humor. He spins tales that are equal parts satire, thriller, and comedy, with memorable characters and outrageous scenarios that will have you laughing out loud and wondering what will happen next.

Hiaasen’s writing is also known for its environmental themes and social commentary. Many of his books deal with issues such as pollution, development, and corruption, and he often uses his characters to make pointed critiques of society and politics.

The World of Florida Fiction

Hiaasen is often grouped with other writers of “Florida fiction,” a genre that captures the essence of the state with its blend of natural beauty, cultural identity, and eccentricity. Other notable Florida writers include John D. MacDonald, Elmore Leonard, and Randy Wayne White, but Hiaasen is perhaps the most beloved and enduring of them all.

Hiaasen’s books are a love letter to Florida, with vivid descriptions of its landscapes, wildlife, and people. He captures the state’s unique character and spirit in a way that few other writers can, and his books have become beloved classics of the genre.

If you’re looking for a great read that will transport you to the wild and wacky world of Florida, look no further than Carl Hiaasen.

Top Carl Hiaasen Books to Start With

Carl Hiaasen is a renowned American author, journalist, and columnist known for his satirical and darkly comedic writing style. His books are often set in his home state of Florida and tackle issues such as environmentalism, corruption, and the clash between the state’s natural beauty and the tourism industry. If you’re looking to dive into Hiaasen’s work, here are three of his top books to start with:

“Tourist Season” – A Darkly Comedic Debut

Tourist Season

Published in 1986, “Tourist Season” is Hiaasen’s first novel and a great introduction to his style. The plot centers around a group of militant activists who are targeting tourists in Florida, and the newspaper reporter who gets drawn into the case. Hiaasen uses the book to skewer the tourism industry and explore the cultural clashes that are so prevalent in the state.

At its core, “Tourist Season” is a commentary on the effects of tourism on Florida’s natural beauty and the tension that arises between locals and visitors. Hiaasen’s sharp wit and biting satire make for a hilarious and thought-provoking read.

“Double Whammy” – A Satirical Look at Competitive Fishing

Double Whammy (Skink Book 1)

Released in 1987, “Double Whammy” is another early Hiaasen classic. This time, the plot revolves around the world of competitive fishing, with a private detective investigating shady practices and uncovering a larger conspiracy. Along the way, Hiaasen pokes fun at the world of sports and the obsession with winning.

One of the standout features of “Double Whammy” is Hiaasen’s ability to create memorable and eccentric characters. From the sleazy fishing tournament organizers to the quirky and lovable detective, the book is filled with a cast of characters that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

“Skin Tight” – A Thrilling Mystery with a Twist

Skin Tight (Mick Stranahan Book 1)

In “Skin Tight” (1989), Hiaasen delves into the world of plastic surgery and the dark side of beauty. When a former model dies under mysterious circumstances, it’s up to a retired detective to uncover what really happened. As with all of Hiaasen’s books, there’s a sense of danger and suspense, but also plenty of humor and wit.

What sets “Skin Tight” apart from other mystery novels is its unexpected twists and turns. Just when you think you have everything figured out, Hiaasen throws in a curveball that will leave you reeling. It’s a thrilling and unpredictable ride that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, Carl Hiaasen’s books are a must-read for anyone who enjoys dark humor, satire, and a good mystery. With his unique style and sharp wit, Hiaasen has become one of the most beloved authors of our time.

Hiaasen’s Environmental Thrillers

Carl Hiaasen is a master of blending humor, adventure, and social commentary in his novels. His passion for the environment shines through in many of his works, which often deal with issues of eco-terrorism, political corruption, and the importance of preserving nature for future generations.

“Sick Puppy” – A Tale of Eco-Terrorism and Corruption

Sick Puppy (Skink Book 4)

Sick Puppy” (2000) is one of Hiaasen’s most popular novels, and for good reason. The book deals with a serious issue – the destruction of natural habitats for profit – while still managing to be hilarious. The story follows a group of activists who take extreme measures to save a patch of wilderness from development, including kidnapping a corrupt developer’s beloved dog. Hiaasen uses the book to explore his own passion for the environment and the importance of taking action to protect it.

As the characters navigate through the dangerous world of eco-terrorism and political corruption, they learn valuable lessons about the power of passion and determination. Hiaasen’s unique blend of humor and social commentary makes “Sick Puppy” a must-read for anyone interested in environmental issues.

“Flush” – A Young Adult Adventure with an Environmental Message


Published in 2005, “Flush” is a departure for Hiaasen in that it’s a young adult novel. However, it still carries his signature mix of humor, adventure, and social commentary. The story follows two siblings as they try to expose a casino boat for illegally dumping sewage in the waters of the Florida Keys.

Along the way, they encounter a cast of colorful characters, including a mysterious captain and a group of environmental activists. The siblings learn about the importance of standing up for what you believe in and fighting against injustice, even when it seems like the odds are against you.

