5 Brilliant Books Like Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a beloved book series that has left an indelible mark on culture. Starring a young sleuth named Nancy Drew, this mystery book series is about the teenager’s adventures as she tries to solve various mysteries.

5 Brilliant Books Like Nancy Drew

First appearing in 1930, Nancy Drew has since made her way into film and television. Since then, more than 170 novels have been published under the banner of the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.

Interestingly, many of these books have different authors. However, they have been ghostwritten using the pseudonym of Carolyn Keene, thus adding a sense of mystery to the authorship of these titles.

The first novel in this series is The Secret of the Old Clock, which introduces the character of 16-year-old Nancy Drew. The book centers around Nancy’s gourmet to uncover a missing will.

Since its original release in 1930, The Secret of the Old Clock has become a bestselling novel.

Other entries into this charming franchise include The Mystery at Lilac Inn, Nancy’s Mysterious Letter, and The Scarlet Slipper Mystery.

If you’re a fan of Nancy Drew, then you will seriously love books such as The Tower Treasure, The Secret of the Mansion, The Secret Key, Nobody Knows But You, and The Hazel Wood. Check out this list of the 5 best books that you should read once you’ve finished reading Nancy Drew.

Themes In Nancy Drew

Themes In Nancy Drew

As a mystery series, the Nancy Drew books explore fascinating themes, such as:


Through her endeavors to solve mysteries, Nancy pursues justice. She becomes a symbolic figure of justice, often helping to capture the criminals that deserve punishment.

Without Nancy, injustice would strive in these narratives.

Good Vs Evil

During her mysteries, Nancy often had to confront villainous individuals. For instance, in The Password to Larkspur Lane, Nancy has to confront a nefarious doctor.

As a book series aimed at younger readers, Nancy Drew has a rather black-and-white portrayal of good vs evil. Often, good triumphs over evil, thus teaching readers an important lesson about morality.


Nancy is a young protagonist who acts as an amateur sleuth. Despite her youth, Nancy is a resourceful and independent character who is skilled at solving crimes.

Thus, her abilities contrast with her youthful personality. The book series highlights the potential that the youth have and underlines the importance of not underestimating them.


Lastly, this book series stresses the significance of honesty.

As the protagonist, Nancy represents honesty while the criminals that she pursues symbolize a lack of honesty. Nancy aims to expose this absence of honesty through her sleuthing.

Books Like Nancy Drew

The Tower Treasure (The Hardy Boys)

The Tower Treasure: The Hardy Boys Book 1 (Hardy Boys Mysteries)

The Tower Treasure is the first book in The Hardy Boys series, which is often considered the male counterpart of Nancy Drew. This bestselling children’s book series is written by the ghostwriting name Franklin W. Dixon.

Published in 1927, The Tower of Treasure is a classic novel that introduced the Hardy brothers Joe and Frank.

In this dynamic first adventure, the brothers explore the mumbling words of a dying man as they search for the hidden treasures buried in a decaying tower.

The Hardy Boys books have a similar vibe and style to the Nancy Drew series. If you have a passion for mystery books, you will adore The Tower Treasure.

If you liked this book, feel free to try some of the other Hardy Boys adventures.


  • Edward Stratemeyer created both Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. Specifically, Nancy Drew was crafted as the female counterpart to this book series.
  • Like Nancy Drew, this is a long book series with numerous entries.


  • The Tower Treasure was first published in 1927, meaning that this series may feel a little bit dated for modern readers.

Themes: Good vs evil, determination, youth, curiosity, justice.

The Hazel Wood

Hazel Wood (The Hazel Wood, 1)

Melissa Albert’s The Hazel Wood is a bestselling mystery with fantasy vibes. The book centers around Alice, a seventeen-year-old girl who is continuously followed by bad luck.

However, this bad luck soon catches up to Alice. Her grandmother, a beloved and reclusive fairy tale author, dies, Meanwhile, her mother disappears.

To find her mother, Alice has to join forces with Ellery Finch, who is a devout fan of her grandmother’s writing. During this quest, Alice must enter Hazel Wood, the setting of her grandmother’s books.

