All Kristin Hannah Books Ranked – Complete Reading Guide

Kristin Hannah is known for her ability to transport readers into the depths of human emotions, weave emotional narratives, and create unforgettable characters that you’ll have a hard time trying to forget!

All Kristin Hannah Books Ranked - Complete Reading Guide

With over twenty remarkable novels in her vault, you might struggle to choose which one to start with first! But no worries–just keep reading to find all Kristin Hannah books ranked from best to worst, and get ready to discover the magic woven within each page of Hannah’s novels with this complete reading guide!

About Kristin Hannah 

Kristin Hannah was born on September 25th, 1960, and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in communication and from the University of Puget Sound law school before becoming a full-time writer. 

She published her first novel, Handful of Heaven, in 1991 as the start of her two-decade-long career! Since then, Hannah has had multiple bestselling novels, which have sold millions of copies and have been translated into over forty languages!

Her novels–often part of the romance and historical fiction genres–cover a wide range of themes and genres which showcase her versatility. Her stories offer a unique blend of fictional narratives and real-world context and often explore various aspects of the human experience.

Sound like the kind of books that normally pique your interest? Keep reading to see all of Kristin Hannah’s books ranked from best to worst in this complete reading guide!

All Kristin Hannah Books Ranked – Complete Reading Guide

The Nightingale (Standalone)

The Nightingale: A Novel

Starting with an absolute must-read for historical fiction lovers, The Nightingale is a heart-wrenching yet beautiful novel about two girls, Vianne and Isabelle, who face the horrors of Nazi invasion. 

Taking place in 1939 France, the two sisters are separated by their consequential choices and unfortunate circumstances. They embark on separate paths of resistance, love, and survival, and the novel is handled with grace, written with courage, and exudes a powerful energy that only Hannah could’ve created!

You can find The Nightingale here.

The Great Alone (Standalone)

The Great Alone: A Novel

Another must-read historical fiction, The Great Alone, follows the Allbright family as they seek a fresh start in the rugged wilderness of Alaska. Leni and her mother, Cora, must navigate their treacherous surroundings while also confronting the dangers that lurk within their own home.

As they face the challenges of survival and try their best to adapt to the harsh living conditions, dark secrets, and personal demons threaten their fragile existence. 

You can find The Great Alone here.

Stories from Suffragette City (Anthology)

Stories from Suffragette City

Stories from Suffragette City is a potent short story collection that retells the story and captures the spirit of October 23rd, 1915–a pivotal day in history. It was the day when women marched for their right to vote.

Thirteen acclaimed authors bring the struggles and triumphs of both familiar and lesser-known characters to life, highlighting their contributions to democracy. From unexpected participants to influential figures, these stories come together to create a symphony of voices, illustrating a nation’s unwavering pursuit of progress and equality.

You can find Stories from Suffragette City here.

Wild (Standalone)


In this compelling novel, a mysterious girl emerges from the darkness of the Olympic National Forest, and child psychiatrist Dr. Julia Cates takes on the challenge of unraveling her enigmatic past and healing her from deep-seated trauma.

Julia must confront her own demons in order to fight to create a safe haven for the girl, Alice, and their intertwined journey forces them to confront the unsettling truths that lie beneath the surface.

You can find Wild here.

The Four Winds (Standalone)

The Four Winds: A Novel

In 1921 Texas, Elsa Wolcott defies societal expectations and chooses an unconventional path. Deemed too old to marry in a time when marriage is a woman’s only option, the future seems bleak.

As the Great Depression hits in 1934, Elsa faces drought, poverty, and a crumbling marriage on the Martinelli farm. With the choice to fight for her land or seek a better life for herself and her children elsewhere, Elsa’s journey becomes a testament to her resilience and the pursuit of the American dream amidst the nation’s tumultuous divide.

You can find The Four Winds here.

Firefly Lane (Firefly Lane Series)

Firefly Lane: A Novel

One of Hannah’s most well-known and widely beloved novels, Firefly Lane, is a heartfelt journey spanning over three decades, chronicling the enduring friendship between Kate and Tully. 

In the summer of 1974, they become inseparable, despite their contrasting personalities. Tully’s pursuit of fame and success contrasts with Kate’s desire for an ordinary life, but still, for thirty years, they weather the storm of friendships–jealousy, anger, hurt, and resentment.

