7 Page-Turning Novels About Secret Societies

Castoff members of society, clubs that could turn deadly at any moment, and cults you hear whispers, and murmurs about in the corridors…are all ingredients to amazing page-turning novels about secret societies.

7 Page-Turning Novels About Secret Societies

These books come in various shapes and sizes, but most have undercurrents of ambition, liberation, and of course, murder. 

Have I piqued your interest yet? Good.

You are exclusively invited to uncover the secrets of the 7 best, page-turning novels about secret societies. You will find more details about them in the article below.

But be warned, you explore these secrets at your own risk, and once you read one, you’ll want to read them all! 

So, if you have always dreamed of what it would be like to stumble upon a secret society, or if you just enjoy relaxing under a blanket with an addictive, thrilling mystery, then the following 7 books are for you.

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7 Page-Turning Books About Secret Societies

Angels And Demons By Dan Brown

Angels & Demons

Angels And Demons center around Professor Robert Langdon as he ventures into Vatican City.

Soon, he discovers that a secret society from ancient times has stolen the necessary tools to create a time bomb that threatens the very existence of the Vatican itself.

Langon must work together with an Italian scientist to solve the clues and discover more about this ancient society. This is the only way they will prevent the explosion, but they will have to act fast.


  • Strong sense of foreboding throughout the story.
  • Intriguing characters with depth.


  • The book is not always historically accurate.

The Parting Glass By Gina Marie Guadagnino

The Parting Glass

The Parting Glass is a book about two women who are hiding who they truly are from society. These women are afraid to be themselves, and the story explores the events that stem as a result of this fear.

By day, Charlotte is merely a wealthy socialite and Mary is her maid. By night, Charlotte and Mary both spend time in places that they shouldn’t: Charlotte spends time with the stable attendant, and Mary spends time with a secret society.

But what happens when their worlds begin to shatter, and they are forced to face consequences?


  • Great look at 19th-century New York City – perfect for mood reading!
  • Unique and interesting characters that are handled with a lot of emotion.


  • The love triangle is complex which can make for a convoluted read at times.

The Strange Case Of The Alchemist’s Daughter By Theadora Goss

The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter (1) (The Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club)

May Jekyll, the orphaned daughter of Dr. Jekyll, has started to become curious about her father’s past. Namely, she is curious as to the whereabouts of his friend and murderer, Edward Hyde.

Mary sets out on a mission to find Hyde but finds many unexpected things along the way. Namely, the creatures and creations of many other scientists. Soon, these women band together to solve mysteries and murders.

However, everything changes when they discover a secret society of scientists and have to rise up against the real monsters in order to save everything that they know.


  • Unique twists on classic tales, such as Frankenstein.
  • Excellent storytelling!


  • The vernacular used by the characters is a strange blend of Victorian English and modern American Slang.

School For Psychics By K.C. Archer

School for Psychics: Book One (1)

This secret society story is the first in the series by K.C. Archer. The story centers around Teddy Cannon, a young woman who has just discovered she has psychic abilities.

Because of this, she is invited to join a secret society for people just like her, and soon meets a whole host of new friends…and foes.

Teddy is trying to navigate this new world, but not everything is as it seems. Teddy will need to learn how to identify who to trust in her new society, and she must do it before it’s too late.


  • A fun read for when you need to relax.
  • The psychic world is explored in detail.


  • The book gets off to a slow start.

Ninth House By Leigh Bardugo

Ninth House (Ninth House Series, 1)

Ninth House is a story centered around Alex Stern, the only survivor of multiple homicides. She receives a full scholarship to Yale from someone known only as the mysterious benefactor.

However, there’s a catch! While attending classes at Yale, Alex must monitor the college’s secret societies.

This will not be an easy task, especially when she discovers that these societies are more chilling and dark than anyone could ever imagine.


  • An intellectual and magical tour de force!
  • Fun memorable characters.


  • The writing style can be difficult to read at times.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore By Robin Sloan

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

Web-design specialist Clay Jannon discovers something he should not have after being forced to work at Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour bookstore.

However, he soon begins to realize that strange happenings are afoot, here. Who comes into a bookstore to check books out but never buys anything? Everyone.

After snooping around, Clay becomes acquainted with a secret society in the bookstore, and a lot more than he bargained for.

If you love stories about the love of books with an old-fashioned sensibility, then this is the secret society story for you.


  • Beautifully written.
  • The protagonist is likable.


  • There is a lack of backstory for many of the characters.

The Seven Dials Mystery By Agatha Christie

The Seven Dials Mystery: The Official Authorized Edition (Agatha Christie Library)

The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie is a lesser-known story, but still one worth a read!

Practical jokes are all fun and games, right? Well, not for poor Gerry Wade – the victim of a practical joke and murder on the same night.

Now, our protagonist, Bundle, must work with the other characters and partake in secret meetings to solve what happened and who did it, before it’s too late!

On top of this, Bundle must uncover the truth about The Seven Dials, a secret society shrouded in mystery.


  • Amazing female protagonist.
  • Many twists and turns that keep you guessing until the end.


  • Expressed social views that are now dated.

Final Thoughts

Gather your cloaks and daggers and dive into these 7 page-turning novels about secret societies. If you love stories about murder, mysterious societies, and stories where you’re not sure who to trust, then these 7 novels are for you!

These novels are all different from one another. Some are classic twists on famous characters while some are straight-up classic whodunit mysteries.

Meanwhile, some are set in schools, others in bookstores, while some are set in historical places, such as 19th-century New York City or the Vatican.

No matter your taste in setting, these page-turning novels are sure to bring a lot of tension, interesting characters, and will have plots that leave you looking over your shoulder in the street.

Of course, these books all have their flaws (which books don’t?) But overall, they’re amazingly written and well-plotted stories with characters you are going to root for – and secret societies that are going to immerse you in their world long after your reading session should be over.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Secret Society?

A secret society can be defined as an organization not known to the public. The members of this society are sworn to secrecy about the happenings and activities within the society.

Are Secret Society Novels Scary?

Many secret society novels are considered to be thrillers and mysteries. All on this list are page-turners with many moments of high tension and are typically considered scary, typically for younger readers.

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