Books Like Little Fires Everywhere (By Celeste Ng.)

In 2017, author Celeste Ng published her award winning novel, Little Fires Everywhere.

Books Like Little Fires Everywhere (By Celeste Ng.)

Since then the novel based in Shaker Heights, Ohio, has gone from success to success. Winning the number one spot of The New York Times fiction bestsellers list. 

In 2020 the novel was adapted into a television series on Hulu. The mini series stars Hollywood actors Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. 

With drama, devastation, and suspense dripping on every page, you are going to wait to free up your entire evening to enjoy this book.

Little Fires Everywhere: A Novel

As mothers are brought together through their children, they begin to notice that not everything is as it seems. 

Once you race through this incredibly addictive novel, you are going to need something to fill that need.

Below are 3 books like Little Fires Everywhere for you to become absolutely obsessed with. 

Do you love the drama and anticipation of Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.? Then we have novels for you to check out. Devotion, The Year of Necessary Lies, and Tangerine are just as captivating and definitely worth the read.

Themes In Little Fires Everywhere 

Themes In Little Fires Everywhere 

Little Fires Everywhere is the second novel from Celeste Ng, and it has become a cult favorite in just a few short years. 

Beginning by showcasing the wonderful lives of the picture perfect Richardson family, you are introduced to a family obsessed with keeping secrets from the outside world.

In this picturesque town, not even a blade of grass is out of place. 

However when the enigmatic mother and daughter duo come to this unassuming town, the Richardson family have no idea what is about to happen to their lives.

Mia and Pearl Warren have secrets of their own and as they become closer to the Richardsons, all is soon to be revealed. 

Little Fires Everywhere deals with some intense themes outside of the realms of fictional drama.

Dealing with extremities of motherhood, you are shown just how much the shoulders of a mother can hold.

As both women try to bond, care for their young, and hide their own secrets, it can all become too much. 

As you may have guessed, secrets play a heavy theme throughout this novel. As both families work to keep their secrets buried, can they protect themselves and their young? 

An underlying theme of Little Fires Everywhere is the nature of identity and art.

While teenagers battle to find themselves, mothers battle to reinvent themselves and ensure they remain safe from their haunting pasts. 

Little Fires Everywhere is gripping and will have you hooked from the very first page. 

Books Like Little Fires Everywhere 

As soon as you read the last work of Little Fires Everywhere, you are going to be hunting for your next book.

Below are 3 books similar to Little Fires Everywhere for you to get lost in. 

Devotion By Madeline Stevens

Devotion: A Novel

Stevens has written a truly enticing novel about a woman that falls in love with her employer.

Released in 2019, Devotion, is sure to have you considering the move to the Upper East Side. Where secrets whisper in the air, and love is around every corner. 

As Ella hits rock bottom, she takes the chance to be hired as a nanny by Upper East Side couple Lonnie and James.

As she becomes more accustomed to the life they offer, she quickly falls head over heels for Lonnie and her femininity. 

Ella finds herself drowning in attraction and luxury to the point she may never come up for air again. 

Devotion is captivating and invigorating for anyone who reads. Dealing with a range of themes including lust, power, and betrayal.

As Ella becomes more attracted to the rich and feminine Lonnie, she may just be willing to sacrifice it all to get what she wants. 

In terms of power, Lonnie comes from old money and has no reason to worry, Ella is flat out broke and is struggling to eat dinner.

Power shows itself in intricate ways. Betrayal is shown as these two women become more intoxicated with each other, it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. 


  • Stevens has been commended for her incredible way of establishing a rather toxic imbalance in power between both characters. 
  • While both characters are the same age, they are both in completely different situations, making it difficult for them to find common ground. 


  • This book reads more like a thriller than a romance. With dark underlying themes, you can expect more than just scenes of hidden touches and stolen moments. 

Themes: power, lust, betrayal, sacrifice, thriller

Tangerine By Christine Mangan 

Tangerine: A Novel

For those who love a period drama filled with mystery, anticipation, and utter despair, then Tangerine is an absolute must read!