They think they’ve made it through the thick of it until a betrayal threatens to unravel everything and ruin their friendship once and for all.

You can find Firefly Lane here.

Winter Garden (Standalone)

Winter Garden

In this charming tale, Meredith and Nina–two estranged sisters–are brought back together by their father’s illness. While he’s on his deathbed, their mother, Anya, begins to recount an extraordinary love story that spans decades and takes them from war-torn Leningrad to present-day Alaska. 

As Nina becomes obsessed with unraveling the truth, their family is confronted with a shocking secret that may change life as they know it forever.

You can find Winter Garden here.

Night Road (Standalone)

Night Road: A Novel

This psychological fiction follows Jude Farraday, who has devoted herself to her children, Mia and Zach, spending her life providing them with a safe and happy one. But when Lexi–a troubled foster child–becomes Mia’s best friend, and Zach falls in love with her, their lives intertwine, and a tragic event shatters the world Jude worked so hard to build for them.

You can find Night Road here.

Home Front (Standalone)

Home Front: A Novel

In-Home Front, Michael and Jolene Zarkades’ marriage crumbles amidst the pressures of daily life. Jolene’s deployment to a war zone leaves Michael as a single parent, struggling to fill her absence. 

Meanwhile, Jolene paints a rosy picture of her experiences in the letters she sends home, shielding her family from the harsh realities of war. But when tragedy strikes, the Zarkades must confront their deepest fears and fight for what truly matters.

You can find Home Front here.

The Things We Do for Love (Standalone)

The Things We Do for Love: A Novel

Angie DeSaria, a woman whose dreams of motherhood have been shattered, finds solace in managing her family’s restaurant. When she befriends a troubled young woman named Lauren Ribido and offers her a home, she isn’t prepared for the repercussions of this act of kindness.

You can find The Things We Do for Love here.

Fly Away (Firefly Lane Series)

Fly Away: A Novel (Firefly Lane Book 2)

In the sequel to the Firefly Lane novel, the story of Tully and Kate continues. Spoilers ahead!

After the death of her best friend, Tully struggles to fulfill her promise to care for Kate’s children. Sixteen-year-old Marah falls into a dangerous world of grief until she finds a love that changes things completely. 

Dorothy–Tully’s estranged mother–returns to face her tumultuous past relationship with her now-deceased daughter.

You can find Fly Away here.

Summer Island (Standalone)

Summer Island: A Novel

Ruby Bridge, a struggling comedian, finds herself reluctantly caring for her mother, Nora, after an accident. Ruby resents the intrusion, but when offered a substantial amount of money to write her mother’s biography, she delves into Nora’s past. 

Surprisingly, Ruby discovers a different side of her mother, leading to a love story that transcends generations.

You can find Summer Island here.

Between Sisters (Standalone)

Between Sisters: A Novel

In Between Sisters, Meghann Dontess carries the weight of a devastating choice she made years ago, causing her to lose her sister Claire’s love. 

A successful but emotionally guarded divorce attorney, Meghann’s perspective on intimacy shifts when she meets a man who challenges her beliefs. Meanwhile, Claire is experiencing love for the first time, preparing for her wedding while bracing for a reunion with Meghann.

You can find Between Sisters here.

True Colors (Standalone)

True Colors: A Novel

Another emotional novel following two sisters, True Colors, introduces readers to the Grey sisters, Winona and Vivi Anne, who grew up with an emotionally distant father on their family ranch. 

Winona, an overweight dreamer, yearned for her father’s love but felt she could never earn it. Vivi Anne, the youngest, possessed the talents and strengths their father admired. 

But when Vivi Anne chooses to follow her heart instead of fulfilling her expected role, it sets off a chain of events that challenges the sisters’ love and loyalty.

You can find True Colors here.

Home Again (Standalone)

Home Again: A Novel

Home Again revolves around Madelaine, a talented cardiologist who is also a devoted mother and friend. 

Despite her successes, she grapples with self-doubt as she deals with her resentful daughter, Lina, and the two men she loves: Francis, a searching priest, and Angel, a cynical man with emotional wounds. 

