3 Books Like Kiss Of Snow (By Nalini Singh)

With the explosion of the popular Twilight novels and the equally monumental live-action film adaptations of the same name, urban fantasy stories, and paranormal romance novels saw a truly meteoric rise in popularity that continues to this day.

3 Books Like Kiss Of Snow (By Nalini Singh)

There is something in the world of paranormal fiction that helps to inject a sense of excitement into even the most standard romance novels.

Because of the ground that Twilight broke, the immensely popular novel Kiss Of Snow was able to quickly rise up the charts.

This was also partly thanks to its strong story, which depicts the story of Sienna Lauren, a recent inductee into the SnowDancer wolf pack.

Sienna must prove herself a valuable member of the pack, but she finds her mind constantly occupied by the handsome Hawke. 

However, when Sienna and Hawke grow much closer, they very soon find themselves in a whole mess of trouble that impacts the entire wolfpack around them. 

Are you a diehard fan of Kiss Of Snow? Of course, you are!

This immensely popular novel is almost without comparison, but if you want books like Shadow’s Claim or Dragon Bound that are just like it, then you should definitely keep reading down below!

Themes In Kiss Of Snow

Kiss of Snow (Psy-Changeling Novel, A)

One of the central themes to be found in Kiss Of Snow is love and romance. Set within a wolf pack, the book can tackle the subject of love in a way that is unique and interesting.

The book contends with whether love really belongs within the wolf pack, and whether or not it clashes with the more violent nature of the pack.

The book also explores the nature of belonging and group identity.

Of course, much of the story is focused on Sienna’s desire to prove herself as part of the wolf pack as a valuable member. 

This leads to some interesting drama, as Sienna tries to find a sense of belonging in a pack that is initially hostile to her arrival.

In exploring belonging, the novel also explores pack mentality, and what it means to have a group identity, especially in a fantastical world of paranormal threats.

The story also explores the theme of duty, as Hawke feels a sense of duty to protect others in the pack and step forth as its leader.

It creates some very interesting drama as his desire to be stoic and unwavering is challenged by his very real and tangible feelings for Sienna. 

Books Like Kiss Of Snow

Dragon Bound (By Thea Harrison)

Dragon Bound (Elder Races)

Dragon Bound is another young adult novel that takes the urban fantasy approach, but instead of focusing on things like wolves, or vampires, it instead digs a little deeper into fantasy to draw from dragons! 

The story is centered on Pia Giovanni, a half-human and half-wyr, who seeks to avoid the ongoing war that continues to burn between the Wyr and their sworn enemies the ‘Dark Fae’. 

However, after attempting to steal an ancient coin from the powerful and feared Dragos Cuelebre, Pia soon finds herself in hot water, as Dragos soon begins to pursue her, unsure why anyone would ever attempt something as foolish as to steal from him!

However, once he gets ahold of her, he does not simply kill her in revenge, and instead spares her life, intrigued by the sense of passion she seems to ignite within him.

The dynamic between the two slowly shifts as the story goes on, revealing a story that shares a lot in common with the tale as old as time Beauty And The Beast.

We found ourselves fully drawn in by the central romance and found it fully believable throughout.

It was incredibly palpable and powerful, and it was difficult to resist. We also regularly found ourselves staying up for hours at a time just to read one more page! 


  • The story is very similar to Kiss Of Snow.
  • The central romance is believable and palpable. 


  • The story may seem a little too similar to Kiss Of Snow for some readers. 

Themes: Duty, War, Identity.

Shadow’s Claim (By Kresley Cole)

Shadow's Claim (Immortals After Dark)

Love vampires in your young adult fiction? Then you will definitely want to give your time and attention to Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole.

This first volume in the ongoing Dacians: Realm Of Blood And Mist series is an incredibly engaging fantasy story centered around an entire vampire kingdom hidden away from the wider world! 

The story follows Prince Trehan, a ruthless assassin with designs on claiming the beautiful Bettina for himself.

Prince Tehan is seen by many as a loving ruler thanks to his dedication to his people and the kingdom itself, but he has many of his own goals, including winning the heart of Bettina, a sorceress who lives as a ward to a fearsome family. 

What will happen when these two find their fates intertwined? What kinds of trouble might arise, and how might it affect the kingdom?

Kresley Cole has managed to build a truly believable and massive fantasy world in this work, and it is tangible.

You can almost smell the thick fog that hangs over the kingdom and feel the cold walls that line the castle.

Of course, this also goes without mentioning the central romantic dynamic at the heart of this story that truly keeps the action moving and serves as the central focus.

You can’t help but feel for your protagonists and wish the best for them! 


  • Features vampires, similar to Twilight.
  • Features a vibrant and fully realized fantasy world.


  • Very long, at just under 500 pages.

Themes: Lineage, Responsibility, Family, Identity.

A Hunger Like No Other (By Kresley Cole)

A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark, Book 1)

Werewolves and vampires are so often depicted as polar opposites within the world of young adult fantasy fiction (If you like stories with fantasy and young adult fiction, check out Books Like The Dark Artifice), with nary room for love to blossom between the two.

This is what helps to make A Hunger Like No Other so exciting and interesting to read. 

The central storyline of the novel is focused on Lachlain MacRieve, who leads the Lykae Clan. When he discovers that his destined mate is in fact a vampire, he finds himself with an insatiable rage.

However, his betrothed, Emmaline Troy, turns out to be a perfect match, and soon the half-valkyrie and half-vampire mate is able to quell his fury with love.

We loved how engaging this novel proved to be, and how fully developed its fictional world turned out to be.

At no point did we have any doubt that it existed, and that its rich and complex characters populated it throughout. 

The central romance also drives the story forward throughout and keeps the story from ever spinning its wheels, ensuring that you will be engaged throughout without fail.

We recommend this book not only to fans of Kiss Of Snow but also fans of the Twilight series of novels (see also “Books Like Den Of Vipers“).

The inclusion of a romance between opposing fictional races adds a level of interest to the story that helps to set it apart from so many of its contemporaries! 


  • Features an intriguing central romantic dynamic.
  • Perfect for fans of Twilight.


  • A very long book that nearly reaches 400 pages in total length.

Themes: Romance, Love, Race, Fantasy, Duty, Responsibility, Family.

To Wrap Up 

Kiss Of Snow is such a popular and seminal work in the world of modern young adult fantasy, so much so that it can seem practically impossible to find a book that stands as a suitable replacement for fans. 

You probably found yourself reading this because you wanted the perfect replacement book, so we hope that this guide has helped you to find the perfect one (see also “Books Like A Kingdom Of Dreams“).

Amongst these books is sure to be your next favorite, or a book that sticks in your mind and sends your heart aflutter when you think about it.

Whether you’re looking for vampires, dragons, or werewolves, nothing quite beats these novels when it comes to young adult fiction that features them all! 

Give them all a try, or even just one of them! We carefully combed through thousands of options to find the best books that are sure to capture your attention and keep you enraptured for hours at a time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Read If I Like Nalini Singh?

If you like the works of Nalini Singh, then you may like some of the books that the author recommends, such as “Here There Be Monsters”, and The Pern series of books (see also “Books Like Bayou Moon By Ilona Andrews“).

Each of these influenced Singh’s writing in some way! 

How Long Should an Urban Fantasy Novel be?

There is no set length that an urban fantasy novel should run for. However, the average urban fantasy novel tends to run between 50,000 to 150,000 words.

How Many POVs Are In a Fantasy Novel?

There is no set number of POVs that you should feature in a fantasy novel. However, the average is around 3 to 5 POVs. 

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