The Ultimate Guide For Reading Clive Cussler Books In Reading Order

For book lovers, there is nothing more exciting than diving into a new adventure.

When it comes to legendary author Clive Cussler, no other writer can take readers on a journey quite like him. His thrilling stories are full of suspense, mystery, and action that keep his fans coming back for more.

The Ultimate Guide for Reading Clive Cussler Books in Reading Order

Now you can embark on the ultimate literary voyage with this comprehensive list of Clive Cussler books in reading order.

About Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler is an American author and underwater explorer. He is known for his best-selling adventure novels, which feature the protagonist Dirk Pitt.

Cussler has written more than 80 books, including the Dirk Pitt series, the NUMA Files series, the Oregon Files series, and the Isaac Bell series.

He has also written non-fiction books about his underwater explorations. Let’s take a look at his books.

Clive Cussler Books In Order

Raise The Titanic

Raise the Titanic! (A Dirk Pitt Adventure Book 4)

Raise the Titanic is one of the books in Clive Cussler’s long list of bestsellers.

It is a thrilling adventure tale that follows the exploits of an underwater salvage team as they endeavor to raise a sunken ship from the Atlantic Ocean floor.

The story begins with Dirk Pitt, an adventurer, and director of special projects for the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA).

His mission: locate and recover critical materials from an ancient ship buried on the ocean floor. The only problem? The vessel happens to be none other than the infamous Titanic.

With time running out, he and his team must join forces with their Russian counterparts to overcome incredible odds in order to achieve their goal.


  • Engaging and suspenseful.
  • Intriguing historical facts.


  • Some readers may find the book to be overly long and drawn out.
  • The book contains some dated language.


Sahara: A Dirk Pitt Adventure

This book follows the journey of two protagonists as they explore a lost city in search of a mysterious artifact.

The novel starts with the intrepid adventurers Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino arriving in Africa on their quest for knowledge and uncovering unexpected secrets along the way.

Pitt finds out there has been a plague affecting the residents and that a huge cooperation is behind the outbreak and attempts to save the local people.


  • The story is captivating and full of suspense.
  • The characters are interesting and easy to relate to.


  • The plot is overly complicated at times.
  • The pacing of the story is quite slow.

Pacific Vortex

Pacific Vortex!: A Novel (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

This story begins with a distress call from a yacht that has been caught in the middle of an unknown force in the ocean.

The US Navy is unable to help, so Pitt is sent out to investigate. Along his journey, he discovers an underwater volcano that has been active for many years and is responsible for the mysterious disappearances.

He also finds evidence of an enemy submarine base that could be used to launch attacks against the United States.


  • The book contains an exciting and suspenseful plot.
  • The characters in the book are well-developed and engaging.


  • The book has some unrealistic action scenes.
  • Some readers may find the pace of the book to be slightly slow.

Valhalla Rising

Valhalla Rising (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

In this installment, Dirk Pitt investigates a string of mysterious deaths and disappearances linked to a lost U-boat from World War II.

With help from his trusty sidekick Al Giordino, Pitt must race against time to uncover the secrets of the U-boat and prevent a disaster that could have global consequences.


  • The book is action-packed.
  • The plot is gripping and keeps the reader engaged.


  • The book is long.
  • Some characters’ motivations can be unclear.

Flood Tide

Flood Tide (Dirk Pitt Adventure Book 14)

In Flood Tide, Dirk is recovering from his wounds sustained a month ago. Whilst visiting a tranquil lake in Washington, Dirk came across a curious sight.

For the affluent and avaricious Chinese smuggler, human lives were his most precious commodity.

His sizable fortune was earned by transporting Chinese immigrants to countries around the world, including the United States.

Pitt’s investigation takes him from Washington State to Louisiana, in pursuit of the smuggler constructing a strange port in a deserted area.


  • The story is a captivating adventure tale.
  • The characters are intriguing.


  • There are some dry and slow-paced sections.
  • The plot has a lot of details to remember.

Atlantis Found

Atlantis Found

Dirk Pitt discovers that there are clues in ancient artifacts that lead him to believe that Atlantis still exists somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

Along with his colleague Al Giordino, they embark on an incredible quest to find out if the legendary lost city really does exist.

In this thrilling novel, Dirk and Al battle bad weather, vicious pirates, and dangerous criminals as they search for clues about Atlantis.


  • The book is fast-paced and exciting.
  • The characters are well-developed and believable.


  • The book is overly long and could have been edited down.



‘Iceberg’, is a thrilling adventure set in the Arctic. The story follows Dirk Pitt as he investigates a mysterious shipwreck.

