All 170+ Susan Mallery Books Ranked (Best to Worst)

Susan Mallery is a prolific author who has published nearly 200 novels since publishing her very first, Tender Loving Care, in 1992. Her books have captured the hearts of millions of readers around the world, with more than 40 million copies sold worldwide!

All Susan Mallery Books Ranked (Best to Worst)

Needless to say, Mallery is an incredible writer with plenty of remarkable novels, but for those looking to dive into the world of Mallery’s characters, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start.

That’s why this definitive ranking of all her books has been created! This list should act as the perfect guide for both longtime fans and newcomers alike, displaying the multiplicity of Mallery’s work and showcasing her most bewitching tales.

So, keep reading to see all Susan Mallery books ranked from best to worst!

About Susan Mallery

Susan Mallery was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1970, earned an MA from Seton Hill University, and had her first two books published straight out of college in 1992. 

Mallery predominantly writes in the Contemporary Romance and Women’s Fiction genres, with her novels being self-described as ‘Romance-Plus.’ Her books tell the stories of women and the various relationships that affect their lives–from romance to platonic love and friendship to familial bonds.

Mallery’s novels can appeal to all ages, and they usually take place in small-town settings and feature relatable characters thrown into realistic situations. 

Since she is passionate about animals–even serving on the board of Seattle Humane–her novels also include pets which often play a significant part in the plot.

Mallery is a book packager, and therefore, there are a lot of Susan Mallery books with other authors’ names credited, but in this article, we’ll just be looking at the novels that Susan herself wrote!

With almost two hundred novels credited to her name, jumping into her bibliography can seem like an impossible task, but with the help of this ranking, you’ll be marking Mallery’s novels off your reading list in no time!

So, whether you’re looking for a heartwarming, humorous romance or an emotional story about love and loss, you’ll find just what you’re looking for in this compilation of Susan Mallery’s books ranked from best to worst!

All Susan Mallery Books Ranked (Best to Worst)

Two of a Kind (Fool’s Gold Series)

Two of a Kind (Fool's Gold Book 11)

Starting with a fan-favorite novel from Mallery’s highly acclaimed Fool’s Gold series, Two of a Kind follows two misfits who soon discover that two of a kind should never be split apart.

Felicia Swift is an exceptionally intelligent woman seeking an ordinary life in Fool’s Gold, but her old flame–the man she spent the hottest, most passionate night of her life with–is anything but.

Gideon Boylan, a former Black Ops agent, fears that love could be deadly and keeps everyone at arm’s length, but Felicia has a lot to learn about men, and Gideon wants to be the one to teach her–even if she does want more than he’s capable of giving her.

But as Gideon teaches Felicia about love, maybe he’ll end up learning a thing or two about it himself.

You can find Two of a Kind here.

The Seductive One (The Marcelli Series)

The Seductive One (Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road Book 3)

A novel filled with passion, intensity, and jaw-dropping, heart-stopping drama that will leave you reeling, The Seductive One follows the only one of the three Marcelli sisters who dreams of running her family’s winery: Brenna.

But her grandfather’s Old World views–which dictate that a man should inherit the business–act as a challenge that she refuses to let stand in her way. To prove him wrong, Brenna seeks a million-dollar loan from Nic Giovanni.

Nic is her family’s enemy and the former lover who she ended a relationship with years ago.

However, their feelings for each other are now stronger than ever, and Brenna must confront her feelings for Nic and decide whether he is truly the love of her life or merely a potential threat to her family’s legacy.

You can find The Seductive One here.

Hot on Her Heels (Lone Star Sisters Series)

Hot on Her Heels (Lone Star Sisters Book 5)

The final book in the Lone Star Sisters series, Hot on Her Heels, is another strongly written, moving, and delightful novel which follows the protagonist, Dana Birch. 

Dana has vowed never to put herself at a powerful man’s mercy. To ensure that she can take care of herself and protect her loved ones–including the Titan sisters–from harm’s way, she’s become a deputy. 

However, when Garth Duncan returns seeking revenge on their father, Jed Titan, Dana becomes the only thing standing between him and his goal. 

As the danger Garth presents increases, so does his passion for Dana and Dana’s feelings for Garth. The two of them must confront their feelings for each other, and Dana must decide with whom her loyalty lies before it’s too late.

You can find Hot on Her Heels here.

The Wedding Ring Promise (Triple Trouble Series)

Wedding Ring Promise (Silhouette Special Edition , No 1190)

One of Mallery’s earlier novels, first published in 1998, The Wedding Ring Promise, has remained one of her most iconic novels to date. 

