What Are The Michael Connelly Books In Order? – 60+ Great Titles

We all love a good thriller novel, I know I do! And when it comes to riveting thriller novels, then writer Michael Connelly is one of the best.

He is largely known for the Harry Bosch series of novels and his books have sold over 80 million copies worldwide.

What Are The Michael Connelly Books In Order – 60+ Great Titles

Michael Connelly has hit the top of the New York bestseller list multiple times, although originally, he wanted to get into working construction.

However, he changed his mind in university and studied journalism, writing crime reports in Florida, during which time he wrote his first 3 novels.

The Harry Bosch series is among his most popular series.

They are not standalone novels, so it does matter whether you read them in order, there is a solid chronology throughout as well as recurring characters that span many books.

Who Is Michael Connelly?

Michael Connelly is the author of 34 novels, which include the Hieronymus ‘Harry’ Bosch, an LAPD detective.

Connelly gained much notoriety in 1994 when the current president Bill Clinton was photographed carrying one of his novels.

His books have been adapted into films such as ‘Blook Work’, which starred Clint Eastwood and ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ starring Matthew McConaughey.

List Of Michael Connelly Books (In Publication Order)

There are a few ways to read Michael Connelly novels, especially the Harry Bosch series. Because a lot of these novels are standalone, you can read them in any order.

However, to understand a lot of the plot details, I recommend reading them in publication order.

This is also because Connelly’s style changes with each book. If you read it out of sequence, the style changes might seem a lot more jarring to you.

If you are an ardent fan of Connelly and plan on reading these books more than once, then you can read them in order of preference the second time.

If you are going to start anywhere with Michael Connelly, we would suggest that you first start with a Harry Bosch novel.

This is the character that Connelly is famous for and one that he returns to again and again, making him the perfect cipher for Connelly’s world.

Now I’m going to take a deep dive into Michael Connelly’s oeuvre in order of publication, along with a brief description of each novel.

The Black Echo (1992)

The Black Echo: A Novel (A Harry Bosch Novel Book 1)

This is the first novel of the harry Bosch series and the first in a trilogy of novels featuring this character.

This novel won the Edgar Award for best first novel and its starts with a new case for Harry Bosch – a dead narcotics officer and the rampant spread of a new drug called Black Ice.


  • A murder, drugs, a mystery – all the best thriller ingredients
  • Harry Bosch is an old school detective
  • Great for Raymond Chandler fans


  • Some readers have described this novel as too slow

The Black Ice (1993)

The Black Ice (Harry Bosch)

This is the second in the Harry Bosch series and we are introduced to the main character in the standard thriller fashion: a body riddled with bullets.

In this case, the body is that of an LAPD detective, which leads Harry Bosch to a series of murders of which he soon becomes the next target.


  • · An electrifying second novel
  • · Another perfect introduction for anyone getting into the world of Harry Bosch
  • · Great for readers young and old


  • Some readers describe this book as a ‘pot boiler’

The Concrete Blonde (1994)

The Concrete Blonde (A Harry Bosch Novel, 3)

Next up, we have the third and final installment of the Black Ice trilogy.

This one follows the case of a serial killer called The Dollmaker that Harry Bosch thought he shot many years ago.

However, with the revelation of another death with the Dollmakers trademark, Harry has to question everything he thought was true about this case.


  • A great ending to this original trilogy
  • A grim series of murders
  • Gripping and unexpected narrative turns


  • Might be too dark for a lot of readers

The Last Coyote (1995)

The Last Coyote (A Harry Bosch Novel, 4)

Now we have another Harry Bosch novel in a new series on novels. In this book, Harry has to delve into his past to solve the murder of his own mother.

With his nerves on the edge, will he be able to handle some of the revelations of this case?


  • A great psychological delving into Harry Bosch’s mind
  • Over 10,000 great reviews on Amazon
  • A complex thriller


  • Requires you to read ‘The Concrete Blonde’ first

The Poet (1996)

The Poet (Jack McEvoy, 1)

This next book is the first one where we are introduced to a new character: Jack McEvoy, a reporter who trails the crime beat in Denver.

When his brother takes his own life, McEvoy turns to writing to help him deal with it, but in doing so he uncovers a serial killer case that will change everything.