Flush” is a thrilling adventure that also manages to convey an important environmental message. Hiaasen’s ability to craft engaging characters and a fast-paced plot make it a perfect choice for young adult readers.

“Skink—No Surrender” – A Wild Ride through Florida’s Wilderness

Skink--No Surrender

In “Skink—No Surrender” (2014), Hiaasen brings back one of his most beloved characters, Skink, a former governor turned eco-terrorist. The book follows a teenage boy who teams up with Skink to find his missing cousin and the pair embark on a dangerous journey through the Florida wilderness.

As they navigate through swamps, forests, and beaches, the characters encounter a variety of obstacles and dangers, from poisonous snakes to corrupt politicians. Along the way, Hiaasen explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the power of nature.

Skink—No Surrender” is a wild ride through the heart of Florida, filled with humor, adventure, and heart. Hiaasen’s ability to create vivid, memorable characters and craft a thrilling plot makes it a must-read for fans of environmental thrillers.

Hiaasen’s Hilarious Crime Capers

If you’re looking for a good laugh and a thrilling crime story, look no further than the works of Carl Hiaasen. Hiaasen, a Florida native and longtime journalist, has made a name for himself with his unique brand of crime fiction that combines humor, satire, and social commentary. His books are filled with colorful characters, outrageous scenarios, and plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.

“Strip Tease” – A Crime Novel with a Comedic Edge

Strip Tease

Perhaps Hiaasen’s best-known book, “Strip Tease” (1993) is a wild ride through the seedy world of strip clubs and political corruption. The plot centers around a stripper named Erin Grant who gets involved in a blackmail scheme targeting a powerful congressman and the chaos that ensues. Along the way, we meet a cast of eccentric characters, including a bouncer with a heart of gold, a sleazy lawyer, and a corrupt politician with a penchant for young women.

But what sets “Strip Tease” apart from other crime novels is Hiaasen’s razor-sharp wit and his ability to find humor in even the darkest of situations. The dialogue crackles with snappy one-liners and clever comebacks, and the characters are so vividly drawn that you can’t help but root for them (even when they’re doing something illegal).

Throughout the book, Hiaasen skewers the hypocrisy and corruption of the political system, as well as the objectification of women in the entertainment industry. But he does it all with such a light touch that you never feel like you’re being preached to. Instead, you’re too busy laughing at the absurdity of it all.

“Lucky You” – A Lottery Winner’s Unlucky Adventure

Lucky You

In “Lucky You” (1997), Hiaasen takes on the world of lottery fever and the dark side of the American dream. The book follows a group of residents in a small Florida town who all hold winning lottery tickets and must navigate the treacherous waters of greed and ambition. There’s JoLayne Lucks, a young woman who wants to use her winnings to save the endangered Florida panther; Bode Gazzer, a redneck who dreams of turning his winnings into a theme park; and Chub, a hapless ex-con who just wants to get his hands on some cash.

As always, Hiaasen’s humor shines through, even as the stakes get higher and the schemes get more elaborate. There are car chases, alligator attacks, and even a cameo by Jimmy Buffett. But amidst all the chaos, Hiaasen never loses sight of the human element of the story. He shows us the dark side of the American dream, but he also shows us the power of hope and the resilience of the human spirit.

“Razor Girl” – A Quirky, Offbeat Crime Story

Razor Girl: A novel

The most recent book on our list, “Razor Girl” (2016) is another example of Hiaasen’s unique blend of humor and crime. The story follows a cast of characters including a scam artist, a Hollywood talent agent, and a reality TV star, all of whom become entangled in a bizarre kidnapping plot. Along the way, we’re treated to Hiaasen’s trademark wit and social commentary, as he takes on topics like environmentalism, celebrity culture, and the art of the con.

But what really sets “Razor Girl” apart is its quirky, offbeat sensibility. The characters are all larger-than-life, but they’re also strangely relatable. We can see ourselves as the hapless victim of the kidnapping or as the ambitious con artist trying to make a quick buck. And as always, Hiaasen’s humor keeps us laughing even as the tension builds.

No matter which of Carl Hiaasen‘s books you start with, you’re in for a wild and witty ride. With his sharp writing style and a keen eye for satire, Hiaasen is a true original in the world of fiction. So why not pick up one of his books today and discover the joy of Florida fiction for yourself?


Where is Carl Hiaasen from?

Carl Hiaasen was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1953. He still lives in this state today.

What are the best Carl Hiaasen books?

Carl Hiaasen has written children’s books such as Hoot, Flush, and Chomp, but has also written fiction for adults, which includes titles like Tourist Season, Sick Puppy, Star Island, and Native Tongue.

Is Carl Hiaasen still writing?

Carl Hiaasen has retired from journalism but still writes children’s fiction and the occasional adult novel here and there.

What paper did Carl Hiaasen write for?

He worked with the Miami Herald for 35 years.

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