Best Mary Stone Books | Mystery Series & Women Sleuths

Mary Stone is the author of many mystery and suspense novels. She mainly writes about strong female protagonists who know how to get a job done. She’s written 8 popular series and doesn’t plan to stop writing any time soon. 

Best Mary Stone Books | Mystery Series & Women Sleuths

Stone currently lives in Tennessee with her husband and their two sons, along with two dogs and four cats. On her website, Stone talks about how she’s always loved puzzles, so it makes sense that she would be the author of mystery novels. After all, they are one big puzzle waiting to be put together!

Best Mary Stone Books

Winter’s Mourn (Winter Black Series #1)

Winter's Mourn (Winter Black FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

Winter Black came home 13 years ago to find her parents murdered and her little brother kidnapped. She later found out that it was a serial killer called The Preacher.

Now, Winter has come back to the town in Virginia where she grew up, ready to take on her first murder investigation as a new FBI agent. But when a secret burial ground for children is found and Winter realizes they are the remains of The Preacher’s victims, things quickly turn personal.

You can find Winter’s Mourn by Mary Stone here.

Autumn’s Game (Autumn Trent Series #1)

Autumn's Game: Autumn Trent Series (Winter Black FBI Mystery Series Book 10)

Autumn was hit once by her father when she was a child and it changed her forever. Autumn began studying, trying to soak up any knowledge possible that would help her catch criminals and give them what they deserve.

Now Autumn is a forensic psychologist, and the FBI needs her help with a new homicide case. A couple has been brutally murdered, and their nineteen-year-old daughter has disappeared. Soon, Autumn realizes that the killer has been targeting parents who break their marital vows, and the killer is only just getting started.

Autumn’s Game by Mary Stone can be read here.

Killer Smile (Stella Knox Series #1)

Killer Smile (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

Stella Knox is an FBI agent on a mission to find the cops who killed her father, but right now she is focusing on her first case. Three teenage boys have been found dead outside of Nashville, Tennesee, and two of the bodies have smiley faces drawn next to them in blood.

It’s up to Stella to figure out if and why these murders are connected, and to stop the killer before they find their next victim.

Killer Smile by Mary Stone can be purchased here.

Storm’s Fury (Amelia Storm Series #1)

Storm's Fury (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

Amelia Storm is a military veteran who had to go back to Chicago after her brother was killed on duty as a police officer. Now that Amelia is an FBI agent, she is determined to avenge her brother’s death and put a stop to the city’s corruption.

Amelia finds herself working on the case of a twelve-year-old girl who was abducted 4 years ago. She was being targeted by a human trafficking ring, and Amelia is going to find out what happened to her.

Read Storm’s Fury by Mary Stone here.

Shadow’s Secret (Shadow Island Series #1)

Shadow's Secret (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

Following an incident that took down her parents’ killers but caused her to lose her job, ex-FBI Special Agent Rebecca West decides to spend some time on Shadow Island to decompress.

But when a seventeen-year-old girl is found dead in a marsh, Rebecca ends up helping the town sheriff with the investigation. And as she digs deeper, Rebecca uncovers a much bigger scheme lurking on the island that could reveal a lot more than who killed the young girl.

You can purchase Shadow’s Secret by Mary Stone here.

Cold Truth (Ellie Kline Series #1)

Cold Truth (Ellie Kline Psychological Thriller Series Book 1)

When Ellie Kline was fifteen, she was kidnapped. That night made her strong, and later in life, when she took down a suspect, she earned a promotion and the adoration of a killer.

Now that Ellie is assigned to the cold case unit, she’s become interested in the case of a young woman who was horribly tortured but died quickly. As Ellie digs deeper, she finds a connection to another case. And as memories from her past start to come up, it becomes clear that someone is watching Ellie, ready to kill if she finds out too much.

You can find Cold Truth by Mary Stone here.

Deadly Act (Kylie Hatfield Series #1)

Deadly Act (Kylie Hatfield Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series Book 1)

Kylie Hatfield is an office assistant at Starr Investigations, but she wants to become an investigator. When Jessica Hilyard goes missing, Kylie promises Jessica’s sister that she’ll find her. This could be Kylie’s chance to prove that she should be promoted.

When the case becomes linked to a serial killer, everyone warns Kylie that she should back down. But Kylie is determined to become a private investigator, even if it means putting herself in danger to get there.

Deadly Act by Mary Stone can be found here.

Dark Purpose (Charli Cross Series #1)

Dark Purpose (Charli Cross Mystery Series Book 1)

Charli Cross is a Savannah PD detective who is known for being composed and calm on the job. But a horrifying murder of a teenage girl brings back memories of Charli’s best friend, who was murdered at sixteen and whose body was found very close to the recent murder. 

There are other similarities, too, and Charli soon fears that this is the work of a serial killer. And when more victims are found, Charli knows she has to stop the killer before he does even more damage.

Dark Purpose by Mary Stone can be purchased here.

Killer Fame (Stella Knox Series #9)

Killer Fame (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 9)

When a country singer with writer’s block has a deadline to finish her album before her tour, she has a lot on her plate. She also has bipolar disorder and has stopped taking her meds. 

When the singer sees Special Agent Stella Knox and another man working on a murder case, she becomes fascinated by their brains. The singer decides to kidnap the two agents and torture their backstories out of them, all so she can get some inspiration.

You can read Killer Fame by Mary Stone here.

Winter’s Curse (Winter Black Series #2)

Winter's Curse (Winter Black FBI Mystery Series Book 2)

FBI agent Winter Black can’t keep her mind off of The Preacher, the serial killer who murdered her parents many years ago and knows where her little brother is. Winter’s partner, Sun Ming, has her own agenda as they try to solve the case of two masterminds copying famous robberies across the US.

