Best Robyn Carr Books – All Her Novels Ranked

The romance genre is one of the most popular in the industry, and no author is quite as synonymous with the genre as Robyn Carr. Carr has been steadily churning out novels since the 1980s, and she now has more than 50 to her name! From the ever popular Virgin River series to her standalone love stories, Carr has stolen the hearts of her fans for decades. Here is our pick for the 20 best Robyn Carr novels! 

Best Robyn Carr Books - All Her Novels Ranked

The 20 Best Robyn Carr Books



A historical novel, Chelynne takes us back to the English Restoration era and the court of Charles II. Young Chelynne wants to be a dutiful niece and vows to be the best wife she can be for whomever her uncle chooses to take her hand. Much to her surprise, her uncle chooses the dashing young Earl of Bryant. But the Earl is married to Chelynne in name only, however hard she may try to ignite his passions. 

Originally published in 1978 (reprinted in 2013), Chelynne was Carr’s first novel, and it is currently rated 4.2 stars on Amazon. Danielle Steel called it “a delightful book.”

Grab a Kindle edition here

A Family Affair

A Family Affair: A Novel

Anna has worked hard to build the perfect life, but when her husband suddenly dies, her world comes crumbling down around her. When a mystery woman attends the funeral, Anna comes face to face with the fact that her husband had been keeping secrets — and the realization that perhaps her life wasn’t so perfect after all. 

The original hardcover of A Family Affair was released in 2022, and the trade paperback is expected in May of 2023. The book has already garnered nearly 4,000 reviews on Amazon maintaining a 4.5 star average. 

Find out what secrets Anna’s husband has been keeping here

What We Find (Sullivan’s Crossing Book 1)

What We Find (Sullivan's Crossing Book 1)

A fatal surgery and a lawsuit send burned-out neurosurgeon, Maggie, back to the one place she knows she’ll find solace: Sullivan’s Crossing. The land and country store have been in her family for generations, and Maggie’s father is currently running things. However, Maggie suddenly finds herself taking on more responsibility than she originally planned, and she is super grateful — although wary — of the help offered by a mysterious hiker named Cal.

A contemporary romance, What We Find explores the healing power of family, familiar territory, and the majesty of Colorado. It was published in 2016 and makes for a great kick-off to the Sullivan’s Crossing series. 

Will Cal and Maggie’s relationship blossom? Find out here

Return to Virgin River (Virgin River Book 21)

Return to Virgin River: A Novel

Successful author Kaylee Sloan loved her Southern California home, but her mom’s passing has left too many painful memories behind. With a deadline looming, Kaylee heads to Virgin River to finish grieving and (hopefully!) get over her writer’s block. Upon her arrival, Kaylee finds a town full of people ready to turn a stranger into a friend, and a local dog trainer who can help Kaylee do more than care for the strays she has found. 

Return to Virgin River was published in 2020, and it marks the 21st Virgin River novel. This contemporary romance series is also a popular Netflix series. 

See if Kaylee gets over her writer’s block and finds her feet in Virgin River. 

The Family Gathering (Sullivan’s Crossing Book 3)

The Family Gathering (Sullivan's Crossing Book 3)

Fresh out of the military, Dakota isn’t sure what to do next. So, he heads to Sullivan’s Crossing where two of his siblings have found their happily ever after. While being the new blood in town certainly has its perks, Dakota seems to get attention from all the single women except the one he happens to be interested in. He finds a bit of a struggle while settling into life in Sullivan’s Crossing, but getting closer with his siblings and figuring out the true meaning of home are worth the strife. 

Book three in the series brings laughter and tears with its emotionally charged family dynamics. First out in hardcover in 2018, The Family Gathering is now available in hardcover, ebook, kindle, and mass market paperback.

Follow Dakota on his journey home. 

Sunrise on Half Moon Bay

Sunrise on Half Moon Bay

Sisters Adele and Justine love each other, but being born 20 years apart has left them as virtual strangers. When their ailing parents require a full-time caregiver, Adele drops out of college to take on the role, while successful lawyer Justine foots the bill. After their parents pass, both sisters are facing an unknown future. Together they begin to put the pieces back together and find the courage to face their personal challenges. 

A contemporary women’s fiction novel, Sunrise on Half Moon Bay takes an in-depth look at sisterhood and the importance of facing change head on. It was originally published in 2020, and is available in hardcover, mass market paperback, Kindle, and as an audio book. 

Grab your copy of this standalone novel today.