In their youth, Dylan Black had only had eyes for Molly Anderson’s sister despite Molly’s attraction to the stunning, rebellious man, but he’d left town in a hurry with a shattered heart after Molly’s sister refused to accept his proposal. 

Before leaving, he’d promised Molly a great adventure someday, and now years later–with Molly’s life in shambles and her currently looking for some sort of escape–it seems the day has finally come.

Despite having a soft spot for Molly, Dylan is guarded, and he’s promised her a bit of no-strings-attached fun, but their mutual attraction complicates matters; Dylan’s desire for Molly is off the charts, and they must confront their complicated past to make sense of their feelings in the present day.

You can find The Wedding Ring Promise here.

Sweet Success (Standalone)

Sweet Success

Allison Thomas, the owner of a popular chocolate emporium in Santa Magdalena, California, is perfectly content with her life and career, even if a string of crumbled relationships have put romance on hold for her. 

However, when mysterious newcomer Matt Baker arrives, he quickly becomes a tempting distraction. Despite her best efforts, Ali finds herself falling for him, but Matt’s heart seems impenetrable. 

But in a unique setting where luscious desserts, sweet wine, and fresh ocean breezes enchant the senses, indulgent passion will always prevail in the end!

You can find Sweet Success here.

Married for a Month (Standalone)

Married for a Month

If it’s hysterical humor, plenty of steam, loads of tension, remarkable chemistry, and a unique plot that you’re looking for, Married for a Month is the book for you! The summary speaks for itself!

Taylor McGuire, a hardworking single mom with a Ph.D. in psychology, believes that compatibility is the key to a successful marriage. Bestselling relationship guru Jonathan Kirby believes it’s sexual chemistry. 

So when these two former lovers meet up on national TV, it’s more than just a difference of expert opinion that sets the sparks flying between them.

And when Taylor puts forth her theory on love, Jonathan can’t help but challenge: “Want to bet?” 

So begins an unconventional contest—forty couples involved in a month-long mock marriage for a chance to win one million dollars—which puts Taylor’s and Jonathan’s professional reputations on the line. 

As the competition heats up, so does the attraction. And as they fall for each other, the two experts realize that love is not a science…sometimes it’s just magic.”

You can find Married for a Month here.

Living on the Edge (Standalone)

Living on the Edge (Silhouette Intimate Moments Book 1383)

In this suspenseful yet steamy novel, bodyguard Tanner Keane is hired to protect Madison Hilliard from her corrupt ex-husband, who wants her dead. 

As they spend more time together, fear and desire begin to mix between them. 

Tanner likes his women to be easy, but Madison is a fighter. Yet Tanner finds himself wanting her around all the time and becoming increasingly protective over her–and not just because of his job. 

The more they see each other, the more the two of them realize their fantasies and desires cannot be ignored. However, as they give in to their feelings, they also put themselves in even more danger.

You can find Living on the Edge here.

The Vineyard at Painted Moon (Standalone)

The Vineyard at Painted Moon: A Novel

If you’re looking for a strong female character to root for, complex relationships, and a story not just about love but about heartbreak, self-discovery, and rebuilding one’s self from the ground up, The Vineyard at Painted Moon is the novel you need in your life!

Mackenzie Dienes seemingly has the perfect life as an elite winemaker with a beautiful home, close friends, and a successful career.

But her world comes crashing down when she and her husband admit that their marriage is over, and she realizes that everything in her life is tied to her husband’s family. 

Now she faces the possibility of losing her home, job, friends, and family. Sure, sticking around is an option, but only as an employee and distant friend. Or…She can take a risk and build a legacy of her own instead.

You can find The Vineyard at Painted Moon here.

The Sister Effect (Standalone)

The Sister Effect: A Novel

If you’re looking for one of Mallery’s more recent novels to dig into, The Sister Effect is the perfect pick!

This 2023 women’s fiction novel follows Finley McGowan, who is determined to give the niece that’s been placed in her care a happy life after her own tumultuous childhood. 

But when her estranged sister Sloane returns seeking a relationship with her daughter, Finley’s carefully constructed world is thrown into chaos. Sloane is beautiful but damaged, and Finley finds it hard to trust her after she followed her mother and grandfather’s path of abandonment.

Despite Sloane’s attempts to change, Finley can’t forgive her–or maybe she’s just afraid she’ll lose her only constant family member: her beloved niece.

With the help of a man who understands the complexities of family relationships more than anyone should, Finley will learn there’s joy in surrendering and peace in letting go.