While all of this is going on, Winter also has to figure out what to do about “the gift” that The Preacher gave her years ago as her abilities continue to grow.

You can purchase Winter’s Curse by Mary Stone here.

Storm’s Target (Amelia Storm Series #11)

Storm's Target (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 11)

When Amelia Storm gets transferred to the FBI’s Violent Crimes Division, she jumps into her first case immediately. Multiple bodies have been found in a lake, some recently dead and some from years ago.

Now, it’s up to Amelia and her partner to figure out who has been murdering at this lake for all these years.

Storm’s Target by Mary Stone can be found here.

Shadow’s Deadline (Shadow Island Series #3)

Shadow's Deadline (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 3)

When yet another body is found on Shadow Island, interim sheriff Rebecca West gets to work. A son of the privileged elite has been murdered, and soon another similar murder follows suit. Rebecca now has to figure out why these men were killed and uncover what is going on around the Island.

Find Shadow’s Deadline by Mary Stone here.

Deadly Dreams (Kylie Hatfield Series #4)

Deadly Dreams (Kylie Hatfield Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series Book 4)

Kylie Hatfield is in the middle of planning a wedding, and when she gets a case of a missing SAR, she thinks it might be a good distraction from the chaos. But by taking the case, Kylie doesn’t know that she’s putting herself and her fiancé at risk, and soon an unstoppable killer is on their trail.

Deadly Act by Mary Stone can be found here.

Cold Grave (Ellie Kline Series #5)

Cold Grave (Ellie Kline Psychological Thriller Series Book 5)

Detective Ellie Kline is dedicated to identifying victims of serial killer Tucker Penland, not only to provide closure for the families but to find more clues about his case.

But Ellie can’t shake the feeling that the man who kidnapped her when she was fifteen is still out there somewhere, and when a mysterious package arrives on her doorstep, Ellie knows something isn’t right.

You can purchase Cold Grave by Mary Stone here.

Autumn’s Trap (Autumn Trent Series #9)

Autumn's Trap: Autumn Trent Series (Winter Black FBI Mystery Series Book 18)

FBI Special Agent Autumn Trent has a good relationship with her boyfriend and things in life are going well, except for the fact that she still has never found the sister she was separated from in elementary school.

When Autumn finally finds her sister Sarah, Autumn is shocked that she’s the main suspect in a case of multiple murders. Then Sarah vanishes, and Autumn quickly realizes that Sarah is in danger. Now, it’s up to Autumn to save her sister…and herself.

You can read Autumn’s Trap by Mary Stone here.

Winter’s Web (Winter Black Series #7)

Winter's Web (Winter Black FBI Mystery Series Book 7)

When Ryan O’Connelly shows up on the FBI’s doorstep after a year of evading them, everyone is surprised. But Ryan has helpful information that could lead Special Agent Winter Black to a serial killer.

As Winter takes on the case with new help from Ryan, she gets another sinister message from her brother that makes her know he is out there, waiting…

Winter’s Web by Mary Stone can be found here.

Killer Style (Stella Knox Series #2)

Killer Style (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 2)

Stella Knox is investigating a case of two dead women who were found missing one arm, one leg, and all of their fingers and toes. Now a third woman is missing, and Stella knows they have a serial killer on their hands.

When a fourth victim goes missing, Stella and her team know that their time is precious and they need to uncover the mystery before it’s too late.

Killer Style by Mary Stone can be read here.

Storm’s Wrath (Amelia Storm Series #5)

Storm's Wrath (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 5)

It’s been weeks since FBI Agent Amelia Storm was set up for a crime she didn’t commit, and she just wants to move on. When a string of brutal murders takes place, they are so strange that Amelia and her team have to team up with members of the Violent Crimes.

Together, the detectives have to figure out if it’s a serial killer, or something even more sinister.

Purchase Storm’s Wrath by Mary Stone here.

Cold Hunt (Ellie Kline Series #2)

Cold Hunt (Ellie Kline Psychological Thriller Series Book 2)

Ellie Kline has solved her first case as a Charleston PD Detective, and new information leads her to find out that a serial killer has been watching her for years. She knows her kidnapper is still out there, and she needs to stop him.

When a lead on a new case takes Ellie to a discovery about her own kidnapping, the mystery becomes even more dangerous. But Ellie has to know the truth.

Cold Hunt by Mary Stone can be found here.


Last Breath (Emma Last Series #1)

Last Breath (Emma Last FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

The Ruby Red Spectacle Circus has come to town, and as bodies begin piling up, it soon becomes clear that these deaths were no accident. FBI Special Agent Emma Last knows that this case could be her chance to prove herself to her new SSA, and she dives right in.

Emma starts uncovering things that just don’t make sense, and when animal rights activists become aggressive, her team has to protect the performers even more. 

The investigation soon becomes sinister, and it’s clear to Emma that there’s someone who will do whatever it takes to keep their secrets hidden.

Last Breath by Mary Stone is set to be released on June 12, 2023, and can be pre-ordered here.


In what order do you read Mary Stone books?

Mary Stone has written many series. Although they can be read as standalone novels, it’s recommended to read them in the order of their publishing date to fully understand the character development.

Here is a list of Mary Stone’s series:
1. Winter Black Series
2. Ellie Kline Series
3. Charli Cross Series
4. Amelia Storm Series
5. Stella Knox Series
6. Shadow Island Series
7. Kylie Hatfield Series
8. Autumn Trent Series

You can read these series in whatever order you like, but making sure you read the books in the series in the order of their publishing dates will give you the best reading experience.

How many books does Mary Stone have?

Mary Stone currently has 79 books published across 8 different series, but that number will go up very soon because Stone has 3 books that are set to release during this year (2023).

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