  • Another very popular and successful Michael Connolly novel
  • Action-packed and riveting
  • A great introduction to a new character Jack McEvoy


  • Don’t expect Harry Bosch in this novel

Trunk Music (1997)

Trunk Music (Harry Bosch Series)

Now we return to the main Harry Bosch narrative, with Harry returning to his job after being dismissed in the previous novel ‘The Last Coyote’.

Now that he’s back on the beat, he is thrust into a new case – a murder in the Hollywood hills that bears all the hallmarks of a Mafia-style killing. But is this the case?


  • Great for fans of old school glamorous thrillers
  • Another gripping Harry Bosch case
  • Thousands of great reviews


  • Some readers have described this book as being very cliched

Blood Work (1998)

Blood Work

This next book you might already have seen as a film starring Clint Eastwood.

This is the nail-biting story of FBI agent Terry McCaleb who must track down the murderer of the man who gave him his heart in a transplant.

This novel is the winner of multiple awards and has thousands of great reviews online.


  • As gripping as the movie adaptation
  • Winner of the Macavity Award for Best First Novel
  • A great central premise


  • Some readers have complained about the slow pace of this novel

Angels Flight (1999)

Angels Flight (A Harry Bosch Novel, 6)

This next novel is a return to the Harry Bosch character in a new thriller.

The case that Harry has to solve this time is outside of his usual remit, but the victim has gained so many enemies in the LAPD, that simply nobody else wants to solve it.

However, as it unravels, Harry discovers there are plenty of people inside the LAPD that had the motive to kill.


  • This has thousands of great reviews on Amazon
  • A great mystery that deals with LAPD corruption
  • Reviewers have commented on the fantastic pacing


  • Some readers have described this novel as cliched in places

Void Moon (1999)

Void Moon

This next novel is a standalone featuring Cassie Black, the high-balling ex-con who wants to execute the perfect heist.

However, when a Vegas heist goes badly wrong, Cassie finds herself the target of a serial killer that wants to get rid of all the people who did the job in the first place.


  • A great standalone thriller
  • Don’t need any knowledge of the other novels
  • Perfect for the casual reader


  • If you love a Harry Bosch novel, then skip this one

A Darkness More Than Night (2000)

A Darkness More Than Night (Harry Bosch Series) (Terry Mccaleb 2)

Now, if you are a fan of crossovers, then this is a great novel.

This is where ex-FBI agent Terry McCaleb (lead character in ‘Blood Work’) crosses paths with the straight-shooting Harry Bosch, as both get entangled in the death of a low-level criminal.


  • The perfect novel for Terry McCaleb and Harry Bosch fans
  • An exciting novel from start to finish
  • A great vacation read


  • There might not be enough Harry Bosch for some readers

City Of Bones (2002)

City of Bones (Harry Bosch)

This is another full-blown Harry Bosch novel, which will very much satisfy the readers of the last novel, who really wanted more from the LA detective.

This story involves another murder in the Hollywood hills and has many twists and turns, which is great for anyone who wants a real page-turner.


  • This is a novel with thousands of great reviews
  • One of the better Harry Bosch novels
  • Great for anyone who is a fan of old-school thrillers


  • Some readers have described the pacing as ‘too languid’

Lost Light (2003)

Lost Light (Harry Bosch Series)

Harry Bosch is firmly in retirement, but it is not long before the case of a killer drags him back into the spotlight so he can solve the case.

This is another Hollywood murder that fuses crime with film glitz, although when Bosch meets someone from his past, he will have to face some old demons.


  • Another great murder novel that will keep readers guessing
  • Harry Bosch is pitted against the FBI again
  • A better novel for a casual reader


  • There are some readers who claim to be tired of the Harry Bosch formula

The Narrows (2004)

The Narrows (A Harry Bosch Novel Book 10)

Now we have another novel that harkens back to an old storyline and brings back a familiar villain: The Poet.

This Michael Connelly novel is the first one to feature a female lead, although Rachel Walling does finally team up with Harry Bosch to try and crack the case, facing both The Poet and the FBI.


  • Plenty to keep the Michael Connelly fan engaged
  • Perfect for those who liked The Poet
  • A high body count


  • Some readers might feel this novel retreads old ground

The Closers (2005)

The Closers (Harry Bosch)

Despite having walked away from a case 3 years ago, Harry Bosch cannot resist teaming up with an unsolved mysteries division to solve the death of a teenager.

Despite all the evidence pointing to a two-bit criminal, Bosch digs deeper to expose a truth that nobody could have expected.