The Wanderer (Thunder Point Book 1)

The Wanderer: Thunder Point, Book 1

Hank has never been one to stick around in one place for very long. But when an old friend leaves him with some prime beachfront property, Hank has to choose between his first impulse and the entire destiny of a small town — a small town that’s home to the beautiful and complicated Sarah Dupre. 

The first novel in the Thunder Point series, The Wanderer was originally published in 2013. Carr fans on Amazon have rated it 4.4 stars, and it is available in hardcover, kindle, and audiobook. 

Will Hank keep the coveted beachfront property, or will he sell out his new neighbors? Find out here

The Country Guesthouse (Sullivan’s Crossing Book 5)

The Country Guesthouse: A Sullivan's Crossing Novel

After the death of her best friend, Hannah is suddenly thrust into motherhood as the caretaker of her friend’s five-year-old son, Noah. Hannah knows she and the boy need time to bond, so she rents a house on a beautiful lake in Colorado. The grieving pair are greeted at the rental home by a loveable Great Dane and its handsome owner, Owen. As Noah bonds with the dog, Hannah finds herself doing some bonding of her own. 

The Country Guesthouse focuses on the grieving process and the power of a mother’s love — even if the mother didn’t give birth to the child. It is an emotional edition to the Sullivan’s Crossing series.

Find out how Noah and Hannah become a family here

The Hero (Thunder Point Book 3)

The Hero (Thunder Point Book 3)

In book three of the Thunder Point series, Devon, fleeing violence with her young daughter, finds her way to a small Oregon town. Seeking safety and anonymity, Devon instead finds a town ready to help and a man gentle enough to heal her wounded heart. 

The Hero was originally published in 2013 and is available as an eBook, mass market paperback, and as an audiobook. It has a 68% 5-star rating on Amazon with more than 3,000 reviews. 

Grab book three for a heartfelt romance full of warmth and charm. 

The View from Alameda Island

The View from Alameda Island

While everyone may see Lauren’s life as picture perfect, she’s ready to break from her controlling husband. Her life-changing decision puts her on the path to happiness, and she even meets a loving man who understands the hardship of living within an unhappy marriage. But Lauren’s ex-husband isn’t ready to give up his “perfect life” so easily. 

The View from Alameda Island first hit the shelves in 2019, and since then it has been inspiring readers with its triumphant look at love and the power of fighting for your own happiness. It is a standalone novel that 70% of readers give 5-stars!

Fall in love with Lauren’s triumphant spirit here

Wildest Dreams (Thunder Point Book 9)

Wildest Dreams (Thunder Point Book 9)

Back to Thunder Point again for book nine, Wildest Dreams, which follows Blake in his search for a place to call home. He finds a place to put down roots in Thunder Point, a sleepy town and a perfect place to train for his next triathlon. But his thoughts of a quiet life in solitude are happily dashed when he meets Lin Su, a single mother dealing with more than she can easily handle. Blake makes it his goal to convince Lin Su that he is willing and capable of sharing the burden. 

Wildest Dreams has been a fan favorite since it was published in 2015. It is currently ranked at 411 on Amazon’s Small Town & Rural Fiction list.

See if Blake can manage to convince Lin Su that he can be the family that she needs. 

Virgin River (Virgin River Book 1)

Virgin River: Virgin River, Book 1

No list of Robyn Carr books would be complete without the novel that started it all: Virgin River

When Melinda, recently widowed, saw a wanted ad for a midwife in a small California town of 600 people, she knew that it was the place she needed to be. Hoping to heal herself by caring for others, she heads to Virgin River. But the promised cabin is less than ideal, and the local doctor doesn’t exactly give Melinda a warm welcome. Regretting her decision, she makes plans to move on — until an abandoned baby and the intriguing Jack Sheridan give her reason to stay.

The Virgin River series has sold more than 13 million copies, and book one landed on the HarperCollins 200 list — a list of iconic books published in the last 200 years!

Start your Virgin River journey here.

Informed Risk

Informed Risk

As a firefighter, Mike is used to rescuing people, but he doesn’t typically want to bring them home with him. When he pulls Christine out of a burning building, however, something makes him want to keep her close. The protective feeling extends to her kids, and soon Mike is having all types of familial feelings. But will Christine want to stay once she gets back on her feet?

Originally published in 1989, Informed Risk has been charming readers for decades. Highly ranked in the Small Town & Rural Fiction category and the Romance category, it doesn’t show any signs of slowing.

Will Christine and Mike take the risk and follow their hearts? Find out here

Whispering Rock (Virgin River Book 3)

Whispering Rock: Book 3 of Virgin River series

A harrowing incident with a criminal sent prosecutor Brie from the big city of Sacramento to the small town Virgin River. After being wounded as an LAPD officer, Mike takes a small town job so he can settle down. Mike is sure Brie is the woman who can keep his heart forever, but he will need to plead his case to convince her as well. 

