The 20 Best Young Adult Vampire Books – Ultimate Guide

The 20 Best Young Adult Vampire Books - Ultimate Guide

Vampires have held people’s attention forever, and how can they not? They’re beautiful, powerful, strong, and can love you for eternity. That sounds perfect. Well, if you can get over that whole drinking people’s blood thing. But there is something about vampires that we love and can’t ignore. Whether it be the pull of danger … Read more

The 30 Best Romance Books For Teens – Ultimate Guide

Best Romance Books For Teens

There’s something special about first love: from the butterflies in your stomach to the emotions you’ve never experienced before, everyone’s first love is something truly special. That’s part of what makes teen romance such a compelling subgenre — whether you’re a teen yourself or an adult who’s reliving the nostalgic feeling of a budding romance. … Read more

The 20 Best Young Adult Books by Black Authors

The 20 Best Young Adult Books by Black Authors

The Young Adult genre has been thriving for centuries, but Black Young Adult literature has seen significant growth in the last few decades!  Empowering stories about identity and self-discovery told through heartbreakingly detailed stories about complex societal problems, mental health issues, and trauma are just as prevalent in the genre as lighthearted and sweetly romantic … Read more

Discover The 20 Best WLW Young Adult Books (Lesbian Fiction)

Looking for the best in lesbian fiction? We’ve picked out the 20 best WLW young adult books for you below, from classic fantasy to contemporary coming-of-age stories. Diversity in publishing still has a long way to go before we see everyone’s experiences represented equally on the page, but LBGTQ+ narratives have become steadily more commonplace … Read more

20 Must-Read Lesbian YA Books (Best F/F Romance Novels)

20 Must-Read Lesbian YA Books (F/F Romance Novels)

If you need some F/F romance novels to round out your TBR this year, we’ve got you covered with the 20 must-read lesbian YA books on the list below. Although they aren’t technically all F/F pairings, as there are some nonbinary main characters and love interests thrown into the mix, these sapphic romances all feature … Read more