10 Best Jackie Collins Books – Hollywood Glamour Romances

If you’re a fan of sultry and scandalous novels, you’ve likely heard of the late, great Jackie Collins. She was a master at crafting captivating stories that blended Hollywood glamour with lively characters and steamy romances. Over the course of her career, Collins wrote over 30 novels, many of which spent weeks on bestseller lists and secured her place as a literary icon. If you’re looking to delve into the world of Jackie Collins, here are the 10 best books you should be sure to check out.

10 Best Jackie Collins Books - Hollywood Glamour Romances

A Brief Introduction to Jackie Collins

Before we dive into the books themselves, let’s take a moment to talk about who Jackie Collins was and what made her writing so beloved. Collins was born in London in 1937, and began writing stories and poems from an early age. Her love for storytelling was evident from the start, and she quickly became a master of her craft.

After moving to Los Angeles in the 1960s, Collins started crafting the books that would launch her onto the literary scene. Her early works were met with critical acclaim, and readers couldn’t get enough of her unique blend of drama, romance, and scandal.

Who is Jackie Collins?

Collins was more than just a writer – she was a cultural force. Her books were more than just page-turners; they were events. People eagerly anticipated each new release, eager to see what new twists and turns Collins had in store for her readers.

She was unapologetic in her portrayals of sex, drugs, and scandal, and her books often tackled themes that were considered controversial for their time. Her influence on popular culture is undeniable – she appeared on numerous talk shows and even had her own television show at one point. She was known for her larger-than-life personality and her unwavering dedication to her craft.

The Impact of Jackie Collins on Popular Culture

Collins was a trailblazer in many ways, particularly when it came to portraying women in a positive and powerful light. Her female characters were often complex and multi-dimensional, and they weren’t afraid to go after what they wanted. Her books were a celebration of female empowerment, and they inspired countless women to chase their dreams and take control of their lives.

Additionally, her books featured a diverse range of characters, including people of color and members of the LGBT community – something that was rare in mainstream literature at the time. Her books opened up new doors for representation and paved the way for other writers to follow in her footsteps.

Overall, Jackie Collins was a true icon of the literary world. Her impact on popular culture will continue to be felt for generations to come, and her books will always be remembered as classics of the genre.

The Santangelo Series

The Santangelo Series is a beloved collection of novels by the renowned author Jackie Collins. These books follow the lives and loves of the Santangelo family, a powerful and influential clan based in the bustling metropolis of New York City. With their gripping plots, complex characters, and steamy romance, the Santangelo books have become a staple of the contemporary fiction genre.

The series is set against the backdrop of the glamorous world of fashion, business, and entertainment, offering readers a glimpse into the high-stakes and cutthroat competition of these industries. From the glitzy runways of New York Fashion Week to the exclusive boardrooms of corporate America, the Santangelo family navigates their way through a world of power, wealth, and intrigue.

Chances (1981)

Chances (Lucky Santangelo Book 1)

The first book in the Santangelo Series, Chances, is a thrilling tale of ambition, love, and revenge. The story follows the indomitable Lucky Santangelo, a young woman with a fierce determination to succeed in a world dominated by men. From her humble beginnings as the daughter of a notorious gangster, Lucky rises to the top of the fashion industry, overcoming countless obstacles and facing down dangerous enemies along the way.

As Lucky’s star continues to rise, she finds herself embroiled in a web of romantic entanglements, including a steamy affair with a charismatic rock star. But when her past comes back to haunt her, Lucky must use all her wits and cunning to protect herself and those she loves.

Lucky (1985)

Lucky (Lucky Santangelo Book 2)

In Lucky, the second book in the series, readers once again follow the intrepid heroine as she faces new challenges and adventures. This time, Lucky must navigate the treacherous waters of family politics as she battles for control of her father’s empire. Along the way, she encounters a host of new characters, including a dangerous mob boss and a mysterious man from her past.

As Lucky fights to protect her family and her legacy, she also grapples with her own desires and passions. Will she be able to maintain her fierce independence and stay true to herself, or will she be consumed by the ruthless world of power and privilege?

Lady Boss (1990)

Lady Boss (Lucky Santangelo Book 3)

The third book in the Santangelo Series, Lady Boss, is a tour-de-force of drama, romance, and suspense. Now a powerful movie executive, Lucky must navigate the treacherous waters of Hollywood as she battles sexism, betrayal, and corporate intrigue.

As Lucky fights to keep her company afloat and her reputation intact, she also grapples with her complicated love life, including a tumultuous affair with a younger man. But when a shocking betrayal threatens to destroy everything she’s worked for, Lucky must summon all her strength and cunning to come out on top.