Book three in the Virgin River series, Whispering Rock was published in 2007. It maintains over 4 stars on Amazon with 73% of people giving it 5 stars, and it is currently ranked 102 in the Kindle Store’s Holiday Romance list. 

Find out if Brie gives Mike a go of it here

Four Friends

Four Friends

In Four Friends, four friends look to make transformations in their lives — both big and small. Gerri’s world is rocked by the cracks in her marriage, Andy finds herself looking for love in an unexpected place, Sonja is reeling from her husband’s decision to walk out on their marriage, and BJ opens up about the secrets she has been keeping hidden. Each woman goes on a journey of happiness and growth.

This standalone novel was originally published in 2014, and it has been selling quite well ever since. It is currently ranked under 200 in the Small Town & Rural Fiction category, and it consistently gets 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Grow with Gerri, Sonja, Andy, and BJ. 

Forbidden Falls (Virgin River Book 9)

Forbidden Falls (Virgin River Book 9)

Another Virgin River book, Forbidden Falls follows Noah, a disillusioned reverend who bought a small town church on eBay. Noah expected hard work rebuilding the abandoned church upon his arrival in Virgin River. What he didn’t expect was finding a helpmate in former exotic dancer Ellie. But her determination to win back her kids earns his respect, and the pair begin to find happiness on their own accord. 

The Virgin River series was called “captivating” by the Library Journal, and book nine definitely keeps the reader’s attention. It is rated 4.6 stars on Amazon with over 7,000 reviews. 

Will Ellie and Noah be able to overcome their differences and build a life as well as a church? Find out here

Never Too Late

Never Too Late: A Novel

Clare, enlisting the help of her sisters, has finally decided to leave her cheating husband. Soon after finding freedom for the first time in years, she is in a car accident that almost proves fatal. The tragedy soon turns to good fortune as it forces Clare to finally see that she has control over her own path — and that it is never too late for a new beginning. 

Published in 2006, the themes in Never Too Late still ring true almost 20 years later. Readers have fallen in love with the three sisters and are rooting for Clare page after page. 

Follow Clare down her paths of self discovery. 

The Summer That Made Us

The Summer That Made Us: A Novel

Diving into the complexities of grief and family connections, The Summer That Made Us centers on the Hempsteads. A pair of sisters married to a pair of brothers, the Hempsteads spend their summers at a family lake house where their six collective children enjoy lazy lake days — until tragedy strikes. Now, the family connections are strained and the lake house is boarded up. But one woman in the family isn’t ready to give up on the Hempsteads. 

The Summer That Made Us is about forgiveness and acceptance. The story looks at the bonds of family relationships and the value of female connections. It continues to rank highly in Women’s Domestic Life and Contemporary Women’s Fiction. 

Learn whether the Hempsteads manage to leave the past behind and reforge their bond here

Blue Skies

Blue Skies

For Nikki, Dixie, and Carlisle, relationships haven’t had the best outcome. So when the trio of friends learn about a new airline in Las Vegas, they all jump on the chance to join. With little to lose and so much to gain, these friends go on a journey to each find their own blue sky.

Blue Skies is a standalone novel that has become a fan favorite with Carr’s avid readers. It was originally published in 2004, and has garnered over 4,000 reviews on Amazon. It ranks highly in Women’s Domestic Life Fiction and Women’s Romance categories. 

Follow these three friends as they head off into new horizons. 

The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

Charlene never wanted to get married again, and for 25 years, she has been able to keep that promise to herself. But for some reason, nearly three decades after her divorce, she finds herself telling her beau Dennis that they should get married — and that’s when things start to go off the rails. Will Charlene get cold feet? 

The Wedding Party is a contemporary romance with lots of laughs. It hit the shelves in 2001, and it is now available in paperback, on Kindle, and in audio form. Amazon readers give it 4.4 stars with over 2,000 reviews.

Find out if Charlene walks down the aisle…again. 

Honorable Mentions


Is Robyn Carr still writing books?

Yes! There is a new book scheduled for release in 2024 called The Friendship Club.

How many series does Robyn Carr have?

As of 2023, Carr has four different series (as well as a slew of standalone books). Her series include Virgin River, Grace Valley, Sullivan’s Crossing, and Thunder Point.

Is the Virgin River book series complete?

Right now there are 21 books in the Virgin River series, and according to Carr’s personal website, no news of an upcoming novel. However, there is also no mention on the 21st book’s page that it is the final book in the series. 

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