Ahni and Her Dancing Secret By Shereen Rahming (Book Review)

Ahni and Her Dancing Secret is a book by the talented writer, Shereen Rahming. This children’s book is a heartwarming and inspiring story that captures the power of dance and self-expression. The book follows Ahni, a young African-American girl, as she discovers and embraces her cultural identity through the art of dance. In this article, we will explore the various elements of the book, including the storyline, the characters, themes, illustrations, and the impact it has on young readers.

Ahni and Her Dancing Secret By Shereen Rahming (Book Review)

Introduction to Ahni and Her Dancing Secret

Ahni and Her Dancing Secret is a beautifully written book that captures the essence of childhood innocence and the journey of self-discovery. The book tells the story of Ahni, a young girl who loves to dance and is passionate about expressing herself through movement.

Ahni’s love for dance began at a young age. She would often watch music videos and try to imitate the dance moves. Her parents noticed her talent and enrolled her in a local dance class. From that moment, Ahni knew that dance was her passion.

The Storyline

The book is set in a vibrant and culturally diverse neighborhood where Ahni lives with her family. The community is filled with different cultures and traditions, and Ahni loves learning about them all. She often incorporates these different styles into her dance routines.

However, Ahni’s world is turned upside down when her father loses his job. The family struggles to make ends meet, and Ahni feels like she has to give up her dream of dancing to help her family. She starts working with her father as a janitor, but she can’t shake the feeling that she’s given up on her passion.

One day, Ahni meets her new dance teacher, Miss Alice. Miss Alice recognizes Ahni’s talent and encourages her to pursue her passion. With Miss Alice’s guidance, Ahni learns to believe in herself and chase her dreams, even in the face of adversity.

The Author: Shereen Rahming

Shereen Rahming is the author of Ahni and Her Dancing Secret. She is a writer, artist, and educator who has a deep passion for storytelling. Rahming is known for her ability to weave inspiring and captivating stories that celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Rahming’s inspiration for Ahni and Her Dancing Secret came from her own experiences as a young girl. Like Ahni, Rahming loved to dance and had to overcome obstacles to pursue her passion. She hopes that her book will inspire young readers to chase their dreams and believe in themselves, no matter what challenges they may face.

Ahni and Her Dancing Secret is a heartwarming and inspiring story that will captivate readers of all ages. It celebrates the power of perseverance, the importance of following your dreams, and the beauty of diversity and inclusivity.

Main Characters


Ahni is the main character of the book. She is a young girl with a passion for dance and a desire to chase her dreams. Ahni’s love for dance started at a young age when she saw a ballet performance on TV. Since then, she has been practicing every day, perfecting her moves and dreaming of becoming a professional dancer.

Ahni’s determination and hard work are admirable. She wakes up early every morning to practice before school, and spends hours in the studio after school. Despite the challenges she faces, Ahni never gives up. She always has a positive attitude and believes in herself.

As the story progresses, Ahni faces many obstacles, but she never loses sight of her goals. Her passion for dance is contagious, and she inspires those around her to chase their dreams too.

Ahni’s Family

Ahni’s family is a significant part of the book’s storyline. They are her biggest supporters and provide her with the love and encouragement she needs to succeed. Ahni’s parents work hard to provide for their family, but they always make time for Ahni’s dance performances and competitions.

Ahni’s younger brother, Jake, looks up to his big sister and is always cheering her on. He even joins her in practicing her dance routines, and they often perform together in their living room.

Ahni’s grandparents also play a significant role in her life. They have been taking her to ballet classes since she was a little girl, and they continue to attend all her performances. Ahni’s family’s love and support are a testament to the importance of having a strong support system.

Ahni’s Dance Teacher

Miss Alice is Ahni’s dance teacher, and she plays a pivotal role in shaping Ahni’s character and guiding her towards her goal. Miss Alice is a former professional dancer who retired early due to an injury. She sees potential in Ahni and takes her under her wing.

Miss Alice is tough on Ahni, but it’s because she knows what it takes to succeed in the dance world. She challenges Ahni to push herself harder and to believe in herself. Miss Alice sees something special in Ahni, and she knows that with hard work and dedication, Ahni can achieve her dreams.

Miss Alice’s guidance and mentorship are invaluable to Ahni. She learns not only about dance but also about life. Miss Alice teaches Ahni that success is not just about talent, but also about perseverance and determination.

Themes and Messages

Embracing Cultural Identity

Ahni and Her Dancing Secret celebrates diversity and encourages young readers to embrace their cultural identity. The book highlights the importance of cultural heritage and traditions and how they shape an individual’s personality and worldview.

In today’s world, where globalization has made the world a smaller place, it is important for individuals to understand and appreciate different cultures. Ahni’s story shows us the beauty and richness of cultural diversity and how it can enrich our lives.

Through Ahni’s journey, young readers can learn about different cultural practices, beliefs, and values. They can learn to appreciate and respect these differences, and in turn, become more accepting and tolerant individuals.

