The Greatest Books About Libraries You Should Read

Libraries are one of the greatest wonders of the world. Not only do they provide a wealth of knowledge, but also serve as havens for those who seek refuge from everyday life.

The Greatest Books About Libraries You Should Read

Books have the power to change people’s thinking and behavior as well as educate and inform. Getting lost in a story is certainly one of life’s pleasures.

About Books About Libraries

Many authors have written amazing books about libraries and librarians, from timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces, these incredible stories will transport you into their pages with sheer literary magnificence.

Here are some of the most captivating books ever written on this topic.

A Kind Of Paradise By Amy Rebecca Tan

A Kind of Paradise

Amy Rebecca Tan’s novel, A Kind of Paradise, is a tale about the importance of libraries in our lives.

It follows two characters as they embark on a journey that leads them to rediscover the magic of books and their ability to bring solace and comfort during difficult times.

The main protagonist, Mollie, is an aspiring librarian who dreams of opening her own library one day.

She meets Lyle, an older man with a passion for literature, who takes her under his wing and helps her understand the power of stories and how important it is for people to have access to knowledge through reading.

The story centers around the idea that libraries are more than just places where you can find information or borrow books; they provide a safe space for individuals to explore their creativity and learn new things without judgment or fear.


  • The story is engaging and thought-provoking.
  • It offers a deep exploration of the human condition and how our choices can shape our destiny.


  • Strong language and mature themes that may not be suitable for all readers.
  • The ending may be seen as unsatisfactory by some readers.

The Library Of Lost And Found By Phaedra Patrick

The Library of Lost and Found: A Novel

The Library of Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick is a heartwarming story about the power of books and human connection.

When Martha Storm, the main character, inherits her grandmother’s old library in Scotland, she discovers secrets from generations past hidden among its shelves.

Facing challenges on both professional and personal levels, Martha strives to learn more about her family history as well as to connect with people around her.

Through a combination of perseverance and compassion, Martha manages to transform not only herself but also those around her who benefit from the library’s newfound purpose.

This novel is an inspirational journey into self-discovery for Martha, as well as a testament to how our lives are influenced by stories that come before us.

With vivid descriptions of the Scottish countryside and characters you can’t help but root for, it makes for a captivating read full of emotion and charm.


  • A heartfelt story that explores the complexities of family relationships and the power of love.
  • The book features vivid and engaging characters that readers can easily relate to.


  • The pacing of the novel can be slow at times.
  • The book can be emotionally taxing at times.

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library By Chris Grabenstein

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library is a captivating children’s novel about twelve kids competing in a game within the walls of the mysterious library created by Luigi Lemoncello, described as “the most spectacularly ingenious inventor since Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla”.

The story follows their race against the clock as they solve puzzles and search for clues in order to win the ultimate grand prize: an overnight stay at the luxurious library followed by free pizza for life.

Throughout this thrilling tale, readers will discover how much fun reading can be when you are immersed in such an imaginative universe full of surprises and unexpected twists around every corner.

With plenty of humor mixed with suspenseful moments, this book has all the ingredients necessary to keep everyone hooked until its exciting conclusion.


  • Engages readers with its creative storyline.
  • Poses thought-provoking puzzles and riddles.


  • The book is fairly short and may not be suitable for older readers.
  • The ending is somewhat predictable.

The Starless Sea By Erin Morgenstern

The Starless Sea: A Novel

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern is a modern fantasy novel that follows the story of Zachary Ezra Rawlins, an undergraduate student who discovers a mysterious book in his university library.

This book leads him on a quest to uncover secrets about his past and how it connects with a secret underground world.

The fantastical journey brings him back to his childhood stories and provides insight into the power of books, libraries, and librarians.

When reading this book, readers will explore themes such as fate versus choice, love and loss, fear versus courage, and much more.

Throughout the narrative, readers are reminded of the importance of making connections between people’s individual lives and their collective experiences – something only books can do so effectively.

Each chapter presents new ideas for readers to ponder while also offering exciting plot twists that keep them turning pages until the very end.


  • Intricate and complex plot full of interesting characters and magical creatures.
  • Beautifully written with vivid descriptions and imagery.


  • The plot can be confusing at times, with multiple plot points and characters.
  • The book is quite long and may require a lot of patience and focus to finish.

The Librarian Of Saint-Malo By Mario Escobar

The Librarian of Saint-Malo

Mario Escobar’s ‘The Librarian of Saint-Malo’ is a fascinating story about the power of books and knowledge.

Set in World War II, this novel follows young librarian Tomás as he attempts to protect his beloved library from destruction.

This book illustrates how important libraries can be for individuals and countries alike, making it an ideal read for anyone interested in exploring the role that librarians play in society.

Tomás finds himself caught between two sides of the war, one side seeks to preserve culture and knowledge, while the other looks to destroy.

In order to prevent further damage, he must use his wits and courage—along with help from those who recognize the value of libraries—to save his collection before it is too late.

With vivid descriptions and engaging characters, readers will feel like they are right there alongside him on his journey through wartime France.


  • An inspiring story of survival and resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Characters are complex and interesting.


  • The pacing of the book can be slow in some parts.
  • The story may be too intense and dark for some readers.

The Library At Night By Alberto Manguel

The Library at Night

The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel is a masterpiece of literature that will transport readers to a place of enchantment and mystery.

It tells the story of libraries throughout history, from ancient times until today, through lyrical prose and engaging anecdotes.

