11 Best Romance Comic Books of All Time – The Ultimate List

Romance comics have been a beloved genre since their inception in the late 1940s. Although this genre has gone through many phases, one thing remains consistent – the emotional storytelling, the diversity of characters, and the beautiful visuals that keep readers engaged. In this article, we will delve into the best romance comic books of all time. So, make a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

11 Best Romance Comic Books of All Time - The Ultimate List

A Brief History of Romance Comics

Before we dive into the best romance comic books of all time, let’s take a brief look at the history of romance comics. The first romance comic book, Young Romance, was published in 1947 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. The comic was an instant success and set the stage for a new genre of comic books. Romance comics quickly grew in popularity, and by the 1950s, they were the best-selling genre in comics. This was the golden age of romance comics.

The Golden Age of Romance Comics

The golden age of romance comics was characterized by stories of love and heartbreak, featuring damsels in distress and strong men who come to save them. The stories were simple, yet emotionally compelling, and struck a chord with readers. The comics were often targeted towards young women and girls and were seen as a way to provide them with guidance on love and relationships.

One of the standout romance comic books of the golden age was Heart Throbs, published by Quality Comics in 1949. The comic was known for its beautiful illustrations and well-written stories that captured readers’ hearts. It was a favorite among readers and continued to be published until 1972.

During the golden age, romance comics were not without their controversies. The Comics Code Authority, which was established in 1954 to regulate the content of comic books, imposed strict guidelines on the portrayal of relationships and love in comics. This led to a decline in the popularity of romance comics, as publishers struggled to create content that met the code’s requirements.

The Silver Age and Beyond

The silver age of romance comics, which began in the 1960s, saw a shift in the genre. The stories became more complex, the characters more diverse, and the artwork more realistic. The comics began to explore more mature themes, such as divorce, infidelity, and unplanned pregnancies.

One of the most popular romance comics of the silver age was Archie’s Love Comics, which featured the beloved characters from the Archie Comics universe in romantic storylines. The comic was a hit with readers and continued to be published until 1971.

Romance comics continued to evolve over the years with the introduction of new themes. In the 1980s, comics began to explore LGBTQ+ relationships, and in the 1990s, they began to feature more diverse characters and relationships. Today, romance comics continue to be popular, exploring everything from LGBTQ+ relationships to interracial relationships to long-distance relationships.

Overall, romance comics have had a significant impact on the comic book industry, providing readers with stories of love and heartbreak that resonate with them. From the golden age to the silver age and beyond, romance comics have continued to evolve and remain a beloved genre among readers.

The Appeal of Romance Comics

What makes romance comics so appealing? Why do readers keep coming back for more?

Romance comics have been around for decades, and their appeal has not diminished. From the emotional storytelling to the beautiful artwork, there are many reasons why readers keep coming back for more.

Emotional Storytelling

The emotional storytelling is the heart of romance comics. A good romance comic can make the readers cry, laugh, and feel the ups and downs of love. The stories are often relatable, and readers can see themselves in the characters and their experiences.

One such comic is The Nao of Brown, published in 2012 by Glyn Dillon. The comic tells the story of Nao, a young woman with OCD, who falls in love with a man who is already in a committed relationship. The story is raw, emotional, and beautifully written. It explores the complexities of love and mental health, and how they intersect.

Another example is the comic Love and Rockets, published in 1981 by Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez. The comic explores the lives of two Mexican-American sisters, Maggie and Hopey, and their relationships with each other and the people around them. The comic is known for its honest portrayal of love and sexuality, and its exploration of race and identity.

Diverse Characters and Relationships

Bingo Love

Another reason why romance comics appeal to readers is the diversity of characters and relationships. People from all walks of life can see themselves represented in these stories.

One of the best examples of this is Sunstone, published in 2011 by Stjepan Šejić. The comic explores the relationship between two women who explore BDSM and their love for each other. The comic was praised for its honesty, authenticity, and beautiful artwork. It was also notable for its portrayal of BDSM in a positive and consensual light, and for its representation of LGBTQ+ characters.

Another example is the comic Bingo Love, published in 2018 by Tee Franklin. The comic tells the story of two African-American women, Hazel and Mari, who fall in love as teenagers in the 1960s but are forced apart by their families. They reunite decades later and rekindle their love. The comic explores themes of race, class, and the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ couples.

Artwork and Visual Storytelling

The artwork in romance comics is often stunning. The illustrations can convey a depth of emotion that words alone cannot.

One such comic is Strangers in Paradise, published in 1993 by Terry Moore. The comic tells the story of two women who fall in love while navigating their lives and dealing with the complications that love brings. The artwork in this comic is simple and beautiful, giving readers an intimate look at the characters and their emotions. The comic was praised for its realistic portrayal of love and its exploration of complex themes such as identity, family, and friendship.

Another example is the comic Saga, published in 2012 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. The comic tells the story of two lovers from opposite sides of a galactic war who are on the run with their newborn daughter. The artwork in this comic is breathtaking, with vibrant colors and imaginative designs. The comic was praised for its unique world-building and its exploration of themes such as family, love, and war.