A tragic event brings them together, forcing them to confront past betrayals and discover the strength to open their hearts to love once more.

You can find Home Again here.

On Mystic Lake (Standalone)

On Mystic Lake: A Novel (Ballantine Reader's Circle)

Anne Colwater’s life takes an unexpected turn when her husband asks for a divorce just as their daughter leaves for college. 

Seeking solace, she returns to her hometown of Mystic, Washington, where she reconnects with her old friend Nick, who is struggling to raise his emotionally wounded daughter, Izzie, after the loss of his wife. As Anne steps in to care for them, she finds herself experiencing a deep and unexpected love for both Nick and Izzie. 

However, navigating the complexities of love becomes a challenge, and it’s not until Anne learns a valuable lesson from her own daughter that she finds the courage to embrace the happiness she deserves.

You can find On Mystic Lake here.

Angel Falls (Standalone)

Angel Falls: A Novel

An emotionally gripping novel much like Hannah’s other works, Angel Falls follows protagonist Liam as he faces an agonizing decision that could change his life forever. His wife, Michaela, lies in a coma with little hope of recovery. 

As he holds onto hope, Liam stumbles upon a shocking secret: Michaela’s first marriage to famous actor Julian True. Liam realizes that Julian is her true love, and he believes that Julian’s presence could awaken her. 

But in his quest to save his wife, Liam must confront his deepest fears and grapple with the possibility of losing her to the man who once captured her heart.

You can find Angel Falls here.

Once in Every Life (Standalone)

Once in Every Life by Kristin Hannah (1-Aug-1993) Mass Market Paperback

Tess Gregory’s life takes an unexpected turn after her untimely death. Reborn as Amaryllis Rafferty in post-Civil War America, formerly deaf, she has now been granted the ability to hear and becomes a wife and mother of three. 

However, Amarylis finds herself disoriented in her new existence and becomes entangled in the heartache that weighs heavily on her family, particularly her husband, Jack.

You can find Once in Every Life here.

Distant Shores (Standalone)

Distant Shores: A Novel

In this domestic fiction novel, Elizabeth and Jackson Shore’s marriage begins to unravel after their daughters leave home. Despite the growing distance between them, Elizabeth selflessly follows Jack when he lands an exciting job opportunity. 

However, her world is shattered by her father’s sudden passing, leading her to seek solace in an isolated beach house. As she sorts through her parent’s belongings, Elizabeth discovers a hidden past that unveils a tale of unwavering devotion, highlighting the absence of such commitment in her own marriage. 

Confronting her disillusionment, she makes a daring choice, risking everything in pursuit of a renewed chance at happiness.

You can find Distant Shores here.

A Handful of Heaven (Standalone)

A Handful of Heaven by Kristin Hannah (2000-10-02)

Ending this ranking with the beginning of Hannah’s extensive writing career, her debut novel, A Handful of Heaven, has a summary that speaks for itself!

“Devon O’Shea comes to the Yukon Territory in search of gold, but instead, she finds Stone Man McKenna, a mountainous slab of animosity who believes the Yukon is no place for a lady. When he attempts to convince her of this with a savage kiss, she finds herself feeling, for the first time in her life, feminine and alive. And Devon begins to wonder if she may have struck gold after all….”

You can find A Handful of Heaven here.

Other Books by Kristin Hannah (In order from best to worst)

Final Thoughts

Kristin Hannah has the power to touch hearts and leave a lasting impact with her exquisite writing, carefully crafted characters, and extraordinary plot lines. Hopefully, this ranking has made it even easier for you to delve into her remarkable works!


Is Firefly Lane Based on a true story?

No. Some of the material in the story is inspired by Kristin Hannah’s real life, and some of the characters are somewhat inspired by Kristin as well, but the story is not autobiographical and is not based on true events.

What is the most recent Kristin Hannah book?

Published in 2021, The Four Winds is currently Kristin Hannah’s most recent book. However, in 2024, she plans to publish a book titled The Women!

How many books are in the Firefly Lane series?

Only two! The first book, Firefly Lane, was published in 2008, while the second book of the series, Fly Away, was published in 2013.

What kind of books does Kristin Hannah write?

She predominantly writes in the romance and historical fiction genres. Her stories often contain magical twists and tales of love, loss, and survival.

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