With its gripping plot, complex characters, and steamy romance, Lady Boss is a must-read for fans of the Santangelo Series and lovers of contemporary fiction.

The Hollywood Series

Collins was a master of storytelling, and her Hollywood Series is a prime example of her talent. The series explores the glamorous and often scandalous lives of the rich and famous in Tinseltown, giving readers a peek behind the curtain of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour.

In addition to being a juicy read, the Hollywood Series is also a fascinating look at the inner workings of the entertainment industry. Collins clearly did her research, and her books are full of insider knowledge and details that will delight any pop culture enthusiast.

Hollywood Wives (1983)

Hollywood Wives (The Hollywood Series Book 1)

The first book in the Hollywood Series, Hollywood Wives, is a sprawling epic that follows a variety of characters as they navigate the ups and downs of life in Hollywood. From the starlets who will do anything to land a role to the powerful producers who hold all the cards, Collins paints a vivid picture of the cutthroat world of show business.

But Hollywood Wives isn’t just about the glitz and glamour of Hollywood – it’s also a story about the complex relationships between men and women, and the lengths people will go to in order to get what they want. Collins’ characters are flawed and human, making them all the more compelling to read about.

Hollywood Husbands (1986)

Hollywood Husbands

In Hollywood Husbands, Collins turns her attention to the men of Tinseltown. The book follows a group of male celebrities as they navigate love affairs, scandals, and power struggles. From the aging heartthrob who can’t let go of his glory days to the up-and-coming actor who will do anything to get ahead, Hollywood Husbands is a rollicking ride through the world of Hollywood’s leading men.

But Hollywood Husbands isn’t just a book about male egos – it’s also a story about the bonds of friendship, and the lengths people will go to protect the ones they love. Collins’ characters are flawed and complex, making them feel like real people rather than caricatures.

Hollywood Kids (1994)

Hollywood Kids

The third book in the Hollywood Series, Hollywood Kids, takes a look at the next generation of Hollywood elite. These characters are the children of the rich and famous, and they’re just as conniving and scandalous as their parents. The book follows several young people as they try to make their mark in show business, all while dealing with their own personal demons.

But Hollywood Kids isn’t just a book about the children of celebrities – it’s also a story about the price of fame, and the toll it can take on those who seek it. Collins’ characters are complex and sympathetic, making readers root for them even as they make questionable choices.

Overall, the Hollywood Series is a must-read for anyone interested in the darker side of show business. Collins’ writing is sharp and witty, and her characters are unforgettable. Whether you’re a fan of juicy gossip or just love a good story, the Hollywood Series is sure to entertain.

Standalone Novels

Collins wasn’t just a series writer – she also penned a number of standalone novels that are just as titillating and thrilling as her more well-known works. Here are a few to check out.

The World is Full of Married Men (1968)

The World Is Full of Married Men

One of Collins’ earliest books, The World is Full of Married Men, caused a bit of a stir when it was first released due to its highly sexual content. The book follows a married man who can’t stop cheating on his wife, and the various mistresses he engages with. It’s a grim look at infidelity and its consequences.

The Stud (1969)

The Stud

The Stud follows the exploits of Tony Blake, a handsome playboy who runs his own nightclub and has a seemingly endless string of lovers. However, things take a darker turn when he falls for a woman who wants more from him than just a fling. The book is a steamy and engaging read.

The Bitch (1979)

The Bitch (The Stud Book 2)

The Bitch is a companion novel to The Stud, and follows the same characters several years after the events of the first book. This time around, the focus is on Fontaine Khaled – a woman who is just as ruthless and cunning as Tony Blake. The book is a thrilling insight into the world of the rich and powerful.

The Power Trip (2012)

The Power Trip: A Novel

One of Collins’ final books before her death in 2015, The Power Trip is a high-seas adventure that follows a group of wealthy friends on a luxury yacht. Things take a deadly turn when the boat is taken over by a group of hijackers, and the characters are forced to fight for their lives. It’s a tense and suspenseful read that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Jackie Collins was a true original, and her books continue to captivate readers today. Whether you’re a fan of steamy romance, Hollywood glamour, or dark drama, there’s something in her body of work for everyone. The 10 books listed here are just a sample of what she had to offer – so do yourself a favor and start reading!


Who is Jackie Collins?

Jackie Collins was an English novelist specializing in the romance genre. In total, she wrote 32 novels and reached the New York Times bestseller list every time she got published. She was born in 1937 and died in 2015.

What genre did Jackie Collins write in?

Jackie Collins was famous for writing romance novels.

What are the best Jackie Collins books of all time?

Some of her best works include Lucky, Dangerous Kiss, Chances, The World is Full of Married Men, American Star, The Santangelos, and Lady Boss.

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