Loaded with fantasy and mystery, The Hazel Wood is a bewitching book that readers will adore. Thanks to its mystery vibes, The Hazel Wood is a superb substitute for the Nancy Drew books.


  • Thanks to its fantasy elements, The Hazel Wood has a more unique vibe than other books on this list.
  • Albert creates a narrative mystery that readers will want to get to the bottom of.


  • The Hazel Wood is a little more mature than some of the other books. As a result, it may not be suitable for some younger readers.

Themes: Mystery, fantasy, luck, friendship, writing.

Nobody Knows But You

Nobody Knows But You

If you adore intense novels, the page-turning Nobody Knows But You is sure to be a hit! This story centers around a death at a summer camp that is bound to have a lasting impact.

Kayla and Lainie are best friends and they fiercely keep one another’s secrets. Even Lainie’s boyfriend won’t get in their way.

Not even death can pull their friendship apart, even when one of these friends becomes the prime suspect in the murder.

Dark and seductive, Nobody Knows But You is a compelling book that mystery fans will adore. It’s a little more mature than the Nancy Drew series, yet slightly older readers will appreciate the maturity of this mystery.


  • Kayla and Lainie have an engrossing friendship that is at the heart of this novel.
  • If you adore young adult novels, you will love Nobody Knows But You. It is best suited to young adult readers.


Themes: Friendship, mystery, death, youth.

The Secret Key

The Secret Key (Agatha Oddly)

Up next, The Secret Key is the first book in the amazing Agatha Oddly series. Written by Lena Jones, this series stars Agatha, a thirteen-year-old girl with a passion for detective work. This determined heroine has cultivated a large number of fans.

Agatha possesses a secret key, which gives her the bewitching ability to access the secret elements of London. Using this tool, Agatha aims to save London. But who can she trust?

Focusing on a young female detective who solves mysteries, The Secret Key focuses on a narrative that’s incredibly similar to the Nancy Drew books.

Yet, this book feels like a more modern version of this story that stars a character who is better suited to modern audiences. If you adore mysteries, you will appreciate The Secret Key.


  • The Secret Key modernizes the mystery narrative so that it’s better for new readers.
  • Agatha is a fascinating protagonist who is dripping with charisma.


  • Some readers may not like the ending, which some may interpret as being somewhat over the top.

Themes: Mysteries, justice, youth, secrets, deceit.

The Secret Of The Mansion (Trixie Belden)

The Secret of the Mansion (Trixie Belden)

Last but not least, Trixie Belden is remarkably similar to the Nancy Drew series. Trixie Belden is the name of the titular character of a detective series that many readers cherish.

They have a quaint vibe that is striking close to Nancy Drew.

Trixie Belden is a teenager who solves crimes with her close friend Honey Wheeler. These characters first appeared in The Secret of the Mansion by Julie Campbell.

The book tells the story of Trixie’s summer as she explores a nearby rundown mansion.

If you love the writing style of the Nancy Drew books, you will cherish this series. As both mysteries star a young female protagonist, there is a lot of overlap between their narratives.


  • The Trixie Belden is perhaps the series that closest embodies the qualities of the Nancy Drew books.
  • Trixie is a compelling protagonist that readers will fall in love with.


  • As a protagonist, Trixie Belden is not as sophisticated and complex as Nancy Drew.

Themes: Youth, mystery, good vs evil, curiosity.

Final Thoughts

The Nancy Drew book series tells the delightful tale of a determined girl who solves mysteries. It’s no wonder that such a compelling character has managed to capture the imagination of a generation of readers.

If you’ve finished the Nancy Drew series, it can be hard to find a book that lives up to these high standards.

Yet, numerous books are ideal for fans of this series. If you adore the Nancy Drew series, you may fall in love with these brilliant books!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can 14-Year-Olds Read Nancy Drew?

Yes, 14-year-olds can read Nancy Drew. This series is suitable for readers over the age of 8 years.

Is Nancy Drew Worth Reading?

Yes, Nancy Drew is worth reading. It’s a great option for younger readers, but some older readers can also appreciate the magnificent mysteries of the book series.

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