With its combination of poetry, philosophy, and vivid descriptions, this book stirs up nostalgia for those who love books and reading.

This remarkable work is an ode to the beauty and power of libraries as places where knowledge meets imagination.

From the Roman library in Alexandria to modern-day ones around the world, Manguel takes us on a captivating journey into their histories, mysteries, and secrets.


  • A fascinating exploration of libraries and their role in the cultural life of humanity.
  • Interesting and thought-provoking ideas about the history, purpose, and future of libraries.


  • Highly academic in nature and may be difficult for some readers to understand.
  • Some readers may find the book too philosophical and abstract for their tastes.

The Book Of Lost Names By Kristin Harmel

The Book of Lost Names

Kristin Harmel’s The Book of Lost Names is an extraordinary work of fiction.

It tells the story of a young woman, Eva Traube Abrams, who discovers her grandmother’s hidden past during World War II in France and embarks on a journey to uncover her family history.

Along the way, she meets fellow librarians, Resistance fighters, and other brave individuals from all walks of life who are determined to save Jewish children from being sent away to concentration camps.

This powerful novel not only speaks about courage and resilience, but also showcases the importance of libraries as safe havens for knowledge, education, and refuge.

The narrative follows Eva as she unravels secrets that have been kept hidden for generations while struggling with finding her own identity along the way.

Through Eva’s eyes, we witness how books can be used as weapons against oppression.

Her passion for preserving stories drives her determination to rescue lost names before they become forgotten forever.

Her experiences offer readers insight into what it takes to protect culture and language within challenging times such as war.


  • The book is an emotional and moving story about friendship, family, and love.
  • The writing is beautiful and evocative.


  • The plot is relatively slow-paced.

The Last Chance Library By Freya Sampson

The Last Chance Library

The Last Chance Library by Freya Sampson is a captivating novel about the power of libraries.

It tells the story of someone who has been entrusted with a special mission- to save books and pass them on, even if it means risking their own life.

Like an archivist from antiquity, this person must bravely venture into dangerous places in search of forgotten volumes that will be preserved for future generations.

In many ways, The Last Chance Library can be seen as a modern-day parable about the importance of knowledge and how its transmission through time can shape our world.

Allusions to Homer’s Odyssey are rife in the book as we witness different journeys undertaken by our protagonist, encountering all sorts of challenges along the way—both external and internal ones.

We watch as they battle against powerful forces, while also trying to come to terms with their own moral convictions and what it truly means to protect something so precious.

This idea is further emphasized when we encounter other characters within the narrative, such as Damaris – a young woman determined to preserve her culture’s history despite the opposition she faces due to social conventions at the time.

Ultimately, The Last Chance Library offers us an inspiring reflection on bravery and resilience; emphasizing how people have always gone above and beyond in preserving knowledge throughout history.

Through subtle hints sprinkled throughout its pages, readers are reminded again and again that without a collective understanding of where we came from or why certain things exist today – our entire existence could easily be lost forever.


  • An interesting and unique setting for the story.
  • The book features a strong and inspiring female protagonist.


  • May not be suitable for younger readers.
  • Quite slow-paced and may not appeal to readers who prefer a faster-paced story.

Cloud Cuckoo Land By Anthony Doerr

Cloud Cuckoo Land: A Novel

Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr is an enchanting and whimsical coming-of-age story set in a library.

It follows the adventures of three children, Martin, Jeannie, and Tony, who break into their local library at night on a mission to find something special.

With its captivating characters, imaginative plot twists, and vivid descriptions of the stacks and shelves of books housed within the walls of the library, it’s no wonder that Cloud Cuckoo Land has become one of the most beloved tales about libraries and librarians.

By weaving together elements of fantasy with everyday life experiences we all have growing up – like making friends outside our comfort zone or facing fears head-on – Cloud Cuckoo Land creates a powerful emotional connection with readers from all walks of life.


  • Provides an interesting and unique setting for the story.
  • The book features a strong and inspiring female protagonist.


  • May not be suitable for younger readers.

Ink And Bone By Rachel Caine

Ink and Bone (The Great Library)

Ink and Bone, written by Rachel Caine, is a captivating novel that transports readers to the world of Alexandria – an alternate version of our own where knowledge has become the ultimate currency.

Set in the Great Library of Alexandria, this thrilling fantasy tells the story of Jess Brightwell as he attempts to navigate his way through a dangerous world full of secrets and lies while trying to save those he loves.

It’s a journey fraught with peril and discovery as we follow Jess into the depths of Cloud Cuckoo Land.

The plot twists around every corner and the characters are vibrant and complex individuals who must battle against impossible odds in the search for truth, justice, and freedom from oppression.


  • It is an exciting and fast-paced story.
  • The characters are fascinating and complex.


  • The world-building could have been more detailed.
  • Some plot points are predictable.


In conclusion, books about libraries provide a unique opportunity to explore the history and cultural significance of these important institutions.

They can also provide an interesting and informative look into the different ways libraries serve their communities and the significant role books have in our lives.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive history lesson, an exploration of the library’s role in modern society, or simply an enjoyable read, there’s a book out there for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Books Are Available About Libraries?

There are many types of books about libraries, including fiction, nonfiction, reference, and educational works.

What Can I Learn From Reading Books About Libraries?

Books about libraries can provide information about the history, services, and resources of libraries, as well as their impact on society.

They can also provide insight into how libraries function and how they can be used to benefit the community.

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