You can find The Sister Effect here.

Chasing Perfect (Fool’s Gold Series)

Chasing Perfect (Fool's Gold Book 1)

Mallery’s tenth-best book has to be the overtly charming Chasing Perfect!

In the charming community of Fool’s Gold, California, men don’t seem to stick around, and the city planner, Charity Jones, wants to change that. 

She immediately falls in love with the endearing town–which seems like something straight out of a storybook–but not so much with its infamously sexy resident, former cyclist, and current bad boy Josh Golden. 

Charity has a long list of former romantic disasters, and the last thing she needs is to take a chance on another bad boy, but maybe she’s exactly what Josh needs: Someone who can see the value in his flaws and knows that he’s just chasing perfection. 

As they work together on a project to revitalize the town, they find themselves drawn to each other like magnets, but can they let go of their pasts and take a chance on love, or are they both too tainted to pursue their feelings?

You can find Chasing Perfect here.

Finding Perfect (Fool’s Gold Series)

Finding Perfect (Fool's Gold Book 6)

Another beloved novel from the Fool’s Gold series, Finding Perfect, follows Pia O’Brian, who inherits three frozen embryos from her deceased best friend–rather than the cute cat she thought she might inherit instead–and decides to become a single mother despite her lack of experience.

Sure, she’s had a disastrous past when it comes to romance, but she’s not going to let that stop her from doing the right thing!

On the same day, she meets the handsome hunk, Raoul Moreno, a former foster-care kid-turned-wealthy camp director who opens up his camp for needy children in Fool’s Gold. 

Despite his troubled past, Raoul can’t stop thinking about Pia and proposes an unconventional plan, just crazy enough that it just might work.

But can their unconventional beginning lead to a perfect ending?

You can find Finding Perfect here.

Fool’s Gold Cookbook (Fool’s Gold Non-Fiction Book)

Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold Cookbook: A Love Story Told Through 150 Recipes (Fool's Gold)

With one of Mallery’s most beloved series often including the residents of Fool’s Gold finding joy, comfort, and love through food, it makes perfect sense for the series to have an accompanying cookbook! 

Celebrate the seasons with the folks from Fool’s Gold, find favorite recipes from popular characters in the series, and fall in love, one season at a time, through these 150 recipes–Coupled with dozens of gorgeous photographs!

You can find Fool’s Gold Cookbook here.

Evening Stars (Blackberry Island Series)

Evening Stars (Blackberry Island Book 3)

Nina Wentworth is a nurse and a caretaker who sacrificed her love life and medical school to support her sister’s freedom, so she isn’t too happy to see Averil right back on Blackberry Island.

On top of that, Nina’s life has become a lot more complicated as of late. 

She’s juggling between two men who love her–her high school sweetheart and a young maverick pilot who also wants to win her heart. Meanwhile, Averil doesn’t seem to want the great guy she’s married to, and she isn’t making any progress with writing her first book.

And their mother is just as reckless as she’s always been.

Any control Nina thought she had over her life seems to have vanished in the blink of an eye, and her hopes of making it off Blackberry Island are slipping through her fingers just as well. But then her mother makes a discovery that could change all their lives forever.

You can find Evening Stars here.

Delicious (Buchanans Series)

Delicious (The Buchanans Saga Book 1)

In this spicy romance, Cal Buchanan needs a top-notch chef to revive his struggling Seattle restaurant, and he has the money to pay for it, but the problem is the best candidate is his ex-wife Penny Jackson.

Penny needs the job but doesn’t want the complication of working with her ex. She’s sworn off romance and even decided to have a baby all on her own, but the heat between them builds before she knows it, and neither of them can resist the burning passion.

As they work together, they discover they might be the perfect recipe for success, but a secret from Cal’s past threatens to ruin everything.

You can find Delicious here.

The Prince & The Pregnant Princess (Desert Rogues Series)

The Prince & The Pregnant Princess: Harlequin comics (Desert Rogues Book 3)

Cleo Wilson is pregnant with Prince Sadik’s child after falling for him months ago. Now, back in Bahania, she must keep her pregnancy hidden to avoid losing her baby to royalty. 

But when Sadik–who is still attracted to Cleo–seduces her again and discovers her secret, he demands they get married.

Can Cleo, who has always dreamed of love and family, find fulfillment in a palace? As the last person on the planet to become a princess, she must bring the proud, imperious prince to his senses and his knees.

You can find The Prince & The Pregnant Princess here.

Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc. Series)

Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc Book 3)

If you’re of the opinion that there’s nothing better than a forced proximity, Sunshine/Grumpy romance in a small-town setting, you’ll love this novel!