Alongside his loyal crewmates, Pitt must uncover the truth behind this strange event before it leads to disaster.

The action takes place in a hostile environment filled with treacherous ice floes and hazardous storms.

In addition to battling dangerous natural elements, Pitt has to contend with corrupt companies, greedy criminals, and foreign spies, all vying for control of the shipwreck’s hidden cargo.


  • The plot is exciting and fast-paced.
  • It features a diverse range of characters.


  • The novel is long.

Deep Six

Deep Six

Deep Six follows Dirk Pitt and his team as they get involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a ruthless enemy.

A pollution disaster threatens to affect the whole world if he doesn’t track down the conspiracy and deal with it.


  • The book is action-packed and thrilling.
  • The characters in the book bring the story to life.


  • The book is quite long.

Black Wind

Black Wind (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

As Dirk and his team battle their way through treacherous waters, they uncover secrets about a shipwreck and its connection to a Japanese super weapon.

This leads them to an even more dangerous situation, as they must now prevent the terrorists from using it to cause destruction on a global scale.


  • The book has a complex and captivating storyline.
  • The characters are well-developed and believable.


  • Some technical dialogue can be difficult to follow.

The Mediterranean Caper

Mediterranean Caper

The Mediterranean Caper is an action-packed adventure and follows the continuing journey of high-seas hero Dirk Pitt as he navigates a dangerous international mission from the treacherous waters of the Mediterranean to a hidden temple in Peru.

Along with his trusty sidekick Al Giordino, Pitt must face off against a ruthless group of criminals and uncover a centuries-old mystery that could hold the key to saving humanity.


  • It is an exciting and thrilling adventure with plenty of action.
  • The characters are interesting.


  • Some scientific explanations are a bit far-fetched.

Trojan Odyssey

Trojan Odyssey: Dirk Pitt #17 (The Dirk Pitt Adventures)

In the book Trojan Odyssey, Dirk Pitt finds himself in the middle of a hurricane that threatens the stability of a floating hotel.

The crew of the hotel are in a race against time to find a way to survive the storm, and Dirk Pitt steps in to help.

He discovers a plot by Specter, a villainous organization, to use the hotel as a cover to hide a secret operation. Dirk Pitt works with the crew to uncover the plot and save the hotel from destruction.


  • The story is engaging and fast-paced.
  • The characters have intriguing backstories.


  • The plot is complicated in parts and difficult to follow at times.

White Death

White Death

White Death is an action-packed adventure novel in Clive Cussler’s NUMA Files series.

In this novel, Kurt Austin and his team are tasked with uncovering the truth behind the mysterious sinking of a Danish cruiser in the Baltic Sea.

The crew of the cruiser was mysteriously trapped inside and never seen again until a series of strange events reveals that the crew is still alive.

Kurt Austin and his team are determined to find out the truth behind the sinking. With the help of a former Soviet submarine captain, they look for evidence and clues to help them uncover the mystery.


  • The plot is full of suspense and excitement.
  • The characters have strong personalities.


  • The ending is a bit too predictable.

Crescent Dawn

Crescent Dawn (Dirk Pitt Adventures)

Dirk Pitt attempts to unravel a mystery surrounding a British warship that explodes in the North Sea without warning.

Pitt is sent in by the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) to investigate, and quickly discovers something sinister.

Meanwhile, there is a discovery of ancient Roman artifacts. A long-lost shipwreck and a mysterious connection to the Ottoman Empire further complicate the situation.

Pitt must work quickly to save the day before it is too late.


  • The book has plenty of unexpected twists.
  • The characters are well-developed and memorable.


  • Some dialogue is a bit clunky.
  • The pacing of the story is a little uneven.

Arctic Drift

Arctic Drift (Dirk Pitt)

In Arctic Drift, Dirk Pitt is investigating an explosion at a scientific research facility that is developing a rare mineral capable of combating greenhouse gasses.

After the explosion, Dirk begins to suspect sabotage and starts to investigate who would want to blow up a lab that is working on an environmental solution.


  • The book is full of suspense.
  • The characters are dynamic.


  • The plot is complex.
  • Could have been condensed for a tighter narrative.

Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha (The Oregon Files)

In ‘Golden Buddha’ the crew is tasked with finding a lost artifact.

The artifact was stolen from a remote temple in Bhutan in 1959 and is now essential to a deal between the Chinese and Russians.

The team must find the Buddha and return it to its rightful owners. The mission is a difficult one, as the statue has been missing for over 50 years.

Along the way, the crew faces danger and intrigue, as they race to get the statue before their enemies can get their hands on it.


  • The story is very action-packed.
  • The characters are interesting.