Overall, romance comics continue to be popular because of their emotional storytelling, diverse characters and relationships, and beautiful artwork. They offer readers a chance to escape into a world of love and romance, and to explore complex themes and issues in a relatable and engaging way.

Top 10 Romance Comic Books

Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you love getting lost in a good love story? Then, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 romance comic books of all time, so get ready to fall in love all over again!

Young Romance (1947)


Young Romance is the original romance comic book that started it all. Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, this comic book paved the way for all romance comics that followed. It follows the lives of young lovers and explores the ups and downs of their relationships. Young Romance set the standard for all romance comics to come and is a must-read for any fan of the genre.

Strangers in Paradise (1993)

Strangers In Paradise Volume I

Strangers in Paradise is a beautiful and emotional story that explores love, loss, and everything in between. Created by Terry Moore, this comic book follows the lives of two women, Francine and Katchoo, as they navigate their complicated relationship. Strangers in Paradise is a poignant and heartfelt story that will leave you feeling both happy and heartbroken.

Sunstone (2011)

Sunstone Vol. 1

Sunstone is a masterpiece of storytelling and artwork. Created by Stjepan Šejić, this comic book explores the complexities of love and BDSM with honesty and authenticity. It follows the lives of two women, Ally and Lisa, as they explore their desires and push the boundaries of their relationship. Sunstone is a beautiful and erotic story that will leave you breathless.

The Nao of Brown (2012)

The Nao of Brown (Original Fiction - SelfMadeHero)

The Nao of Brown is a raw and emotional story that deals with mental illness and the complexities of love. Created by Glyn Dillon, this comic book follows the life of Nao Brown, a young woman who struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder. The story explores her relationships with others, including her boyfriend, and the challenges she faces as she tries to navigate her condition. The Nao of Brown is a powerful and moving story that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading.

Blankets (2003)


Blankets is a coming of age story that explores the first love that shapes our lives. Created by Craig Thompson, this comic book follows the life of Craig, a young man who falls in love with Raina, a girl he meets at a church camp. The story explores their relationship and the challenges they face as they try to navigate their feelings for each other. Blankets is a beautiful and honest portrayal of young love that will tug at your heartstrings.

Saga (2012)

Saga Vol. 1

Saga is a beautiful and epic space opera that explores the family, love, and the human condition. Created by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, this comic book follows the lives of two lovers, Alana and Marko, as they try to protect their family from the ongoing war between their respective planets. Saga is a breathtakingly beautiful story that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with its characters.

Love and Rockets (1982)

The Classic Love and Rockets 40th Anniversary Slipcase Set

Love and Rockets is a groundbreaking comic book series that explores the lives of Latinx characters and their relationships. Created by Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, this comic book is an honest and intimate portrayal of love and life. It follows the lives of a group of characters, including Maggie and Hopey, as they navigate their relationships and the challenges of everyday life. Love and Rockets is a must-read for anyone who loves character-driven stories.

Alex + Ada (2013)

Alex + Ada #1

Alex + Ada is a beautifully illustrated and emotionally compelling comic that explores the complexities of love in a world where artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced. Created by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn, this comic book follows the life of Alex, a lonely man who receives an android companion named Ada. As their relationship develops, Alex begins to question the nature of their relationship and the ethics of artificial intelligence. Alex + Ada is a thought-provoking and poignant story that will leave you questioning what it means to be human.

Archie (1941)

Archie Firsts

Archie is a classic romance comic that has become a cultural icon. Created by Bob Montana and Vic Bloom, this comic book follows the trials and tribulations of young love with humor and heart. The story revolves around Archie Andrews and his two love interests, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. Archie is a timeless story that has captured the hearts of generations of readers.

Scott Pilgrim (2004)

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Scott Pilgrim is a romantic comedy that explores the ups and downs of love with a unique visual style and quirky humor. Created by Bryan Lee O’Malley, this comic book follows the life of Scott Pilgrim, a young man who falls in love with Ramona Flowers. The story explores their relationship and the challenges Scott faces as he tries to win her heart. Scott Pilgrim is a fun and lighthearted story that will leave you feeling happy and entertained.


And there you have it, the top 10 romance comic books of all time! These comics represent the best of the genre, showcasing the emotional storytelling, diverse characters, and beautiful artwork that make romance comics so enticing. Whether you’re a die-hard romance fan or new to the genre, these comics are sure to capture your heart and leave you wanting more.


What is the difference between comics and graphic novels?

While the art styles and storylines may appear similar, graphic novels feature complete, self-contained narratives. By contrast, comics include serialized narratives that require readers to have read the prior installment to be able to follow the narrative and characterization.

What are the benefits of reading comics?

There are several benefits to reading comics. Many comics feature beautiful artwork by talented artists, combining witty, sharp dialogue with rich, detailed images. They also tend to be quicker to read, so can serve as a great palette cleanser if you have just read a series of long, bulky novels.

Are all romance comics YA?

No, not necessarily. There are romance comics written for all ages. Titles such as Lore Olympus and Heartstopper have been immensely popular.

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