Released in 2018, this book is loved by readers of The Girl on the Train.

Set in the 1950’s, Alice Shipley and her husband move to Tangier, Morocco. Running from her strangled past, she leaves her life behind and heads for the sunshine.

However, when her old roommate, Lucy Mason, turns up on her doorstep, Alice’s life is about to change forever. 

Noticing that something isn’t quite right with Lucy, Alice is determined to discover what is wrong with her typical fearless and independent best friend. Then, her husband goes missing…

Tangerine is lip bitingly enthralling, it is sure to leave you breathless as it explores themes such as fear, mystery and female friendship.

For example, Alice has spent her entire life looking over her shoulder. Ever since that night in Bennington, Alice has been afraid to live. So, she fled to Morocco. 

The last person Alice expected to see was her old roommate Lucy, yet there she is.

But something is different… The mystery begins. In terms of friendship, the one person you should be able to trust is your best friend.

Yet, why does Alice feel like something is off with Lucy. Can their friendship be repaired?


  • If you are looking for a book with a twist and turn on every page, then Tangerine is for you. 
  • While you think you have outsmarted the author, you are proven wrong time and time again.


  • If you find books of mystery with themes of kidnapping, control, and power to be triggering, you may want to find something else.  

Themes: mystery, friendship, period drama

The Year Of Necessary Lies By Kris Radish

The Year of Necessary Lies: A Novel

Set in the early 1900’s, this period drama is about a woman discovering her true power.

While women are oppressed, she begins to bring them the strength that they need to take the power they so rightly deserve. 

Kris Radish published this incredible world of function in 2015, and if you haven’t read it yet, you definitely need to.

The Year of Necessary Lies is seductive and alluring as Julia Briton, a naive Boston socialite, begins to turn her sorrow into strength. 

Become immersed as Julia takes one year, a year of lies, risks, and complete chaos to champion a movement that would change the lives of women for the rest of history. 

The Year of Necessary Lies will have you ready to take action as it explores themes of feminism, empowerment, and forbidden love.

For instance, In the year of 1903, Julia Briton is propelled into a journey of life changing decisions and finding her true power in being a woman. 

She also becomes empowered, Kelly discovers the truth about her great-grandmother, she must decide if she also wants to change history.

As Julia takes risk after risk, she must decide between following her heart or her head in a very forbidden love storyline. 

The Year of Necessary Lies is thrilling and as you become comfortable with the characters, you learn that not everyone is what they appear to be. 


  • Radish captures the trials and tribulations of women in the early 1900’s. 
  • We are transported to Boston in 1903 to follow a truly captivating tale of a young woman taking charge of her life. 


  • However, The Year of Necessary Lies is known for its unnecessary connection to contemporary framing. While this does not distract from the main themes, many find it overloading. 

Themes: family ties, feminism, female empowerment, love

Final Thoughts 

Little Fires Everywhere rose to fame quickly as everyone became hooked on the drama, the secrets, and the deception.

However, once you read the novel and finish the miniseries, what will help fill the void?

More novels of course! Above are 3 gripping novels like Little Fires Everywhere, all filled with their secrets and toxic relationships.

From period dramas to 26 year old heiresses, there is something for everyone to become obsessed with. 

You can easily read for days with each of these novels as you lose yourself to betrayal, love, and the twisted minds of the human race. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Differences Between The Little Fires Everywhere Novel And TV Series?

The TV version stays mostly true to the book, although the most obvious distinction between the two is that black actors were cast in the parts of Mia and Pearl, even though the book makes no mention of their ethnicity.

Is Pearl Mia’s Biological Daughter In The Book?

Mrs. Richardson learns about Mia’s surrogacy arrangement from her estranged parents, from which Mia had escaped with Pearl.

Pearl is Mia’s biological child, whom she was supposed to give up to her inseminator father and his infertility-stricken wife.

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