When Natalie Kaleta gets stranded by a mudslide at the mountain home of reclusive artist Ronan Mitchell, she discovers the usually stoic man’s playful side, and suddenly, her under-the-radar crush becomes over the top. 

Ronan Mitchell fled his hometown and came to Happily Inc, but the sunny town isn’t going to fix his damaged heart.

He won’t give in to his attraction for Natalie, who seems to be perpetually cheerful, and who he assumes has never experienced the kind of darkness he has before. 

However, Natalie believes that when a heart goes through the flame, it comes out stronger, and she won’t allow Ronan to pretend his feelings for her don’t exist. 

Will this be the night her romantic fantasies come true?

You can find Why Not Tonight here.

Not Quite Over You (Happily Inc. Series)

Not Quite Over You (Happily Inc Book 4)

In Not Quite Over You, former high school sweethearts Drew Lovato and Silver Tesdal have a second chance at romance.

Banker Drew Lovato was once dumb enough to let Silver go, but he sees an opportunity to finance her unique business and regain her trust when the bank turns her down for a loan. 

Silver, who is not as tough as she may appear, can’t resist Drew’s kisses or his offer to invest in her business. She figures if she can’t get over him, she might as well get under him with the hopes of getting him out of her system once and for all.

But as they work together, Silver falls for Drew all over again and considers confessing a secret she’s kept hidden from him for years, even if it may mean losing him forever.

You can find Not Quite Over You here.

Meant to Be Yours (Happily Inc. Series)

Meant to Be Yours (Happily Inc Book 5)

Wedding coordinator Renee Grothen is not interested in getting married–she believes she isn’t cut out for it–but she’s tempted when talented thriller writer and ex-military man Jasper Dembenski proposes–a fling. 

The attraction between them is strong, and soon, neither of them can resist.

Jasper, who is convinced he’s too damaged for relationships, sees Renee as his muse, and Renee is an expert at avoiding crises, but will she be able to handle love, which can never be controlled?

You can find Meant to Be Yours here.

Under Her Skin (Lone Star Sisters Series)

Under Her Skin (Lone Star Sisters Book 2)

Lexi Titan is faced with a huge dilemma: come up with two million dollars within thirty days or lose everything she’s built–including her successful day spa, the long-standing competition between her and her sisters, and her father’s respect. 

Her only option is to marry Cruz Rodriguez, who has everything but the blue blood needed to be a true member of Texas society. 

So, they make a deal. If Lexi agrees to be his fiancée for six months, lending him her famous father’s influence and connections, he’ll hand her a check on the spot. And in six months, they’ll go their separate ways. 

But there’s only one problem; Their feelings for each other threaten to throw a wrench in their plans.

You can find Under Her Skin here.

Straight from the Hip (Lone Star Sisters Series)

Straight from the Hip (Lone Star Sisters Book 4)

In the third book of the Lone Star Sisters series, after an oil rig explosion–that may not have been the accident they all thought it was–leaves her partially blind, Izzy Titan becomes emotionally withdrawn, and her sisters are worried about her safety.

They suspect their long-lost brother Garth might be involved, and when Izzy’s sisters enroll her in a survivor training camp, Nick, her instructor, helps her regain her confidence. 

But as they grow closer, Nick struggles with the decision to tell Izzy the truth about his involvement in her accident and risk losing her forever. 

Meanwhile, danger lurks in the shadows.

You can find Straight from the Hip here.

Other Books by Julie Garwood (In order from best to worst)

Final Thoughts

With Susan Mallery being such a distinguished writer who’s been publishing novels for several decades and has accumulated a total of more than 170 novels under her name, saying it can be difficult to figure out where to start would be an understatement.

However, with the help of this ranking, hopefully, you’ll be able to pick the best book for you and your tastes! 


What is Susan Mallery’s latest novel?

Mallery’s most recent novel, The Sister Effect, was published on March 7th, 2023. Her next novel, The Happiness Plan, will be released on June 20th, 2023.

Is Boardwalk Bookshop a series?

No. The Boardwalk Bookshop is a standalone novel. There are currently no plans to start a series after it.

What are Susan Mallery’s novels about?

At their core, Mallery’s novels are about romance, friendship, and family dynamics. They often include close-knit communities, plenty of humor, and realistic characters. 

Mallery’s novels tell stories about the relationships that define women’s lives, with pets often having a grand impact on the stories.

Where does Susan Mallery live?

Susan Mallery currently resides in Seattle, Washington with her husband. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

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