  • The plot is quite predictable and formulaic.
  • The dialogue can be clunky and awkward.

Celtic Empire

Celtic Empire (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

Celtic Empire’ follows the adventures of Kurt Austin and his team of experts as they investigate a deadly collision in the waterways of Detroit.

The team soon realizes that the incident is part of a larger threat posed by a group of tomb raiders who have been attacking ships along the Nile.

As they work to uncover the mastermind behind the attacks, Kurt, and his team uncover a possible link between the tomb raiders and a mysterious Celtic civilization.


  • An exciting adventure story.
  • Strong and engaging plot with detailed and vivid descriptions.


  • The book is a long read at over 500 pages and can be difficult to follow at times.

The Wrecker

The Wrecker (An Isaac Bell Adventure)

The Wrecker follows the story of Isaac Bell, an investigator for the Van Dorn Detective Agency.

Isaac is hired by the Southern Pacific Railroad to investigate a series of mysterious train wrecks, fires, and explosions that have been occurring along the tracks.

As Isaac investigates further, he is drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the mysterious figure known only as The Wrecker.

Isaac discovers that The Wrecker is a master of disguise and sabotage, and has been hired by a secret enemy with a grudge against the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Isaac must use his remarkable detective skills to uncover the identity of The Wrecker and put an end to his reign of terror.


  • Contains interesting plot twists.
  • The writing style makes the story easy to follow.


  • Some dialogue is a bit too cliché.
  • Some characters were not fleshed out enough.

The Navigator

The Navigator (The NUMA Files)

The Navigator is a fast-paced adventure story set in modern-day Iraq. The plot revolves around a mysterious statue, the Navigator, which is stolen from a Baghdad museum.

The book flits between time periods as readers discover why the statue is so important and some people will do anything to get it.


  • An exciting and thrilling adventure story.
  • A cast of intriguing characters.


  • It has a tendency to be quite long-winded in parts.

Journey Of The Pharaohs

Journey of the Pharaohs (The NUMA Files)

In ‘Journey of the Pharaohs’ the team sets out to unravel the mysteries of the disappearance of treasures from Egyptian tombs in 1074, the disappearance of an aviator in 1927, and a fishing trawler going missing in modern-day Scotland.

The team discovers a sinister international conspiracy involving a powerful and mysterious organization. They must race against time to keep the secrets of the past from being used to control the future.


  • The story is filled with exciting adventure and suspense.
  • The characters are complex and compelling.


  • The ending is somewhat abrupt and unsatisfying.
  • The pacing of the narrative is often slow.

The Tombs

The Tombs (A Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure)

An archaeologist unearths a mysterious site and desperately needs help from treasure hunters Sam and Remi Fargo.

The couple rushes to his aid and finds themselves on the most thrilling journey of their lives. This daring quest will test the Fargos’ strength, courage, and resourcefulness.

Together, they must use their wit and determination to uncover the secrets of the past.


  • A suspenseful story.
  • Vivid descriptions bring the characters and settings to life.


  • The plot can be difficult to follow at times.

The Adventures Of Vin Fiz

The Adventures of Vin Fiz

Lacy and Casey, 10-year-old twins, have always dreamed of flying high in the sky.

With the help of the mysterious “Sucop Sucop” and his enchanted box that can turn any toy into the real thing, they are able to go on a very cool adventure.

So, the twins, accompanied by their loyal basset hound “Floopy”, set off on a grand adventure to New York City in a real Wright Brothers plane, which they named “Vin Fiz”.

The journey is full of danger, but they were lucky to have the magical “Gin Fizz” beside them to help them through.


  • It’s a light-hearted happy tale.
  • A great adventure story for children.


  • A bit dull for older kids.

Built To Thrill

Built to Thrill

In vivid images and captivating commentary, fans of Clive Cussler’s five best-selling series can explore the personal automotive collection of the literary genius.

Readers will uncover the history of each model and the story of how it was discovered and restored. Plus, they’ll get insights into where these dazzling machines featured in his novels.


  • Fascinating insight into engineering.
  • Interesting learning about automotive in the books.


  • Non-fiction, so it may not be suitable for those who enjoy a fictional story.


In conclusion, there is no denying the brilliance of Clive Cussler’s literature. His books are a masterpiece of adventure and intrigue, with complex characters and captivating plots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Genre Of Books Does Clive Cussler Write?

Clive Cussler is best known for writing adventure and thriller novels.

Where Can I Purchase Clive Cussler’s Books?

Clive Cussler’s books can be purchased online from Amazon, and other online retailers, as well as in physical bookstores.

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