20 Best Empowering Christian Books for Women

As a woman on a spiritual journey, finding the right books can be invaluable. They can inspire, comfort, enlighten, and guide us through life’s ups and downs. But with so many resources available, it can be overwhelming to know what’s worth reading. To save you time and effort, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the best Christian books for women. Whether you’re looking to deepen your relationship with God, overcome challenges, or simply be inspired, these books have got you covered.

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20 Best Empowering Christian Books for Women

Empowering Christian Books for Personal Growth

When it comes to personal growth, Christian books can be a powerful tool. Reading books that are grounded in biblical principles can help you grow in your faith, gain a deeper understanding of God’s love, and develop a stronger relationship with Him. Here are three of our favorites:

Books for Building a Stronger Relationship with God

The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

The Pursuit of God

Is a classic that never gets old. In this book, Tozer explores the idea that God is constantly pursuing us, and encourages us to pursue Him in return. Through powerful insights and practical advice, this book will help you draw closer to God and strengthen your faith.

You can find this book here.

Abiding in Christ by Andrew Murray

Abiding in Christ

Is another great read. In this book, Murray explains the importance of abiding in Christ and how to do it. He uses biblical examples and personal anecdotes to demonstrate how abiding in Christ can transform your life and relationships. Murray emphasizes the need to remain in Christ, just as a branch must remain in the vine to bear fruit.

You can find this book here.

If you’re looking for a book that will challenge you to dive deeper into your relationship with God, these two books are a great place to start.

Books for Overcoming Life’s Challenges

The God of Comfort by Hannah Whitall Smith

The God of All Comfort

Is a comforting and uplifting book for anyone going through a difficult time. Smith shares her own struggles and how she found comfort in God’s love and care. This book will remind you of God’s faithfulness and give you hope for the future.

You can find this book here.

The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis

The Problem of Pain

Is another book that can be helpful for those who are struggling with difficult circumstances. Lewis explores the question of why there is pain and suffering in the world and how we can find hope and meaning in the midst of it. This book provides a thoughtful and compassionate perspective on one of life’s most difficult questions.

You can find this book here.

Books for Nurturing Self-Love and Confidence

You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth

You're Already Amazing: Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be

Is a book that every woman should read. Gerth takes a fresh and creative look at what it means to be a woman, and encourages readers to embrace their strengths, passions, and personalities. This book will help you see yourself in a new light and give you the confidence to pursue your dreams.

You can find this book here.

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?

Is another book that can help you discover your unique purpose and calling. Warren provides practical advice and biblical insights to help readers understand why they were created and how they can make a difference in the world. This book can help you gain a sense of direction and purpose in your life.

You can find this book here.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your relationship with God, overcome life’s challenges, or nurture self-love and confidence, there are countless Christian books that can help you grow and thrive. These are just a few of our favorites, but we encourage you to explore and discover the books that speak to you and your unique journey.

Inspiring Christian Memoirs and Biographies

Reading about other women’s journeys can be inspiring and enlightening. Here are three memoirs and biographies that are sure to leave an impact:

Stories of Faith and Perseverance

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

The Hiding Place

Is a powerful memoir about her experience during World War II. Ten Boom and her family hid Jews in their home, and were ultimately sent to a concentration camp for their actions. This book is a testament to the power of faith and the courage to do what’s right, even in the most difficult circumstances.

The Hiding Place is a story of bravery and sacrifice. Corrie Ten Boom and her family lived in Holland during World War II, and they risked their lives to help Jewish refugees escape the Nazis. They turned their home into a hiding place, and managed to save the lives of many people. However, they were eventually caught and sent to a concentration camp. Despite the horrors they faced, Corrie’s faith never wavered. She continued to trust in God and help those around her, even in the darkest of times. Her story is a reminder of the power of love and the strength of the human spirit.

Lessons from Influential Christian Women

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis Signature Classics)

Is a classic that many have read. A lesser-known work is his book Joy, a biography of Joy Davidman. An influential writer and thinker in her own right, Davidman was also the wife of C.S. Lewis in their married last years. This book provides deep insight into her eventful life — including tragedies, life-changing awakenings, and her great impact on Lewis himself — giving powerful lessons on how to live as an influential woman of faith.

Joy Davidman was a remarkable woman who had a profound impact on C.S. Lewis. She was a writer and poet in her own right, and her work influenced Lewis’s own writing. They met when Davidman was going through a difficult time in her life, and Lewis helped her find her faith. They eventually fell in love and got married, but their time together was cut short when Davidman died of cancer. Joy is a beautiful tribute to her life and legacy, and it offers powerful lessons on how to live a life of faith and influence.

You can find this book here.

Testimonies of God’s Grace and Redemption

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

Is a stunning biography of World War II veteran Louis Zamperini. While he was imprisoned by the Japanese, Zamperini encountered Christ and was caught up in a miracle that saved his life. This book will inspire and challenge you to believe in the power of redemption.

Louis Zamperini was an Olympic athlete who became a prisoner of war during World War II. He endured unimaginable horrors at the hands of the Japanese, but he never lost hope. In the midst of his suffering, he encountered Christ and experienced a miracle that saved his life. He went on to become an evangelist, sharing his story of faith and redemption with others. Unbroken is a powerful testimony to the grace and mercy of God, and it reminds us that no matter what we face in life, there is always hope for redemption.

