3 Books Like Wolf Hunt (By Paige Tyler)

Paige Tyler’s SWAT series of books has received immense popularity over the years due to the way it perfectly combines a grounded and gritty story of military operations with fictional concepts and ideas to create a world that is magical while still being somewhat relatable.

3 Books Like Wolf Hunt (By Paige Tyler)

In Wolf Hunt, the sixth book of the SWAT series, Remy Boudreaux and his group of Dallas SWAT buddies are training in New Orleans when Remy has a fateful encounter with Triana Bellamy, his very first high school crush who brings back all those intimate and passionate feelings he once had for her all those years ago as soon as he lays his eyes on her.

Paige Tyler has once again combined so many different writing styles and genres into one to make a book that is as gripping and intense as it is humorous when it wants to be. There are some other authors such as Patricia Briggs and Suzanne Wright who have written books with similar worlds and who also use shared themes and ideas that are must-reads if you enjoyed Wolf Hunt.

Themes In Wolf Hunt

Themes In Wolf Hunt


Behind the cheeky smiles and the constant flirting, we come to learn that Remy is a troubled man with a harsh past which has caused him to keep to himself a lot of the time, alongside keeping women at arm’s length ever since his first love and partner was killed while on the job.

When Remy runs into Triana and realizes that he can’t seem to let her go, for personal and business reasons, he starts to open up more than he ever has before and starts wondering if he really could expose his deepest and darkest secrets to this person he feels he could trust with his life.

Paige Tyler takes an honest and thoughtful look at loneliness and how we can overcome it.


Remy may be a werewolf underneath it all, however, this isn’t exactly a part of him he feels proud of, instead, he often prefers to keep it hidden from those he really cares about.

With that being said, as he and Triana grow closer, and when a target is put on Triana’s back, Remy must decide whether it’s time to really open up to Triana and show her who he really is underneath it all in order to keep her safe.

This theme of opening up and being vulnerable to the ones we love is also shown through Triana who may seem confident and assured of herself on the outside, but as we readers come to realize, she might just have some unknown secrets of her own, especially in regards to her DNA.


By this point in the SWAT series, Tyler had firmly established that, within her own fictional mythology, each of the werewolves are on the hunt for a soulmate that will make them feel complete and less like outcasts.

While each of the wolves we follow in the books is dedicated to their work as DPD SWAT members, they also talk a lot about how they are all searching for “the one”, the soulmate who will accept them for who they are and come to love them.

While Remy initially denies that he feels this way, his obsession and longing for Triana demonstrates an overarching theme of finding that one special person with whom we have an immediate and natural affinity to.

This makes for a much more passionate and intimate spin on the typical romance story that plays more on the idea of fate bringing two people together.

Books Like Wolf Hunt

Wicked Cravings By Suzanne Wright

Wicked Cravings: The Phoenix Pack, Book 2

The romance in Wolf Hunt between Remy and Triana can admittedly feel a little like instant love since they begin falling for each other as soon as they reunite, so if you enjoyed the story with all the danger and drama going in the background but maybe want the relationship to build a little more gradually and organically, Wicked Cravings is the book you need to check out by the incredibly talented Suzanne Wright.

The story follows wolf shifter Jaime Farrow and her endless obsession with another werewolf who also happens to be the Beta of his pack, Dante Garcea.

While Dante originally seems to ignore Triana, refusing to give her any of his attention in order to portray the tough guy look to the rest of his pack, he soon begins to realize that he may be missing the opportunity to form an intimate relationship with the person he’s been looking for all along.

This story centers around two characters struggling to show their vulnerabilities, and while the love story is a slow burn, the payoff is so worth it at the end of this exciting and gripping read.


  • The relationship between Dante and Jaime gradually builds and leads to some incredible payoffs
  • Secondary characters are very well written and given time to develop especially Dante’s pack
  • Plenty of drama and danger to keep the plot enticing and intense


  • World-building can be a little weak
  • The ending leaves a few burning questions unanswered

Themes: Idolization, obsession, masculinity

Moon Called By Patricia Briggs

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, Book 1)

One of the greatest parts about Paige Tyler’s writing style in the SWAT series of books is how she manages to portray a world that seems gritty, relatable, and familiar to our own, while still having a good amount of fantasy elements to make for an exciting plot full of wonder and mystery.

This is a writing trait that Patricia Briggs also specializes in, and nowhere is this more evident than in Moon Called, the story of coyote shifter Mercy who is surrounded by goblins, werewolves, and vampires who all walk among the streets disguised as humans.

There’s a good amount of humor in this story to keep it lighthearted, however, with that being said, it still tells an enthralling story centered around self-discovery and acceptance, along with there being an engaging romance story that helps to develop Mercy as a character, allowing her to open up a lot more than she’s used to.


  • An incredibly fascinating and vibrant world full of mystical and quirky characters
  • Mercy is an incredibly confident and lively main character
  • A good amount of humor to break up the tension


  • Romance can often be absent for large chunks of the story

Themes: Maturity, self-discovery, bonds, trust

Linger By Maggie Stiefvater


Coming to terms with being a werewolf, and more importantly, learning to be comfortable with showing it to his newfound partner Triana, is a major plot thread throughout Wolf Hunt with this psychological battle making Remy an incredibly complex, but also a fairly relatable main character.

If you enjoy these elements of the characters in Wolf Hunt, and the theme of loneliness and finding love by accepting who you are, Maggie Stiefvater captures this perfectly in her story about a werewolf love triangle in Linger.

When Sam and Grace begin to fall for each other, they both know they have plenty of issues that they need to deal with first.

For Grace, it means planning for a future that is uncertain and intimidating, and for Sam, it’s coming to terms with his inner werewolf which occasionally lashes out unexpectedly.

On the other hand, you have Cole, a fellow wolf shifter who actually embraces his place in the pack, but has trouble dealing with his human ties which he sees as dragging him down.

While it’s the drama of the romance that gets people interested in Linger, it’s the complicated yet incredibly relatable characters that make the story so memorable.


  • A compelling trio of characters all with their own vulnerabilities and personal issues
  • The fantastic romantic drama keeps the story engaging and hard to put down
  • Excellent pacing from beginning to end


  • A lack of twists can make the story fairly predictable at certain points

Themes: Acceptance, regret, vulnerability, individuality


If you’ve decided to take a small break from Paige Tyler’s wildly popular SWAT series of books, or if you’ve finished reading the books including Wolf Hunt and want a story that similarly manages to balance fiction with a grounded and realistic romantic plot, you need to test out a few of these books listed above that are all incredibly unique in their own ways while still having that simple and easy-to-read writing style that makes Paige Tyler’s books such a joy to read through.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Genre Is The Special Wolf Alpha Team Series?

The SWAT series of books which includes Wolf Hunt is admittedly a mix of different genres, which is what makes these stories so unique in their own right, however, because each one of the books contains some form of romance in their plot, they are generally advertised as paranormal romance novels.

Is The Special Wolf Alpha Team Book Series Still Ongoing?

The good news for fans of Paige Tyler’s SWAT series is that it is still ongoing, with the 15th installment, Wild As a Wolf, expected to release in 2023.

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