All 200+ Goosebumps Books In Order – Ultimate List

When it comes to horror books that really give you the chills, then you can’t go wrong with Goosebumps. This young adult horror series became a huge hit and has sold millions of copies around the world, but how many are there exactly?

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How Many Goosebumps Books Are There? – We List All 200+ Goosebumps Books

Well, you might be pleased to know that there are over 200 Goosebumps titles. Some of these books form part of a series (such as the Monster Blood books), which spanned over a few years.

The original series finished in 1997, but the franchise continued well into the 2000s. These books were written by R.L. Stine has been adapted into a television series and a movie starring Jack Black.

What Are Goosebumps Books?

Goosebumps was a horror series that first began in 1992 by R.L. Stine with a book called ‘Welcome To The Dead House’. This soon became a series of books, most of them focusing on children who have to overcome some sort of evil monster.

Some books can be read as a one-off, although there are plenty of books in the series that are sequels to previous Goosebumps novels. But what are the main Goosebumps titles? Well, I’m going to list them all for you right here.

20 Goosebumps Books (In Chronological Order)

Welcome To Dead House (1992)

Welcome to Dead House (Classic Goosebumps)

Two children, Josh and Amanda, find a house that they believe to be haunted, despite what their parents tell them.



  • Not as scary as some other Goosebumps books

Stay Out Of The Basement (1992)

Classic Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement

Margaret and Casey Brewer are worried about the thing their dad is growing in the basement.


  • A scary thriller
  • Will keep you turning the page from beginning to end


  • If you’re scared of the dark, do not read!

Monster Blood (1992)

Monster Blood (Classic Goosebumps #3)

When a young boy called Evan finds an old tin of something called ‘Monster Blood’, he’s fascinated. But the problem is that it keeps growing…


  • One of the best entries in the Monster Blood series
  • Great for fans of old B-movies


  • Might be too terrifying for younger readers

Say Cheese and Die! (1992)

Goosebumps: Say Cheese and Die!

This Goosebumps book follows Greg who finds a cool old camera. However, when he takes pictures, they come out showing a catastrophic future event.


  • A chilling installment in the Goosebumps series
  • An action-packed read


  • Another one that might be too scary for younger readers

The Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb (1992)

Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (Classic Goosebumps #6)

Gabe is unearthing some secrets in an ancient Egyptian tomb, however, he soon finds out that there are some secrets best left undisturbed.


  • An adventure with scares
  • A great central character


  • Not your traditional Goosebumps book

Let’s Get Invisible! (1992)

Let's Get Invisible! (Classic Goosebumps #24) (24)

We’ve all fantasized about becoming invisible, right? However, when Max and his friends find a magic mirror that makes them invisible, they discover there are consequences.


  • A common fantasy made all too real
  • A unsettling story


  • Too creepy for really young readers

Night Of The Living Dummy (1993)

Night of the Living Dummy (Classic Goosebumps #1) (1)

This is a classic of the original Goosebumps series, introducing the recurring character of Slappy, a ventriloquist dummy. This is where we first find out that this dummy can really cause some problems.


  • Introduces a classic Goosebumps character
  • A great story with a terrifying end


  • If you have a fear of dummies, avoid this book!

The Girl Who Cried Monster (1993)

The Girl Who Cried Monster (Goosebumps, No. 8)

This is another classic Goosebumps that really propelled the early series into global fame. This is about a young girl called Lucy who notices something very strange about the school librarian.


  • Another Goosebumps classic
  • If you like monsters, this is a great read


Welcome To Camp Nightmare (1993)

Welcome to Camp Nightmare (Classic Goosebumps #14) (14)

This is the story of Billy, who goes to a special camp for the summer. But he soon notices the camp counselors are a little strange and when his other campmates start to vanish, he knows something is seriously wrong.


  • A great read to take on summer camp
  • Perfect for older teenagers


  • Too frightening for young readers

The Ghost Next Door (1993)

The Ghost Next Door (Goosebumps)

Hannah has noticed that a young boy has moved into the abandoned house next door… but is everything as it seems?


  • A chilling tale of suburban ghosts
  • One of the best Goosebumps books


  • Don’t read this one before bedtime

The Haunted Mask (1993)

The Haunted Mask (Classic Goosebumps #4) (4)

We all like to dress up on Halloween, and there’s nothing scarier than a monster mask. But what if you couldn’t take it off? That’s what the Haunted Mask is about.


  • Taps into a very real fear
  • The perfect Halloween read


  • Might be triggering for younger readers

Be Careful What You Wish For… (1993)

Be Careful What You Wish For (Classic Goosebumps #7) (7)

Have you ever wanted three wishes to do whatever you want with? Well, that’s what happens with Samantha Byrd, however, her wishes soon turn her life into a living hell.


  • A great Goosebumps novel
  • A standalone book


  • Might be too chilling for younger readers

Piano Lessons Can Be Murder (1993)

Piano Lessons Can Murder

If you’ve ever tried taking piano lessons, then this might be the scare story for you. Jerry hears tales about his creepy piano teacher, one of which is that none of his students lives to complete a lesson.