Christian Fiction for Women

Christian fiction can be a great way to be entertained while still being exposed to inspiring and uplifting content. Here are three of our favorite fiction picks:

Uplifting Novels with Strong Female Protagonists

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Redeeming Love: A Novel

Is an inspiring retelling of the biblical story of Hosea. Set in the American West in the mid-19th century, it tells the story of a broken woman redeemed by the love of a faithful man. The protagonist, Angel, is a former prostitute who has been abused and mistreated her entire life. She struggles to accept the love of Michael Hosea, a man who has been called by God to marry her and show her the true meaning of love. Through their journey, we see how God’s love can transform even the most broken of individuals. This book will give you hope that no matter how far we stray, God’s love will always find us.

You can find this book here.

The Prodigal Daughter by Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker

Is a modern-day retelling of the parable of the prodigal son. It follows the story of Naomi, a young woman who leaves her small town to pursue a career in the big city. She becomes successful but loses touch with her family and her faith. When tragedy strikes, Naomi is forced to return home and confront the mistakes of her past. This book is a powerful reminder that no matter how far we stray, God is always waiting for us with open arms.

The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers

The Scarlet Thread: A Novel (The Historical Christian Fiction Story of Two Women, Centuries Apart, Joined through a Journal from the Oregon Trail)

Is a heart-wrenching story of two women from different eras who are connected by a thread of redemption. Sierra, a modern-day journalist, discovers the story of Mary, a young woman who lived during the Civil War era. Mary’s life is marked by tragedy and heartache, but through it all, she finds hope in her faith. As Sierra uncovers Mary’s story, she begins to see how God has been working in her own life. This book will inspire you to trust in God’s plan, even when life seems difficult.

You can find this book here.

Stories of Love, Faith, and Friendship

The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck

The Wedding Dress (The Wedding Collection)

Is a charming and heartfelt novel that follows the journey of a wedding dress through four generations of women. As each woman discovers the dress, they also discover the power of love, faith, and friendship. From Charlotte, a young woman in 1912 who falls in love with a man she can never have, to Emily, a bride-to-be in the present day who is struggling to find the perfect dress, this book will encourage you to value the relationships in your life.

You can find this book here.

The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate

The Prayer Box (A Carolina Chronicles Book 1)

Is a touching story of hope and healing. Tandi Jo Reese is a single mother who has fled an abusive relationship and is starting a new life on Hatteras Island. She discovers an old prayer box in the attic of her rental home and begins to read the prayers left by the previous owner. As she reads, she begins to see how God has been working in her own life. This book will remind you that no matter how difficult life may seem, God is always there to guide us.

You can find this book here.

The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

The Bridge: A Novel

Is a heartwarming story of two couples whose lives intersect on a bridge in Franklin, Tennessee. Molly and Ryan are struggling to save their marriage, while Charlie and Donna are dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy. As they cross paths on the bridge, they begin to see how God has been working in their lives. This book will inspire you to trust in God’s plan, even when life seems uncertain.

You can find this book here.

Christian Fiction Series to Get Lost In

The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers

As Sure as the Dawn: Mark of the Lion Series Book 3 (Christian Historical Fiction Novel Set in 1st Century Rome)

Is a captivating trilogy set in ancient Rome. Through the eyes of three characters, it explores themes of love, faith, and sacrifice in a beautifully crafted and historically rich world. The first book, A Voice in the Wind, follows the story of Hadassah, a young Christian slave who must navigate the dangerous world of Roman politics and culture. The second book, An Echo in the Darkness, continues Hadassah’s story and introduces new characters who are struggling to find their place in the world. The final book, As Sure as the Dawn, brings all the threads of the story together in a powerful and emotional conclusion. This series will keep you up all night and leave you feeling inspired.

You can find the book series here.

The Baxter Family series by Karen Kingsbury

The Baxter Family

Is a heartwarming and uplifting series that follows the lives of The Baxter Family. From the patriarch, John, to his children and grandchildren, this series explores the joys and struggles of family life. Each book focuses on a different member of the family and their journey of faith. This series will make you laugh, cry, and feel like a part of the Baxter family.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

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is a classic series that has been beloved by readers for generations. Set in the magical world of Narnia, these books follow the adventures of four siblings who discover a secret portal to another world. Through their adventures, they learn important lessons about love, sacrifice, and faith. This series is a must-read for anyone who loves fantasy and adventure.

You can find this book here.

Bible Studies and Devotionals for Women

Finally, if you’re looking to deepen your understanding of scripture or have a daily devotional time of reflection and encouragement, here are three resources that we recommend:

Deepening Your Understanding of Scripture

Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds

Is an excellent resource for women who want to study the Bible in an intentional and engaging way. Wilkin provides practical tips and insights on how to better understand scripture and apply it to our lives. This book will help you grow in your knowledge and love of God’s word.

You can find this book here.

Daily Devotionals for Encouragement and Reflection

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Jesus Calling, with Scripture References: Enjoying Peace in His Presence (A 365-Day Devotional) (Jesus Calling®)

Is a beloved devotional that has touched the lives of millions. Through short and sweet daily readings, it speaks to the heart of our struggles and reminds us of God’s love and presence in our lives. This devotional is perfect for those busy mornings when you need a quick encouragement boost.

You can find this book here.

Group Bible Studies for Women’s Ministries

Seamless by Angie Smith

Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story (Member Book)

Is a fantastic Bible study that takes readers on a journey through the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Smith helps readers see how the different books of the Bible fit together and how they all point to Jesus. This study is perfect for women’s ministries or small groups looking for a comprehensive and engaging study.

You can find this book here.


These Christian books for women are sure to inspire, challenge, and uplift you on your spiritual journey. Whether you’re looking for personal growth, inspiring stories, or deeper understanding of scripture, these books have got you covered. So, pick up a book, grab a cup of tea, and dive in.

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