  • If you like plenty of twists and turns in your thrillers, this is the book for you
  • A riveting Harry Bosch novel
  • Readers have praised the weaving of many elements into one novel


  • A few readers have claimed that the dialogue is hard to follow

The Lincoln Lawyer (2005)

The Lincoln Lawyer A Lincoln Lawyer Novel, Book 1) (A Lincoln Lawyer Novel, 1)

This is the first novel that features Mickey Haller, a defense attorney that represents the lowest of the low: drug dealers, conmen and hit and run drivers.

When he is called to represent a playboy accused of hitting his girlfriend, it’s all in a day’s work for Haller.

However, when someone close to him is murdered, he is thrown into a fight for his life.


  • First action-packed Mickey Haller novel
  • An acclaimed film starring Matthew McConaughey
  • A bestselling novel


  • Some readers found this book stereotypical

Echo Park (2006)

Echo Park

In this Harry Bosch novel, Bosch and his partner Jerry Edgar are about to solve the case of a missing female equestrian.

However, despite questioning a suspect, there is insufficient evidence, and the case remains unsolved.

13 years later, Bosch is working for the unsolved mysteries department when this old case falls at his feet.


  • This is another bombastic chapter in the Harry Bosch series
  • Thousands of great reviews
  • Great pacing and solid characterization


  • This Harry Bosch novel might be too similar to the others

Other Michael Connelly Books

Unfortunately there is not enough space for me to give a detailed synopsis of all of Michael Connelly’s books.

However, you can find out some of the amazing plots for yourself.

The great thing about this series is that characters from the other books make appearances in these books, making for a much richer narrative.

Here is a list of other Michael Connelly books in order of publication:

Short Story Series (In Publication Order)

This is a collection of short stories featuring Harry Bosch.

Jack McEvoy series (In Publication Order)

Terry McCaleb Series (In Publication Order)

This is a list of works that feature the character Terry McCaleb:

  • Blood Work (1998)
  • A Darkness More Than Night (2000)
  • The Narrows (2004)

Mickey Haller Series (In Publication Order)

  • The Lincoln Lawyer (2005)
  • The Brass Verdict (2008)
  • The Reversal (2010)
  • The Fifth Witness (2011)
  • The Gods of Guilt (2013)
  • The Law of Innocence (2020)

Renee Ballard Series (In Publication Order)

  • The Late Show (2017)
  • Dark Sacred Night (2018)
  • The Night Fire (2019)
  • The Dark Hours (2021)
  • Desert Star (2022)

Standalone Novels (In Publication Order)

These are standalone novels that can be read independently of any of the linked series.

We would recommend these novels as a starting point for sny casual reader of Michael Connelly:


If you like your gritty thrillers featuring a regular cast of characters, then I would certainly recommend that you dip into the world of Michael Connelly.

This author really knows his characters and there is a layer of complexity that is added to each one with every story.

There is a reason why these novels are bestsellers and after reading just a few of them, I had to devour the whole series.

There are so many characters to choose from, whether it be Harry Bosch, Jack McEvor, Mickey Haller or female characters like Renee Ballard.

Connelly is a master at showing familiar characters from different perspectives.

Connelly is not limited when it comes to his audiences, although I would steer clear of recommending these novels to younger readers, as some of the plots can get very gory and deeply unsettling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Books Has Michael Connelly Published?

Michael Connelly has authored 31 books of fiction and 1 nonfiction book. He has sold 74 million copies of his books, which have been translated into 40 different languages.

Why Is The Character Named Hieronymus Bosch?

Hieronymus Bosch was the name of a painter in the 15th century, known for his surreal paintings that contained thousands of characters and depictions of heaven and hell.

Michael Connelly studied this artist at university and liked the idea of contrasting these surrealist paintings with modern-day LA.

Are There Any Film Or TV Adaptations Of Michael Connelly’s Books?

Yes, there are a few adaptations of Michael Connelly’s works for both television and film.

Here is a list of them:

Blood Work (2002) – film directed by and starring Clint Eastwood
The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) – film starring Matthew McConaughey
Bosch (2015) – An Amazon series based on multiple Harry Bosch books
The Lincoln Lawyer (2022) – An adaptation actually based on the second Mickey Haller book ‘The Brass Verdict’
Bosch: Legacy (2022) – A spin-off series of 2015’s Bosch Amazon Prime series.

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