  • A great Goosebumps book for any musician
  • The perfect starting point for Goosebumps


  • Not enough monsters in this one

The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp (1993)

Werewolf of Fever Swamp (Classic Goosebumps #11) (11)

A lot of people believe that Gray’s dog is responsible for howling into the night and eating the farmer’s rabbits. But who is really responsible for terrorizing Fever Swamp?


  • Great for fans of werewolves
  • A very creepy setting


  • Features some gruesome animal mutilations

You Can’t Scare Me! (1993)

You Can't Scare Me! (Classic Goosebumps #17) (17)

If you think of yourself as a difficult person to scare, then you might think twice before reading this book. Eddie plans on luring the unscare-able Courtney to Mud Creek to show her the mud monsters, but are they just a rumor?


  • A great Halloween book
  • Buy this for a friend who thinks you can’t scare them


  • Might actually be too scary for younger readers

One Day At Horrorland (1994)

One Day at HorrorLand (Classic Goosebumps #5) (5)

What could be wrong with a theme park with rides called things like ‘Werewolf Village’, ‘The Doom Slide’ or ‘The Coffin Cruise’? Well, it turns out Horrorland could be the last vacation for the Morris family.


  • A great read for vacation
  • This book comes with more bonus material than the original


  • This won’t do anything to alleviate your fear of rollercoasters

Why I’m Afraid Of Bees (1994)

Why I'm Afraid of Bees (Goosebumps #17)

Gary wants to get away from the bullies in his school, so he chooses to be transferred into a different body. However, something goes wrong and Gary ends up in a body that isn’t exactly… human.


  • Great for people who like insect scares
  • Mixed sci-fi and horror


  • If you have bee-fear, stay away from this book

Monster Blood II (1994)

Monster Blood II (Goosebumps)

This next installment in the infamous Monster Blood series, where the hero Evan once again has to face the mysterious substance, which has now turned into a giant rodent.


  • Great for those who liked the first Monster Blood
  • Even scarier than the last one!


  • If you like animals, then you might want to give Monster Blood a miss

Deep Trouble (1994)

Deep Trouble (Classic Goosebumps #2) (2)

When Sheena and Billy visit their Uncle on a Caribbean island, they revel in the sun, sand and swimming. However, when they visit the coral reefs they are told to stay away from, they get a frightening fishy surprise.


  • Great for those who like water-based adventures
  • This edition features extra real-life shark stories


  • We might not recommend this one for a beach read

The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight (1994)

The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight (Classic Goosebumps #16) (16)

When Jodie goes to visit her grandparents’ farm, she notices that something is different about the things standing in the field. Could the new scarecrows be responsible for the crops not growing this year?


  • A very scary Goosebumps tale
  • Great female-centered story


  • Might be too scary for younger readers

Other Goosebumps Books

There are so many Goosebumps books, we can’t go into them all. So here is a list of every single Goosebumps book.

Goosebumps Original Series

Give Yourself Goosebumps Series

This is a series of books where the reader chooses different paths to take, resulting in many endings.

Give Yourself Goosebumps Special Editions

Goosebumps 2000 Series

This is separate from the original series, intended to mark out a new series for the new millennium.

Goosebumps Graphix

Next up, we have a series of Goosebumps graphic novels based on the original series.

Goosebumps Horrorland (First Arc)

This is a spin-off of the original series that R.L. Stine wrote 10 years later.

Goosebumps Horrorland (Second Arc)

Goosebumps Most Wanted Series

This is another more recent series in the Goosebumps canon.

Goosebumps Most Wanted Special Edition Books

Goosebumps Special Edition Collections

Goosebumps SlappyWorld Series

This series features the prominent character Slappy as the main narrator or villain.

Goosebumps: Hall Of Horrors Books

Goosebumps Special Books

Goosebumps The Movie Books


I hope that my ultimate guide to the Goosebumps books has given you a better idea of what this series has to offer and where you should start.

The great thing about Goosebumps is the fact that the more you delve into it, the more you’ll see certain characters cropping up again and again. This is a huge series and with over 200 titles at your disposal, you can pick and choose which novels to read.

These are perfect novels for young adults, giving them plenty of chills, but not so scary that they won’t be able to sleep at night. Another great thing about this series is the fact that they are very well-written and short enough to read in a single afternoon.

If you are a parent, then you can buy a couple of Goosebumps books to keep the kids busy when you are on vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Read The Goosebumps Books In Order?

No, we have only put them in order so you can see when they were released. Most of these books are standalone, meaning you can read just one or two and never have to return to the series again.

How Many Goosebumps Books Are There?

In the original series, there were 62 Goosebumps books. However, there are over 100 titles affiliated with the original series.

Are There Any Goosebumps Movies?

There are currently two Goosebumps movies: Goosebumps, which was released in 2015 and Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, released in 2018.

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