The Power of Dance and Self-Expression

Dance is a powerful form of self-expression and communication, which is highlighted in the book. The story emphasizes how dance can be used to express oneself, convey emotions and feelings, and bring people together.

Ahni’s passion for dance is infectious, and young readers can learn the importance of finding their own creative outlet. Whether it is through dance, music, art, or writing, creative expression can help individuals to better understand themselves and the world around them.

The book also shows how dance can bring people together. Through dance, individuals can connect with others and build meaningful relationships. This is especially important in today’s world, where social isolation and loneliness are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Overcoming Challenges and Adversity

The book teaches young readers the importance of perseverance, hard work, and determination in the face of challenges and adversity. Ahni’s journey reminds us that with perseverance and dedication, anything is possible.

Ahni faces many challenges throughout the book, including the fear of being judged by others, the pressure to conform to societal expectations, and the struggle to balance her passion for dance with her other responsibilities. Through her perseverance, she is able to overcome these challenges and achieve her goals.

This message is especially important for young readers, who may face their own challenges and setbacks in life. Ahni’s story shows us that it is possible to overcome adversity and achieve our dreams, as long as we are willing to work hard and never give up.

Illustrations and Artwork

The Role of Illustrations in the Story

The illustrations in Ahni and Her Dancing Secret are breathtaking and play an essential role in enhancing the book’s storyline. The illustrations bring the characters and the story to life, making it more engaging and visually appealing.

The illustrator, Anna Atilano, has done an excellent job of capturing the emotions and movements of the characters through her artwork. The illustrations not only show what is happening in the story, but they also convey the feelings and thoughts of the characters.

For example, in one of the illustrations, Ahni is shown dancing in the forest. Her movements are graceful, and her face is filled with joy and happiness. The illustration not only shows Ahni’s dance but also conveys her love for dance and how it makes her feel.

The illustrations also help to create a sense of place and time. The backgrounds and settings are beautifully illustrated, giving the reader a sense of the world in which the story takes place. The use of color and light in the illustrations helps to create a mood and atmosphere that complements the story.

The Artistic Style

The artwork in the book has a unique style that captures the vibrancy, energy, and movement of dance. The illustrations are colorful, bold, and expressive, adding depth to the characters and the story.

The use of color in the illustrations is particularly striking. The colors are bright and vivid, creating a sense of excitement and energy. The use of contrasting colors also helps to highlight the characters and their movements.

The artistic style of the illustrations is a perfect match for the story. The illustrations capture the spirit of dance and the joy that comes with it. The illustrations are not just static images; they are full of movement and life, just like the characters in the story.

The artistic style also adds to the book’s appeal for young readers. The illustrations are fun and engaging, making the book more accessible and enjoyable for children.

In conclusion, the illustrations and artwork in Ahni and Her Dancing Secret are a vital part of the book’s success. The illustrations bring the story to life, creating a visual experience that complements the text. The artwork is unique and expressive, capturing the spirit of dance and adding depth to the characters and the story. Anna Atilano’s illustrations are a true work of art and a joy to behold.

Impact on Young Readers

Reading is an essential skill that helps shape a child’s personality and future. It is a tool that opens doors to new worlds, ideas, and perspectives. Ahni and Her Dancing Secret is a book that has a positive impact on young readers. It not only entertains them but also teaches them valuable life lessons. Here are some ways in which this book impacts young readers.

Encouraging Diversity and Inclusivity

Ahni and Her Dancing Secret is a great tool for parents and educators to teach children about the importance of diversity and inclusivity. The book introduces young readers to different cultures, traditions, and ways of life. It encourages children to embrace diversity and appreciate the uniqueness of every individual. Through the story of Ahni, children learn that it is okay to be different and that diversity should be celebrated.

The book also addresses issues such as bullying and discrimination. It teaches children to stand up for themselves and others who may be facing such challenges. By reading Ahni and Her Dancing Secret, young readers learn to be empathetic, kind, and respectful towards others.

Inspiring Creativity and Passion

Ahni and Her Dancing Secret is a story that inspires children to explore their passions, be creative, and believe in themselves. The protagonist, Ahni, is a young girl who dreams of becoming a dancer. She faces many challenges along the way but never gives up on her dream. Her determination and perseverance inspire young readers to pursue their goals, take risks, and work hard to achieve their dreams.

The book also highlights the importance of creativity and self-expression. Through dance, Ahni expresses her emotions and tells her story. This encourages young readers to find their own ways of self-expression and to be confident in their abilities.

Overall, Ahni and Her Dancing Secret is a book that has a positive impact on young readers. It teaches them important life lessons, encourages them to embrace diversity and inclusivity, and inspires them to pursue their passions and dreams. It is a must-read for every child who wants to learn, grow, and be inspired.

Final Thoughts

Ahni and Her Dancing Secret is a beautiful and inspiring book that captures the spirit of childhood innocence, self-discovery, and the power of dance. The book’s captivating storyline, colorful illustrations, and inspiring message make it an excellent addition to any child’s library.

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